10 Things About Jemma

Did Kasia have contact to Lucy after HaHe? Which Jemma-scene did she like particularly and in which characteristics she distinguishes herself from Emma? In May 2012 Kasia made the Jemma-nation a big present and answered to 10 fan-questions on her blog. As always, we translated diligently and we’d like to give a worthy forum for her awesome lines. Thanks Kasia!


Hatte Kasia nach HaHe noch Kontakt zu Lucy? Welche Jemma-Szene mochte Kasia besonders und in welchen Eigenschaften unterscheidet sie sich von Emma? Im Mai 2012 machte Kasia der Jemma-Nation ein großes Geschenk und beantwortete 10 Fanfragen auf ihrem Blog. Wie immer haben wir fleißig übersetzt und möchten ihren tollen Zeilen hier nun eine würdige Bühne geben. Danke, Kasia!

I still get letters from you, full of gratitude about the JEMMA Storyline and I am still and repeatedly surprised just how many of you have found the courage to live your own life through it. Now, I wanted to revisit the topic, and picked ten special questions of which I can't think of having answered before.

Enjoy reading!


1. Are you still in touch with Lucy?


This question makes me smile, because for me it is needless to say that I'm still in contact with Lucy. How can one not be in touch with such a lovable person? We have little time to no time to meet for coffee, though, and that isn't going change since both of us have plenty to do - be it professionally or in our personal lives. Lucy is in Bavaria often, when she has some time off and I'm with my family in Poland. But when we meet, every six months or so, we naturally have tons to talk about and there is an instant familiarity that makes these meetings with her so special. I have rarely met people like Lucy (that's not a compliment just a fact :)) who, despite their great success and fame have stayed who they are and did not take off because they are seeing life too much as something to be inspired by. Oops, I've elaborated quite a bit :))))


2. Are you still in touch with other actors from HAH?


Yes, I am, but I guess I don't want to recount exactly with whom I have sporadic, frequent or casual contact, because I don't want to favor anybody or lose sight of anyone - but you know already who my lovable pain in the ass is and will be and who has grown close to my heart, who I like very much and from whom I have learned a lot.


I appreciate for instance Vanessa very much - she is a tough and intelligent woman with a lot of power, am impressed by Christopher's enthusiasm and acting commitment, Selina's voice blows me away every single time, Dennis makes me laugh - he is a born comedian, Amelie is a very positive and open person and and and... you could write about it forever and now I have given you a bit of the inside story anyway

3. How was shooting the windmachine-lovescene for you? Was there a moment you had to overcome?


Good question- I was very nervous and nobody can tell me, that he or she isn't in such a scene, but some people can hide their nervosity or share it with others.

Lucy and I were an ideal combination, since both of us were nervous, and kept motivating each other, that we could do it, together.

There was this basic trust that we couldn't explain.

It was just there and not a given, either, and it was, what made one appreciate these moments and see them as such a gift.


As I said, before the shot commenced, both of us were walking around super nervous, but when we got under that white sheet, we were in a world, entirely different, and all of a sudden, there were only Emma and Jenny and their loving and devoted contact – it was magical :)

4. Was it weird for you to be acting a lovestory with another woman?


No, quite to the contrary – I had been waiting for a challenge like that, and was very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it with Lucy. Robin Williams once said in an interview „Things that are unusual and weird make me curious, and I have to try them,“ Here the word „weird“ is meant in a completely positive way! I think this description by Robin Williams also goes for me, „the strange and unusual“ make me curious, and I want to experience all of it, and I was allowed to do that with Emma.

5. What is your favorite scene?


All of my favorite scenes were from the airport sequence, because to me, movement in a shot is very exciting - ACTION :)))) - and because Emma really had to show what's inside her – for that I had to overcome my own, private fears and fight for someone. You learn most when you are taking a risk and are afterwards happy and proud of yourself. Yes, that's why this is my favorite sequence.


6. Have you ever read posts in the SAT 1 forum? E.G. The Jemma thread?


At first I had no time, since the shooting schedule was very intense, and I needed to use all of my spare time to catch up on sleep. J But after a few months after the fans kept pointing me to it, I took a look. Actually, I don’t usually do this because it makes me feel like my own stalker. J but it was worth an experience and hey, the fans made the board explode with comments – I love that passion –All or Nothing!! :D and in this case, the fans savored EEEEEVERYTHING :))))))))

7. Can you remember a time you and Lucy needed to laugh during a scene? Did it ever happen, or were you always completely focused on filming?


Oh yes, there was a scene in the Bergmann mansion where Emma came to Jenny all excited and euphoric and announced that the two of them were going on an Adventure trip. Jenny thought Emma's idea was super sweet, but she was not really hyped about it. Anyways, the scene was written differently, more serious, but we were both so wound up and grinning and we just wanted to play it that way, so we did and the whole team behind the camera was enjoying it right along with us.


One cannot say that they are usually excited or quiet before filming – it depends on the daily mood. What’s important to me is that you take what concerns you in your real life at the moment and work it into the scene, because that attitude is, what makes the acting more authentic.

8. Are there similarities and differences between you and Emma?


There certainly are – the clearest common denominator I had with with Emma were the uncertainty and shyness, and the biggest difference is that I myself am not a lesbian in my personal life. Emma has helped me to overcome many of my weaknesses which prevented me from being myself. I’m very grateful for that.


9. Does one change through television and all of the fans??


One does. The situation is changed already by the simple fact that many people, whom you don’t know, recognize and know you. You're the central point of attention, your private life, is ,too. – at first it was overwhelming – the amount of fans, and the incredibly large and powerful feedback – which fascinated me since I had not expected such a response. After some time when the emotions calmed down, I withdrew to gather strength and inspiration for new roles, while I have been and am still looking for places of calm and quiet where I can have my privacy. I can say about myself that I am more of a loner, and like to drive out of town to take my dog for a walk in nature. Since the success of Emma and Olivia I have started to more purposely avoid crowds, since I am primarily an actor and need to create that space for the best possible preparation. Yes, that’s exactly why I prefer to remain withdrawn, so that I can remain myself. J


10. How much did the news of the cancellation affect you?


How much? An extreme LOT! You had to suffer the end of production, when you didn't know why it happened. The ending of HaHe left many questions unanswered- who does like that sort of thing?

You learn to deal with it after a while, but still, one doesn't understand it up until today.