Episode 212

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Episode 212
Episode 212







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  • #1

    Claudia (Donnerstag, 04 August 2011 21:00)

    Whoa! Fan . . . meet Micheal! And great Jemma scenes! Emma is getting intense.

  • #2

    Conchi (Freitag, 05 August 2011 01:07)

    "(Emma has started working on her own Girlfriend of the Year award, it seems)"

    Ja,ja,ja!!! I love your remarks...

  • #3

    dropkick (Freitag, 05 August 2011 08:06)

    Ben and Bea are worse at keeping a secret than Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars.
    The Jemma/Sophie scenes are amazing.