Episode 201

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Episode 201
Episode 201







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  • #1

    Anns (Mittwoch, 20 Juli 2011 21:16)

    One thing has been bothering me for a long time: Whats up with the never ending flood of Bea & Ben -flashbacks on every friggin' episode? And more importantly where are my Jenny and Emma -flashbacks? Or why is there never Jemma on "Previously on HaH"??!

    Off to watch Jenny again on those leather pants to cool myself a bit...Oh wait, it's not going to help.

  • #2

    Ammy (Donnerstag, 21 Juli 2011 00:23)

    Jenny was SO FREAKIN' SEXY during that song I'm practically stripped down to nothing due to the hot flashes she was giving me!!!!! I need a cold shower STAT!

    And how adorable was she when she tripped over Ben at the end of the song?!? Her face was priceless. *SWOON TIME INFINITY*

  • #3

    shareher (Donnerstag, 21 Juli 2011 01:37)

    Umm...HOT! Jenny wow!

    but also how sweet is Ingrid?!!

  • #4

    San (Donnerstag, 21 Juli 2011 07:22)

    Have to say that is the best "Born This Way" performance I've seen to date. Lady Gaga and Glee pale in comparison. Only wish it didn't have the "Bea guilt flashback" in the middle. Hey, Lara, send that YouTube vid over this way will ya :)

  • #5

    dropkick (Donnerstag, 21 Juli 2011 09:46)

    OK, I've got a few different reactions:
    What was the deal with that reporter? "Do you have a boyfriend? Do you like a boy?" Does he write a gossip magazine for 12-year-old girls?

    The Bea/Ben flashbacks during Born This Way were equally puzzling. Were they afraid that we would forget that storyline if we were faced with Kasia and Lucy dancing in sexy outfits? Wait, maybe they were right.

    And what is the name of that pairing? "Beben"? "Bean"?

    Surprised that Jenny isn't more of a voice of reason while everyone is ganging up on Luzi. She reworked her entire contract for them; I understand that the other teens might be immature about that, but not Jenny.

  • #6

    honsei (Donnerstag, 21 Juli 2011 23:55)

    @San you can watch the whole performance on the Sat1 website. The video is small and far away but you can see the whole thing without flashbacks. http://www.sat1.de/hand-aufs-herz/lozzy-flurfunk/blog.php?blogid=1690&start=0&blogeintragid=3991.html

    @dropkick Jenny isn't being immature. She is being realistic and knows that Luzi is going to have less and less time for her friends which will lead to more and more let downs.

  • #7

    San (Freitag, 22 Juli 2011 06:11)

    @honsei Excellent! Thanks for the link.

    @dropkick I'm leaning toward "Beben" due to its verbiness.

    Also, Luzi just needs to realize she should just commit to backup singing in STAG.