Saturday Night Fever!

You want to know more about what is behind Jenny and Emma being 'Big in Japan', what we'll be doing about the soap awards, and what other happenings and news there are on our little site, read on.

News, news, news!

Jenny Hartmann and Emma Müller are now "Big in Japan" for reals, or at least have the potential to be, as their clips now have Japanese subtitles!



Soap Awards! are this Saturday! Now, all of you who have been crazily clicking on a thumbs up for Kasia and Lucy on a daily basis and recieved a thank you in return, know what I'm talkin about.

Those of you who don't:

There's an Award for the soap world in Germany, which is being presented the first time ever this year.

Lucy and Kasia are both nominated, and it's highly likely for at least one of them to win the prestigious fan award.There was an online vote..and yeah,it's hiiighly likely;-)

There's also a live transmission of the show (the Germans are wildly in love with "public viewing, ever since the Soccer World Cup a few years back,) and a fan party with a "meet&greet".

Honestly, I have no friggin idea about the award, the show, or the party, except that the dress code is "fancy",but since a few people have been basically begging for pics and reviews, I dug the dress I wore to my brother's wedding last year out of the closet, and will try to inconspiciously meet a girl at the Hamburg trainstation tomorrow, to buy her tickets to said event off of her.

Follow me @amidola on Twitter for a live report of the event!


Links and "I don't wanna be by myself!" At some point, you have seen the clips multiple times, and you want to know more, see what else is out there in the Jemma world, or even meet new people! Links is getting you to some sites which offer lots of Jemmaliciousness while "I don't wanna be by myself" will get you to some Jemmapeople! Maybe even somebody in your neck of the woods and your language.You're not alone! This category lives off of tips, so let us know if you know of a site or a fourm, chat,whatever!


Episode Guide Lied (which is German for song,by the way) is a friggin rockstar. She is working on getting that asked for episode guide out to you guys! There's a gap between the last Jemma clip on the SAT1 homepage and the first shown episode, which is hereby covered. There's lots of info,and even some pretty pictures! FTW!


Italiano The full episodes are now also featured in Italian! That's wow! Please don't forget,that the eps are only available for 7 days, so watch them,while you can! My tip for this week is hands down 167,by the way:-)


Translations! I'd like to say Hello and pay a big round of applause, to our new "Team English!".We were getting a little exhausted with the translations for the full eps, and called out for help.So many answered, that we now have a whole "Team English" that took that huge globe off of "Atlas" shoulders. Totally rocks!

Thanks guys!


Chocofresh--I had this grand plan for world peace and a sponsorship program, where we would hook up chocofresh donors from Germany with all corners of the world, to send those of you some chocofresh, who can't get their hands on any in their homecountry. Bummer? Chocofresh needs to be refrigerated! So,this won't work out, unless you want to be in for a treat of Salmonella and EHEC. Sorry, guys!


There'll be more news and more stuff happening soon, but I sincerely hope, that we'll manage to fit in some real blogs,including guest bloggers in here!


Remember:While Jemma might be making themselves a little rare these days,there's lots of stuff happening! Soap Award and Live Chat, for example (Squee!)!

Lots of hugs from late night Berlin!





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  • #1

    Bern (Samstag, 04 Juni 2011 19:36)

    Ah, amidola (Sydney Bristow/Mountaineer), you are the greatest! ;)

    Isn't it sad how I'm still looking forward to getting Chocofresh despite whatever illness it may cause me? LOL

    Well, thank you still for every effort you (and everyone else I don't know the name of) have put into the Jemmauniverse.

    Oh, and I'm checking out your Twitter right now and I'm enjoying the photos, thanks very much! :)

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    Choco Fresh (Sonntag, 05 Juni 2011 06:38)! ;-) Thanks for trying!