Episode 82


translated by hephylax edited by ami

Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Hotte: Admit it, you had a boob job.

Caro: There are other reasons for a body to change.

Hotte: Like what? Are you pregnant?

Caro: No!


Caro: I’m not pregnant. I’m not pregnant… Oh fuck!






[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Caro sits in a cubicle and has four different pregnancy test sticks in her hand. All are showing the same result.

Caro: No. Fuck.

She throws the tests into the trash can and leaves the toilet.


[In the hallway]


Caro and Sophie pass each other. Both are wearing the same expression.

Caro: Hey.

Sophie: Is everything alright?

Caro: Yes. And you?

Sophie: Yes. Well, see you.

Caro: Yes. Bye.

(How is Caro going to break the news to Sophie,that Sophie got her preggers? Always use protection, girls..)


[Pestalozzi, classroom]


Ben: Hey. Can I talk to you for a second?

Bea: I don’t have a lot of time. I have to get to the dress rehearsal and then I have to somehow organize the transport to the school band festival.(But I have enough time to tell you about my everyday troubles anyways..)

Ben: And that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. I’ve heard that the school won’t provide a bus for you.

Bea: So?

Ben: I…can get you one. By way of my father’s bank. They have several company cars, including a bus. So if you guys want to, you can borrow it.

Bea: That’s very nice of you but I don’t believe your father would be thrilled about it.

Ben: He agreed to it.

Bea: But at the meeting of the school board he was still against it.

Ben: But he realized afterwards, that Frau Beschenko was mad as hell. And since does know very well how we depend on her, he came up with the idea of the bus. (Early signs of Karin/Stefan) What is it? This is a serious offer. Without a hidden agenda. Honest.(The mattress in the back is there for purely conicidental reaons, and also..I have the 

STAG locked up, accidentally in a meat locker for the performance..no ulterior motives,honest!)

Bea: Alright then.

Ben: Cool. Then I’m going to pick you up tomorrow morning.

Bea: Why you?

Ben: Why not? I’m providing the bus, after all. Or aren’t you able to concentrate if I’m there?

Bea: That’s not the point?

Ben: Then what is?

Bea: Tomorrow is a school trip. And that’s only insured if the driver has a “driving licence for the carriage of passengers”. Do you have something like that?

Ben: Did you just make that up?(He is a natural blonde and just died his hair...wait,I'm a natural blonde, and even I knew that..)

Bea: No. That’s part of the school regulations.

Ben: Then maybe I should read them sometime, after all.

Bea: Couldn’t hurt.

Ben: So what do we do now?

Bea: I’m going to the rehearsal and then I’ll see about finding us a driver. Oh and Ben? Thanks. The offer with the bus is really great.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Everyone except Emma is changing into their black outfits. (I love Emma’s hair and make-up.)

Hotte: What’s up? Don’t you want to change?

Emma: What for? We won’t be going, anyway.

Hotte: Now stop with this stupid dream.

Emma: That was no dream, that was a vision! (Emma, you know who is a dream and a vision? Jenny. Just FYI/Hephylax, 100 hundred points from your editor..brilliant!))

Luzi: Sure. And when was the end of the world supposed to go down again?

Emma: Gosh, why don’t you believe me?

Timo: Because it’s rubbish.

Emma: Sophie was the first to leave. And, do you see her anywhere?! You see? It’s already started.

Sophie: What has started?

Timo: Hey. Where have you been all of this time? We've been worried.

Sophie: I was at home.

Timo: But you didn’t even call.

Sophie: Well, I’m here now.

Timo: Did something happen?

Sophie: I’ll tell you later, okay?

Timo: But you’re not mad at me, or anything?(See, Michael, Timo is the one  who “gets” women on this show..)

Sophie: No.

Bea: As I can see, we are all here. We can get started. Good luck.


[STAG performs Let me entertain you] (Emma is now wearing her outfit, for which we are all grateful because when else would we get to see Emma with a black leather collar on?//Uhhhm..)


Luzi: And you really believe that we’ll have a chance tomorrow?

Bea: Well, if you are going to perform just like this, definitely.

Emma: But doesn’t a good dress rehearsal mean that the performance is going to be bad?(We lubz you, Emmikins!)

Bea: I think it's more the other way around.

Hotte: That was incredible. I didn’t even have to think about the steps, I just did them.

Timo: And you were great too. It was awesome how you managed to just get into the choreo.

Bea: If I may say that as a teacher: You were really “great”. (She says geil which is youth slang for great/awesome but until the 80s solely meant horny/aroused. Though when does youth slang stop being youth slang, anyway? The use in this context is already at least as old as Bea.) 

Timo: I’d say that has to be celebrated, right? Who’s with me?

Hotte: Where do you want to go?

Timo: Chulos? (to Sophie) And you won’t disappear on me like that again, right?(Noooo....neeever, next time, I'm off to Oz!)

Emma: You coming with us?

Bea: Äh, no. I still have something to take care of. And you, don’t get too wild, okay?

Hotte: No problem, Frau Vogel. We’ll all be in tip top shape, tomorrow.

Bea (on the phone): Hello Michael, this is Bea. (Ugh, no!) I have a favour to ask of you.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Karin is cleaning and collecting the trash. While dumping the trash into her cart she’s distracted (she was probably reading some graffiti on the walls) and half of it lands on the floor. 

Karin: Damn.

She goes to pick it up and discovers the pregnancy tests.



[Music: Wir sind Helden - "Bring mich nach Hause"]


Caro is walking around outside. She has some flashbacks of having sex with Bergmann junior and senior, respectively.





[Music: Robbie Williams feat. Kylie Minogue - "Kids"]

STAG is dancing in the background. Look at Emma go.

Caro comes up to the bar.

Caro: Vodka lemon. 

Then she remembers.

Caro: No vodka. Just lemon.

Sophie: Ginger ale, please. Hey.

Caro: Well?

Sophie: So, how is volleyball going?

Caro: Good. And… with you guys?

Sophie: Great. And everything else is alright, too?

Caro: Everything’s good.

Sophie: You are looking a little exhausted.

Caro: You do too. You could use a little time on the solar bench.

Sophie: And you should cover up the rings under your eyes.

They stare at each other and start smiling. They seem to realize that they’ve missed their friendship and so they start confiding in each other. Sort of.

Caro: I’ve gained weight.

Sophie: I’ve got stress with my mother… because she…

Two girls from Caro’s clique get in between them.

Girl to Caro: Hey, you’re here! We have to tell you something. …about this hot guy in biology class…

They drag Caro away, though her backward glance to Sophie indicates she doesn’t really want to leave.


Luzi is standing at the other end of the bar. Timo comes up to her.

Timo: Hey, everything okay?

Luzi: Of course, I’m not dumb. That number was clear enough.

Timo: Number?

Luzi: Oh God, just save it. Really.

Timo: Wait a minute. Can you let me in on what’s up with you?

Luzi: With me?

Timo: Yeah.

Luzi: It’s more a question of what’s up with you. I…I don’t understand what it is that  you want from me.

Timo: What? We are friends.

Luzi: You don’t make out with friends. And above all, you don’t ditch them as soon as the little pageboy shows up.

Timo: Oh boy. Is this about this New Year’s Eve affair again?

Luzi: Yes, it's exactly about that.

Timo: You know something? You’re right. You don’t kiss friends. That’s why I don’t understand why you had to kiss me.

That’s the moment Hotte appears in hearing distance.

Luzi: I you?!  Now it’s all my fault, is it? 

Timo: That’s not the point at all. For all I care, I kissed you…but …fact is…I didn’t want to.

Hotte: Really??? You made out?

Luzi: No.

Timo: Ey, just keep your mouth shut, okay? One mention, one word to anybody… and I swear to you that you are going to be rolling onto the stage in a wheelchair tomorrow. Are we clear? (Coming from Timo, that could be called Karma/O_O)

Hotte: Okay. Not a word.

Timo turns and realizes that Luzi has left.

Timo: Argh, fuck!


Emmaaaa!!!!! She’s sitting at the bar talking to the bartender and looking good. Hotte is about to make his way over to her to share his news when Caro intervenes.

Caro: Hey! You! Dance with me!

Hotte: Me?

Caro: Sure. You can dance, can’t you? And I’m looking for a dance partner. So? Dance with me.

She puts her arms around his neck and they start to dance. Hotte is very happy with this turn of events, of course.

(Love Emma’s look to Hotte when she sees it.)



[The Beschenko apartment]


Luzi is having breakfast but her thoughts are elsewhere while holding her toast so the honey starts dripping onto the table. Honey is very impressive that way.

Karin: Luzi, the honey.

Luzi: Oh.

Karin: Is everything alright?

Luzi: Yes, no, äh…I’m not hungry. I’m not feeling so well.

Instant Mama alert!

Karin: Ähm, are you nauseous?

Luzi: We’re having our first big performance today. And what do I do? I’m fighting with Timo.

Karin: Ähm…what was the fight about?

Luzi: I…don’t want to talk about it, right now.

Karin: You know that you can talk to me about anything, no matter what it is.

Luzi: Yes, I know. – But I don’t want to talk about it.

Karin: Well… yesterday, when I was cleaning in the school, I found something. And to be honest, I’m a little worried. There were pregnancy tests. Five different ones. And all of them positive.

Luzi: Wow, someone really wanted to make sure.

Karin: You don’t happen to know who they were from?

Luzi shakes her head.

Karin: Well, if you and Timo…(Hahahahahaha!!!)

Luzi: You think…that I…and…

Karin: No, of course not. That would be such a coincidence if… But you’re not pregnant, are you?

Luzi: No! And even if I were it wouldn’t be by such an asshole!

Karin can’t hide a relieved smile.

Luzi: And anyway, you would be the first one to know about that, wouldn’t you? I gotta go. Wish me luck.

They hug.

Karin: Good luck, my darling.

Luzi: Pregnant, me?



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Hotte: Well, and then it got even more weird. Just after that, Caro pulled me onto the dance floor. I felt as if I was in a parallel universe. Caro smells really good. Kind of like summer… and peaches. No, not like peaches, like…

Emma: Forget about Caro! Luzi and Timo made out with each other?

Hotte: Yes. But not yesterday. Yesterday they were only fighting about it. I think it was on New Year’s Eve…if I understood correctly.

Emma: Oh God, why are you telling me all of this!?

Hotte: Well, you asked.

Emma: No, I mean, why start in the first place? I shouldn’t know about any of this, but now I know, and now we have a problem. God, we have to tell Sophie.(Emmalogic 101 Chapter 12)

Hotte: No way! Nobody must know about it.

Emma: Hello? It looks like Sophie is the only one who doesn’t know it, yet.

Sophie: What do I not know?

Hotte: Äh, nothing. We were just thinking about changing a few moves.

Emma: Exactly.

Timo: Everything stays the same.

Hotte: Yes, sure. Everything is good the way it is. (warning look at Emma)

Sophie: Hey, everything okay?

Luzi nods. A car horn sounds and everyone looks over to see the Harani Bank bus.

Hotte: Hey. Cool ride.

The door opens and Ben gets out.

Timo: Dude, don’t tell me that you are driving. I was planning on arriving in one piece.

Bea: I got us a chauffeur.

A grinning Michael comes into view. Ben loses his smile. (Heh!)

Bea: Herr Heisig has a driving licence for the carriage of passengers. He was a taxi driver in a former life.(Can't he return to that life?)

Michael: That’s right. And a very good one at that. Should we get started?

Ben: I’ll come with you, anyway.

Bea: You don’t have to.

Ben: Ah, this is my father’s bus, so I’m going to keep an eye on it.

They all get in.

Michael: By the way, the weather is supposed to get better. (It’s snowing.)

They are on their way. The mood in the bus is tense. Bea looks at Michael, Ben at Bea, Emma at Luzi, then Emma and Hotte at each other. Clueless Sophie looks adoringly at Timo and puts her head on his shoulder. Luzi glances at Timo. Bea looks at Ben.(Soap opera road trip FTW!)



[Bergmann villa]


Karin is scrubbing the floor at the entrance of the house. Caro comes up to the door.

Caro: Frau Beschenko?

Karin: Hello. Are you looking for Ben?

Caro: No, I…I mean, yes.

Karin: I’m sorry but he went to the band festival with the others this morning.

Caro: Okay.

She turns and leaves.

Karin: Bye.



[On the way to the band festival]


More glances all around. (Your translator is loving this No dialogue.)

Bea: Okay we’re stopping for gas. Five minute break.

Michael (to Bea): I’ll spring for a coffee.

They all get out of the bus.

Michael: Äh, you guys could fill up the tank in the meantime.

And with that he throws the keys to Ben. Ben is not amused and slaps the keys into Timo’s hand.

Ben: Ähm, diesel. The tank is on the driver’s side. Have fun.

Ben hurries after the rest of his love triangle.

Timo: Geez. Shit. (he turns and accidentally runs into a bucket throwing it over) Ah, fuck!


[Inside the gas station]

Michael: One coffee. Black.

Bea: You remember that?

Michael: Not just that.

Ben stands a little to the side and can only grin in the face of such lame attempts at flirtation. (Not that his are really any better. Where is Jenny when you need an expert?)(Wasn't Bea more of a tea drinker?And Jenny,Jenny would've brought a whole tray of coffees for the STAG Band bus..and a smile:-)



Timo is still fixing things with the bucket. Sophie realizes everyone is acting strangely.

Sophie: Okay, what’s up? Are you mad because I didn’t show up for the rehearsals recently?

Emma: We aren’t mad.

Hotte: We are just a little nervous.



Michael: Here you go.

Bea: Thanks.

Ben: One sugar. I remember some things too.

Bea: Thanks, Ben.

Ben: You’re very welcome.

Michael: So, have you refuelled already, Ben?

Ben: Timo is doing that. So, I have a little free time.

Bea: (to Michael) Thanks for the coffee. (to Ben) Thanks for the sugar. I..äh…I’ll get us some sweets…for the nerves. 

(And she escapes from between Skylla and Charybdis…for now.)



Sophie: Alright… What did I miss?

Hotte: I'm not going to say a word.

Sophie: So, there is something. 

Hotte: No! I just promised them both that I wouldn’t say anything.

Timo: It’s about your singing. We weren’t really sure if you maybe…

Sophie: So you think I was bad.

Luzi: That’s bullshit! It’s not about your singing. But something really did happen…

Timo: Luzi!

Luzi: Timo and I… we kissed. On New Year’s Eve and…I’m really sorry.