Once upon a time...

School can be so exciting. And funny. You don´t believe it?  

Once upon a time there was a girl called Bea, whose love-carousel got going on properly when...Okay, okay folks. The short version....  

Bea is a teacher and returns to her old school: with her new students Luzi, Timo, Emma and Hotte, she brings the S.T.AG (S stands for singing, T for Dancing, of course in german-“tanzen”) back to life.

And usual for a music teacher, she accidently danced the horizontal tango with one of her students: Ben! And of course, Ben falls in love with Bea. But where is the white horse and the Castle? Suddenly Knight Michael, one of her teacher colleague, shows up and wants a place in the coveted Pestalozzi-School love carousel.


So let the Story begin:


When Michael was sucsessfully in winning Beas heart, Ben jumps off the love carousel  right into Caros arms where he enjoys a ride in the "boredom-Express". As their relationship goes on, Caro (btw. Captain of Beachvolleyball team and secretly titeled as the school-goat) presents Ben her pregnancy. Too bad that the child is the result of a little "private lesson" with Mr. Bergmann: Ben´s Dad! 

While Ben broke up with Caro and Caro gets an abortion, Michael gets a visit from a secret woman: his ex wife Helena! A woman to die for. With red lipstick she tries to get hold of the reins of power and to overthrow Julian.

Which leads us to “Pinky and brain” a.k.a  Alexandra und Julian - also a teacher and director-in-law, who every day try to rule the world once more. Alexandra tries to box her enemy Bea out of school. How convenient that Bea has allegedly buried Alexandra's sister under the volleyball court years ago.  


Mrs. Krawczyk, reigning world domination owner, unfortunately, drinks a little too much of the magic potion – Codeword for Wodka.

Even the soul of the school, Ingrid, can not protect Mrs. Krawczyk and she must cede her position to Julian.

But let´s see now what has happend on the students playground:

Timo and Luzi became a couple after he puts an end to his relationship with Sophie.

But as Sophie returns from Australia (sorry, totally forgotten what she did there) their fresh happiness crumbles.

Hotte is attracted and crazy about all the girls, that are unattainable. And so his prey scheme is revealed soon. His best friend Emma, a bit superstitious and the good soul of the S.T.AG, always trys to bring him back on the floor of facts again.

But when Jenny moves to Cologne (her past in London still is a secret for us! Bo-hoo) it seems to be exciting as Hotte will officially give his virginity to Jenny – who knows nothing about that because she already has a little crush on Emma. That grows, and grows and grows...

Just in: Bodo! At the "Sister Act" performance he fell in love with Lara, Bea's niece. When Bodo took the "Love-Express" straight from Hamburg to Cologne to be near his Dreamgirl, Lara is not overly enthusiastic. Whether it may be due to his flashing braces?  

And in the brief overview:  The Vogel family – Miriam, Bea's BFF, and Piet, Bea's brother, are happily married. But when Miriam is sick of the life in the "bird-house", the clumsy Piet must give away his wife to Sebastian, Michael half brother and also Barkeeper of the Chulos.