Episode 11

Episode 11
Episode 11


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    Libellule (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 22:40)

    Wasn't the counselling session with Ben supposed to last an hour every week? I'll have to check on the previous transcripts, because this (the alien talk) must have lasted a maximum of 15mn, if you add silent and languishing eye contacts...

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    Libellule (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 22:52)

    What Alexandra is saying about Bob, I don't get it. Who's Bob? Is it a diminutive for Stefan? Did she sleep with Ben's father? To get money for her volleyball ambitions? Money in exchange of a sexual service is called prostitution, Alexandra.

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    Libellule (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 23:12)

    "(Why didn’t Ben and Lara hook up with each other in the beginning? Their maturity level is a perfect fit.)"

    Actually I think Michael and Ben are an even better fit regarding their maturity.
    So from the get-go Michael was already blackmailing Bea. And all this time I thought he had some kind of weird shift of personality in the last episodes with the famous picture... But no. Because that conversation in the bathroom with Bea is the same as saying: "I'll stop pouting and acting like a jerk if you give me what I want".
    In fact I wonder why Caro never hit on him; he has some serious manipulative techniques too...