Episode 232

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Episode 232
Episode 232







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  • #1

    Jenna (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 19:40)

    They are not even in this episode?! Hopefully they do have a lot of screentime tomorrow!

  • #2

    Lied (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:02)

    Yep, and:

    * * * SPOILER * * *
    Don't get your hopes up for tomorrow either.
    * * * SPOILER * * *

  • #3

    Anns (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:12)

    @Lied Wait what..Do you mean both of tomorrows episodes? NOOOOOO *break down*

  • #4

    Wired (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:25)

    What? No Jemma...ok so yesterday's wait was to get ready for today. Also no Jemma yet I still obsessively check this site. Ummm...
    @Lied...what are you saying? Like @Anns...both episodes? can't be!

  • #5

    KBee (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:33)

    Really? Really? Yesterday was it? No, we know there is at least one more scene, right? **shaking, denying withdrawal symptoms** Jenny and Emma with the group, taking about the summer fair songs, right? Jenny's wearing a yellow top.

  • #6

    KBee (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:37)

    Check that - blue top. Jenny's wearing a blue top.

  • #7

    Succubus (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:39)

    Hey calm down, well, there are only 2 episodes for the final (233 and 234)and both episodes will air tomorrow, and..
    There are not Jemma on 233, but they are on 234

  • #8

    Anns (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:44)

    I swear if there is no more scenes with Jenny and Emma being together without the others, I will march to the Baltic Sea shore and scream so loudly WARUM that the people in Berlin will hear me. Yeah maybe I should calm down...

  • #9

    Lied (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 20:59)

    Wah, I shouldn't have said that. This was my frustration speaking ^^ Sorry. So what, Succubus said. Will keep my mouth shut now, though it's a hard thing to do.

  • #10

    San (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 21:02)

    Maybe we can imagine what they did the rest of the day.

    Sat in bed.
    Jenny cried.
    Emma gave comforting hugs.
    A fair amount of nose touching and cuddling.
    Ate some soup, maybe some fruit, but probably not choco-biscuits :(
    Perhaps, they put on their magic shoes and went for a nice run to clear their heads.
    Changed the bed sheets because Jenny was getting a headache.
    Jenny took some aspirin for her headache.

    Ya, no matter what they do it's adorable. DON'T GO!!!!

  • #11

    Metric07 (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 21:25)

    Frank is so freaking understanding this episode, first with Luzi and then with Caro. It's no wonder he was putty in Ronnie's hands for so long. How does he run a record company?!

    Caro hitting on Johnny Sky was hilarious. Really Caro, really? She has the worst gaydar.

  • #12

    Wired (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 21:29)

    @Succubus thanks for the clarification.
    @Lied no worries! at least we know they aren't in the first hour on Friday because that would have set me off too. I'm so impatient!

    I like @Sans idea: they cuddled lots, they stroked each other's arms they laughed at Caro, they fed each other eclairs...

  • #13

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 22:18)

    @Metric07 I think Frank's about to get a bit too understanding, if the preview clips are anything to go by!!!!

    @San oh how sweet and adorable.

    As for me hurrah, I know I'm behind the times but Yay for 231 being up, just got in from from work.
    Convo at work today.
    Colleague: Oh yay you're listening to the Wicked soundtrack at last.......Hang on that's German.

    Me: Yep

    Colleague: But why's it in German?

    Me: Weeeeell, long story......

  • #14

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 22:27)

    then, tonight is the night.. the finale..
    I found HaHe about two months ago.. didn't know it will end up this fast :(

    I can't believe at last episode sat1 not give a credit to the strongest and longest (more than 100 episodes) couple in the series (compare to ben-bea,luzi-timo,michael-bea-helena,piet-miriam)
    or maybe there's nothing could break Jemma's up (Jenny's one night stand with Ben or what Ronnie's did by intimidate Emma couldn't destroy their love) , so maybe Jemma is not 'entertain' enough for the show.. how sad is that
    .. well, it's my opinion anyway

    but.. hey.. I enjoyed the show..no matter how they treat Jemma :)
    All I can say is : gooonna miss them muuuch

    ps: likes emma new red shoes @234.. it's cute ;)

  • #15

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 22:30)

    @kittykatcop...sigh...this is the only place anyone understands

  • #16

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 22:35)

    @frananifan I know.......so seriously this Jemmaholics session. Times, dates, places - sooooo gonna need it Monday.

  • #17

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 22:41)

    @Kittykatcop Re Wicked in German, I am a total fan of Wicked now, especially the German one and all after trawling youtube for Lucy clips. Wish I could've seen her in it live *wusch wusch*...

    Can I add to the HaH drinking game? Any time Bea and Ben stare at each other for more than 10 seconds, any time Michael is lurking around suspiciously in the corridors, any time Jenny touches Emma's face/hair/shirt and any time someone says my new favourite word that I have learned while watching this and I now use regularly- Quatsch!! :)

  • #18

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 22:49)

    @Kirsty Ooooh me too, me too......Ach Quatsch! sums it up so nicely. Can we add "Es tut mir leid" too I find it sounds so much more sincere than sorry. And what about every time someone says, "Keine Ahnung". Blimey I'm feeling a bit tipsy just thinking about it.

  • #19

    San (Donnerstag, 01 September 2011 23:21)

    @Kirsty The Ben-Bea stare might cal for hitting one's head with a hammer OR saying Jemma Jemma Jemma Jemma Jemma in quick succession before chugging beer.

    @Kittykatcop "Keine Ahnung" good call! I say "es tut mir leid" now even when I'm not at all sorry :)

    What are we going to do with ourselves? Facebook group? Tweet #jemmaholics? Weekly chats? *sigh* Keine Ahnung :(

  • #20

    frananifan (Freitag, 02 September 2011 00:14)

    so are we going with the drinking game to cope? or JA to cope? I would be happy to drink everytime I see Ronnie walking like he crapped his pants. I suppose first the game then the group makes sense. btw has anyone ever polled the audience as to their personal favorite kiss? I have my favorite that probably might surprise some of you.

  • #21

    Andi (Freitag, 02 September 2011 00:49)

    I know, they werent in today's episode but... Caro dressed up as Luzi could almost compensate me. almost...

  • #22

    San (Freitag, 02 September 2011 01:08)

    @frananifan I almost crapped my pants! :D

  • #23

    Wired (Freitag, 02 September 2011 01:37)

    For the drinking game can I add: anytime the poltergeist shows up; anytime someone's shoes change magically and anytime Ronnie sneers?

  • #24

    frananifan (Freitag, 02 September 2011 01:51)

    I was thinking that when their shoes change you should have to change shoes with the person next to you, as well as drink. Of course that would mean we would all have to actually be in the same room and not on the same website. (I am wearing some pretty awesome doc martens right now...just sayin')

  • #25

    Conchi (Freitag, 02 September 2011 02:34)

    So it seems we'll have only one more episode with our girls in action but I'm not sure whether we'll have more scenes with both of them alone together or not... :-(

  • #26

    Emily (Freitag, 02 September 2011 03:31)


    May I know what you mean by you can't believe at last episode sat1 not give a credit to the strongest and longest. Do you mean that nothing interesting from Jemma anymore even at the last episode.


  • #27

    Libellule (Freitag, 02 September 2011 05:39)

    Say Bea,if it's summer in Germany, it's winter in Australia. I think those blue shorts won't do...

  • #28

    Libellule (Freitag, 02 September 2011 06:00)

    Ok...Luzy was dressed as a rocker before she flew for the hospital and Caro is dressed as a brunette Britney Spears in order to replace her?
    And Frank goes: "It works for me."
    Frankie...stress makes you blind!

    Caro, I love your "corrosive" attitude each time you open your mouth, but this dance move, my friend, makes it seem like you're looking for a martial art partner.

  • #29

    Libellule (Freitag, 02 September 2011 06:05)

    That scene at the hospital when Luzy stands still while the staff is all agitated, with that music... Artistically brilliant. For some reason, it makes me think of the movie Requiem for a Dream.
    Really wonderfully directed.

  • #30

    Libellule (Freitag, 02 September 2011 07:15)

    Panic mode: tomorrow is the day... It ends tomorrow. NOOOOoooooooOOOO!!!
    On which side of the globe should I go to spare a little time? I mean currently where I live (Canada - East Coast) it's Thursday (well, actually we started the first hour of Friday, but that doesn't count) and in Germany it's already Friday. So if I go to, let's say, Japan, is it still Wednesday?...

    I don't want to bid farewell, I'm not ready. Everything "gracing" my screen's gonna look so pale in comparison, now... Jemma, HaH, don't go! There're so many things left to be told in this serie, and above all for Jemma storyline. So many elements have been thrown at us for a second season. Like:
    -What's gonna happen with the school?
    -What was the deal between Frank and Jenny's parents about Ronnie?
    -In which context would Jenny's strawberries allergy be played out? Would it be another opportunity for Emma to save again her girlfriend's life?...

    Sat1, don't cancel this show!
    Petra Bodenbach, if you read this, save your tv-baby (we'll all gladly share custody :D), please!!!

  • #31

    Kittykatcop (Freitag, 02 September 2011 07:23)

    @frananifan honey, we gonna have a lot of DM's and Converse to swap!

  • #32

    Libellule (Freitag, 02 September 2011 07:49)

    About the preview clip of Frank & Caro: gross...
    Also, I find it weird to see them dancing some kind of valse on hip-hop/rap music.

  • #33

    San (Freitag, 02 September 2011 07:56)

    My sister's visiting and she's wearing the cutest Hello Kitty camo leggings! I couldn't comment on them without getting all Jemma wit it. Finally, she's like "do you like my leggings?" I exploded, "Yes! There very Jenny Hartmann!!!" She gave me the crazy look. *sigh* No one understands :( BTW, I'm wearing my sword stabbing a heart leggings to work. Hopefully, they help me through.

    May the leggings, plaid, and magic shoes be with you all. *sigh*

  • #34

    Libellule (Freitag, 02 September 2011 08:01)

    I must admit that Jenny's fashion style has grown on me over the serie, and I even bought myself some kind of shiny leopard leggings! I sware it's true. I haven't worn them yet, but I definitely intend to. :D

  • #35

    Libellule (Freitag, 02 September 2011 08:08)

    Drinking game:
    Each time Frank flips his cellphone in his hands. Or each time he walks in like a duck.
    We should be all hammered drunk after one scene...

  • #36

    dropkick (Freitag, 02 September 2011 08:33)

    I hope Frank does hook up with Johnny because somebody needs to start looking out for that boy.

  • #37

    Emily (Freitag, 02 September 2011 08:43)

    I am addicted to Jemma and it will end tomorrow. So sad..
    I hope there still chance for Jemma on screen. It's suck they cancel the show.
    There are so much things hanging there. Will Jenny able to recover from her tragic
    loss? Can she stick on with Emma forever? There is only one final episode left,
    I don't there can show much more about Jemma's future.

    Talking about future, I really enjoy "South of Nowhere"'s final where it showed Spashley
    are together forever.

  • #38

    Prou (Freitag, 02 September 2011 08:59)

    Not sure i can do this, but i saw this post b Kateypie on AE, and want to share it with you:

    September 01, 2011 at 01:31pm

    So, this article sixx: Erfolgreichster Monat seit Sendestart - Quotenmeter.de apparantly tells us that SIXX has gotten their best ratings ever with Hand Aufs Herz.

    Who gives up their best ratings ever without a fight????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    email email@producersatwork.de BRING IT BACK!! ONLINE!! HAH!!

    FB Hah https://www.facebook.com/#!/handaufsherz BRING IT BACK!! ONLINE!! HAH!!!

    Twitter with BRING IT BACK!! ONLINE!! #HAH


    POST ANY AND EVERYWHERE!! there is no wrong place to post. The key is we must GET THE WHOLE OF THE HAH AUDIENCE -- not just Jemma fans -- DOING THE SAME THING!!!

    Now, repost THIS wherever you can think of and be ready to do the same thing tomorrow!!!

    "Life could be like this always, couldn't it?"

    Is there still hope? We can try writing!!?? :)

  • #39

    Andi (Freitag, 02 September 2011 09:26)

    Best ratings ever? What are we talking about...?

  • #40

    Prou (Freitag, 02 September 2011 10:06)

    here is the link she gave...
    i don't speak german, need help on that

  • #41

    Susan (Freitag, 02 September 2011 11:02)

    Tonight will be the last episode.

    I am addicted to Jemma and I miss them already.

    So sad..

  • #42

    tamu13 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 11:21)

    @Emily.. I'm pretty dissapointed with last eps.. well, Jenny still alive for sure :D
    and she made a quick recovery from eps 231 I guess.. there's only ONE conversation of Jemma, but it's not a private one, the rest of it.. no more specific Jemma's scene.. otherwise, Ben-Bea have a dramatic scene.. as I said before, it seems like there's nothing special for Jemma's farewell.. but you can enjoy Jemma's last performance on stage :)

  • #43

    Emily (Freitag, 02 September 2011 11:49)


    Thanks. I have not watch the last episode yet.Form your message, I feel disappointed too.
    I thought there would have some private times for Jemma. This is suck. Well, can it considered
    be a happy ending?

  • #44

    amidola (Freitag, 02 September 2011 12:04)

    Guys, don't be disgruntled, they pulled this off in a day! And they gave us a pretty amount of happy ends before(remember 216?"This is,then a happy end?")

  • #45

    Emily (Freitag, 02 September 2011 12:10)


    Ya, 216 is brilliant, but I think the finale is very crucial for future growth, right?

  • #46

    tamu13 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 12:14)

    @Emily.. yeah.. we can conclude there's happy ending for Jemma.. no need more scenes to explain it.. anyway.. don't miss Caro / Sonja Bertram act funny in the end of the episode :D

  • #47

    Emily (Freitag, 02 September 2011 12:29)


    Thanks. I will get to know it by tonight.

    Well, I'm still addicted to Jemma!!

  • #48

    tamu13 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 12:58)

    @Amidola.. I knew from the beginning .. Jemma is not the main character of the series.. altough @sat1 web, Jemma have a special place.. there's Jemma's clips folder beside Ben-Bea..and not the other couple.. so I do a little bit confuse here.. what Jemma's purposes in HaHe?

    @Emily.. nothing can replace them, for now.. ;)

  • #49

    Emily (Freitag, 02 September 2011 13:26)


    Ya, nothing can replace them at the moment and that's why I'm down now. To get rid off their addictions, I got to find some others to my mind. And me too wondering what Jemma's purposes in HaHe?

    I should actually prefer them to end at 225 and not to killed off Jenny's parents.
    That was so cruel they took away Jemma's most happiest moment in life and left a
    sorrow mark in their relationship. Jenny is the only child and Emma is not able to give her
    a family right now. I am a bit regret to follow up the show until now. If I would have know earlier, then I'll stop watching. The beginning was written so beautifully and make me addicted to it but till end of 225, it is just suck. Anyhow, Kasia and Lucy did a great jobs, I really enjoy their performance even though not so satisfy with the ending.

  • #50

    tamu13 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 14:11)

    @Emily.. it just a soap opera, far from realistic.. but we do speak same language here.. we're talking about love.. even to fiction character (whose played beautifully) so our heart with them.. great storyline and actresses to appreciated :)

  • #51

    Emily (Freitag, 02 September 2011 14:18)


    Thanks. You are right. It is just a soap opera. But love is all matter to me.
    It is really nice to get your reply. I'm appreciate for that.

  • #52

    tamu13 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 14:54)

    well.. nice to meet you Emily.. I think we have several in common on analyzing Jemma's story,
    but we have to go back to reality.. a love like this is still hard to accepted in society.. even in Europe.. especially at my 'religious' country.. I will so burn in hell :D

  • #53

    San (Freitag, 02 September 2011 15:20)

    Listened to P!nk F**king Perfect and imagined Jenny and Emma doing pizza ballet together. Perhaps, once Stefan FINALLY left the villa with the stupid ransom money, they pumped up the music and danced until exhaustion. VIOLA! Quick recovery.

  • #54

    Kirsty (Freitag, 02 September 2011 15:31)

    @San Actually....I might try a bit of pizza ballet myself tonight, will take my mind off the Jemma-less future.

    Also, would have liked to see Stefan and Karin get together. And Sophie get her life back together away from that...arschloch! (I don't usually use that word in English but somehow I like it better in German:) )

  • #55

    Wired (Freitag, 02 September 2011 15:49)

    @San & @Kirsty The pizza ballet! So much sadness in so much pizza and ballet! Can we flashmob the pizza ballet to show how much we all love Jemma and how sad we will be after tonight?

    This show has become such a part of my subconscious that every time I hear F**king Perfect, Drops of Jupiter, Chasing Cars or Sweet Dreams I immediately think of Jemma. I'm swearing in German now and I live in East Coast Canada!

    I think you guys are the only ones that might understand this. When's our Jemmaholics meeting? Thanks everyone!

  • #56

    San (Freitag, 02 September 2011 16:11)

    @Wired & @Kirsty, we'll all pizza ballet together. A flashmob would be awesome, but here in my neck of the woods (Gulf coast Texas), I think it will be a flashmob of one.

    I start tearing up listening to F**king Perfect, If I Were Boy, Sweet Dreams, and even that Usher song Jenny and Ben are dancing to in Chulos before they have all the sex. Actually, I tear up at just about any song nowadays. Sandra sad :(

  • #57

    Anns (Freitag, 02 September 2011 16:31)

    I was riding my bike home from work today and on my way I saw a girl wearing black wetlook leggings and I thought of Jenny and of tonight and I nearly rode to a lamp post. Not even kidding. What is happening to me?? Anna sad too. :(

  • #58

    frananifan (Freitag, 02 September 2011 16:32)

    no mob here in western NY either. just pouty mouth me feeling a bit hung over from it all. i just bought some new shoes to cheer me up. it didn't work, they aren't magic.

  • #59

    San (Freitag, 02 September 2011 17:17)

    @Anns, be careful! Leggings are everywhere! There was a girl on the train this morning wearing workout pants, and I zoned out.

    @frananifan Maybe shoe magic takes awhile. Hopefully it starts to kick in soon. I am wearing my leggings today complete with wedge sandles and a pair of sneakers on the ready, just in case I have to chase a plane or climb poltergeist ladders at a moments notice.

  • #60

    KBee (Freitag, 02 September 2011 17:26)

    No mob here in Minnesota either. If I tried to pizza dance in public I'd be hauled off in a white jacket with very long sleeves! I ran across a note Kasia had on her website where she says, hey, I can't tell you what I'm doing in the future until there is a press release. Anyone know anything about that? Rumors? News?

  • #61

    KBee (Freitag, 02 September 2011 17:31)

    I hope it's okay for me to post this. If not, dear adminstrators, feel free to remove.

    Here's the quote from Kasia's Facebook site. Am I interpreting this correctly? Could someone kindly translate?

    Good Morning everyone! In letzter Zeit wurde viel über mein zukünftiges Vorhaben spekuliert. Ihr werdet bald aus der Presse erfahren, um was es sich handelt. Bis dahin kann ich leider keine Infos freigeben. Have a nice Day! Eure Kasia

  • #62

    tamu13 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 17:35)

    my playlist :
    Rihanna - Who's That Chick (when STAG speechless watching their competitor in audition for Sister Act ;)
    Usher - Dj Got Us Falling In Love Again (Jenny + Ben @ Chulos)
    Pink - Funhouse (Jenny said : "you're my girlfriend! It's my job!")

  • #63

    Anns (Freitag, 02 September 2011 17:48)

    @KBee There's a rumour going around that Kasia would join the cast of 'Anna und die Liebe' (another Sat 1. soap, supposedly crappy.) Kasias note says: "There has been lots of speculating going on over my future endeavours. You will find out soon from the press, what's it about. Unfortunately I cannot give any information before that."

    German is not my native language so if someone wishes to correct me, feel free to do so.

  • #64

    Wired (Freitag, 02 September 2011 17:56)

    Ok so pizza dance for one in our respective houses. That's ok I'm pretty depressed today anyways. I'd be bad company!
    @Anns that could have been a poltergiest lamp post too...you never know! Also if Kasia was on another soap I don't think I could watch it. I would keep expecting Lucy Scherer to come in and start kissing her.

    Hmmm Maybe I'll have to start re-watching the episodes from the beginning again and pretend it's not ending...

  • #65

    Anns (Freitag, 02 September 2011 18:11)

    @Wired Yeah you might be right. Today, my laptop was also posessed by the poltergeist as the mouse pointer moved on its own.It was freaky! I'm sensing a pattern here...

    I have mixed feelings about Kasia playing some other character. I would love to see her as she is super talented and cute and lovely and I want to marry her and err... But then again, there's no Lucy and she would be probably kissing some dude, which is so not cool.

  • #66

    hoppe (Freitag, 02 September 2011 18:21)

    @Libelulle: LOL at this ;) :D
    "Petra Bodenbach, if you read this, save your tv-baby (we'll all gladly share custody :D), please!!!" Shared custody ... cool!
    @wired: the same here... I'm really wondering if I will watch anything with Kasia in the next future, because this would feel like cheating on Jemma or at least damaging them somehow. Like in RL I think I need time to mourn the loss before I'm really open for something new ;)

  • #67

    AmyLnnLee (Freitag, 02 September 2011 18:43)

    I dont know what will I do on Monday without Jemma : ( ...This was probably the best story-line Ive watched! Yeah after crying I will just re-watch them from the start..that will cheer me up!: ) But seriously I feel like an addict!

  • #68

    Anns (Freitag, 02 September 2011 18:45)

    233 is online. Here we go.