The universe of "Hand aufs Herz"

Jenny! Emma! Jemma! Oh, and then there are all those other people … After watching clips of our adorable little lovebirds, you suddenly get to see the whole show?! Isn't that grand?

Who else is there in the Jemma universe? Luzi, our “Yay for the Gay”-cheerleader … evil, I mean, suffering Ben … the teachers … You've seen them all before – but who are these people? Do they have storylines of their own? – Yes! All of you who feel a little lost with the show because you have no clue what the storylines and those other, previously peripheral, characters are all about, this section is for you.


- What's going on in the Vogel/bird house?

- Who is this guy secretly handing out coming-out brochures at school?

- Why does Emma glare at Caro, even though she sings gay songs for the revolution?

- What kind of magical similarities are there between Hotte and Harry Potter?

- Does Bodo get his dream girl with some help from our Sapphic power-duo?

- How dangerous is Sophie when she's squeaking like a guinea pig?

- Do you approve of Luzi's choice in boyfriends? What happened to Timo?


Come on in and meet the gang!

Facts of "Hand auf's Herz"

Original title Hand auf's Herz
Year 2010-2011
Genre Soap opera (later: telenovela)
Country of origin Germany
Original language German
Episodes 234
Running time ca. 22 minutes
On air monday til friday, 6 PM
Distributor Producers at Work
Original network Sat. 1 (episodes 1-213), sixx (episodes 214-234)
Episode 1 on air October 4, 2010
Episode 234 on air September 5, 2011
First shooting day  August 17, 2010
Fictional location a fictional school "Pestalozzi Gesamtschule" in Cologne
Real location an old barracks in Strausberg (near Berlin)
Title song Stay the Night (James Blunt)