Jenny Hartmann

Jennifer Hartmann or simply Jenny is the cool It-Girl from London that divides, in the “Pestalozzi” school, the exotic bonuses with Ben Bergmann.

She has come to Cologne to make her German graduation.


Jenny already has seen a lot on of the world and lived in Riyadh, Cape Town, New York and latest in London.

Her father is a business friend of Stefan Bergmann and hence, she lives for the year in the villa of the Bergmanns.


Jenny is keeping the secret about the true reason for her move to Cologne to herself.


At first she joins the volleyball team but after a while she surprises everyone with her beautiful singing.


Jenny knows how to make clear if she is not agreeing with other people.


She could be a very good student, if she would concentrate on school a bit more, but she will still pass the exams.


Jenny has a strong justice and caring sense if it comes to her loved ones and especially Emma.