Episode 180

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  • #1

    Grace (Dienstag, 21 Juni 2011 20:32)

    Wow, totally didn't expect this up so soon, especially with all the work yall did today with the live chat. Has anyone told you lately that you're the best? :)

  • #2

    jemmatranslations (Dienstag, 21 Juni 2011 23:45)

    You're more than welcome. We are glad to make this able for you all!!!

  • #3

    ohno (Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011 07:00)

    i actually really dig Luzi' song! Hahah not sure what the entourage is doing onstage behind her, but we get jenny smiling so im cool with it!

  • #4

    dropkick (Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011 07:56)

    Is it just me, or did Sebastian look at the camera after the beer started overflowing?

    Also , any scene that combines Luzi/Emma/Jenny/Bodo is always the best, even if it doesn't completely make sense.

  • #5

    churro (Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011 12:43)

    Lol I love your small editorial comments. And like Grace said, I didn't expect an episode translation today with all your work on the chat - thank you very much!

  • #6

    Chloe (Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011 20:09)

    This is awesome. Thanks for the translation!