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Welcome to the international site for Jemma fans!


This is not just from international Jemma fans, but for them as well, as our main goal is to bring Jemma closer to y'all... despite the barriers language and space might enforce upon us. - What does that mean? Translations.

The official people at "Hand aufs Herz" (it means "Hand upon your heart" by the way), were so kind as to put a whole Jemma corner onto their official page, and we're trying to support them and help them out in the language department, by translating the text from the clips and eps into as many languages and as quickly as possible.

And after you've watched them all, and feel bored and lonesome...don't be, cause we'll also try to keep something going for ya.


Join "Team Jemma" in its wildly in love craziness!


P.S.: This site is under construction, as you'll notice. Please be kind and patient, cause you know, Germany is home to an unproportionate amount of blondes.


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Everyone Does Their Part - Happy New Year!

Welcome in 2015!

Look at this - three years later and we're all still here! :)

And just in time for the new year, we have a few words and a letter sparkling with inspiration for you!

Willkommen in 2015!

Na schaut euch das an - drei Jahre später und wir sind immer noch alle hier! :)

Und pünktlich zum neuen Jahr gibt es ein paar Worte und einen Brief voller Inspiration für euch!

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