Episode 25

Episode 25
Episode 25







German Subs
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English Subs
The English Sub thought it was time for a revolution and is singing 'Fuck You' in the foyer of our offices. Please be patient for a bit until the police hauled that rebellious Sub off and we found a new sub to replace the old sub with - cause we don't feel like making compromises.

Thx for your understanding!
J. Götting



English Subs - still on strike, we found another solution though:

Download from here!


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  • #1

    Carol Berry (Mittwoch, 15 Februar 2012 21:09)

    Ha ha, we understand! Thanks for all you guys do!

  • #2

    Katrine (Donnerstag, 16 Februar 2012 00:41)

    About the !gayest volleyball team ever" - am I the only one, who have thought about, that when the "Singen/Tanzen"-AG is shortened to STAG, what Volleyball AG would be called using the same method.....? Okay, never mind!
    Thank you for translating!

  • #3

    amidola (Donnerstag, 16 Februar 2012 01:17)

    Hahaha, incidentally,you have been the only one, Katrine;-) But seriously,after all the Rizzoli hyping, Alexandra Lohmann's comments on her players would make the detectives blush!