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    Libellule (Samstag, 24 September 2011 23:25)

    I learned a new word today, thanks to this transcript: boozehound.
    Me like. I'll try to reuse that in a conversation very soon. :)

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    Libellule (Samstag, 24 September 2011 23:55)

    Since I'm only reading the transcript but can't see these old episodes yet, if I got the vote thing right, there're only 7 teachers at Pestalozzi school:
    3 pros, 3 against and Bea has not voted yet.
    Krawczyk, Götting, Alexandra, Michael, Bea = 5 already, so there were only 2 other teachers in this meeting? Where are the extras? ;p

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    San (Montag, 26 September 2011 07:28)

    Seriously, Frau Krawczyk, if you're alcoholism has gotten to the point where the vodka bottles have become a problem, such as pouring or hiding, maybe you should look into some booze-preping at home. For instance, pour the vodka into water bottles or big pitcher AT HOME, make vodka jello molds AT HOME, or inject vodka into a watermelon or fruit of your choice AT HOME. Just a few suggestions.

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    hephylax (Montag, 26 September 2011 17:59)

    @ San
    She can't. Then Frau Jäger would know. ;-)

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    San (Montag, 26 September 2011 19:50)

    @hephylax ROFL! Damn, you're right! Spill away, Frau Krawczyk!