Episode 18

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Episode 18
Episode 18







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    Katrine (Sonntag, 22 Januar 2012 21:15)

    Thanks for translating and the funny comments :) Poor STAG ;)
    I remember laughing hysterically when Krawczyk and Wendtland said: "Gabi" and "Klaus", 'cause our teacher repeatedly made us listen to this song called "Gabi und Klaus" (by Die Prinzen, I think) in German Class. I never forget that tacky song with very memorable lyrics like :" Life is awful and terribly mean. Life is awful and Klaus is a pig"- which we all know is a very valuable thing to know how to say in German!
    For those who didn't learn german trough Die Prinzen, this is what I am talking about:

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    Mhm (Montag, 23 Januar 2012 06:49)

    @ Katrine Hahah one of my German professors made us listen to the Diz Prinzen too, and I remember that song. Good times

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    Katrine (Mittwoch, 25 Januar 2012 00:25)

    @ Mhm - Yes, very good times :) And the teaching method worked, because we never forgot ;)