Episodes 151 - 175



(air date: 05-09-11 Sat.1)

Luzi can't believe that Ben let himself down on the same level as Ronnie by stealing a car. He says he will give it back and pay for any damage when he has his own car back after the race today. He offers to drive her home, but she says Timo was right, it is wrong to get herself in danger for a guy like Ben.


Emma fears they will blow the show, since their rehearsal was that amazing. Jenny says she didn't know Emma is that superstitious. Luzi sighs, roles her eyes and says that this little freak out was nothing yet. Bodo is happy that Lara is back at STAG and tells her so. But she informs him she's only there for the interview, since she was with them in Hamburg. Jenny apologizes for not coming through for him, but says they won't give up. Still, she says, it would be great if Bodo wouldn't tell anyone about Emma and her. Bodo says he wouldn't have told anyone anyway.


Julian is still desperately searching for Alexandra. He arrives at the spot the software told him where Alexandra was located and sees smoke coming out from a garage. While Julian frees Jens the STAG wait on Sophie to show up to drive to the radio interview. Emma is leaning against the bus, reading a text message from Jenny saying, "I miss you already.". Luzi walks up to her questioning jokingly if she has any secrets. When Emma looks worried Luzi is amused and says she doesn't need to worry no one knows and she doesn't have 'Jenny' written upon her forehead. Later Emma gets yet another text from Jenny saying she can't wait to hear her voice on the radio. Luzi and Emma giggle adoringly thinking it's the cutest thing. (Well don't we all?)


Sophie doesn't show up, since she is waiting with Ronnie for Ben, who shows up to their meeting point with the stolen car. But Alexandra does, telling Bea she really needs to talk with her alone. Since Bea has no time, Alexandra, to the surprise of everyone, joins STAG to go to the interview. Jens tells Julian Alexandra plans to kill Bea. He's scared to the bones gets in his car and hurries to catch up with the STAG, knowing from Ms. Jäger and Ms. Krawczyk that Alexandra is in the bus. He tries to reach Alexandra, Bea and Michael but with little success.

The STAG bus with Michael driving, Ronnie and Ben and also Julian end up driving/racing over the same street. First the bus swerves on the street avoiding to run into Ronnie who drives on the wrong lane when trying to outrun Ben. The Bus comes to a stop diagonally on the street. Ben stops his car around the corner, letting Ronnie do so, too. He wonders why Ben stopped since 'nothing happened'. Ben wants to go back but Ronnie tells him he's crazy to go back, since they'll call the police and it doesn't look good for them with the race they did and the stolen car Ben drove. He drives away, Ben following. The Stag members are all alright until Julian comes racing down the street, talking on his phone to Bea trying to get her to understand that Alexandra has a gun. His phone slips from his hand, he bends down to reach for it, lets the street out of his eyes and crashes from the side in the rear of the bus.




(air date 05-10-2011 Sat.1)

The passengers of the bus slowly awake from their shock (It suddenly turned night). Bea and Michael get everyone out of the Bus. Everyone is fine, but Emma is under shock and doesn't speak or react. Suddenly Bea realizes Alexandra is missing, they find her deeply injured in the smashed rear end of the bus. Meanwhile gas caught fire of the car, Timo and Luzi run to it to get the for them still unknown driver out of the car. They realize it's Götting. When Timo carries him away the car explodes throwing them a few meters through the air. Götting is dead.

Bea takes care of Alexandra and holds her in her arms. Alexandra says Julian is here because of her, since he thought she wanted to do something to her. But he was wrong, she didn't want to hurt her, she wanted to talk. She tells Bea she did wrong by her (accusing her of having murdered her sister) and apologizes for terrorizing her all those years. She hopes she can forgive her and Bea does. Bea asks her to promise something to her, too, she has to hang on for her, but as soon as the words leave her mouth Alexandra dies. Bea breaks out crying and in the background you can see the ambulance finally arriving. (This is a must-see scene. In my world Alexandra+Bea were meant to be together Haha)


Ben is angry with Ronnie and takes his car back even though he didn't win. Sophie is confused as to what happened and why Ben is so upset. They tell her they nearly run into a bus. Ben drives away and regrets having gotten involved with Ronnie he thinks of a situation in which Bea questioned his maturity. He goes and drinks his fear, regret and doubt about himself away at Chulos. He tries to call Luzi but her cell phone is damaged. Sophie and Ronnie show up, Ronnie is nonchalant about the whole situation, saying that this wasn't how he would have liked it to go either, but after all no one died.


At home Jenny is listening to the radio impatiently waiting for the interview. When Stefan comes in to ask her about a USB stick she shushes him since Emma is singing on the radio right now. They play the performance of 'Sister Act' before saying that the STAG didn't arrive yet for the interview. Jenny is confused and calls Emma. Luzi answers informing her Emma can't talk, they had an accident and she has no time to talk since she has to take care of Timo. Luzi hangs up leaving Jenny confused and worried.




(air date 05-11-2011 Sat.1)

After the accident everyone gets checked out in the hospital. Emma is still under shock but okay, Luzi's arm is having an contusion and Timo needs to get operated. When everyone is checked out Michael breaks down - he has an internal bleeding and needs to get operated immediately. It's questionable if he will survive since he lost a lot of blood.


Bodo takes Lara home, earning Miriam's thankfulness. Lara seems to warm up to him a little.


Jenny is flustered and sets off to the hospital as soon as she can. Stefan gives her the keys to his car after she told him Emma had an accident and is in the hospital. When she arrives at the hospital Michael and Bea are unsure where exactly Emma is, since she didn't come back from her check-out, but the nurse said she was okay. Jenny goes searching for her and runs along the hallways calling 'Emma? Emma?', doing a full on remake of Emma searching for Jenny at the train station. She finds her sitting in a corner alone on the floor. She tells her she was worried about her and asks her how she's feeling. Emma has flashbacks but then comes out of her stupor when she realizes Jenny is on her side. The two of them leave the hospital and Jenny takes her home to hers after briefly having been home at Emma's, but Emma preferted to stay with her. Jenny takes care of Emma.


Ben comes home to the Beschenko's finding the flat empty. Karin left for the hospital for Luzi who worries about Timo. Karin says she'll always be thankful to Timo since he rescued Luzi.  The three of them have a sweet moment in Timo's room after he wakes up.


Helena visits Stefan, they have a glass of wine and are trying to figure each other out. Helena says she's not someone for a quick adventure, but she also finds relationships too dangerous. She thinks she found a worthy, equal match in him. He is more than interested. After they did the deed Helena sees that she has a missed call from Michael. She checks her mailbox and hears his message about the accident. Without an explanation she walks out on Stefan and hurries to the hospital.



(air date 05-12-2011 Sat.1)

Emma is laying awake at night while Jenny is slumbering beside her. The accident won't leaver her alone and she's still in a state of shock, not able to handle what happened. She's confused as to what really happened and even though Jenny is being the best girlfriend ever - making her a beautiful breakfast with a flower for her and all - she can't open up to her, but closes herself off. Emma runs out on Jenny when she tries to find out what happened.


Ben still is troubled by the accident they nearly caused and lays at home awake, wondering where Luzi and Karin are. The next day at school Ben, Ronnie and Sophie get to know about an accident that happened on the road they drove the race on and Mrs. Krawzcyk tells the students that Ms. Lohmann and Mr. Götting died. More and more clues about the accident come out and Ben feels confirmed in his concern that they caused it.


While Michael is in surgery Helena and Bea worry about him. Helena wonders if the others are okay and Bea has to tell her the sad news about Julian and Alexandra. Karin and Luzi join them in the night of endless waiting and later Bea notices that Helena is still in love with Michael when the latter loses control for a moment and shows her weakness and worry.


While Michaels condition is still in the air Timo is okay and is happy to have Luzi by his side. Luzi tells him even though they may have screwed it up as a couple they still are best friends and she'll be there for him.



(air date 05-13-2011 Sat.1)

Ben realizes that his apprehensions turn out to be true.  He is shocked and tells Ronnie they have to step up, but Ronnie talks him out of it. Ben hurries to the hospital to see how Bea (and the others) are. Bea tells him everyone is fine except Michael. Bea recounts the accident to Ben and wonders if she could have done something to prevent it. Ben is about to tell her that it was his fault, but they are disturbed by Helena. Ben brings Bea home. At home Miriam takes care of Bea. Bea recounts Alexandra dying in her lap to Miriam. She cries and grieves, telling Miriam what a special situation it was since Alexandra wanted them to reconcile and then died. She fears Michael to die, too.


Helena was allowed in Michael's room (her being his wife). She is hurt and angry when he says Bea's name as he drifts into consciousness for a moment. She tells the hospital staff that no one but her and his family are allowed to see him. When Bea finds out she's angry since Bea is his girlfriend.


Sophie is worried about her friends of the STAG since she knows from Ms. Krawczyk/Jäger that they were in the accident with the bus and are now in the hospital. She counts one and one together and asks Ronnie if they caused the accident. He admits it to her and explains the situation. He says that to not get into trouble they have to keep it a secret, Sophie agrees after he doubted if he could trust her.


Timo and Luzi talk about Hotte and Timo says he did the right thing, trying to fulfill his dreams before it is too late. He shows Luzi pictures of Las Vegas which Hotte send him. Also they talk about his big love which he found in the first week.


Emma visits Timo, having to talk to someone to get the mess in her head in the right order again. She gives him a mp3player filled with their songs, probably because of her guilty conscious, since she wasn't able to help them at the accident. Luzi is mad at Emma since she didn't help and also quickly left the hospital without telling her while she had to go through the endless hours of waiting. Timo says that it was okay that she left, he would have wanted to get out of the hospital as quick as possible, too. Luzi notices that she was being unfair, but it's too late, Emma was hit by her comment pretty hard. She apologizes and leaves as quickly as possible to run out in the park to catch some fresh air. After Emma left Timo asks Luzi if she had to do that, because he thinks Emma was really scared and is having problems to deal with the situation.


When Luzi comes home Jenny rings at her door. She asks her if she can tell her what's wrong with Emma, since she's closing herself off to her. Luzi tells her about the shock Emma was in and that she didn't react and didn't help them. She says she was angry at her, but now she's sorry and wants to call her to say sorry. Jenny promises her to tell Emma she's sorry if she finds her.


Emma searched herself a place to be alone in a mass of people - Chulos, apparently having no better place to go. Jenny finds her, telling her she worried about her. Emma says she didn't have to, making Jenny reply 'Of course I did. I'm your girlfriend. It's my job.' Emma admits she isn't doing good and Jenny tells her that Luzi is sorry.



(air date 05-16-2011 Sat.1)

Bea is taken aback when Helena denies her to see Michael. She says she can't do that and fears Michael to die and then she'd never have seen him again. Bea and Miriam discuss Helena's actions. Miriam has the idea to call Sebastian, Michael's brother, to find a way to get Bea to visit Michael. The next morning Sebastian is back and takes Bea to the hospital, pretending her to be his wife. Bea visits Michael who is barely conscious, but recognizes her and tells her he loves her. The doctor tells Bea Michael is in no live danger anymore but needs rest. Helena sees Bea coming out from Michael's room, being angry that she tricked her way into his room. She threatens he, telling her she will soon be gone from Michael's life. Bea tells her she's not scared, she has gone through worse than being threatened by a jealous ex-wife.


Emma tells Jenny about the accident and how she felt. She starts to cry when she recounts that she wanted to help,  but couldn't. Jenny pulls her in her arms. When Emma says she failed as a friend and that maybe they could've saved Mr. Götting if only she would have done something, Jenny pulls back and tells her sternly that it is not her fault and that she didn't fail. She assures her that she and the others know that she would have liked to help, but since she was under a shock she couldn't.


At the Beschenko's Luzi, Karin and Ben have dinner and are talking about the accident. Ben feels worse and worse listening to them and hurriedly leaves the room. At night Ben is haunted by nightmares and flashbacks of the accident, as is Bea - worrying about Michael. The next morning Luzi tells Ben he doesn't look well and asks him to stop doing those races, since she doesn't want him to put himself in danger. Luzi thinks of Timo and how he saved her by having thrown himself over her when the car exploded. At school Ben feels horrible seeing the pictures, candles and letters that were put up for Mr. Götting and Ms. Lohmann. He runs to the restroom, seeing 'Sexiest Teacher - A. Lohmann' being written on the mirror. He tells himself what a despicable coward he is. On the school ground Ronnie stops Ben, intimidating him once again. They get into a fight after Ronnie provoked Ben. Bea breaks them up. When Bea asks what is up, Ronnie challenges Ben to tell her since that is what he said he wanted to do the whole time.


Michael wakes properly up. The doctor tells him that his girlfriend is doing him good physically and that he thinks it's good that his wife stopped banning everyone from visiting him. Michael is taken aback by that news.



(air date: 05-17-2011 Sat.1)

When questioned by Bea and Ms. Krawczyk about the fight between Ronnie and Ben, Ben chickens out once again to tell Bea the truth, fearing to lose her if he does. After the boys left Ms. Krawcyz suggests counseling for Ronnie and Ben and Bea insists to be the teacher to do them. Meanwhile Ronnie apologizes to Ben and asks him again to keep quiet, but Ben warns him to leave him and everyone else alone. Luzi worries about Ben and asks him if she did something for him to be angry at her and wonders why Ben has his car back and what led to the fight with Ronni before. Ben tells her that everything is fine and he just wants to go home.


Michael is confused by Helena's friendliness when she takes care of him, brings him flowers and gives him a peck. He confronts her about Bea having been banned from his room, but she writes it off as a misunderstanding and assures him she is fine with him being together with Bea. She doesn't mean to come in between them. In the following scenes she shows the exact opposite by telling Bea she doubts her to be able to be the guardian teacher anymore since she doesn't believe Bea can see the fight that took place objective with the history she has with Ben.


The school gets a call from Frank Peters, who took notice of the STAG in Hamburg and now wants to get to know them personally. But Bea is skeptical to accept the offer, thinking that after the accident the students aren't ready for that.


At the Stag meeting Luzi apologizes to Emma who smiles happy like the sun.


Behind Bea's back Helena asks Ms. Jäger to arrange a meeting with Frank Peters. Caro overhears their conversation and decides to join STAG in order to be able to join that meeting with the famous music producer. She immediately goes to the auditorium where Luzi, Bodo and a glowing Emma are singing 'Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are'. Caro says she meant to see how they are after the accident and that she wondered if she may join, since she doesn't know what will happen to the volleyball team since Ms. Lohmann is dead.


Caro is awesomely hypocritical while Luzi and Emma are more than sceptical about her intentions. Caro insists to join Stag and Luzi tells her she can't even sing, causing Caro to say 'Of course I can.' Luzi challenges her to sing and if she's any good she may join. Caro sings 'I will survive' and proofs that she actually can sing. Luzi and Emma are more than surprised, they are shocked and exchange hilarious glances. When Luzi and Emma struggle to let Caro into STAG Helena comes in and says that there's no question, Caro can join the STAG also she has good news for them. She tells them about the meeting with Frank Peters and Luzi comes to understands the motivation for Caro's sudden interest in their group.


Bea is angry when she gets to know about the meeting and storms into Helena's office, trying to reason with her that the students are still traumatized. Helena points out that she's the headmaster and she's doing the decisions. So Caro will join the group and also she decided that it is necessary to expel Ben because of the fight. Bea rises up and holds a passionate speech of a hundred and one reasons why that would be wrong while Helena smiles content. She reveals she never meant to expel Ben, alone because of the financing of Mr. Bergmann, she only wanted to get a rise out Bea and see how her feelings were. Bea asks her what she wants and Helena counters that the question is what, or better who Bea wants.


(I think I got a hundred of screenshots of Luzi, Emma and Caro in this episode. It was hard choosing only 6. ;) )




(air date: 05-18-2011 Sat.1)

Helena keeps provoking Bea about her alleged feelings for Ben, but Bea tells her that there's no way Helena can come in between Michael and her, since they love each other. Bea visits Michael. He wonders if something is wrong between Bea and Helena,  but Bea waves it off, not wanting to worry him. After another awkward encounter between Bea and Helena, Michael asks Helena what is wrong. She assures him they are fine. Helena plays her cards well and spikes jealousy in Michael by talking about how Ben picked Bea up at the hospital etc. Meanwhile Bea talks to Miriam, who suspects that Bea still does feel something for Ben.


Jenny led the volleyball training wanting the team to go on and give them some normality with Ms. Lohmann dying. When she is walking through the school with Lara the latter inquires how Emma is. Jenny says she's better and can talk about the accident now. When Bodo shows up Lara rejects him and tells Jenny she doesn't know what he wants from her, he's totally strange, that's what all her friends say. Jenny asks her why she minds what they say and encourages her to just go to him and ask him what he wants. Lara leaves to go shopping with her friends and forgets her bag. Jenny picks it up and gives it to Bodo, telling him he should bring it to Lara and keep trying. Bodo follows her advice and brings the bag home to Lara where only her father is, who offers him to wait on her, since he is a hero for caring for Lara at the accident and bringin her home afterward. Piet(Lara's dad) comes to really like Bodo while putting a table together and bonding over soccer. Lara comes home and is surprised about Bodo being there. Through Piet Bodo gets to know that Lara's favorite band is 'The Black Pony' (remember the autograph he later gets for her?). Piet invites Bodo to dinner, already seeing Lara and Bodo as a couple. Lara isn't thrilled and when later Bodo asks her if she wants to join the STAG to go to Raumzeit Records she says she doesn't know. When Bodo is gone Piet tells Lara he likes Bodo and she can't believe he actually does and would be okay with them.


Luzi and Ben have a talk about their kiss with Luzi questioning if they are okay or if something changed between them. Ben says no and Luzi agrees after Ben inquires if for her something changed. (Her face says something else). At home a police man awaits them to question Luzi about the accident, feeling more than uncomfortable and bad Ben leaves the room. He starts to pack his things, needing to leave to not be confronted with Luzi and what he did to her and their friends the whole time. Luzi catches him and wonders why he is leaving, she thinks it's because of the kiss. Ben tells her it's not about that, he is the problem. Ben goes back home to his dad. When his dad comes home he wonders what Ben's doing there but acts totally indifferent. But then he tells him he was worried about Ben when he heard about the accident and that Ben isn't looking good. He offers him to talk. When Ben doesn't accept he says he's sorry for having slept with Caro and that they lied about the pregnancy - the baby being Ben's when really it was Stefan's. He says he knows there's nothing worse than what he did to him and Ben finally responses with 'I did. I killed two people. I'm a murderer.'


When Karin wonders where Ben's stuff is Luzi tells her he left. Karin is hopeful that he'll make up with his father, but Luzi tells her that he left because they kissed. Luzi tells her she is not in love with him and that it was only out of the situation, but her mother gets that it still did something to Luzi and she tries to assure her by saying that maybe it doesn't have anything to do with her at all.



(air date: 05-19-2011 Sat.1)

In tears Ben confesses to his father to having caused the accident. Stefan tells Ben that it wasn't his fault but a chain-reaction of unfortunate circumstances. He isn't the only one to blame, but also Ronnie. Stefan says he'll make sure to get an overview of things, promises that they'll manage this situation and takes care that Ben finally gets a full night of sleep. The next day Ben avoids Luzi while Stefan finds out through Karin that no one has any specific details about the drivers or the sports cars. Ben gets home from school early and tells his father that he can't keep silent. Stefan says that there is no evidence that Ben had anything to do with it, but still it's his decision what he'll do. He'll support him no matter what he decides.


Luzi visits Timo, they don't know when the doctors mean to do the MRT to check if everything is okay with his spinal column. Luzi tells him about the meeting the STAG has been invited to at Raumzeit Records. Timo asks what Ben is doing, since he didn't visit him yet and Luzi tells him he moved back in with his father. At home Luzi misses Ben and goes to sleep with a jacket of him. Michael visits Timo, telling him he'll be released from the hospital tomorrow. They talk and Timo says that Luzi and him are getting along again, the accident showed him what's really important (her). Michael suggests that the only thing he has to do is ask Luzi if she sees it like that, too.


Bea has reservations regarding the intention of Raumzeit Records. She wants her students to be nurtured and not to be run into the ground. But still they go to visit RaumzeitRecords, since Helena ordered it. When being there the whole group is excited and blown away by the glamour of it all. By the way Emma saves Jenny's life by pulling her away from an oncoming car which drives like 3mph and Caro is the most hilarious thing on this planet when swooning. Caro: "Hey wasn't that 50Cent?"  Luzi: "Sure, and I'm Amy Winehouse" Caro: "If I had known how cool this is, I would have joined STAG from the start." (I might be a little bit in love with Caro ;) )


Frank Peters lets them sing in the studio and makes a record of them. They sing 'Sweet Dreams' and everyone looks fabulous, except Lucy's make up/wound which vanishes and reappears again. There's some nice PassionVision going on. Frank is impressed, not by the Passion Vision,  but by their voices (Luzi's!). Bea is still skeptical about the intentions Frank has and feels the need to protect her students(Luzi), but Frank says 'He's not the devil.' Later Bea warns Luzi of Frank and the music business.


Meanwhile Caro spots the pregnant assistant of Frank concluding the only logical thing - there will be a job opening for her if that baby will be born. She tries to lay the groundwork for her future career by suggesting herself for that job. She's being pulled away by Emma and Bea before she can embarrass everyone even more.


Helena and Bea run into each other later and Bea makes sure to tell Helena how great going to Raumzeit Records was and what a wonderful idea it was of Helena to make them go, because it really paid out, since the STAG members loved it.


Luzi visits Timo again and gushes about how cool the visit at Raumzeitrecords was while Timo tells her he's glad they get along again. He tells her he regrets to have missed so many chances, he loves her still and he wants to make it right. Luzi says he means so much to her, too, but there's so much that happened. She doesn't believe that they belong together as couple anymore, but as best friends. They don't work as a couple. At the end Timo asks if there's somebody else.



(air date: 05-20-2011 Sat.1)

On Timo's question if there's somebody else in Luzi's life, she answers she doesn't know how it happened. Timo assumes it's Ben, because they are always together since they are living together. Luzi lies and says it's someone he doesn't know. Timo is heart broken. When Michael visits him later Timo tells him that he thought Luzi and him were something special. He says he won't give up fighting and concludes that he can only do that by getting out of the hospital.


Bea once again tries to find out why Ben attacked Ronnie (because of the accident, and because he provoked him with his relationship to Bea). Ben tells her that sooner or later she will notice that something is wrong about Ronnie. So Bea takes a look in Ronnie's record and stumbles across a drug history, damage that he put to his ex-school and endangerment of his schoolmates. With that information she goes to Helena and tells her she has to do something about him, since obviously the fight he was in was an indicator to him being trouble. Helena says that it's not right to expel someone just because of their history (hinting that it's the same with Ben), but she promises to have an eye on him. In the next scene Ronnie deals drugs, Helena spotting someone paying him. Ronnie says she can go ahead and frisk him (he let the drugs fall down the stairs). Helena warns him and leaves while Ben picks up the drugs and in front of Ronnie's eyes lets the pills drop in a bucket of water, telling him again that he's watching him.


Luzi gets a call from Frank who asks her if she wants to come to the launch party of the Cologne label of Raumzeit Records. She's excited until she gets to know that the other STAG members haven't been invited. Jenny proposes they all go and they do. Luzi is nervous and afraid she'll do something wrong, Ben encourages her and Luzi asks him if he would go with her to the party. He agrees.


At Raumzeit Records Bea tries to make Frank clear that they're only to have in a group, but he tells her that he's searching for a solo artist and that Luzi has the talent to become one, so that he will offer her (and only her) a contract. Meanwhile Caro tries to form connections into the music business. When Frank spots Ben who arrived with Luzi he recognizes as his sisters son. He tells him he's his uncle. When Ben asks why they didn't meet before Frank says he always had troubles with Ben's father and he lived in Berlin the last few years, but now is back in cologne. Later Ronnie and Sophie show up and Frank introduces Ronnie as his brother/Ben's other uncle.


Caro quote of the ep [yes, didn't I say yet that I'm in love with her?

(And Emma, Jenny and Luzi.....)]

Luzi: Man, it's just wrong that he only invited me.

Caro: Absolutely!! I mean,...what the STAG stands for is so much more. I mean, we're a group. So,...Team spirit! Solidarity! and so on...or do you think differently?


Emma: We can't let her go there alone.

Caro: Exactly! (lays her arm around Emma) All for one and one for all!


Caro you hypocrite, you.



(air date: 5-23-2011 Sat. 1)


Jenny and Emma are having fun on the label party of 'Raumschiff Records' while Caro unsuccessfully tries to build connections with super famous stars who turn out to be an intern. Meanwhile Bodo becomes like best friends with the guitarist of 'Black Pony' what Jenny and Emma find more than ironical, so that they make fun of pouting Caro. On the funeral Emma is overwhelmed with the need to sing and give her pain and sorrow a voice. She stands up and sings 'Ave Maria' touching all of the funeral's guests.

Luzi is offered to do a record with Frank some day and is giddy. She searches the company of Ben who's mostly absent.

Ben is aghast and angry on the world finding out that Ronnie is his uncle. He believes there's nothing good in him, just like there's not in the rest of his family (his father+Ronnie), and has trouble to deal with the death of his two teachers and the part Ronnie and him played in it. Bea tries to console him and offers him to be there and listen to his troubles, but he declines, telling her she should be glad she's rid of him. The next day he visits the funeral against his inner reluctance and mourns Mr. Götting and Ms. Lohmann. His guilt and pain suffocate him and he breaks out crying. Luzi spots him, hugs him and tries to kiss his pain away after everyone has left the church.

While Luzi is kissing Ben, Timo can't wait to get out of the hospital. Luzi having told him that there is someone else won't leave him and he's eager to get out and win her back. The doctor tells him he has to wait until the results of the MRT are back, but he's inpatient.

Bea is shocked to spot Luzi and Ben kissing.

We say goodbye to Julian Götting (Sebastian Hötz) and Alexandra Lohmann (Verena Mundhenke) the most delicious Team Evil of 'Hand aufs Herz'.




(air date: 5-24-2011 Sat. 1)


Timo gets himself in danger when he leaves the hospital against the doctors advice to search for Luzi. Meanwhile Luzi is kissing Ben in the church after he had a mild breakdown - witnessing the funeral of two people he indirectly caused the death of. Luzi tells Ben that she doesn't know when and why but somehow along the way she might have fallen in love with him. Ben is flattered but tells her that he's not a good man for her. She's a great woman, while he is nothing. His live is in chaos and the only good thing that happened to him recently was this kiss with her. Luzi tries to find out what is troubling him and suspects it has something to do with Ronnie, but Ben tells her if she knew she wouldn't want to have anything to do with her anymore. Before she can investigate further she gets a call from her  mother, telling her Timo is missing. They search for him, but in the end he spots them hugging (Luzi is worried about him) and concludes that Ben is the other guy. He tries to attack him but collapses due to the fracture of his vertebra.


Michael swears to Bea that nothing and nobody can bring them apart. But Bea senses that their relationship might be jinxed - and not only because of Helena who tries to interfere in their relationship by bringing old memories about their relationship up in Michael, trying to care for him and inviting herself to Bea's place after the funeral of Mr. Götting and Ms. Lohmann. But also since the kiss she witnessed between Luzi and Ben won't leave her. Meanwhile Miriam is more than annoyed by the way Helena crowds Michael and tries to edge her way between Bea and  Michael.


Emma tells Jenny the funeral and singing 'Ave Maria' has freed her from her pain. Jenny is glad and hugs Emma.


For Sophie the funeral made her realize what an amount of consequences resulted from their actions. She's disturbed when she notices that the whole thing leaves Ronnie cold, but rationalizes that it's just because he wasn't at the funeral and didn't see all the people. When she runs into Timo she's hurt to see that he's still (again) running after Luzi and is spiteful to him when she understands that Luzi might have something going on with Ben. 'Pretty shitty to get dumped for someone else isn't it?'




(air date: 5-25-2011 Sat. 1)


Luzi and Karin are taking care of Timo in the hospital. Luzi feels guilty about Timo collapsing, since he left the hospital wanting to find her and win her back. But Timo tells her he's okay and she shouldn't worry. Despite his condition he's gaining faith and tells Luzi he has to accept her having found somebody else she loves. Still they will stay friends, best friends, and since they are best friends he wants her to go to the meeting 'Raumschiff Records' proposed to her instead of guarding him. But while Luzi takes the chance to record a sample with Frank Peter's Timo is being told about his diagnose - he's paraplegic due to the damage the broken vertebra caused his spinal chord.


After having seen Luzi and Ben kiss Bea's thoughts and feelings are doing a tumble. Still to Miriam she insists she loves Michael. But Miriam is quick to pick up that this thing with Ben is not over yet and suggests that it's not Helena's fault Ben is coming back up in Bea's mind, but the fact that maybe really Bea's still having feelings for him. It would be easier if she loved Michael, but you can't control feelings, Miriam tells Bea meaning to say that eventually they have to accept that Bea loves Ben and being student and teacher to each other is a hurdle meant to be overcome.




(air date: 5-26-2011 Sat. 1)


Ronnie challenges Ben to do another race, but Ben declines. Instead, plagued by regret, he decides to visit Timo in the hospital. There he gets to know about Timo being paraplegic causing his guilty feelings to start suffocating him.


Meanwhile Caro is determined to become Frank's assistant. She shows up at 'Raumzeit Records' to apply for a job. When his current assistant leaves her desk out of health reasons Caro doesn't waste a second to take over.


Luzi is doing a record with Frank, who's amazed by her. She had to leave Timo alone in the hospital to be at the meeting, when she comes back to the hospital and gets to know about Timo's situation she doesn't want to believe it and thinks it's her fault. It doesn't help that Timo, ridden by sorrow, tells her so, too. If Luzi hadn't told him that there was someone else, he never would have gotten up from his bed and left the hospital. Luzi is ready to dump Ben and get back together with Timo to help him, but he rejects her, not wanting to be taken back out of pity.




(air date: 5-27-2011 Sat. 1)


Luzi is ridden with sorrow about Timo's diagnosis. She tries to cheer him up and give him perspective, but he won't have any of it. He's convinced that it's her fault that he stood up and left the hospital and tells her without a doubt to get out and never come back. Later he shows some regret about his words, but when he wants to call Luzi his phone falls from his nightstand to the ground where he can't reach it due to his injury. At the same time  Luzi is in the auditorium and stares at the stage, imagining Timo on it dancing Michael Jackson style, she grieves for Timo's loss and what he won't be able to do anymore.

After Ben and Ronnie's fight Ronnie orders Sophie to follow him, Jenny looks disbelieving at Sophie, not able to fathom how she can follow him after what he has done to Ben.


Bea is being called by Emma who tells her about the fight at 'Chulos' between Ben and Ronnie. She takes him home and takes care of him. When she returns to Michael he's jealous and pissed that she stood him up. Bea keeps worrying about Ben while Michael finds himself in Helena's office who tries to worm her way into his pants and heart by using his sadness about his and Bea's fight the night before. Also Helena plans to send Ben away on a team coaching work shop in Mother Nature and tries to get Stefan Bergmann to finance it.

Meanwhile Caro is still determined to become Frank's assistant. She hung around 'Raumzeit Records' the whole day trying to overtake the desk and getting her interview with Frank. Finally she sees yet another chance when Frank's assistant goes into labor and he's taking her to the hospital. Caro manages to rescue a situation with an important potential client - organizing a catering that consists only of windfall fruits. She leaves 'RaumzeitRecords' with letting Frank know she managed the situation.