S.T.AG – The German Answer To Glee

Music, music, music. What would Hand aufs Herz be without it? At this point we would like to introduce you to the cast members of the S.T.AG (singing and dancing communion) of the Pestalozzi school. Curtain up - for freaks and lesbians!


Musik, Musik, Musik! Was wäre Hand aufs Herz ohne Musik? An dieser Stelle möchten wir euch die Mitglieder der S.T.AG (Sing- und Tanz-AG) der Pestalozzi-Schule vorstellen. Vorhang auf - für Freaks und Lesben!

Beate "Bea" Vogel - "Miss Shue" For You

S.T.AG. Like the deer! Bea, the bootyliciously hot and young teacher we all would have joined Glee club for (don't you think it's weird to be singing "If a song should get me you" to your teacher?? No?? Then you're coming from Frl. von Bernburg country! It's good to be a German. Sometimes).


Luzi Beschenko - The S.T.AG Answer To Glee's Rachel Berry

She is THE star of the deer, I mean S.T.AG! She's not a drama queen as Rachel Berry (nope herefor we have Sophie) and her voice makes the skin crawl (in a good way but I don't think we need to mention that). Is all YAY! For Team Gay!! A rock'n roll goth chick. For some reason we never notice the animal prints on her!


Sophie Klein - Bad Hair But A Stunning Voice

This women has problems you could easily hide in New York. You don't know if you should feel sorry for or annoyed by her. But her voice, as big as the Grand Canyon deep, is wonderful. Maybe she'll manage to sing her way in our hearts, yet! And the haircut will be better as well!



Dennis "Hotte" Horstfeld - A Talented Nerd

If you are full with conspirational theories, do not shy away from your very own vlog, gossip and randomly quote things no one gets, you might be considered a nerd. Hotte ist the nerdy nerd in a group of nerdy loosers. But he sings like a star. Unfortunately after the desaster with the "best friend couple" Siegfried and Roy Vegas desperately searched for new Magicians and found him in Hotte. And after that you can maybe resolve some X File cases!! We will miss you!!


Emma Müller - The Heart Of STAG

NOW, let me hear a cheer!! The girl who loves to sing "If I were a boy", flannell and Jenny Hartmann! With the voice of a nightclub singer AND an angel. What more can I say? We're in love with Emma. Who sings about every harmony in every effin, friggin song! 'Cause sweet and shy Emma: SHE rocks that much!! And by the way: because of her smile the poles melt! It's official!


Jennifer "Jenny" Hartmann - Tough Shell, Soft Core

Her dimples are as deep like her lovefactor high is! Jenny Hartmann, a former childstar in Hongkong (thats in China and not Japan, folks) has found her way into S.T.AG, as a means to cover up a make out session with girlfriend Emma. Best.Reason.Ever!! The way they swoon at each other whenever they're on stage or even in the same room together would be a dead giveaway for a secret relationship anywhere else. But Jenny just stuns people with her ultra high super voice, her imminent coolness and most of all her tasty sense of fashion, into utter blindness and adoration. She had us at "Hi, I'm Jenny."


Timo Özgül - Prince Charming

The cute friendly buff guy who is not gay. Therefore he is part of the drama Central that engulfes glee club, I mean S.T.AG. His previous relationship with Sophie has made his great love with Luzi fail. Drama. Drama. Drama. Good thing about drama in a singing and dancing club? Sweet, soulful duets!! Chasing Cars makes any girl's and guy's heart weep.


Bodo Wilhelmsen - Duckling Swan Member

Sweet clumsy Bodo has come all the way from Hamburg to follow his dream girl. In a former life, he was literally, a rock star. Bodo is waiting for the ugly duckling swan thing to happen. Until he looses his braces and hat, we hope he manages to win over Lara with his cute smitteness!