Episode 181

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Did you know Oregano belongs to the 'mint family'?
Did you know Oregano belongs to the 'mint family'?


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  • #1

    Anns (Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011 21:59)

    Two observations from tonights episode:

    1.) Did Luzi get her hair done IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? Isn't there any hair stylists in Cologne that are available in the day time or did we hopp into a some kind of time warp or what just happened?!
    2.) Jenny is badass. In fact, she is beyond badass. She could teach me about different herbs and their families any time.

  • #2

    dropkick (Donnerstag, 23 Juni 2011 08:25)

    If I went to school with Jenny and Emma, I would be annoyed by all the PDA. Since I do not go to school with them, I am enjoying all the PDA.

  • #3

    Flora (Freitag, 24 Juni 2011 06:17)

    Oh, man, that scene with Luzi and her mom in the girls' room just broke my heart into a thousand pieces.