New stuff and stories: FanFiction

FanFiction. FanFiction is the parallel universe our beloved characters live in when they're not on our screens. It's the place they find new challenges and stories. And it's the place our minds can go to when things aren't going the way we'd like them to. So because of that we'll present to you a brief collection of fics, that we found on the net once upon a time. Please beware: This section is no longer being updated. So it's possible that some of the links may be broken.



FanFiction. FanFiction ist das Paralleluniversum, in dem unsere geliebten Figuren leben, wenn sie nicht auf unserem TV-Bildschirm sind. Es ist ein Ort, an dem sie neue Herausforderungen und Geschichten finden. Und es ist der Ort für unsere Gedanken, sobald sich die Dinge nicht wie von uns erhofft entwickeln. Somit präsentieren wir euch hier eine kleine Sammlung an Fics, die wir irgendwann einmal im Netz entdeckt haben. Bitte beachtet: Diese Unterseite wird von uns nicht mehr aktualisiert, ergänzt und gepflegt. Sollten irgendwann also einige der gesammelten Links ins Leere laufen, bitten wir um Verständnis.


"Hand aufs Herz" bei
"Hand aufs Herz" bei was so kind to add a 'Hand aufs Herz' category to their website!


So go ahead, check it out. Read some fic and then write some!


Then we collected a list of LiveJournals+wordpress Accounts, so if anyone is in need for a fix they can go and check them out. Most of the stories on are actually from the LiveJournal girls ;)


If someone doesn't want to be mentioned here please send us a mail!

by LostInGreenEyes


A retelling of Jemma's Hand aufs Herz scenes, allowing us to get a glimpse in their minds while doing all that sometimes crazy and sometimes lovely lovefoolish stuff. (105-197+)



Fics about Jemma's undertaking like going shopping and their first date.


in:to her


Lots of Jemma snippets following the timeline (more or less ;) )



Jemma's First Date + more literary goodness.



Here you'll find cuteness and a bit of smut. Good combination, I think.



Very hot and sensual fics, detailed and classy. Keeps you wanting more...

by thraikios


Jenny has to return to London for a funeral of a family friend and Emma has to come to terms with who her girlfriend was before Cologne.




Lots of fics. One Shots and newly a multiple series.

Seriously check it out!



Nice redirects and missing moments. And just in case, I'll give a smut warning here, too. ;)

Chocofresh alternate scenes

At last there is a new bit in the FanArt of alternate versions of some Jemmascenes by chocofresh.

Sadly it's in german, but for all of you who are learning german, go and check it out to get a laugh out of them.