Episode 234

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Episode 234
Episode 234

Hi guys, thanks for the great ride until here! Don't forget we will start all over from Episode 1 soon.

We're all sad today, so we created this place for you to say your last words to Jemma, Hand aufs Herz and the Team here: Condolence Book







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  • #1

    Ammy (Freitag, 02 September 2011 19:27)

    *Stares blankly at computer screen*..........*sob*.....*Breaks into song while sobbing uncontrolably*....Without you, there'd be no sun in my sky. There would be no love in my life there'd be no world left for me and I ... baby I dont know what I would do I'd be lost if I lost you, if you ever leave baby you would take away everything real in my life and tell me now How do I live without you? I want to know. How do I breath without you, if you ever go How do I ever , ever survive? How do I, how do I oh how do I live?

  • #2

    Alex (Freitag, 02 September 2011 19:52)

    I just wanted to thank you all so much for your hard work! Without your translations I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this wonderful story. I totally agree with your comments in the translation, it's a shame they didn't get enough time to tie up all the loose ends but we still have all the old episodes to re-watch :)Cheer up everyone!

  • #3

    Kendahl897 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 19:54)

    I wasn't too disappointd in the end; they were on EVERY day up until the last 3. We got the car chasing the plane, the fantastic 'Girl from Ipanima' scene, that was too die for, 197 and 198, and SO much more; they never insulted us with any cheap 'cliches' and Jenny and Emma were together in the end because as the writers told us 'they belong together." In my opinion, this has been the best written and best acted lesbian love story EVER..

  • #4

    Anns (Freitag, 02 September 2011 20:05)

    Good God, I'm crying.

  • #5

    Wired (Freitag, 02 September 2011 20:12)

    Well...that's it. I'm kind of just sitting here staring at my screen...at work.

    Thank you everyone here for the translations (especially so quickly after the episodes aired), the fan movements, the information, the music...everything that you have on this site that has made Jemma much more then two characters on a show.

    Lucy and Kasia are amazing actressess who were able to bring an amazing script and story to life. From their singing and dancing to their touches and just looking at each other you could feel the love and their chemistry. Thank you HaH for a great story!

    I want to say more but not sure how...where are my magic shoes when I need them?

  • #6

    tamu13 (Freitag, 02 September 2011 20:15)

    where do we go from here??

    first.. I must say VIELEN DANK to teamJemma translators.. *claps mode ON* especially for brilliant editorial comments.. Bravo!
    Jäkra kisses? LOL
    so this is it..
    bye Jemma...
    bye HaHe.....
    thanks for rocking my world!!!

  • #7

    Dahna (Freitag, 02 September 2011 20:16)

    Thanks for all of the awesome translations and hard work you put in doing them. It's taking forever to learn German! I would never have been keep up with the storyline and your extra comments made the story that much more enjoyable.

  • #8

    Andi (Freitag, 02 September 2011 20:28)

    I really liked the ending, the whole cast waving. :) It was a nice and warm goodbye. Thank you Hand aufs herz! ^^ And THANK YOU guys for the lots of translations!

  • #9

    Mel (Freitag, 02 September 2011 20:57)

    I want to say thank you to HaH and the incredible translators who work so hard everyday in order to provide us with understanding of this show, really it wouldn't have been so special without your funny inputs and your time. I'm so sad seeing such a great show end, but they did it justice I believe. Also, thank you to Kasia and Lucy for doing such a great job portraying these characters. Gosh I'm going to miss this show so much...

  • #10

    San (Freitag, 02 September 2011 23:28)

    I was at the reference desk reading the transcript, and it was so hard not to explode in loud, uncontrolablesons and laughter. It going to be hard to watch :(

  • #11

    Kirsty (Samstag, 03 September 2011 00:22)

    *big sigh* Wow, was almost crying at the end there with all the names going up past the little red heart balloon. But you know what? I was smiling too, it was a happy ending. Everyone was kissing and happy, the Jemma not-kiss-but-better-than was so sweet- as we would expect from them. And the cast waving goodbye was sweet too. And did you notice Lucy's cute little two hand scrunchy wave? I am going to miss her aand Jenny so much.
    No-one has commented really on ep 233 but I just want to mention one thing...Michael's eyes! WTF?! I was mesmerised by them. Seriously. They were so blue!! unnaturally so...

    Ok, I just want to say a huge thank you to all the guys who have worked so hard for us all on this website. Vielen Dank guys xx Thank you for putting up the translations so quickly and your comments dotted throughout them-ha, brilliant.The website is awesome and you are too. :)
    And thanks to everyone here. I'm glad to be a part of this little community. hopefully we can keep this going a while longer. And maybe discuss the early episodes as the translations go up for them, in time.
    Thanks to Kasia and Lucy. You.Are.The.Best. That is all. You know how we feel about you and how the way you have portrayed Jemma has helped us all in so many ways. Thanks to Petra and all at HaH. It's a shame we all couldn't have continued on this journey together but... it WAS a fantastic journey!
    Is it too late for a bit of #PizzaBallet?? Quatsch! of course not...

  • #12

    Haydee (Samstag, 03 September 2011 02:17)

    Thank you guys for everything, for doing this amazing work, i laughed a lot with all your comments i had a very good time reading the translations with out them i wouldn't have be able to enjoy this beautifull show. i'm very sad to know this is the last time that i will see my JEMMA, thank you so much. Sorry for my english i'm from mexico and i'm still learning...

  • #13

    Conchi (Samstag, 03 September 2011 04:02)

    Well, sadly it's over! it was the last time we could see our romantic and cute couple, I really liked the song that the STAG team sang, "you've got the love I need to see me through", I love all the voices but especially Lucy's one shone this time more than ever...I liked every song in every episode. I will always remember Emma's shyness and Jenny's stunning and gorgeous eyes...

  • #14

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 05:45)

    I'm currently watching 233. But I press the stop button every 2mn, trying to spare time cuz I know it's gonna be painful. I don't want to say goodbye but I know I have no choice. I already feel depressed...

    So before the sadness really kicks in, as everybody here i'd like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. To:
    -The utterly brilliant team of this show, everybody involved in giving life to HaH. Writers, producers, directors and all actors... Standing ovation.
    -Lucy Scherer and Kasia Borek, for the way they embodied Jenny and Emma, how they made these 2 characters their own and created this organic storyline. For their chemistry onscreen. It was such a delight to watch everyday.
    Dear actresses, you have no idea how much you moved me with your depiction of Jenny, Emma, and Jemma. Real acting talent lies in the capacity to convey emotions to the point of symbiosis, and from the brighest joy to the deepest sorrow, I was able to feel it all through Jenny and Emma.
    Standing ovation.
    -This website and all the lovely bees behind it who worked so hard to make this wonderful ride an international one. For your kindness, your humour and your dedication. Standing ovation.

    And last but not least, to Sat1. You seriously messed up with HaH cancellation, but before that you were pioneers in opening the access of the show for the whole world to see, despite what must have been serious technical difficulties to overcome with the copyright issues. And for that I will be eternally grateful, however angry I can be with you right now.

    HaH, I heart you. Jemma, I adore you.

  • #15

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 06:32)

    And now, 234. Be still my heart.

  • #16

    Metric07 (Samstag, 03 September 2011 06:37)

    *deep breath* Ok.

    Firstly I just really want to express my boundless gratitude to everyone involved with running this site, without it Jemma simply would not have been accessible for me and now that's a truly scary thought. As well as the awesome and hilarious community here who made me feel less alone in my addiction and, you guys, you just get it. Thank you :)

    I think that for the amount of time they had the HaHe team did a great job with the story lines and providing some sense of closure. Before I forget Frank's reaction when Miriam and Piet kiss is classic Frank, he just looks so lost and confused. I really can't take him seriously. I know that whenever I hear You've got the love now I will link it to Jemma and her parents (RIP). While I may have initially been interested in the Jemma storyline I came around to being invested in all the characters and to that I credit the awesome HaHe writers and team.

    Next week is going to be weird but I know Youtube clips and what not will help the withdrawal ;p It's been a truly memorable trip and I look forward to Kasia and Lucy's work in the future.

  • #17

    Carolyn1202 (Samstag, 03 September 2011 06:49)

    I just want to say thank you to everyone that worked on this site . To all you translators out there for ALL the languages, you did an unbelievable job so that Jemma fans worldwide could watch this show . What an amazing effort . Thank you for your time and thank you for your love of this show. You have created something special here bringing all the fans together. At the end of the show today they rolled the full credits with everyone involved and I clapped through it !!! . In my imagination I see another giant credit roll for who worked on this site and all the fans who are part of this site and if you listen closely you can hear me clapping again!!! You are the best!!! Mwah!!!

  • #18

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 06:51)

    I'll do what I've done with 233: press the stop button every 2mn. And I gonna comment on silly things to avoid being a crying mess. I also have food therapy in the meantime: chocolate, milk and biscuits (these are really 3 separate items, it is not Chokofresh. ;p).

  • #19

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 07:20)

    -It amazes me how a bright blue plaid shirt can be invisible in front of a big white garage door. And also these kidnappers have no side view at all.
    -Run, Lola, run!* I mean Bea. (Or should I say "Fly, Bea, fly!", as she's a bird according to her family name). And don't look back at your limping lover, he'll manage to get to the car on his own...
    (*Totally intended wink to the German movie. Very good movie btw.)
    -Luzi, once you're done singing, you should also kiss Timo. His lips seem very white.
    -Stefan, the loving father role suits you very well. You should consider staying like this.

    (Ad break. I won't do any silly comments on shampoo clips, I'll just refill my food therapy set.)

  • #20

    Kirsty (Samstag, 03 September 2011 08:01)

    @ Libellule I noticed that too, Bea just running and not looking back to check if poor limping Ben was coming. And she kept giving him the sshh sign, when he couldn't see her- he was still under the garage door. And did she think he would be crashing and banging around- maybe it's just the school teacher in her.
    Also, in my opinion there aren't many other episodes where Jenny has looked so beautiful- her make-up, her hair, her clothes...everything! They even gave her a new top and necklace! (I may be wrong but I don't remember seeing them before)
    And, a big smile from Luzi :) not seen that for a wee while.

  • #21

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 08:15)

    -I should consider adding fruits to my food therapy. This breakfast looks yummy.
    -Aw, Luzy and Timo, you are such beautiful sleepers!
    -Ronnie, I don't think they'll have the change for that bank-bill when you buy your coffee. Looking for some coins under the bundles, maybe? Or a class book with cocained pages?
    And Sophie, that was a very discreet comment on MISSING DOPE in the middle of the school corridor. You're a natural whisperer. But no wonder, you're the only one able to blend in an empty grass field wearing bright colors, afterall (Ben is quite good at that too actually: bright blue plaid shirt + big white garage door = invisible).
    -Caro, are you pushing Bodo into Lara to re-enact that scene when Jenny bumps into you at the stairs the other day and you missed an opportunity to kiss her (I totally understand that you dearly regret that missed chance. I mean, Jenny Hartmann, girl, you could have kissed Jenny Hartman!)?
    -Bea, you look like you're doing some kind of 80s ad about furniture cleaning products. The way you stroke this table while smiling is very odd.
    -Is the tag behind Sophie says "stopper" while she's throwing that drug away? Yep, Sophie, you're a Ronnie stopper. :P

    (2nd and last food therapy set refill)

  • #22

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 08:33)

    .....And...I'm a crying mess.
    Those fiddle notes on this final scene just ripped my heart out.

  • #23

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 09:10)

    It's 2:30 am. I have no idea how I gonna be able to sleep.

    So, what now?
    Should I book a flight to Köln to start rehab? I'd ask for Jenny's help, she knows a thing or two about addiction. And Emma would teach me the terrier method to face over-frustating situations.
    I honestly don't know how I gonna deal with the withdrawals syndrome next week.
    I'll probably skim through comments and translations notes over again every day for a while.

    Highlights of today, from the translator:
    -"Which means all the Vogels are snogging simultaneously." Brilliant. :D
    -"They (Jenny and Emma)can say with one look what it would take Ben and Bea two hours in the attic to convey." Oh so very true.

    To everybody:
    Though I finally joined in the "conversation" only a couple of days ago, I've read every comment on each episode since the kick-off of this website, and let me tell you: thank you all, sharing the love, the laughs, the anger, the doubts, the awe and all these other amazing emotions through those lines was truly a blast. :)

  • #24

    dropkick (Samstag, 03 September 2011 10:03)

    I'm not sad at all. I'm happy jemmainternational existed. I'm happy that Jenny and Emma were taken seriously by this show. I'm happy that I got to learn about two amazing German actresses. I'm happy I got to watch an international soap opera. I'm happy there are so many international fans for good lesbian stories. Thank you to everyone on this site that made this awesome experience happen.

  • #25

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 03 September 2011 12:51)

    It's hard to believe it's all over, no more new Jemma scenes. I've only just been able to watch the last ep. so I'm still in the sad stage. Obviously Jemma weren't in it a lot but we must be grateful for all the super scenes we got to see of them. I thought the group scene at the end was a really nice touch, with everyone looking so happy. I noticed Ronnie was waving the same way as Lucy (scrunchy wave) he suddenly stopped looking like such a hard man!

    A big thank you to all on this site who made it possible for us international fans to watch and understand not only the Jemma storyline but the whole of HaH. As others have stated, without your dedicated work this would not have been possible and this amazing programme would never have gained such a large following. And you were so dedicated you even went to the Fantag, soap awards and other events, which must have been time consuming and such a chore! So again I say vielen, vielen danke.

    I don't want to end on a downer but I think it's a shame Jenny never appeared on the opening credits although neither did Ronnie so that sort of balances it out a bit.

  • #26

    Justyna (Samstag, 03 September 2011 12:54)

    I joined this community not so long ago, but I have to say, that you are great for doing what you did. The translations mainly, but also lots of ohter things. I'm happy to see that people still care and want to do something for others like me, who doesn't know German, but would really like to watch HaH because of the beautiful story it delivers. Thank you so much!

  • #27

    frananifan (Samstag, 03 September 2011 14:21)

    Is it wrong to say that my "romancing" has been refreshingly inspired by the spirit of Jemma? How could love be wrong? Right!? I am grateful for anything and everything Jemma. I have been enriched by all of it.

    As for the last episode, I think Ronnie really did shit his pants this time. I also believe that Lucy and Kasia came out of character, which got me thinking about how much they were really acting this whole time.......and why they are so good at making us believe in them.

  • #28

    Randy (Samstag, 03 September 2011 15:06)

    @trananifan I agree with you that Lucy and Kasia came out of character, particularly Lucy who appeared to be a little distant and not in touch with the scene and didn't look like the Jenny we've come to love. The contrast really did highlight their superb acting skills and on-screen chemistry. There'll be a hole in my heart for a long time now that HaHe has ended.

  • #29

    Anns (Samstag, 03 September 2011 15:26)

    I just realised that my guitar case is made by Stagg. Then I thought of STAG and then I picked up my guitar and sang a sad song over a love once lost. Then all the dogs in the neighbourhood started barking and I had to stop. I guess we all can't be as talented as Jemma.

  • #30

    coffeebean (Samstag, 03 September 2011 15:28)

    Ok, so I already shortened my ramblings/comment, but it's still too long, so I'll split it up into 2 comments ;):

    Before I get to commenting on the last episode, I want to thank you guys here at Jemmainternational for putting so much effort and time in creating this site, keeping us up-to-date with everything Jemma, as well as doing all the translations. I assume you all have jobs, school,… and it must be really stressful to do all that work beside your real-life and watching and re-watching HaH. :) Also ein riesengroßes Dankeschön und ne dicke Umarmung meinerseits! (= a big thank you and hug from me).
    Since I'm a native german speaker, I of course, wouldn't "need" this site for translations, but I still came here every day after watching the show to read the english transcript - simply because of your comments, "Hias" interludes, etc… in between the dialogs. I love your humor, sarcasm and your observations of small things, mistakes etc. that i often missed when watching the episode.

    So, on to my thoughts on the last episode: I was kinda disappointed. I have high expectations for HaH episodes, and I also had for the last one, even though it was the last (rushed) one. I never really got into watching any other german soap as they usually have bad acting and bad scripts, but HaH was special and had much better scripts in my opinion. And we had the amazing music/singing performances of the actors - it must've been soo much work for them to not only have the regular workday of a soap-actor, but to practice the songs, record them in the studio, learn the choreography,…
    And one of the most important differences to other soaps was in my opinion the acting of all of the actors in HaH. Kasia and Lucy were, in my opinion, outstanding :), but also the others were really good. It made the TV show look so "real" and not "acted". I have never seen that before on german TV, and I believe I will never again. Where did they find all those young talents?

    So yeah, I And I know, the people behind HaH wanted to give the fans a happy ending, but was it really necessary in that way? I know the abrupt ending was not their fault as they only had one weekend to prepare and one day to film, and they tried to make the best out of it, but in my opinion making the best out of it doesn't have to be a happy ending for all couples, right? I think it would have been better to leave some things open and to the fantasy of the fans… So yeah, I literally cringed inside during the last 5 minutes of the episode. That storyline, come on. It couldn't have been more stupid… teacher/student kissing in front of the whole school and everyone cheering for them. Seemed like they just wanted to give the Bea/Ben fans what the Jemma fans got before (the outing scene). And all that kissing… Bea/Ben, Miriam/Piet, Bodo/Lara. Why? And where did e.g. the Bodo/Lara kiss come from? The "happy endings" didn't really solve any open storylines, but they left a bad aftertaste for me. Totally not fitting in and unnecessary for the ending. :(

    Nevertheless, there were some good things in the last episode: I really liked Sophie's ending. See, you don't need a kiss for a cool ending. ;) Then, I liked the group picture/waving at the end. Really nice to see them all together saying goodbye to us, and the shot to the sky with all the names participating in the show was nice as well. And I also liked the Jemma ending, this non-kiss was so much more meaning- and powerful than any of the other couple's endings. And it also showed the outstanding acting from Kasia and Lucy. Just the looks they were giving each other on the stage. Did y'all notice the way Jenny caressed Emma's shoulder after the song when the STAG is standing arm in arm together? It can so easily be missed and I'm sure Lucy doesn't do it because it's scripted, but this shoulder-touching, it's just so Jenny and natural. You know what I mean? :)

    So, yes, disappointed with the last episode and not only because it's the last one, but the way it was handled. Hah was always different than all the other (german) soaps, but this last episode reminded me very much of the reason why I usually don't watch soaps. But then again, maybe younger viewers see it differently than I do and I understand that the makers of HaH tried to please most of the fans, and if all those sappy endings were necessary for that, then thats the way it is. But I still have that "bad aftertaste" additionally to the sadness of the show ending.

  • #31

    coffeebean (Samstag, 03 September 2011 15:29)

    2nd part...

    And there's one more thing I want to say: I know everyone is pissed off about Sat.1 and the show ending, but we shouldn't forget two things: i) Sat.1 made it possible for all of us to watch the show online outside of Germany by removing the geo-blocking; and they made a Jemma-corner on their website. As far as I know, this acknowledgment of the storyline and its fans is unique so far and here goes a big thank you from me to Sat.1 and the HaH team for that! ii) Sat.1 is part of a business company, so they have to see things from a financial point of view and if the show is not paying off money-wise, then they have to shut it down. We may all not like it (including me), but that's unfortunately the way this world works. And if you look at todays (private) TV channels, it's quite obvious that quality doesn't matter (just look at all these fake law/court shows, or the so called Music-TV channels, or or or….). Apparently the majority of TV-viewers like watching low-quality shows, otherwise they wouldn't be so successful for so long. That makes me sad, and especially if such a good show with higher quality like HaH, which additionally has so excellent actors, is cancelled, but there's nothing more I can do than turn off the TV.

    But a huge thank you to the team of HAH and the actors for everything, especially Kasia and Lucy for an outstanding performance. :) I'm looking forward to seeing them in new projects and to buying all HaH-DVDs and watching all episodes from the beginning! :)

  • #32

    frananifan (Samstag, 03 September 2011 16:47)

    @Randy Just to be clear, I am in no way criticizing the acting. I think it was all so spot on that they didn't have to act so much at all. I want to go out believing that they really loved each other all this time. Why not?

  • #33

    Tintin (Samstag, 03 September 2011 17:01)

    Thank you Jemmainternational for the translations and everything Jemma. Kudos to Lucy and Kasia! HaH will never be forgotten but will be missed. Thank you again! =)

  • #34

    Randy (Samstag, 03 September 2011 17:31)

    @frananifan Neither of us was criticizing the acting, just making an observation. Of course they loved each other throughout. Isn't that one of the reasons we love Jemma? Their love survived the good times and the bad times. After putting all their energy and skills into the show, maybe they needed to relax at the end.

  • #35

    Emily (Samstag, 03 September 2011 17:31)

    Thank You for the hard work for translations to let us able to understand a great story in English. A huge thank you to the team of HAH and the actors for everything, especially Kasia and Lucy for an outstanding performance. :) I'm looking forward to seeing them in new projects and to buying all HaH-DVDs and watching all episodes from the beginning!

  • #36

    Jessica (Samstag, 03 September 2011 18:19)

    Wow thank you so much for taking the time to translate this show in English! Im going to miss this show a lot especially Jenny and Emma. What a great ending.

  • #37

    San (Samstag, 03 September 2011 18:41)

    @Anns Maybe we all need to start a STAG AG to perfect our musical performances :)

    It took me forever to get around to watching the last episode. *sigh* I sobbed like a FN baby at the end. I love the last screenshot of Jenny and Emma. I think they did sneak in a little kiss before the cute, adorable stare nose touching. And while they were singing, I sensed a little eye sex :) It was nice.

    You know the one thing that bugged me the most, though? Bea wearing the noisiest heeled boots to rescue Ben. Really?! You're going to an abandoned building on a mysterious highway, and you don't throw on some tennies? This proves it. Jemma are the only ones with magic shoes.

    I'd like to echo everyone before, and thank the hard work and dedication of the JemmaInternational team. The translations and this wonder place to congregate has been one of the greatest experiences I've had in a long time. Thank you all!

    Lucy, Kasia and Petra, thanks for bringing the characters to life and your dedication to this wonderful story. I know my life is better for it.

  • #38

    Marie-Helene (Samstag, 03 September 2011 19:10)

    Like I wrote on "All about Jemma" blog, I was quite disappointed with the ending. With all the drama we went through these last weeks, I think we needed a closure, some lines, a significant moment between Jenny and Emma before the end. I think this storyline deserved a better ending and for me, SAT1 was wrong to end HaHe in such brutal way. But I am happy if some of you can see things differently, I respect that. And by the way, what you see on the screen in this last episode is not Jenny and Emma but Lucy and Kasia, trying to do their job in spite of their sadness and shock over the cancellation. At least, it's the way I see it.

  • #39

    Randy (Samstag, 03 September 2011 19:59)

    @Marie-Helene Your assessment is spot on. Jenny and Emma did deserve a "significant moment" to bring closure to the gut-wrenching, emotional storyline of the last few episodes.

  • #40

    Kittykatcop (Samstag, 03 September 2011 20:38)

    I'm more than a day late, I had read the comments, read the transcript. I said I won't cry, as I've said to myself many times before it's just a TV show, it's not even in my native language. Oh dear, how wrong I was. I sit here now, my laptop screen is a little (very) blurry. It wasn't just a TV show, it meant Summer 2011, it meant the world getting a little smaller, it meant tolerance, it meant hope. I will miss HaH so much, but I know that the enrichment it has given me will stay with me forever.
    Thank You Jemmainternational, without your transcripts I would never have picked up on the small nuances of the German language.
    Thank you Lucy, Kasia and Petra, you have encouraged me to do everything with a smile. And to "Jenny" you have encouraged me to do it in a killer pair of heels. (Can't quite make myself wear the leggings!)
    Thank You to everyone I have chatted to here, you've also made me smile. Apologies to those of you I have Twitter stalked to see if you are commenting about #jemma. May we all meet again.
    Here's to filling my Autumn evenings with Die Hexen, Letterland and Save Me. At some point I'm sure I'll stop talking to myself in German, but for now, "Vielen Dank, Ich hoffe, Sie haben einen schonen Abend. Tschuss K" XXXX

  • #41

    Kirsty (Samstag, 03 September 2011 23:08)

    Just watched this ep again and agree that Kasia and Lucy were a little bit themselves and a little bit their characters. At the end of the song when all the STAG are standing together you can see Kasia looks pretty upset, naturally. As she was later in her 'farewell video' Must've been so tough for them all getting through that day.

  • #42

    Andi (Samstag, 03 September 2011 23:32)

    You know the end, just felt incomplete... when everyone was hugging and kissing, I missed a Frau Krawcyk-Frau Jager making out. I mean, hey, everyone who was standing next to someone said "hey, you, yeah you, next to me, wanna fool around?" It was so obvious they should do something.

  • #43

    Kittykatcop (Samstag, 03 September 2011 23:56)

    I can't keep away from those last 6 minutes. I well up each time.
    @Kirsty now you've pointed that out to me it's even worse. Someone commented that Bea went and hugged Emma (Can't remember who, es tut mir leid) I don't think it was Bea hugging Emma, it was Vanessa hugging Kasia because she appeared to be the most upset. They all looked so positive though in the last shot. Good on 'em.

  • #44

    Conchi (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 02:40)

    I agree with everybody who has said that JEMMA love story deserved a better ending, it's not fair that we didn't know anything else about them since they were in bed with Jenny crying two episodes before. JEMMA relationship has been very important in the tv-show audience (at least, on internet) and this ending doesn't convince me at all...everything is on the air, we don't know if Jenny will stay in Cologne, in the same house, how will the future be for her now that she's alone without her parents? financial issues of her inheritance? nothing, nothing has made clear...It seems to be cut a lot of scenes...

  • #45

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 10:42)

    @Kittykatcop of course, you're right. I'd wondered why just Emma, someone said it was because she was the only original STAG member there but her niece was there too, she could've hugged her. Kasia seems to be a really emotional person, she gave a most amazing Kasia-not Emma smile at one point and at other times just looked like the occasion was overwhelming her and she was a little lost lamb.(puppy?? :))

  • #46

    Justhavetosay (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 12:44)

    Just have to say "Thank You very much" for all the translations. You've done a superb job with patience, tolerance and a touch of humor. Even if I haven't enjoyed every episode, I've enjoyed your comments. To me, the ending is not perfect, but the song is absolutely wonderful, meaningful..and true. When doing their last singing on stage, the actors are more comfortable and more themselves. I like the feeling. They sing not to say goodbye to Jenny's parents, but to say farewell to the show and the audience. Especially, I love Lucy and Kasia's beautiful voice and hearty singing in this last song. Again, thank you very much for sharing this wonderful Jemma story with us, even as far as a viewer like me in East Asia. Thank you!

  • #47

    tamu13 (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 13:03)

    HaHe just like Oscar.. the winner not guaranteed will be a box office.. unsuccessful financial return (sat1 version) doesn't mean this is not a good show

  • #48

    hoppe (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 16:38)

    well I couldn't write anything on Friday nor on Saturday as I was too sad :(
    ... but here it goes:

    @coffeebean: I love your analyze and agree totally with everything you wrote ;)
    @frananifan and Randy:
    about coming out of character of Kasia + Lucy.... maybe this was a bit like that, because it was their last day at the set? like Marie-Helene said too. I don't know if it was just my sadness which I projected onto those last scenes, but somehow I had the feeling that there was a sadness, goodbye feeling in it maybe from all actors?
    I saw before those vids and pics made by fans (JI and others) from the last day at the set... and I couldn't help thinking of them when I saw those last scenes.
    The very last sequence seemed to be totally out of character for all actors... it really was more a goodbye waving from the actors not the roles (Timo was there in his wheelchair although this was totally unrealistic after the OP). And this made it somehow even more special for me. It was like the whole team was saying goodbye to it's fans.
    I just want to say thanks again, for this beautiful show. I loved, cared or understood every chartacter, even the bad ones - okay with Ronnie it was a bit difficult, but this show always mangaged to let me understand their mistakes and flaws. And this all in a believable way, which let you forget that this was a soap. Because truly it was a lot better written and acted as "normal soaps", which I therefore doesn't watch.
    Special thanks to Petra Bodenbach who had the idea for this show even before she knew of Glee or it was a hit (I'm a bit tired that it always appears that people say: the German answer to Glee) and who wrote this beautiful Jemma story - I'm curious about anything you'll do in the future!
    And of course to Lucy and Kasia for their honest and intense portrayal of Jenny and Emma. I will miss them a lot and all the other brilliant actors. I'll deffo follow their further acting appearances and especially Kasia has a place in my heart, because she dared to be so open and communicate truly from the heart :)...........

  • #49

    Lolo (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 19:13)

    Hello to all my fellow Jemma fans! Last few days have been hard knowing that there are no more episodes with our best couple ever! Life goes on though...I wanted to reach out to you if you know how can I get Kasia's and Lucy's fan mail address. Thx in advance!

  • #50

    Lolo (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 19:44)

    I just ordered the 2 HaH DVDs. I can't wait to get to the episodes where Jenny is introduced into show/soap though, which I know are not part of these first 2 DVD sets. I think I read somewhere that you would be working on posting the translations for them? Thx for your awesome work, I always look forward to it and your commentaries as well. So, I hope to hear from you later! Cheers! :-)

  • #51

    Libellule (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 21:04)

    Looking at that still of all HaH actors waving goodbye to the fans, I was thinking that every tv-serie should end their season like that.
    Yup, every season finale on every tv-show, not just for the big "finale finale". It's a very nice way to pay tribute to the fans. And each time it could be interpreted as a "see you next season", or in case of an unexpected non-renewal inbetween, as a proper farewell.

  • #52

    hoppe (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 23:10)

    I heard today, that the last sequence with everyone waving wasn't broadcasted on tv... so it's quite clear that this is a special thank you to all the "hardcore" fans from Germany and all over the world! :)

  • #53

    Prou (Montag, 05 September 2011 10:24)

    I hope they put on sale the songs of the last episodes (and make sure you've got the love is in it!!) They all sung it so well, especially Lucy! God, how i miss this show!!! *Sigh*
    Cheers everyone!!

  • #54

    Eyelesstrees (Montag, 05 September 2011 19:50)

    @hoppe I still can't watch!

    Although to put this in context I didn't watch the very last scenes of Pepa and Sivia either! (Damn Marian Aguilar for her brilliant acting!)

    Whatever it is about Jemma it has rendered a sane, rational, professional woman unable to watch the last episode or comment about Jemma in the book of condolences!! Now that is something special!

  • #55

    hoppe (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 02:06)

    oh Eyelesstrees, I feel with you! Well some people say the real Jemma end was in Saal1, before Emma took Jenny's phone, everything past this are just open ends... I kinda like that idea!

  • #56

    Jessie (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 03:58)

    Why can't I watch any of the videos?!?! D:

  • #57

    Marie-Helene (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 05:01)

    Hi hoppe, Hi Eyelesstrees, I will miss very much your insightful comments. I don't want to look too negative, but I have a problem with the idea that "the real Jemma end in Saal before Jenny's phone". I don’t know if I can explain it in English but for me, if the fans choose the way this story ends, it’s not much better that the executive who decided to end abruptly HaHe for money reasons. It’s another kind of interference in a creative process. I wanted to see the writers vision until the very end, I wanted to see the actresses work until the very end and it was not possible. So, for me, there is no remedy, unfortunately. It's a beautiful storyline that I will always cherish but a story in abeyance, suspended ("en suspens" in French), without ending. I wish I could think differently.

    By the way, it seems there are six episodes not aired. Why? I don’t know. But if it’s true, we should do something about it. Don’t you think? At least, they should make these episodes available on their website.

  • #58

    Prou (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 08:43)

    @Marie-Helene, i'm with you about the ending, so much is left in the air... Really!!?? Six episodes? You are totally right! They could do this last favor...

  • #59

    Kittykatcop (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 22:53)

    Ok, is no-one else getting antsy with not chatting about Jemma? I'm willing to talk about anything........

  • #60

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 23:07)

    So Kasia is joining another of Sat1's shows, 'Anna und die Liebe' along with Petra Bodenbach. I don't know how I feel about this. I want to see Kasia but to see her not as Emma and not with Lucy/Jenny.... I don't suppose Lucy is joing as well..has anybody heard what she is up to??

  • #61

    hoppe (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 23:20)

    @Marie-Helene: I will miss your comments too ;) well... I tried it with forums, I don't know about the FB groups...but it was too confusing for me, especially because the discussion where always along the maxdome vids... and too much to read, to follow up and find the good discussions (that's pretty difficult if there's not so much time and you're a bit well "computer-allergic" LOL - I can't spent too much time in front of it ;) ). Are you in any group Marie-Helene? I would love going on talking about them...
    About the end you are totally right... both ends aren't naturally grown real closures, just open endings. It's like leaking holes where the substance is running out. No closed form... :( that's really sad.
    Hm ... are you sure about those 6 episodes? I can't believe there is something like that. I mean why they wouldn't show them at least on the website, if tv space is to expensive? And where should they fit in? Inbetween doesn't work and after this ending it wouldn't fit either.... hm ... dunno

  • #62

    Hoppe (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 23:27)

    @Kirsty: haha, me too! Can't imagine Kasia in a new role till now and especially not in boring AudL, but maybe Petra will kick off something new and better in this series - it only can get better with Petra in the production + writers team. Even if Lucy would be there they wouldn't play a lesbian couple anymore, so this might feel a lot worse then just seeing them in different productions. About Lucy's plans I haven't heard anything till yet, but suppose it's some sort of Musical as she hinted in the live chat.

  • #63

    San (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 23:31)

    @Kirsty I'm on the same boat of ambivalence. Hard to believe that it's possible to have another amazing story worth watching like Jemma. If Kasia's character is a lounge singer, I meant entertain the thought suffering through to hear her sing again. Damn, her character should be a freakin' lounge singer.

    @Kittykatcop I, too, can't shake the uncontrollable compulsion to talk Jemma.

  • #64

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 00:15)

    Hey I'm gonna try AudL again if Kasia is there, need my puppy dog eye fix.

  • #65

    Wired (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 01:08)

    @kittykatcop hmmm I've been feeling the same. I've been kind of hanging around looking where to chat about Jemma
    @hoppe I find the other forums confusing too

    About Kasia's new roll I would kind of like to see her in a different roll but I'm still torn without Lucy. If she sings I'd watch the show for that! Also Petra being involved sounds better! One catch though even if I wanted to see it- it's not available to us internationals!

  • #66

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 01:34)

    When they tore down an iconic punk music club in my hometown, the sad faced gothic peoples wandered around for days like zombies in front of the crater . I feel like that.

  • #67

    Marie-Helene (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 03:59)

    @Hoppe Thanks for your reply. I am not a big fan of Facebook either, I prefer this kind of forum or Mel Blog. So I plan to stick around for a while. It’s weird but this Jemma thing struck me hard, I can hardly think about anything else...

    About the six episodes not aired. I don’t know if it’s true or not but if my google translator is reliable, it came from the guy who plays Timo. But maybe Amidola could tell us if it’s just a silly rumor or something more serious. I don’t know frankly.

    About Kasia now. I am very happy for her. I trust her judgement, it must be an interesting role. Especially with Petra Bodenbach, we can expect quality. And let’s face it, at the beginning of HaHe, it was far from being a great show. I bought the first 30 episodes and some actors were miscast or overused and some others like Kasia and Dennis were clearly underestimated. But Kasia's immense talent got noticed by the writers and the rest is history. And it’s why I love this woman so much, she is not only a great actress and a great singer but she has drive, she’s not afraid to take risk, and I am sure she will succeed in this role. I will be there to witness that.

    @Wired If the show is geoblocked, we will find a way to watch Kasia, believe me. If SAT1 don’t understand the opportunities brought by Kasia's international fans, too bad for them.

  • #68

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 07:11)

    Damn, just tried to watch an ep of Audl and it is geoblocked. Guess it'll have to be youtube/dailymotion then...and no subtitles.
    Kind of annoyed at Sat1, taking one of the stars of their better programme and kind of using her to bump up the ratings of their other programmes, which was on in a much better time slot.
    Has anyone heard anything about Kasia's new character apart from her name, Olivia? I agree that it's a good thing that Petra has gone to them too. Maybe she will introduce some more lesbian characters..
    Also, I wouldn't mind seeing the unaired episodes, even though they will now be out of context, anything more I can get is good for me!

  • #69

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 08:12)

    For your previous post about the ending, I completely relate. I wrote a comment under 233 last week along the same lines, even if expressed differently. The "interference in a creative process" is very well stated. Whether fans choose where it ends to ease the sorrow and disappointment or Sat1 forced HaH team to this rushed finale, it still doesn't feel good. And we can all guess (with the numbered different clues that were thrown over the last couple of episodes) that HaH writers would have had so many other amazing storylines to develop, given the choice.
    That's what makes me cringe.

    Also because there're some episodes missing, indeed. It was said in one of the transcript by the translator/editor. And I really don't get it. I mean, there're probably so many rules and confines in the tv-business that I'm not aware of, but if these episodes were shot already, why not at least broadcast them since you gave the serie a death sentence anyway? I find it so disrespectful to the whole team of the show and to the integrity of their work... When you invest so much (and I'm not talking about money here ;)) into giving life to something, and you can actually witness this creation of yours blossoming beautifully, how cruel it must feel to see that taken away from you in a sweep...
    HaH team,I truly and deeply sympathize (and yes, the grief's gonna be long :)).

  • #70

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 09:14)

    About Kasia next endeavor:
    On a "professional" point of view, I'm sincerely happy for her that she could find another job so quickly. No wonder you might say, as she's uber-talented; but still, we're probably all aware how the acting world can be pitiless and how sometimes it's difficult to hang on to your passion (whatever that is) because the "bills call" might come in the way...
    Also, considering that she seems to invest herself fully in everything she does, I do believe that she accepted to join the AudL adventure because her new role must really appeal to her (not just for financial or "staying visible in the business" reasons. I'm not judging/condemning in any way, btw. I'm just saying that sometimes it's the underlying motive for an actor to accept a role :)).

    Now, on a personal point of view, from what I've seen of AudL a few months ago, I admit not being thrilled with this choice. I would gladly look up for her next projects (and I wish for Kasia -and Lucy both- those projects to be numbered and as rewarding as HaH ) as long as they're very different from HaH.
    And I know that Olivia must be nothing like Emma character, but it's still a soap and there's no way to avoid the comparison. I mean "quality-wise", HaH has set the bar very, very, very high. And AudL is so not playing in the same league...
    The few I've seen on that show, storylines and acting were less than meh. So I doubt I will tune in, however I admire Kasia and Petra's work. I don't think the 2 of them, however gifted they are, will be sufficient to make AudL stands out as great.
    On the other hand, I'm counting on "devoted Kasia followers" to prove me wrong. ;p

  • #71

    Marie-Helene (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 12:45)

    @Libellule Thanks for your interesting posts. About Kasia: like I said, Hand aufs Herz was a soap as well and was not always a great show in my view, certainly not at the beginning, and even after that, sometimes I was bored to death with the other storylines. But the Jemma storyline was excellent, the acting was outstanding, the writing too. So I expect the same from AudL with Kasia. A very good storyline, excellent acting and writing. As a proud "Kasia follower" I will do my best to prove you wrong :)Stay tuned!

  • #72

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 14:18)

    Does anyone know how international viewers can watch AudL eps? On Maxdome? How does that work?

  • #73

    hoppetosse (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 19:18)

    @Libelulle: interesting thoughts and well said, thanks!
    @Marie-Helene and everyone else: well, then I hope to still read more great insights - to bad it took me soo long to discover that I could take part in the discussions here ;)
    @Kirsty: I'm afraid there is no official possible way... I'm sorry :(

  • #74

    Eyelesstrees (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 22:52)

    omg, it really is over - Heather Hogan has posted her last re-cap :(

  • #75

    Prou (Donnerstag, 08 September 2011 08:45)

    In Chinese there’s a word called 緣份 or Yuanfen used to talk about this “binding force” that brings people together or makes possible different encounters. But this is not a passive force that comes upon us, you can also make it happen if you care enough... I would say that my discovering HH is a case of Yuanfen, because I came to know about it through a series of coincidences which in my everyday life (and I think many of you too) wouldn’t have been possible: i am from Barcelona, but i live and work in Taiwan, don’t speak a word of German, never seen any German tv show and had no interest in doing it, etc, etc, but yet i got to know about it, because of Heather recaps at EA, JI, Sat 1, your passionate following and comments... Now the show is over, but as difficult as it was to get to discover it, the chances that we might be able to see it again in the future are still there, because we CARE deeply about it (this site and YOU ALL are proof of that), so I am pretty sure that our Yuanfen with HH is not over yet....Cheers :)

  • #76

    Prou (Donnerstag, 08 September 2011 11:17)

    Sorry, above by "passive force" i mean "fate"...

  • #77

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 08 September 2011 13:18)

    @ Prou What a lovely post, we can only hope some day they may go back to it or have a series on what Jenny and Emma did next...

    Did you guys know that in the 'Lozzy-flurfunk' section on the Sat1 website they have a clip of STAG singing the whole final song with the camera only on them- no ben/bea etc. Complete with Jemma hug and hand hold :) (Thanks for tweet Amidola)

  • #78

    Emily (Donnerstag, 08 September 2011 15:47)

    Oh, I missed Jemma..

  • #79

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 08 September 2011 22:55)

    @kristy via Amidola!!! Thank you for the tip. That little "Lozzy-flurfunk" fix has gotten me through a very rough day. (I was able to enhance the high with a right mouse click and zoom).

  • #80

    Conchi (Freitag, 09 September 2011 03:36)

    Thanks for the video, it was great to see them again singing that song from another perspective, even though it's a pitty that the video size is too small...

  • #81

    San (Freitag, 09 September 2011 05:54)

    Why was today so damn hard? @Prou Your beautiful insights were a much needed boost. Thanks for sharing. The video kinda helped, but Caro's voice totally ruins the mood. The "Born This Way" Lozzy-flurfunk video might help me through my funk. Yes! It's still there!


  • #82

    Libellule (Freitag, 09 September 2011 07:52)

    Looking forward your feedback, then! Definitely staying tuned. :)

    1st declaration to the JA (Jemmaholics Anonymous) group:
    Hi,I'm Libellule, and before that comment I spent nearly 24 hours without checking anything Jemma related.
    Nearly. And that was because I was swamped at work, stuck with overtime, therefore not willing to do anything at home afterwards that involved turning on my computer.
    But that's a start, right?

  • #83

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 09 September 2011 10:46)

    @Kirsty and Amidola thanks for the info on Lozzy Flurflunk that cheered me up no end! Even caro and Emma look at each other in a friendly way. Love the beginning when they hold hands...Jemma that is not Caro and Emma! I quite like Caro's voice in this it's so powerful so it suits this song better plus she doesn't sing much in english which a good thing.

  • #84

    Susan (Freitag, 09 September 2011 11:57)

    @Kirsty and Amidola thanks for the info on Lozzy Flurflunk.

    @Clijsters3: the beginning when they hold hands was very sweet and natural. I hope they hold a bit longer.

  • #85

    Anns (Freitag, 09 September 2011 12:06)

    Just popped in to say, that I miss Jemma. Das Leben ist grausam.

  • #86

    San (Freitag, 09 September 2011 15:29)

    Why do I not like the song "You Got the Love"??? I just can't get into it. It has all the elements for a great song - Love and Gotting It. I must be dead inside or something. I'd like to think that's what Jenny felt all those years having her parents play it all the time. Yep, I'm dead inside or... Love and I don't got it. Need a lesson in how to love "You Got the Love."

  • #87

    Wired (Freitag, 09 September 2011 16:58)

    @Sans I actually am with you on this one. I'm not a huge fan of the song. I hate to say this (ducks) but I think it's because Lucy's voice is a bit high and quiet in the beginning. I like it when Kasia sings as she has some rock in it but that's about it. Dunno, not my most favourite song either.

    @Libellule as a JA (Jemmaholics Anonymous)I thought I could make it through the day not checking anything Jemma related but I couldn't. I checked this site a couple of times yesterday hoping for some talk and ended up watching an episode with Spanish subtitles. Sigh..I don't speak spanish either. I just liked seeing Jenny and Emma on my screen again!

    I can't wait for the new/old episode translations to begin. I think I need help... :)

  • #88

    San (Freitag, 09 September 2011 21:43)

    @Wired Kasia does rock it out! Cool, but it seriously reduced Jemma PDA in the Lozzy video.

    JA: I would say that I will abstain from all things Jemma this weekend while I throw myself into a video archive project. Most likely, I'll come home exhausted and stay up till 3am watching Italian subtitled clips. Also, I'll start conditioning myself to love "You Got the Love." There has to be a funk/disco/electro-pop version somewhere.

  • #89

    frananifan (Samstag, 10 September 2011 06:05)

    Thanks Randy, for the keys to the cabinet. I just spent the evening getting Jemma drunk all over again.

  • #90

    frananifan (Samstag, 10 September 2011 06:06)

    ........not that it was a bad thing.

  • #91

    Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011 06:29)

    @frananifan You're welcome! A Jemma high is better than booze. I've spent every day this week watching and re-watching Jemma wonderland. I can't get enough of the superb "dream team." I should get a life, but I'm so in awe of Kasia and Lucy's portrayals of Emma and Jenny that I see new nuances every time I watch.

  • #92

    Prou (Samstag, 10 September 2011 07:17)

    @Randy you are not alone in "having to get a life" after HH, i keep re-watching them all the time, they're so cute, can't stand to watch anything other than JEMMA on my computer screen...

  • #93

    frananifan (Samstag, 10 September 2011 07:27)

    "...better than booze." For a moment, I thought it should be time to move on. Nope. Can't and won't. Today, Jemma got me through my stuff. Losing one contact lens while driving in rush hour, two pompus arschloch administrators, missing loved ones who are far away (not prison or anything), stacking firewood in the rain...just stuff. So I kicked back and had some Jemma (the early days). Better.

  • #94

    San (Samstag, 10 September 2011 07:43)

    Hey @Randy, @frananifan, and @Prou, how did we all have the same Friday night?! These compilations are brilliant! I especially enjoy the J&E Drama - Hilarious!


    Passion4film, if you're out there, Brava!

  • #95

    Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011 07:56)

    @Frananifan If you carefully watch Jemma 053 on that website, you'll see more of Lucy's left breast than was probably intended when she does the pizza ballet and flings herself on the couch. Repeated re-watching shows missed moments of Jemma magic.

  • #96

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 10 September 2011 11:47)

    @Randy and @San danke for the Jemma links now I know I'll be watching them every single day probably for the rest of my life! I'll be at the next JA meeting.

    Two things I miss about Jemma 1) Jenny's love of orangensaft and 2) everytime Emma said Jenny? Jenny always replied Emma? found that really cute. I know they're only small things but it's the small things that make a big difference.

  • #97

    Kirsty (Samstag, 10 September 2011 14:43)

    @Randy- a thousand thank-yous for posting the address for that website, and have just watched number 053 again :) I see what you mean about her flopping down onto the sofa. Just to be sure, I did have to watch it quite a few times!
    And if you ignore the fact that it's Ben she's with, how hot is Jenny in the last scene.
    Ah Lucy, where are you now??
    @Clijsters3 That's one of my favourites things about Jemma, when they say each others names. Especially in the scene when they're cuddling after the meal with Jenny's parents. Emma is about to say 'is it ok that we wait?' and when she says ' Jenny?' Jenny kind of smirks before she says 'Emma' because she knows there's going to be some kind of question that been troubling Emma coming up... Ah, it's the little things that make us love Jemma!!

  • #98

    Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011)

    @San Many thanks for the Jemma links.

    @Clijsters3 and @Kirsty You're so right about how they say each other's names. There are so many "small things" that make the Jemma experience wonderful. I'm captivated by the way Jenny touches Emma, touches that are so light but say so much about Jenny's love and passion for Emma. That's why re-watching is essential.

    According to a message on that site, Lez-soapia is updating the videos to include more scenes, and then all videos (with translations) will be made available for downloading (with instructions on how to do it). Whoopee! FYI, the videos on that website also connect to Dailymotion, where you can watch the same Jemma episodes.

    @Kirsty Yes, you must watch the pizza ballet scene many times to be sure of what you're seeing! But the extra effort is worth it! Too bad it's so fleeting. Yup, Jenny is hot, even when she's angry or crying. And Emma is lovable and huggable anytime but particularly sexy when she takes control.

  • #99

    please (Samstag, 10 September 2011 16:18)

    please don't post links openly to that blog... and don't post links here to episodes as JI don't support clips

  • #100

    Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011 16:23)

    @please Oooops! So sorry. I didn't realize it was a no-no.

  • #101

    @Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011 16:33)

    well I'm not from JI but if you read an earlier blog here you can see how their position to uploads is ;)

  • #102

    Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011 16:51)

    @Randy Thanks! Neophyte mistake. Lesson learned. Again, I apologize.

  • #103

    Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011 17:13)

    @Randy Is there any way to delete my post?

  • #104

    frananifan (Samstag, 10 September 2011 19:39)

    My brain is twisted from trying to imagine the expression on a face I have never seen when Randy realizes her brilliant discovery in the carpet ballet scene. Kudos Randy.

    I would still like to know some of your favorite kisses. Mine just might be when Jenny is in the bathroom before her drug test. She swings around and plants one on Emma. I refer to that as the "piss kiss"

  • #105

    Randy (Samstag, 10 September 2011 20:49)

    @frananifan Thanks for the kudos. Now untwist your brain and imagine a questioning look: "Did I really see what I think I saw?" After several replays, I was convinced I HAD seen it.

    Kudos back to you for the perfectly named "piss kiss." That entire scene is one of my favorites because it shows Jenny's realization and gratitude for what Emma had just done for her. Other favorite kisses are when they are rolling up the banner, when they are caught by Bodo, when Emma says goodbye to Jenny when her parents are taking her away, and in episode 225 when they kiss after Emma has touched Jenny's shoulder.

  • #106

    Kirsty (Samstag, 10 September 2011 21:20)

    Haha @Frananifan 'piss-kiss', so funny. I agreee, that was one of my favourites too, i recorded it from the computer screen with my phone camera so I can watch it any time. It's such a loaded kiss, and Emma just beams after it. She really thinks everything is going to be ok.
    My other favourite kisses are when they're hiding behind the locker before they come out, the rolling-up-the-banner kiss and all the little kisses after their first time. Also, for some reason, one time Jemma, Bodo and Timo are by the giant books and Jenny says something like she has to get to training and she'll see Emma later and they kiss and hold one of each other's hands then they separate and their hands eventually part as Jenny leaves. Not sure if I've explained that well, but it's sweet.

  • #107

    Lolo (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 01:02)

    @San I don't see link under lozzy-flurfunk for "you got the love" video. All I can find is a link called "Archiv" and when I click September 2011, I get error message "The requested URL / blog/blog.php was not found on this server."

  • #108

    Lolo (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 01:06)

    Never mind, I found it!!! :-)

  • #109

    Wired (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 01:42)

    @Randy thank you so much for the link to the episodes! It's Saturday afternoon and I now have something to look forward to tonight! Also I'll have to look at ep 53!
    @San thanks for the extra Jemma video too. More never hurts!
    @Frananifan I guess I'm getting drunk on Jemma tonight...this is why I need JA. :)

  • #110

    Randy (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 02:19)

    @Wired It's a fleeting moment in 053 but well worth it. You might have to replay a few times to realize what you're seeing.

  • #111

    frananifan (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 05:11)

    I have wondered what episode the Jemma International banner was captured from and I have just found it. It has been a good day for me. Thank you everyone who is still hanging on here.

    @San-YES J&E DRAMA- Hilarious. Twice.
    And it is 154

  • #112

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 11:30)

    I'm having fun this morning watching all the early eps of Jemma (I miss Hotte!) all for research purposes of course, how else am I meant to choose my favourite kisses?! Although I don't have to watch it to know the rolling up the banner is one of the best as everyone else has mentioned. It's really nostalgic going back to the early days and seeing how Jenny and Emma acted around each other knowing what journey they were going to have with each other.

    Oh and just watched J&E compilation get your sexy on! nice ending! Thanks again @san

    @Kirsty I sort of recognise the kissing scene you described, there's only one thing for it I'll just have to try and find it.

  • #113

    Randy (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 15:29)

    @Kirsty and @Clijsters3 I just saw that kiss in front of the school. It's in episode 195 (alternate episode 099).

    @frananifan Check out episode 194 (alternate episode 098) in the beginning when Emma, Jenny, and Bodo are greeting Timo at the bottom of the stairs. See what happens after Jenny hugs him and then backs up. It's another wonderful and unscripted moment.

  • #114

    San (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 17:11)

    To hear y'all talk, I expect more that left boob ;)

    I've watched the beginning of ep 125 about a gazillion time in the past 2 days, and I have to vote for the "Sharing the Blanket" kiss. With it all cut together, it has to be their longest. That has to mean something, right? However, when Jenny says "Wow" during the "Caught by Bodo" kiss is AMAZING!

    @Clijsters3 Oh, Frau Jager, bringing the sexy! I didn't notice that the first time. Also just noticed Jenny making the small penis gesture while the song says, "make up for things you lack." Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

    I hope y'all are drinking responsibly :)

  • #115

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 21:00)

    @Randy Just watched the clip you were talking about when Jenny backs up, very funny, although maybe Kasia didn't think so-aow!- very professoinally glossed over though!
    Started this post oh, about an hour ago then got distracted watched the eps of the Strike. LOVE Jemma's first proper kiss - and just before it a quick 'Jenny?' 'Emma?' -nice :)

  • #116

    Randy (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 22:00)

    @Kirsty Yes, that was definitely an ouch moment for Kasia. And the camera angle was quickly switched.

    The Strike episodes have some wonderful Jemma scenes, like the looks that pass between them when Jenny offers Emma coffee when she wakes up.

  • #117

    Randy (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 23:31)

    Kirsty and frananifan look at episode #105 on alternate site. Lucy has another backup problem after the end of "Born This Way" when Kasia and the guy who plays Ben have to put their hands on her midriff to prevent her from falling into Ben. High heels can be dangerous!

  • #118

    frananifan (Montag, 12 September 2011 01:16)

    I am having so much fun watching the earlier episodes in their correct order. Prior to finding Jemma International, I had been scrapping around on youtube, desperately trying to piece together what the hell was going on (captioned into other languages that I do not speak). Pitiful.
    When I don't have to constantly glance from facial expressions to written transcript I get to really appreciate the screaming funny outfits these characters put together. And the boob bumps. And how obnoxious all of the adult males seem to be. Priceless.

    PS: I said way too much on the Kiss Poll blog page but my wife has been away for two weeks and I have emersed myself into all things Jemma to pass the time. I studied the kiss catagories very closely.

    @Sans-drinking responsibly and often.

  • #119

    Wired (Montag, 12 September 2011 03:40)

    You guys are great! I really have to look closely for some of the things you are mentioning and darn it if I have to keep re- watching all of this!

    I think the funniest is what happened to all of those extra STAG members that showed up in some of the musical numbers and disappeared...like Emma's shoes?

    Also I voted on the kiss scene though I'm thinking I should have mentioned my love of the blanket kiss. I love Jenny's expression afterwards. If I could affect a girl that way - wow!

  • #120

    Jess (Montag, 12 September 2011 04:32)

    why can't I watch any of the videos!!!! D:

  • #121

    frananifan (Montag, 12 September 2011 05:12)

    Jess-Send me an email to frananifan@yahoo.com and I will send you a link that should not be posted here.

  • #122

    Randy (Montag, 12 September 2011 07:00)

    @San Take another look at that left boob. If you were disappointed, then you missed it. I triple checked it with a magnifying glass.

  • #123

    San (Montag, 12 September 2011 07:04)

    Has anyone else noticed that the Jemma theme music sounds a lot like The X-Files theme? Or maybe it's a overall HaHe theme. Or maybe it's just me.

    @Wired Magic STAG members! HaHe is simply magical. I agree about Jenny's pure bliss expression in 125. I love that moment! After Hotte rudely stops the kissing, I have to physically stop myself from premature rewind.

    @Jess You might need to update your Flash player.

    Does anyone else think that Jemmaholics Anonymous has become more like Jemmaholics Enabling? Ain't complainin', just sayin' :)

  • #124

    Libellule (Montag, 12 September 2011 07:15)

    Jemmaholics Enabling is a step within the Jemmaholics Anonymous program. Before you're able to resist and inforce your willpower, you have to be submitted to all kinds of insidious temptations.
    Or it could be that we're all saying "no, no, no" to "rehab"... :D

  • #125

    San (Montag, 12 September 2011 07:28)

    Ok, @Randy, pausing it helped a LOT!!! Does everyone else have a screencap? If not, click on my name :)

    @Libellule LOL! May we never break the viscous spiral of addiction :)

  • #126

    Randy (Montag, 12 September 2011 08:01)

    Jenny does something interesting in real episode 231 when Emma brings her home after the ladder and breakdown scenes. As Jenny walks up the stairs (looking absolutely beautiful even when crying), she wipes her nose with the straps of her purse! Whether scripted or improvised, that little act makes the scene so natural. I've never seen any actress do that in a dramatic scene.

  • #127

    Randy (Montag, 12 September 2011 08:33)

    There's a news release about Kasia's new role on that site. I can't read German, but I think it mentions her international fans. Can someone please put a translation here?

  • #128

    Think (Montag, 12 September 2011 09:19)

    @San I'm wondering if it's fair to the person in that screencap to make it available for general use and potential misuse.

  • #129

    jemmatranslations (Montag, 12 September 2011 09:26)

    We have delated the comments with illegal links. Sorry, but please don't spread illegal links over the webside.

    @ Randy: We try to have a translation within the next days. They say that Kasia has a big international fanbase.

  • #130

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 12 September 2011 11:02)

    @Randy thanks for finding the kiss infront of the school just watched it now.

    I love that everyone's been looking out for Jenny being clumsy especially at the end of Born This Way she really does nearly fall over.

    @San yes The X-Files and HaH tune more or less the same! Whenever it comes on I expect an alien to jump out!

    Off topic but I want to say congrats to Sam Stosur for thrashing Serena Williams at the US Open, that's just to prove I do think things other than Jemma not much but it's a step in the right direction.

  • #131

    Randy (Montag, 12 September 2011 11:19)

    @Jemmatranslations Thank you! You're terrific! I look forward to reading the translation.

    @Clijsters3 You're welcome! And if Jenny did fall over, she would have taken Ben with her and maybe even Emma.

    Off topic, thanks for the news that Aussie Sam Stosur won.

  • #132

    Kirsty (Montag, 12 September 2011 12:33)

    @San I had noticed the X-Files tune too- spooky. Whenever Emma Muller, or is that Mulder?,is on!

    Still to watch Born this Way again, I refuse to belive it is Jenny being clumsy rather that it is everyone else who is simply in the wrong place! Something has been bothering me for a while though...in ep216 when Jenny collapses in the toliets have you seen the angle of Lucy's ankles!? There is a screencap for the ep on this site, image number 3. Maybe it's because I'm older or maybe it's just because Lucy is a super flexible dancer but I think my ankles would snap if they were forced into that position!!
    Also, have you seen the new pictures of Kasia as Olivia? Wow! I'm still Team Lucy but I have to say Kasia looks absolutely stunning :)

  • #133

    Kirsty (Montag, 12 September 2011 14:34)

    re Born This Way..Ha, knew it! Jenny was pushed! Due to an over exuberant hug from Emma!
    Jenny in leather... love you Germany :)

  • #134

    San (Montag, 12 September 2011 15:50)

    @Think you're completely right, and it is no longer there.

  • #135

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 12 September 2011 17:21)

    @Kirsty I forgot to say about the angle of Lucy's ankles when the ep. was first shown, I too was amazed by it and cringed it looked quite painful, just goes to show how supple she is as a dancer and I thought she was great sliding down the wall very convincing! And I've seen the pics of Kasia, I'm liking her hair.

    Been watching the early Jemma eps. and how creepy was Caro? She was all over Jenny, it's great seeing what Jenny was like back then she wasn't that nice actually I guess it took the love of a good woman to change her!

    I forgot to say the other day I was watching the TV and two adverts came on one had 'Ain't no Mountain High Enough' on in the background and the other had 'Celebrate Good Times' (or whatever it's called) then I put the radio on and Sweet Dreams came on, I couldn't escape Jemma, which was great.

  • #136

    Think (Montag, 12 September 2011 17:41)

    @San Thank you for removing it. That was the right thing to do and was respectful of the subject, whom we all admire. Looking at that scene in the context of the whole video is one thing but taken out of context as an individual photo, it could be used in other ways. And it isn't the actor's fault, but it's something the film editor should have seen and edited. Or maybe in Germany it's acceptable. Again, thanks for being a good person.

  • #137

    San (Montag, 12 September 2011 17:42)

    @Kirsty and @Clijsters3 I can't escape the image of Lucy's ankles twisting either! I breathed a sigh of relief every time they snapped back to the proper position. I'm prone to ankle sprains, so it was like reliving the pain over and over again. *shudder*

  • #138

    frananifan (Montag, 12 September 2011 18:46)

    I giggle like a 12 year old when Caro sang Drops of Jupiter and said "Wenus".

  • #139

    Wired (Montag, 12 September 2011 20:04)

    @frananifan LOL! Sorry I giggle like a 12 year old just reading "wenus"! Though I'm not a fan of Caro's singing she does add great comic relief to STAG.

    I love being able to re-watch some of these episodes because I can see new stuff which I didn't get to see when I first jumped on to this speeding Jemma train. I missed out on the Jenny volleyball scenes and @Clijsters3 as you say Caro was all over Jenny. I didn't remember seeing that!

    @San, @Kristy & @Clijsters3 yes those ankles twisting look painful and I'm not even prone to that @san! I think it must be Lucy's dance background as you suggest that allows her to do that. Also dedicated actress. I thought that scene was great how she could go from calling Ronnie an aschloch to drugged out.

  • #140

    KBee (Montag, 12 September 2011 20:14)

    Good thing I didn't have food in my mouth when I read the "weenus" comment. I burst out laughing. So funny! Still laughing. I'll be laughing at work.

    Jemmaholics is a fellowship of Jemma addicts that seeks to overcome their addiction to... Oh nevermind. I love how you guys are now dissecting the episodes. I'm excited to go back and watch more carefully. I'm aware of my addiction. That's all I'm saying for right now. I could quit at any time. Who am I kidding? NO I CAN'T! :-D

  • #141

    MdC (Montag, 12 September 2011 20:30)

    Why did you delete the links? A lot of discussions about Jemma were based on those links with "illegal things". Why we don't go directly there to discuss about Jemma then?

  • #142

    Randy (Montag, 12 September 2011 22:26)

    Can the next poll by Jemmatranslations be "The Best Hair Style?" Both Jenny and Emma's styles changed many times over the course of their relationship, particularly for Emma as she blossomed into her newly found self-esteem and sexuality.

  • #143

    Kirsty (Montag, 12 September 2011 22:55)

    @Randy- Super Idee! about the hairstyles poll..I myself have recently been trialling Jenny's 'French Plait over the top and down the side of the head' style..

    Hmm, have been researching a theory I had today. I had thought that Jenny always wore something pink (ie/Glinda from Wicked's colour) whether it was her watch, a bag, a piece of jewellery, bra, t-shirt etc. But alas I don't think my theory held out. Will keep checking though... Any excuse to watch more Jemma...

  • #144

    Randy (Montag, 12 September 2011 23:12)

    @Kirsty Is the French Plait style the one Jenny had when she and Emma danced the Samba in episode 225? If so, sexy.

  • #145

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 01:20)

    Does anyone think it's odd that after having sex for the first time (real episode 197/alternate episode 101), a defining moment in her life, Emma doesn't say anything about it? Jenny says how happy she is, but Emma (in a matter-of-fact way) only talks about when Ben is due to come home. Did part of the conversation get edited out? Shouldn't Emma have had something to say about the experience?

  • #146

    Hoppe (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 04:45)

    @Randy: no ther's nothing missing... unfortunately they didn't include a talk like that in that episode. maybe it's because Emma is already again all Emma-ing and thinks about things which can disturb their heavenly bliss (that fear / thinking thing of hers)?

  • #147

    San (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 05:09)

    Has anyone else started calling Ronnie and Sophie "Roophie"?

    @Randy and @Hoppe Emma does tend to Emma-out when she should be enjoying a moment, like at the kissing at the lockers when Jenny says she loves when her heart races and when Jenny lovingly calls her a terrier. Emma barely acknowledges it. Kinda annoying. But so Emma.

  • #148

    Clijster3 (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 10:57)

    I know what you mean, after Jenny called her a terrier I wanted some kind of a reaction but I guess she was being true to her character.

    I've just watched ep.113 (31) where STAG sing Son of a Preacher Man which I've never seen before. It's another scene where Jenny's watching from the see through doors but this time Emma sees her.

    @Randy super idee about favourite hairstyles poll.

  • #149

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 12:43)

    @Randy, yep that's the one although not as good as hers- I obviously don't have a hair/make-up person or am not as flexible as her..

    @Clijster3 I fell asleep watching old eps on that website last night and saw that scene, Emma was great singing that. I also watched when Jenny sang 'Be Mine' by herself which was just lovely(- I had only ever seen the version where she sings it with Emma and Hotte.) Not all the songs they sing on the show suited Lucy's voice but I thought she was really good in that one :)

  • #150

    Wired (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 15:03)

    This is why I like looking at these older eps again. I just watched the episode where they sang "Stone Cold Sober" that I had not seen before either. Also a bit of "If I Was a Boy" where Sophie sang the lead. I hadn't heard her sing much before.

    @Kristy you're right not all songs suited Lucy's voice but the "Be Mine" showcased her so well! I played that over and over again whenever I could find it. That song made me love the Jemma interaction even more since Emma was there watching (stalking) her through the door.

    @Randy the hairstyles poll sounds great!!!

    I realize I miss a bit of the humour they had in the earlier episodes too. When Jenny opens up Sophie's locker very easily after Emma was having so much trouble. It was like she could do it in her sleep (I think someone else mentioned this somewhere) it was hilarious! And how Emma in the beginning, ends up nearly bumping into Jenny at the beggining of their conversations every single time...painful but funny to watch!

    By the way isn't the first step of JA is to admit you have a problem? It seems we all are stuck on this step! LOL!

  • #151

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 15:19)

    @San "Roophie" is brilliant! It's a perfect fit.

    @Kirsty You're so right about Jenny/Lucy singing "Be Mine." I've replayed that scene umpteen times, as I've done with Emma/Kasia singing "Sweet Dreams." These are my two favorite songs because they express so much love and heartache.

    Hey Jemmainternational, along with a best hairstyle poll how about a best song poll?

    @Hoppe Yep, I thought about Emma and her Emma-ing, but to me she wasn't doing that; she was talking calmly. Because she had been so concerned about her first sexual encounter, I thought Emma should have said something about it. It would have felt more natural and more in tune with the big event.

  • #152

    San (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 15:33)

    @Wired The picking locker scene is probably one of my favorites. Achtzig thousand!!! It's funny how Hotte never does anything. He just pushes Emma into Jenny and makes her do everything :) If you think about it, he really shouldn't have been THAT surprised to see them kissing.

    @Kirsty I also like in 113 when Jenny drops the plates when she sees Emma walk in Saal 1. She's got it BAD!!!

  • #153

    Wired (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 15:57)

    @San that's right! Hotte does seem to get Emma to do his dirty work! But then again, when they kept wanting Jenny in the STAG one scene in Chulos Emma quickly stopped Hotte from asking Jenny - almost like she wanted to talk to Jenny herself and not Hotte. Boy Jenny gave her a hard time too. I forgot how bitchy Jenny could be if she really wanted to.

    @Randy I love "Sweet Dreams" too! Managed to get that one on my iPod which is on my favourites list. You've got great poll ideas!

  • #154

    frananifan (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 16:24)

    The first time around, I totally missed how Bea saved STAG from Julian. What the heck?!

    Emma seems to have the most hair extremes but Jenny has sooo many different looks. She nails fierce, vulnerable, cunning, smitten yet she is always so damn sexy. sigh.

    Wired: I have re-defined "problem", and I just don't have one. So what if I stay up all night and party with them? I love them.
    I want Emma to sing me to sleep right now.
    How is any of this a problem? keine Ahnung. Not going to JA. I say no, no, no.

  • #155

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 16:41)

    @Wired I think part of Jenny's bitchiness toward Emma early on reflected the passionate attraction she had for Emma. She wanted Emma's attention and created conflict to get it. And it worked! Jenny is more emotionally expressive than Emma, as shown in all of the touching she does (beginning early on with her touching Emma's leg when Emma gives her the Martin Luther homework assignment shortly after Jenny arrives at the school). Emma only begins to touch much later in the relationship, and it's not as passionate as Jenny's touches. Hmmmm, could that be another poll idea, best touches?

  • #156

    Hoppetosse (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 17:18)

    @wired: I miss all the great humour of the earlier days too and although I sometimes thought, that the writers (or the actors) weren't sure about how old the characters were (sometimes it felt they were more about 15 than 17/18 to me), I enjoyed them being so funny and sometimes innocent. All the Emma/Hotte dorkyness - whoohoo! ;)
    @Randy: for me Emma is/was always the more emotional expressive one (through her face, glances etc) - whereas Jenny is/was more expressing (and experiencing?) herself through the body - but interesting observation about Jenny's early Emma's-leg-touching! ;)
    And about Jenny's bitchyness - I'm not sure if this was already hidden love, I think she felt quite unsure in those early days in the new situation and played cool, maybe her old ways of behaviour from London were still there, she was expecting to be fooled. And maybe Emma ennoyed her a little bit with her open and trustworthy way? Because she was the opposite of what Jenny was and at the time maybe Jenny wasn't ready to open up to someone that natural and friendly? So she had to fight it? Hmmm.... I just love it, that everything makes sense now, knowing the later episodes. So well written! One can only say it again and again! Thanxx Petra! :)

  • #157

    Clijsters3 (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 17:45)

    Just been watching the radio contest in ep.94 (16) never seen that before either, I remember them all talking about it but never actually saw the performances, you can really tell Lucy is a musical singer rather than a pop singer, she sounds quite posh singing Leanne Rimes. Jenny really did give Emma a hard time back then. I'm not sure if was because she was attracted to her at that time or not as @Randy said. I think Jenny saw Emma as different to the others and we know she didn't really like Caro (ep.77/5) so only entered the radio contest to get back at Emma for the whole Martin Luther King mix up and wasn't bothered about the state of the volleyball court, she said in an earlier episode how she wasn't into sport. Jenny was very coniving and self centred, she got Caro to give her the answers to the maths exam and got Emma to write her history/politics report.

    I loved all the interaction between Hotte and Emma they made a good comedy duo.

  • #158

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 17:49)

    @Hoppetosse You're right about Emma expressing her emotions through her face and eyes (as Jenny does too; they're both so good at it). But I didn't say the bitchiness was "already hidden love" (too early for that) but "passionate attraction." Jenny was definitely annoyed by Emma's naiveness, which was the opposite of Jenny's sophistication. I also think Emma was intrigued by Jenny early on (after the leg touching, Emma gives Jenny that up-and-down look as Jenny walks away, plus her nervousness when she has to speak to Jenny).

  • #159

    frananifan (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 17:50)

    @Randy: Agree with you that Jenny creates conflict to get attention. She seems to flirt with almost everyone and that usually works for her. Once her sights are on Emma, she wants it bad and Emma just doesn't get any of it. Jenny becomes quite pissy (Cat-woman-like...can't get away from the leather visual), and can't stop aggitating Emma. Some of it is manipulative, and some of it is desperate. I love them.

  • #160

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 19:17)

    @frananifan Yep, can't help but love them both. Their dynamic is off the charts. When I was younger (a lot!!), I was on the receiving end of a Jenny-like person (Jenny at this stage), and it was just as you describe it. And like Emma, I didn't understand any of it, but I was pulled into it as Emma was. Life lessons!

  • #161

    Wired (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 19:42)

    Hi everyone! I agree a bit with all of you regarding Jenny’s bitchiness. To me she does seem to like the attention and it does seem through conflict she can get it. As mentioned she was nice to Caro but she didn’t like her and therefore not very mean but was much more snarky to Emma. I think it’s a bit of everything: wanting to get Emma’s attention and honestly annoyed with her unsophisticated ways - this seems especially evident in the episode where Emma and Hotte are in Chulos and Emma tries to get Jenny to join STAG – Jenny is alternately mean and fishing to get Emma to admit she wants her in STAG. When Emma blunders along she ends up pissing off Jenny yet again and she turns bitchy. I wonder too if Jenny is perhaps fighting the liking she has for Emma – nothing deep but just an interest? As @Clijsters3 said maybe she wasn’t attracted to Emma but maybe she was interested in her differences enough to know where that road led too? (And what a dangerous road that can be!) Was it like the usual school yard act of being mean to the people you like? I’m probably reaching here. @Franifan I agree Jenny was part manipulative and interested in Emma.

    This is why this relationship was so good from the beginning! It was conflicted and full of charged energy with the back and forth between them. Also I can see how Jenny is much more physically expressive with the people around her – she definitely likes to touch people on the hand or arm and when she’s with Emma it’s always the little touches that are so great. Also I’m sure that is part of the dancer in Lucy that comes out in her acting. She is also much more confident in herself then Emma which could be why Emma is less able to show her emotions via touching and does it instead with her big brown eyes. She does a great job of that too! Puppy dog eyes Emma!

    @Clijsters3 yes Lucy is definitely a stage singer! I almost didn’t recognize that song from the radio audition until it was half over. It sounds so different from the version I know mostly because she’s not singing it with a “pop” sound.

    I miss Hotte! He was great! Yes Hotte and Emma made a great team!!! Good old days!

    @Randy I sense a story here! ;)

  • #162

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 20:23)

    @Wired You're right about the relationship being good from the beginning because of the conflict and "charged energy." Even during the quieter times, that energy was evident between them. Individually Emma and Jenny were stand-out characters, but together they were dynamite. Their relationship enabled both of them to grow, but Emma's blossoming was wonderful to watch.

    Yes there's a story. But we all have stories to tell. And there is so much in the Jemma storyline that we can relate to. That's why it resonates with us.

  • #163

    San (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 21:23)

    This has turned into Jemmaholics Book Club :) I love it! I've been wrestling with all these questions and analysis by myself for so long. When exactly did Jenny fall helplessly for Emma? I pinpointed "If I was a Boy" as a big moment, but was there moments before? All your insights are wonderful to read!

  • #164

    frananifan (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 21:53)

    @San I too have been searching for that point and to me it also seems to be her quiet observation during "If I Were a Boy". It is LOADED with judgement. She is intrigued: is this goofball is worth my time? Why do I allow her to keep pissing me off? How come every time she opens her mouth I am so disappointed? Damn she's adorable. Doesn't this girl know she's gay?! etc.

    And this is far better than any book club I've ever been in.

  • #165

    San (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 22:27)

    @frananifan That settles it. We have to index the hell out of every look, glance, touch, hairdo, and legging to create a detailed Jemma timeline, so we can get to the bottom of this :) *brain churning* It'll probably require extensively cataloging each episode. Tough job!

  • #166

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 23:06)

    @San and @frananifan I think it began earlier, when Jenny and Emma are talking in Saal restaurant after the discovery of the skeleton. Jenny offers to drive Emma home. The look on Jenny's face when Emma says "Okay" is one of quiet joy. Their conversation in the car outside Emma's house further encourages Jenny, who isn't at all snarky to Emma. Then when Jenny watches Emma at her front door, and Emma turns and looks back at Jenny, I think Jenny realizes how she feels about Emma. And Emma is beginning to become attracted to Jenny.

  • #167

    Kittykatcop (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 23:09)

    Waaaah, I don't have time for this. I so want to get involved in your analysis, but work has overtaken. Not too much though. I had a 15 year old German exchange student in my class this morning and the first thing I thought was, "I have to sit this girl down and demand why she didn't watch Hand Aufs Herz".

  • #168

    San (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 23:17)

    @Randy "If I were a Boy" (91) occurred before the skeleton car scene (102). That was a beautiful moment. I think before that Jenny was spending her nights thinking about Emma singing and how she wished she could get past the Martin Luther, Martin Luther King thing :) They also shared a nice smile while digging up the volleyball court when they found out they were going to be working together.

    @Kittykatcop I would've thought the same thing :)

  • #169

    Randy (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 23:21)

    @San Thanks! I was just coming back to correct myself after taking another look at the episode. Yes, that smile was nice.

  • #170

    Hoppetosse (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 01:36)

    @all: love your thoughts! I'm enjoying it very much... and that's a way of discussing that works for me. no millions of pages of pics, gifs and written words to get through to find interesting thoughts (don't get me wrong sometimes I like that too, but maybe I'm too much a visual person...it's just too much . LOL!
    LOL @Kittykatcop! I would think the same ;) did you ask her about HaH?

  • #171

    Wired (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 02:31)

    I love this conversation! @San I also was thinking all of this by myself in my own head and it's so much nicer finding other people's viewpoint on this!@ Hoppetosse words are much easier to work with yeah!

    Ok so I agree that the moment was around Emma singing "If I was a boy " -the look Jenny gives her while she 's singing and the stalker move makes me think Jenny is definitely intrigued by Emma. @Frananifan the goofball comment was funny...and true. I think after that the digging looks and car scene pretty much confirms Jenny 's feelings. Emma of course is still not sure what is happening but something is...?
    @Kittykatcop I'd be tempted to grill the student about HaH and try saying what little German I learned from the show and thus confirming my geekiness. :)

  • #172

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 05:55)

    hmm, got up early to watch a Rugby World Cup game but yet again distacted by Jemma and can't concentrate on match.
    Forget which ep it is, 94?-the one with the radio contest- but when Jenny is waiting for Fr. Jaeger at her desk and Emma comes up Jenny says something like 'Do you see her anywhere?' Then she kind of looks down as if she feels bad for being mean to Emma and her feelings for her are almost showing but then quickly sorts herself out and slips her mask on again and settles back into the whole 'attack is the best form of defense' mode that shields her from getting hurt.
    Also, when Luzi sings 'Ain't no Mountain High Enough' all I can picture is Lucy teaching us on Ytube how to dance to that for the HaH Flashmob - if you haven't seen it, why not!?! It's amazing. There's also one from Kasia, much longer and much more complicated but she's great too.

  • #173

    San (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 05:58)

    Ok, I've thought of about 3 moments pre-"If I Were a Boy"
    1. Jenny watches STAG practice ans says they're super cool. Caro just rolls her eyes.
    2. Just after that Jenny approaches Emma and tries really hard to remember her name before Emma says, "It Emma." That might be the first time Jenny says "Emma." Hotte promptly starts choking on a sandwich.
    3. The Seance. She seemed worried when Emma freaked out for a second. Anyways, it was a fond memory by 140.
    Also, I don't think they ever had heated arguments until the Martin Luther, Martin Luther King. Sure, that was a serious mistake, but it also might be an indicator of a growing crush.

  • #174

    tamu13 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 06:51)

    @Randy.. about Emma's reaction on 197.. sooo true
    then.. we never know the history why Jenny likes frau :-?

  • #175

    Randy (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 07:19)

    @tamu13 I'll always think Emma's reaction was strange, considering it was her first sexual experience. Even Jenny, who was sexually experienced, said how happy she was.

  • #176

    tamu13 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 08:01)

    also.. when was Jemma's first date? ach, some stories didn't told, skipped the excitement :(

  • #177

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 08:03)

    @San Yeah I just watched the seance scene last night and you're right, when Emma goes shooting back when something happened, Jenny was quite concerned and reassured her. That was maybe the first time of that happenning- Emma 'Emma-ing' and Jenny calming her down, let's say 'Jenny-ing' her. :)
    @ tamu13 yeah, I wondered about that too. I know Jenny isn't bothered about who she likes, male or female, but do we know if she has been with a girl before? I don't think anything like that has happened. I know Jenny said she was nervous because it was her first time 'with Emma' but we don't know if it was her first time with a girl. Not that it matters.
    And yes, I would've liked Emma to say something too after their first time, maybe she did but we just didn't see it..I'll go with that!

  • #178

    Prou (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 08:46)

    tamu13@ kirsty@ I think Jenny was not with a girl for the first time with Emma: early on when Emma says she is normal after being accused of flirting with a customer by Jenny and her getting sooo pissed off..., it seems to me that jenny had gone through being into girls and having to deal with that kind of stupid comments before, to me it doesn't look like just a spontaneous reaction
    and then later on when they fight over Jenny having slept with Ben and Emma tells her she thought she was not into boys, and Jenny tells her he couldn't do it with another girl..

    About Emma not saying anything about their first time, i think it shows a bit how Emma is constantly overwhelmed by what is happenning to her and thus not being able to put it into words until much later..

    Girls, you rock! Please don't cure from this jemma addiction, it is so much fun to read your comments and discover new things all the time!

  • #179

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 09:00)

    Okay, people, I'm trying to catch up (so much can happen on here while you're busy working. Damn work! :p)
    All these comments are definitely a fun read. I love JA sessions. Let's analyze till we're running out of material (nope, not gonna happen anytime soon :D).
    Here's my insight on the current matter (be warned, this conversation unleashed lots of thoughts, therefore very long comment ahead :p - Edit: I'll split it into 3 to make it more digest- ):

    In an episode of the serie's very end, Jenny confesses to Emma that at first she hated her parents for sending her to Köln, but then she loved them for it because she got to meet Emma. So I believe that at the very beginning, because she was not willing to be there, Jenny had already set her mood to despise her new surrounding and be condescending, before she even lands in Köln. And if she was used to London pulse, live in capitals, no wonder she thought she was sent to boredom city, among boring people not worth her interest.

    What intrigues me though, is that at the time she arrives in Köln, she was already well desintoxicated, completely in control of her life again, and at no point in the serie there was any hint that she would relapse
    (on her own will, that is). And for that it takes some extremely strong willpower, that's for sure, but also to still be able to be deeply moved by people. Something major, meaning most probably someone, must have triggered that desire to overcome the drug addiction. And I'm not talking about her parents. Not that I have personally experienced it, but if interviews of ex-drug addicts are any indication, it seems that however much loved you are by your relatives and however much you love your family, if you don't want to be cured, nothing positive will come out of rehab. Those who succeed have some kind of "deep revelation" because they're still somehow connected to their emotions, therefore there's still some place in their heart and brain, though very very thin, for some rare people (usually only one single person), to reach in.
    I don't know how to explain it clearly, but because of that drug past I think that even if Jenny was written as a very self-confident character from the get-go, leading her to be snarky and quite selfish, she was also written as very open, more in touch with her feelings, and willing to embrace anything that would make her feel completely alive now that the worse is behind (pffffiuuu, that was a long sentence :D).

    And we can see that the very 1st ep she appears in HaH and she asks Ben at Chulos who the people on the dancefloor are, looking at Emma, Luzi, Hotte, Sophie and Timo; and Ben answers "Your new classmates".
    It 's more a "Since I'm here for a year, let's make the best out of it" kind of interest in her question to Ben (and also to change his own persistence to know what she did bad to be sent to Köln), but still, the curiosity is here.

  • #180

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 09:01)

    All this to say that Jenny was definitely aware of her feelings for Emma way before Emma could figure her owns out for Jenny.
    Emma is probably the one standing out the most from Jenny's past social circle and her curiosity is naturally picked from the beginning, even if only subconsciously.
    (What we guess to be ) Her old manipulative self is back again pretty fast in the early days as she hangs out with Caro, perfectly knowing that Caro is no good. But what changed everything was when Emma refused to do Jenny's history report at first (real ep 87).
    Rewatching this, you can clearly see how Jenny didn't expect that, she's so used to people going her ways. And after, even if Emma relunctantly agrees to the deal, Jenny knows that's because Hotte convinced her, not because of Jenny's own usual "power" over others.
    So it became a game at first, I think. "Who is this insignificant girl that I have no influence on? How come being that naive she doesn't admire me like everybody else?" And the history report mess was the perfect opportunity for Jenny to play with Emma's sensitivity...

    But at the "if I were a boy" moment (real ep 91), something happens, though I wouldn't say that's when Jenny realizes fully her feeling. To me at that moment she just realizes fully that Emma was the only one who had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the fact that she's this hype girl coming from London. Everybody else was "fighting" in dubious ways to get her attention from the 1st day, and having been a child star, she's used to that frenzy and buzz around her, she actually expects it, it's known territory. But interacting with someone as genuine as Emma is completely new to her. Also she probably thinks it can't be true, nobody can be that sincere, without any ulterior motive at all.
    Then she keeps "feeding" her own desire of revenge for the history report mess, because it must have been intentional, there's no other way.

  • #181

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011)

    And the key moment where her feelings for Emma really seeks in, to me, is when Emma, after sincerely congratulating her for her performance at the radio contest (real ep 94) discovers that Jenny did that only because of the history report thing.
    The way Emma looks at Jenny at that moment is so charged. Of uncredulity, disappointment, sadness, all mixed to a bit of disgust/despise.
    When you're at the receiving end of that kind of look, it's heartbreaking. Surely more efficient than a mirror in your most "aware of yourself" days. Suddenly you see what you are (and that's definitely not what you wanted to be) and that you can truly hurt someone just for "the sake of hurting". And if that look has this profound effect on you, it means you care for the person who is looking at you this way.
    So I think that's when Jenny realizes she's gone too far and that Emma means something special to her.
    She still plays it passive-aggressive after though (because all she wants is for Emma to really see her, to really be interested in her -even just platonically- for other reasons than her voice, or whatever others send Emma in a mission to Jenny for -like joining the STAG- ), but she knows. As I stated earlier, she's in touch with her emotions, and regarding that matter I believe she's nearly always honest with herself.

    As for Emma it's a different story. She realizes her true feelings quite some time after Jenny did. Which is totally logical since usually she just tries to make it through the day, one anxiety at a time, not being noticed, in the safe bubble of her few close friends circle.
    And Jenny shook her world upside down.
    So she has a lot to process, a lot to blossom before she can actually understand.

    And I'll have to go through more old episodes to define Emma's revelation moment. As this comment is long enough as it is and i've taken upon my sleep to make it (oh the Jemma addiction... it completely screws up your sense of priorities... :p), i'll leave that for tomorrow.
    Nite or good morning everybody, depending on where you are. :)

  • #182

    tamu13 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 09:30)

    HaHe shut down too soon.. leave us many speculations herre :D
    aaaarrgh.. my English is not so good (like Emma said on 225 ;) .. so many thought but I can't write it down instantly.. my grammar sucks :(
    I can only read you guys.. and made a little comment

  • #183

    Prou (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 10:52)

    @Libellule i also always thought about how could jenny be able to recover fully from her addiction, as you say something really important must have happened in her to be able to do so, maybe someone as you say, or maybe a life-death related experience...so many things left on the air... :(

    Also i wondered how jenny's parents could trust her enough to send her all on her own to Cologne, seeing afterwards that they only really trusted drug tests results...

  • #184

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 11:00)

    @Libellule wow! I think your observations are spot on and very well put, it must have taken you ages to type all that! "interacting with someone as genuine as Emma is completely new to her." I've never thought of that before and that's made me understand Jenny a little bit more, so danke for taking the time to type your posts.

    @Kirsty i love the flashmob and the learning to dance with Lucy and Kasia, love the way Lucy whispers at the end, let's face it I love everything Lucy does!

    I love coming here every morning to see what you guys have been discussing and trying to catch up, I think we are going to be JA members for a very long time! Right I'm off to watch more clips, but I haven't got a problem:)

  • #185

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 11:39)

    @Libellule I don't know where to start in picking up on your points... :) I think you're right about when Emma had congratulated her on her singing for the radio contest then realised why Jenny had done it- that had to touch Jenny inside a little bit, to hurt someone like that. She turned from just being arrogant to actively saying something to hurt someone's feelings. Someone genuine, who wouldn't ever hurt anyone. And yes, someone who hadn't pre-judged her at all. Emma was taking her as she came. She was pleased when the new girl came to sit next to her in class but she didn't fawn over her and make a fuss over her like others- Hotte and Caro for example.She was only forming an opinion on Jenny based on how she acted. And even then, kept giving her second chances, because she's Emma.Sweet Emma.

    And she stood up to her, wasn't afraid of not agreeing with everything Jenny said or did.
    In the ep after the radio contest when they're all in Chulos and everyone gets Emma to try and get Jenny to join the STAG there is a moment where Jenny almost gives in and is nice to Emma. Emma is busy being all friendly, saying that Jenny sang well and asking about her singing career and Jenny isn't too bothered about the conversation. She's more amused,she's probably heard all this before, and wondering what else Emma will come out with next. What Emma does come out with is that she didn't want to ask Jenny to join the STAG, the others made her do it. This makes Jenny sit up and take notice, there's a bit of fire in Emma here, she's speaking her mind. So Jenny asks in a sarcastic way if Emma wants her to join too or if she's just doing their dirty work for them. But I think she really does want to know if Emma wants her in the club too, her answer would help Jenny in sorting what she feels for Emma. Only Emma fluffs it up by mentioning the prize money :)D'oh!

    Also, Jenny's eye make-up in this scene- WTF! Not really to my taste, glad they didn't do that to her again!

  • #186

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 11:46)

    @Clijsters3 Ah, the whisper at the end. Soooo cute. She really is my Traumfrau!

  • #187

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 12:43)

    @Kirsty just been watching ep.95/17 when Emma asks Jenny to join STAG. I think this is a key scene, Emma says "I'd find it totally cool if you joined the club" and Jenny smiles but it soon turns into a frown when Emma mentions the 10,000 Euros prize. Emma isn't trying to please Jenny but simply speaks her mind something that she isn't too used to and was about to be nice to Emma until she mentioned the money-oops! Off to watch it again to look at Jenny's make up.

    In ep.99/21 Jenny mentions drugs to Stefan, how did I not notice that the first time round? It's obvious now you know about Jenny's past. In this episode I also love how Emma carefully rips off one phone number from the advert whereas Jenny takes the whole advert with her-shows how different they are.

    Ep.100/22 after Timo finds the skeleton Emma takes a huge tumble and ends up nearly falling behind Timo, it's quite funny.

  • #188

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 12:54)

    @Clijsters3 I had noticed that about the phone numbers for the job :) Hadn't noticed the drug mention and Emma tumbling...Will have a wee look once I get round to doing some work!!

  • #189

    tamu13 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 14:29)

    surely Jemma is a contradictive character, on 195 Jenny don't want go to the woods for their 'first', it's obvious from the way Jenny describe the picture.. but Emma so naive.. she didn't realize it all, well maybe it's one of Jenny's sacrifice.. kinda cute, even though it all ended at Ben's room :D

  • #190

    Emily (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 15:41)


    Thank You so much for your fantastic analysis. Please keep on.
    I tote agree with you and will re-watch Jemma to really understand and
    feel their emotions.

  • #191

    San (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 15:55)

    And the PhD of Jemma goes to @Libellule! Wow! Great analysis. And lets not forget what happens after the radio contest: the fight at the coffee machine. Jenny tries to be friendly and is shot down again. I think Emma felt bad after this one. And then, Jenny hits her with the car and calls her a poisin dwarf! I mean does that come from? She says it best, "I thought you were nicer."

    @Clijsters3 and @Kirsty I always found that Chulos scene frustrating, but now I need to watch it again. To see all the nuances.

    @tamu13 I love Jenny's reaction to the shack in the woods. Priceless! And Emma is like, it answers all our problems, so it's perfect.

    Have I mentioned how much I love JA and Jemmaholics!

    PS I've started to refresh before I post, so I don't miss anything :) All clear!

  • #192

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 16:13)

    Just been on Lucy's blog she's posted a gorgeous photo of her with a lovely view out to the sea and she has short hair. People are speculating things in the comments section about the picture as the heading of the photo is 'making plans together' she's holding a cat in the photo but people are wondering if she's pregnant. Anyway I don't want to lower the tone and turn this into a gossip corner, just thought you might like to see the photo.

  • #193

    Wired (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 17:12)

    Wow! @Libellule you definitely get the phD for Jemma! Love your comments and agree. As @San mentions too I thought the scene at the coffee/cocoa machine ("It's my cocoa!") was also a big moment. Like in Chulos Jenny tries to be nice to Emma and then Emma stands up to her again and calls her arrogant. After that it's back to mean and she calls her a "poison dwarf" - which by the way is that the literal translation? Mostly because in english it's kind of a funny saying. Is she really commenting on her height or is this a common saying in German? sorry sidetracked there...I like how you guys have mentioned Jenny's drug addiction and what she would need to get through with that. I hadn't thought of it and it really adds another side to Jenny's character.

    We were mentioning before whether Jenny had a girlfriend earlier and my two cents is that she did. She kept saying to Emma that it was all new to Emma and counselling her on what to expect from people's reactions. It definitely made me think she had gone through this before and I actually thought that was the reason her parents sent her to Cologne!

    @clijsters3 I didn't notice Jenny mentioning the drugs before! I have to keep re-watching to get these references!

    Unfortunately I only get to these posts at work and can't always post alot. Conversely,I like waking up to see what the chatter is though I usually come in late anyways. JA forever!

  • #194

    San (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 18:35)

    @Wired Poison Dwarf is such a weird thing to call someone, right?!

    Jenny definitely had another or other girlfriend(s), but not as große Liebe as with Emma, though. Big clue: while at dinner with her parents and Emma's explaining which "girlfriend" she means, Jenny says, "They know." However, I was surprised later in the series, Jenny's mother described their relationship as "unusual." I thought they were more understanding?

    BTW, I have "Hey, Giftzwerg!" written on my dry erase board at home. It greets me after a long day of work :)

  • #195

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 18:54)

    To the point because I am also at work and it blows:
    Right before "If I were a Boy", Emma lays it out that it would be absurd for her do all of that work on a "good report" (M.L./M.L.K)just to screw her. Though Jenny doesn't back off initially, it's a logical statement. Very soon after, we see her stalking Emma during the song. She had to realize then that Emma was not being vindictive. Prior to that scene I don't believe Jenny had an interest.

  • #196

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 19:22)

    I just got busted Jemming on while on a conference call. Perhaps this addiction might be a little problem :) (weenus)

  • #197

    Hoppe (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 19:23)

    WOW @Libelulle! and LOL @the phD - you are totally right!
    @Wired: yes - poison dwarf is literally but also a real saying for someone who spits mean, reproachful or just annoyed words and is in a bad mood, but.... I think you wouldn't say it to a person which is quite big, so it's conected with her height too ;)
    About Jenny being a drug addict before I wondered as well. She seems to be really in a good shape, so there must be a lot of healing already have happened.
    Her parents trusted her enough to go to Köln on her own, so she must have recovered from the addiction quite far. So to go to Köln was really just to avoid old relationships - well and to start new somewhere totally on your own you MUST be quite strong and "healed" - otherwise this experience (if it's not working all well) could also drag you back into structures, you thought you already left behind. So I realy think the drug tests are something mandatory. As Jenny stole the credit card of her parents, there might've been other problems with the law too. Maybe those drug tests are part of her being on probation in some ways? (I reckon there are some juvenile law forms in GB too - as here in Germany).

    @Wired, yeah.. there was that scene were Jenny was talking to Emma, teling her that she is something special and that there might be dumb comments first, but this would stop after a whike, when people are used to it (something like that) - so it's clear that she's got own experiences with that.

    I think Jenny mentioning the drugs was after Jenny was hitting Emma's bike for the second time. She talks with Mr. Bergmann about how to pay for the damage + doesn't want her parents to know about that incident, because they might think she could 've been drunk or taken drugs.

  • #198

    Randy (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 19:25)

    @San Maybe Jenny's mother meant unusual as in different from Jenny's other relationships with girls. Emma was the opposite of Jenny and most likely Jenny's previous friends.

  • #199

    San (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 19:56)

    @Hoppe That was the second time Jenny hit Emma's bike! Coincidence or elaborate conspiracy to drive her home? Hmm...

  • #200

    Wired (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 21:07)

    @San and @Hoppe thanks for clarifying the "poison dwarf" comment! I didn't know this was common but am now thinking it's a great descriptive word I could use for certain people I work with...LOL

    @Randy you might be on to something there. If we are on the right path Emma isn't someone Jenny is used to being around (hence the conflict etc.) and therefore certainly not someone she would have dated previously? Maybe her mother was used to guys and girls falling all over Jenny but during the dinner it was kind of clear that Emma was sweet, slightly bumbling and very very nervous but sincere. Not like other's Jenny would/may have been with? Loved that scene by the way when they are talking behind their tiny menus trying to be "discreet". Could Jenny's parents really not hear them when they were a foot away? Another HaH moment for sure!

    @San I think that the second time Jenny hit Emma's bike though was really an accident and I put it with the same kind of accident when Jenny throws the dirt onto Emma instead of into the wheelbarrow when they are digging up the field. It's almost like the universe is making these two intereact even if they are fighting it. What were the odds that if Jenny is going to throw dirt around, of the 20 people milling about it's Emma she hits?? Destiny anyone?

  • #201

    Randy (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 21:23)

    @Wired I think you're right about the second time Jenny hits Emma's bike. Jenny was reaching on the floor while backing up and wouldn't have been able to see Emma.That and the dirt incident do scream destiny. I can relate to it, as probably others can.

  • #202

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 23:59)

    @San @Randy Think you're right about Jenny's parents thinking Emma is different to Jenny's other partners..Just watched ep148 (alt061) when they meet the Hartmanns at the station. Just before he has to be prompted to introduce himself to Emma Jenny's father is just stares at Emma,then at Jenny with a look as if he can't believe this is who she is with now. Or he can't quite believe his little girl has got her life sorted again and is so happy with this cute, bumbling girl. Or something..I'm not sure, but there's a Look. :)

  • #203

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 01:55)

    @Clijsters3.. I'm GLAD Lucy likes cat.. coz I LUV cats verrrrryyyyyy much :))
    well.. if she pregnant we should congrats her, right? although from the photo it's a lil bit contrary that pregnant women shouldn't interact with cats

    Sorry guys.. can we move to other room? I enjoyed read the analysis, but it takes time to read all from my handy when the lines is longer and loooonger :D
    and maybe we need a moderator, to arrange other room.. so we aren't stuck here
    just an opinion

  • #204

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 02:39)

    why a moderator? we talk fine, don't we? I just like that it's not a big forum with thousands of people, talking about thousands of things... I have to admit. THIS I can take ;) ... lol!
    Dunno... what do you have in mind, tamu?

    About Jenny's mother's comment I'm still not sure how it was meant. But after listening to her again, I at least don't have the feeling that this comment was judgemental or totally negative. You can call a lesbian relationship in general rather uncommon, without judging.. in a quite neutral way. But well it can be that she was referring to the fact that this was a quite uncommon choice of her daughter. Maybe Jenny was around posh people in London or "in" people - Emma is deffo not something like that. And maybe the Hartmanns usually don't have to contact to "normal" people, which are not high society?
    I mean it's quite clear that Emma lives a very different life, wearing old clothes of her siblings and being in need for a part time job to buy a new bike - whereas Jenny is the spoiled single child of a well-heeled family.

  • #205

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 02:54)

    First off, I'm staying. No rules for me, thank you. I like it here.
    Second, totally agree hoppe and Kirsty. "Jenny's father just stares at Emma..." (My now father-in-law gave me that same stare a years ago.((processing-processing)). No judgment. It was all good. He just needed a moment.)

    Now, I'm not so sure Jenny was ever in rehab before Koln. I never got that impression. I think she got into a lot of trouble with drugs and was on a very bad path. Video evidence of that. Her parents had to make some tough love demands. She had this one last big chance to make better choices in OR ELSE she would have been sent to rehab. That is why she was able to look so smack your momma good when she came to Herr Bergmann's to live.

  • #206

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 03:26)

    My first days of Jemma were all over the place, piecing together bits here and there from various video sources (rarely subbed in English). Somehow I made any sense of it and never let go. Much like Jemma-love, it was hard work and often aggravating. Communication was a problem.
    When reading these posts I am still jumping all over the place, revisiting a scene where each of you might reference an episode. Back and forth and back around again. I think in spirals so this really works for me.

    I can no longer recall when my eyes met my first Jemmasode or at which episode I had fallen in hard love. I think it may have been the scene when Emma was wiping down the bar and Jenny complimented her smile ...how about you?

  • #207

    hoppetosse (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 03:29)

    @frananifan: That is why she was able to look so "smack your momma good"... - what does that expression mean?

  • #208

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 03:39)

    well I dunno, it's so long ago... hmm... I think it started for me when Emma sang "If I were a boy" so beautifully and intensely and with so much joy. Already before I loved Emma's dorkyness - but this reached my heart and soul and seeing Jenny watching her. We started translating back then in February/March also with Jasly, but it was instantly clear for me that I was into Jemma and nott Jasly at all ;)
    Maybe because I had to think of my own schooldays, but deffo because Emma was so NOT the typical woman-beauty, but just a natural funny, heartwarming student.

  • #209

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 03:53)

    @hoppe It's a southern US expression that I borrow from my Texas friend. (I am from northeast US). It is a food reference that means something tastes sooo good you want to smack your mother.
    I just melted the first time I heard her sing. I want more of that.

  • #210

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 03:54)

    I melted the first time I heard Emma sing that song, I mean.

  • #211

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 04:44)

    God, @frananifan, I'm so Texan that I naturally knew what you said. Of course, Texans usually just make this sh*t up on the fly.

    I think @tamu13 has a point. This thread is so long that it takes a while to get to the bottom on a mobile phone. And perhaps starting a new Jemmaholics page would a solution. A moderator or administrator can do that for us if it's the best solution.

    Also @frananifan Looking at the screencaps from ep 3, all I could think was "Lächeln, lächeln, lächeln" Emma's beaming with smiles!

  • #212

    KBee (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 04:56)

    Hey Peeps, I'd like to third the suggestion that maybe a new corner of the website be develoted to "JA", "Jemmaholics" or some other more creative name. This is a great discussion. Hope it continues. Love to read the analysis. Makes me see the episodes in a new light. Thanks!

  • #213

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 06:03)

    After further review, I think I'm going to interpret Frau Hartmann's remark as a unique, special, or "out of this world unnatural for mere humans super love" relationship.

  • #214

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 06:25)

    @san.. you've got my point , ty ;)

  • #215

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 06:54)

    @San So much has been flying around here...could you give me the scene you refer to in post #213? (you probably have it catalogued:)

    @tamu13 You know how Emma gets very winey when she is frustrated? She bops up and down and draws out the end of her words when she has to do something she would rather not do? Or flails around when she just doesn't understand? I am feeling this way about a change in venue. I can adapt but I will need time to process it. I have become quite fond of Ep234. Thank you for your understanding.

  • #216

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 06:57)

    @San Nevermind. I see #194. Thank you.

  • #217

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 07:20)

    @frananifan Ep 222, Love letter #2, Jenny's wearing that cute half-trench coat :)

    @tamu13 No problem. I understand completely. There's a lot of scrolling to do on this page :) I'm sure there's a good solution.

    It is kinda neat to have this organic collection of information at Ep 234. Sociologist can probably do several studies based on this one page.

  • #218

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 07:28)

    Hi lotte (total Jemma reference. Jenny says that word -well, I spelled it by ears, it sounded like that to me; my apologies to German speakers if I got it wrong- when leading and organizing the school strike, and I don't know why, it just makes me melt. I remember she was wearing some kind of crazy electro-pop outfit in that episode. Sorry, got sidetracked. But swoooon... :) ),

    I'll try to make it shorter* (edit in the last comment) tonight because I really need to get some sleep. I'm glad to see that my yesterday comment didn't seem to bother you by its length, and I feel really honored for the Jemma PhD mention.
    I wonder if I could use that in any way in my resume. If it could help me "upgrading" my job, that would be cool! :D
    I'm pretty sure there would be many ways to positively emphasize our addiction, work-wise I mean. Among other things:
    -passionate (Jemmaaaaaa!),
    -patient (cm'on Emma, stop backing up and go for it already!),
    -looking for group interaction (hello, Jemmaholics Anonymous),
    -propensity to analyze (in ep xxx, I think Jenny moves her left little finger at a Pi angle so it must mean that she intends to xxxxxx and thinks that xxxxxx...),
    -resilient (raise your hand if you watched some episodes a mad amount of times - consecutively or not - just to absorb every bit of it or to make sure you didn't miss any word, tone, look, or gesture subtlety...Yeah, that's what I thought... ;p ).

  • #219

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 07:28)

    Now, onto our lovely ladies story:

    About Jenny rehab, @frananifan:
    The reason I believed she went through all that process before coming to Köln is that she says to Emma in some ep at the end, when she's about to be sent in Ireland, something along those lines: "but it's not fun where I'm going". And even later (ep 225), when Jenny thanks Emma for preventing her "deportation" (can't find a better word. But Emma has become Jenny's country, afterall, so it would have kinda deportation), she said that without Emma she would have ended up in a place with "daily urine checks and a curfew".
    I think she knows what she's talking about.
    My guess on that character is that she's been through hell at her early teenage days, overcome her drug addiction for good not quite long ago (and it must have taken her some serious time and questioning. And willpower. Which makes her really admirable to me, if it's possible to admire a fictional character. ;) ), and is completely back on her feet, healthy and empowered when she lands in Köln.
    The weekly drug test routine at the Bergman's was part of the deal with her parents, for her to be trusted again I supposed, and she accepted it as such. She complies to it and any point she seems to doubt or feel scared about it (until arschloch Roonie enters the picture), because she knows she's cured, she won't relapse.
    The drawback of this situation is that, to gain back control over her life, she probably had to protect herself a lot using the "offensive is the best defense" mode, as somebody well put it yesterday. And that's often the Jenny we see in the early episodes.

  • #220

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 07:29)

    About Jenny past with girls:
    As a lot of people have stated, she's definitely been there, done that. :) Again, you can feel she knows what she's talking about. Mostly after Emma's comin out, when she tries to protect her with her own experience from being hurt by mean comments or acts: the tag on the locker, the dumb guy's comment when Jenny bumps into him in the courtyard, the warning in the stairs when she says to Emma "you know, not everybody is accepting/loving"...
    Each time she tries to prevent Emma from being slapped too hard by some unpleasant reality or always checks on her straight away, with a look, if she's not badly taken aback by the events (and I must say Emma is very surprising in these moments. Though saddened that her perfect love bubble is rudely shaken, she doesn't weaken. She's even the one thinking positive and moving forward, like for the tag she's the one to propose to cover it with a picture of Jenny and herself. Way to go, Emma!).
    Jenny seems blasé about all that, and she focuses only on Emma's well-being once Emma embraces her true feelings, but you can feel the scar.

  • #221

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 07:30)

    About Jenny's mom comment on "this unusual relationship":
    I, too, found that akward at first, as I think Jenny never hid her love life from her parents. Never made a big deal out of it either. She probably brought back home boys or girls, without making any statement, that was just it.
    But now I'm also convinced, like others said, that that comment was not geared toward the fact that it's a lesbian relationship. I agree with those who said it's more a "social status difference" comment, and that it has to do with Jenny previous lover "types".
    And I totally picture Jenny going at the time for, not necessarily the same social status type, but more hype provocative type, just to make her parents cringe. They seem so "neat" (in love + smart + rich + physically nice) that I can see Jenny, as the only child that she is, willing to create conflicts and provoke them back then. First, to shake up what must have been some kind of sterile home nest where everything looked like coming out of a fancy magazine, and second to desperately get some attention (her parents being that rich, they must have been career oriented, and also very often on business trips as we can guess).
    So yeah, I can see how Emma, down-to-earth, not-very-fashionable, humble, discreet and sensible must be an "unusual relationship" in the eyes of Jenny's mom. And I don't think there was anydespise in her voice when shesaid that (I'll have to re-watch, such a chore... ;p).

    *shorter comment = failed. I still had to edit this in separate posts to make it bearable. ;) But it's supposed to get better once the JA sessions find their pace. :D

  • #222

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 07:48)

    @Libellule You're my reference when I search for my next job :)

  • #223

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 08:07)

    @Libellule 'shorter comment=failed' yep but thanks. I love turning on my laptop in the mornings and seeing when you have to say. :) I think it's 'hi leute' that Jenny says all the time.
    Does anyone else pepper their speech with little german words now? My favourite is 'na ja - well..' and 'oder??- or??) and yes, the odd 'Arschloch' has crept in, if you say it with a smile.. <whispers> no-one knows you're calling them a bad name! :)
    Also, off topic, Heather Hogan has done it again- only gone and got me obsessed with another tv show with a lesbian character..Pretty Little Liars. Anyone seen it. Emily is great, no patch on Jemma but another character that's been handled so well. I've only just watched box set of 1st season but love it.

  • #224

    Prou (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 08:20)

    Sorry to interrupt your wonderful comments...
    Have you guys seen Heather's new post about Kasia's job at AE? Hillarious! I have to totally agree with her, how gay is Olivia's look!
    BTW, do you all get to see the comments written there? In every post about HaH i only get to see half of them...

  • #225

    Emily (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 10:04)

    @Libellule: Thanks again for your great analysis. I come here to read your comments everyday.

    I think Jemma is destined to be together when Jenny hit Emma's bike at the very first day she park her car at the school yard.

    The best part for me is the blanket kiss, so swoon.

    And Emma's smile after Jenny's first kiss to her that attracted me to watch them
    every single episode since then.

  • #226

    Susan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 10:10)

    @Libellule : Tote agree and thanks for your Jemma comments.

    @Emily : Only Petra will know about their destine.

    Shall we write to Petra for more details and does she agree with all Jemmaholics comments.

  • #227

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 11:55)

    Just noticed something, in episode 225 when Emma tells Jenny she's leading today :) before they dance, she must be leaning right in towards Jenny because it kind of looks like Jenny is bending backwards a bit into the counter. Makes this an even better moment..Go Emma!

  • #228

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 12:34)

    Great comments from everyone yet again. It's 'hi Leute' so bonus points for @Kirsty. Also I've watched series one of Pretty Little Liars and it's ok but give me Jemma anyday. I always say "Ich weiss nicht" (I don't know) mainly because I don't know a lot! no but seriously that pops into my head before the english for some reason. I took German till I was 17 but was never that good at, to be honest I didn't try that hard, but now I want to try harder to learn it.

    Just seen Heather's post on Kasia, I love it we can just make up what she's saying so everything could be about her and Jenny.

    The first scene I ever saw of Jemma was the blanket kiss after hearing about it from Heather Hogan. So obviously that had me hooked straight away. I went backwards from there and then got myself up to date with the aired eps.

  • #229

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 12:41)

    @Libellule.. you should have a blog or something :)
    Jemma makes me forget facebook .. for awhile :D
    actually.. we can share more interactive at JemmaInternational wall

  • #230

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 13:06)

    @Prou I know what you mean about only seeing a few comments on AE, on Heather's last HaH recap it said 24 comments but I only saw 2???

  • #231

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 14:30)

    @Libellule I am still analyzing the rehab idea. Please tell me if I'm beating it to death. I'm not convinced Jenny was to have experienced an addiction program. Her comments -"but it's not fun where I'm going", "daily urine checks and a curfew" could be her own motivation for staying away from drugs. I believe this because Jenny loves to party, especially drink. Right from the begining, she is very comfortable toasting her new classmates with Ben. She is the first one to lead the gang to "Chulos...or Saal1..as long as there is alcohol". I don't see drinking a problem for her at all, however, substance is substance. A program guides you choose between using and not, or am I misinformed? She does hesitate to open a bottle. She has no concerns about this.

  • #232

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 14:32)

    *She does NOT hesitate to open a bottle

  • #233

    Wired (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 15:16)

    Everytime I come back to this page I always say "Wow!" so...Wow! once again @Libellule you are the master and I love reading your comments! as @tamu13 and @san has mentioned I can understand wanting a separate page becuase scrolling down to read these comments is a bit tricky on a hand held device. Also comment #231 is getting long! I love this website and am hoping maybe we can get a page on this site? (Pretty please with Jemma on top?) I still find Facebook and other forums harder to follow but I like this spiral down of info and eps.

    Firstly I saw Heather's recap on Olivia and I nearly peed myself because she said the character was gay (in the first paragraph) and I was "no really?" no...that's not what Mel said! Then I kept reading and she confirmed the character is straight. Love what she does with the rewording of the scene though. I would love to read that I'm sure instead of following the Audl script!

    First time I got hooked on the story: it was originally from Heather's article (she got me hooked on Skins too) and the first scene I really remember that got me interested was the Jenny stalking Emma scene and "If I was a boy". The singing was great and I could tell something was going to happen between Jenny and Emma. So I spent the rest of that night until 2 am finding the earlier episodes watching them and having a glass of vino. I was lucky enough to find them with subs and all in one spot and 2 weeks later they were all pulled. After that I lost episodes so I'm slowly rewatching what I missed too. Also after the blanket kiss I was hooked for good and now I"m with you fellow Jemmaholics!

    By the way I constantly use what few German words throughout the day that I know as well as swearing in German. Though lately I've taken to wisperig Weenus and giggling during the day.

  • #234

    Randy (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 15:20)

    @Kirsty Yes, Jenny has both elbows on the counter and is leaning backwards as Emma is almost against her. This is such a hot scene. Also, when they start to dance, there's an almost imperceptible change in Jenny's facial expression, from smiling to "OMG I love this woman so much." And neither one breaks eye contact. Swoon!

  • #235

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 15:42)

    @Randy yep, swoon indeed. I'm not an actress so don't know what it's like, what goes through their heads when they're holding eye contact like that for so long. I mean eye contact for a length of time is a pretty personal, intimate thing so , again, hats off to Lucy and Kasia. In fact my hat is off and never going back on again!

    @ Wired WEENUS- me too! Makes me giggle every time.

    Re rehab or not: In ep 211 when Jenny is talking about her 'friend' with the drug problem Emma asks how the friend is today and Jenny says ' She's well again, but only because she had people who helped her' which is inconclusive damnit but I think she means friends, maybe family.

    Also, how old is she now? Because how come she and a friend could just run away on a big junkie holiday to Goa? At what the age of 15? 16?

  • #236

    Randy (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 16:00)

    @Kirsty So many of us have taken our hats off to Lucy and Kasia that Jemmaholics alone could ruin the hat business!

  • #237

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 16:25)

    @Kirsty and Randy I've said before that I think there was more than acting in some of these scenes;)

  • #238

    Randy (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 17:04)

    @frananifan You're probably right. The intensity of so many of the scenes would seem to make it impossible for any actor to not respond personally to the intimacy, particularly since actors also rely on their own experiences and feelings to bring characters to life, and while acting they are "in the moment."

  • #239

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 17:40)

    @Randy That's my fantasy and I'm going with it! Seriously, could you spend day after adorable day (with either of them) and fake it if it wasn't awesome? Is anyone that good at their craft? ....so dreamy...

  • #240

    Randy (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 17:54)

    @frananifan You're so spot on. And I think the red ears say so much. To answer your two questions: No! And probably not.

  • #241

    Prou (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 18:04)

    @Randy @frananifan i agree with you that there has to be more than good acting skills to their great chemistry... this is what lucy said a while ago...
    Kasia and I take this (job) incredibly seriously, that both of us like our roles, and that we like each other. As an actress, you have to be able to play a story like this convincingly, even if your feelings for your partner are completely different off-screen. But I think that if there was a sort of dislike, it would somehow show, especially because you cannot hide so much from the camera.

  • #242

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 18:06)

    Finally got to watch ep.225 and yes Emma is all over Jenny! Just shows how much Emma grew in confidence from the early episodes with Hotte. It really is incredible what talented actresses they are, the 100% commitment they put into their roles and made us all swoon. Also with soaps it's a really fast production so they don't have loads of time to do loads of re-takes, which makes it amazing that time and time again they got each scene spot on. I'm really excited to see what type of character Olivia is and how different she is to Emma and if Kasia can pull it off.

    @Frananifan Jenny doesn't seem to have a problem with alcohol (just when it has a strawberry in it) like you said in Chulos with Ben on her first night she was drinking and in Saal 1 she was always getting the Champagne out. But she was what 13 when she had success as Little Heart? and while at Cologne she celebrates a birthday 18th/19th? So that's about 6 years in which she became addicted to drugs caused all sorts of trouble for her Eltern but also managed to get clean and finish her education with different people. I don't if that suggests she has been to rehab or not, but when she told Emma about her 'friend' that's doing better now because she had people to help her I think she was talking about her Eltern as they sent her away from her friends and bad influences.

  • #243

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 18:20)

    @Clijsters3: Agreed. I don't want to imagine my Jenny in formal rehab treatment.

    @Emily: "...Emma's smile after Jenny's first kiss to her that attracted me to watch them
    every single episode since then." Danke. The image is warming me all over.

    @Kirsty: weenus

  • #244

    Hoppetosse (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 18:49)

    dear! dear! dear! so many posts since last night! and all so spot on... thanks!
    About moving... only if it's clear that the focus stays on those good discussions... pretty please??? I'm a bit afraid that if it's getting an extra page with a headline thousands of people come along and it's getting unclear "unübersichtlich" like all the forums.... (now I start Emma-ing about future dangers for this sweet little enclave!! ;) )

  • #245

    Hoppetosse (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 18:53)

    @Emily: this scene of Emma after the first kiss of Jenny is one of my favourite moments. Emma is "channeling" so much intense bliss and joy, it's so pure and somewhat innocent - like "heaven" itself, if you use symbols like that. I always say to this scene: Emma is a "fool at heart"

  • #246

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 19:07)

    @Emily and @Hoppetosse That smile says so much *sigh*. It's like an un-containable joy. Her first, instinctual reaction was happiness and the fear and worry slowly creeps in.

  • #247

    Randy (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 19:32)

    @Hoppetosse About moving, well said. I like the coziness of this "sweet little enclave" and the intellectual stimulation and humor.

  • #248

    Wired (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 19:43)

    @Hoppetosse yes that smile was really fantastic. I actually think of that smile as the sun coming out from the clouds. Kasia has a fantastic smile! I like your "fool at heart" for Emma!

    @Clijsters3 Emma has totally changed by the end of the show and her confidence was also shown when she shut Caro down after she commented on how Jenny was handling (or not handling) her parents death. That scene was great! Emma definitely had a backbone there!

    About Lucy and Kasia's chemistry it was definitely there off screen which helped with the on screen chemistry! The red ears!!! I would have more then red ears if Lucy touched me the way she did - acting or not! woo hoo!

  • #249

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 19:51)

    @Emily @Hoppetosse @San Emma's smile was pure joy, I don't think she could have worn a bigger smile. At that moment she was so happy, can I also say I love the sound of Jenny running up the stairs, she can't get away fast enough as though she's scared of Emma's reaction. She's layed herself on the line and showed Emma how she really feels towards her. And although she doesn't usually have a problem with showing her emotions this time it's different because it's Emma, sweet, innocent Emma. And yes I got all of that from the sound of Jenny's footsteps!

  • #250

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 19:58)

    HAHAHA the sound of her running! She can't move fast enough!

  • #251

    kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:00)

    don't leave, I like our little elite group. Especially whilst I have no time to comment. At least I can keep up to date, and I know who'll be here. Sorry I need familiarity or I go all Emma too!

  • #252

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:05)

    Ok, so there have been almost 50 posts today. It's easy enough to scroll down on a laptop etc but I can see how others on hand held devices would be frustrated. Maybe we can have a section where we start a new page every 2 or 3 days or something? I'm not sure but I know the JI guys can think of a solution... A closed Facebook group is also an idea but I guess not everyone is on Facebook.

    @Wired loved that scene when Emma shut Caro down. I think out of all the characters on the show Emma has made the biggest journey, grown in confidence. Don't think Caro could quite believe it!

  • #253

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:07)

    @Clijsters3 I didn't hear the sound of Jenny running up the steps! Must go check... :)

  • #254

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:14)

    @Kittykatcop I know what you mean about wanting familiarity and everyone is so nice on here (sucking up much?!). I also like the fact you called us the elite group like on HaH, although that means no Emma. It's so easy just to come here read everyone's excellent comments and add something if you want. Plus I'm not on facebook or anything like that, so I want to stay on here for selfish reasons as well. Maybe a different page would be ok, ich weiss nicht.

    @Wired How did Kasia manage to make her go red? Was it just the Jenny/Lucy effect? I guess that's enough. Like you said I think we'd all go red and more if it happened to us.

  • #255

    Clijster3 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:16)

    @Kirsty She makes quite a racket considering she's a graceful dancer!

  • #256

    Wired (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:50)

    @Clijsters3 wow you got all of that from her footsteps! You are awesome! Seriously you're right she couldn't get away fast enough! Too bad she missed that smile from Emma! Though if she did see it her total adorableness (is that a word?) would have probably resulted in more kissing and...well it might have gotten out of hand quite suddenly! @San yes it was nice to see Emma actually enjoy something before Emmaing out!

    Is that another research topic? How many times do Kasia's ears go red when Jenny is near? Also can we define what the "Jenny Effect" would be? Red ears with bouts of pizza ballet?

    You guys are great! You make me laugh too much at work! Does anyone have a direct line to the JI group for a solution?

  • #257

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011)

    @Clijster3 Don't worry I would definitely let Emma retake the test, not like horrid Goetting.

  • #258

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 21:06)

    Apologies @Clijsters3 spelled your name wrong. (See we're awfully polite here, that's another thing I like, it never degenerates into bad behaviour or language........well not tooooooo much ;)

  • #259

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 21:21)

    @Clijsters3 haha just heard Jenny clattering up the stairs, how did I not notice that before?! And what shoes did she have on there, I wonder, not her trainers anyway. How gorgeous does Jenny look just before she kisses Emma. My goodness, Lucy's eyes- so big, so beautiful..ahem, where was I? And Emma does 3 quick things after the kiss..she does the big sun-coming-out-from-behind-clouds smile, then 'Emmas out' when she checks to see if anyone saw them and lastly she has another smaller, more contained,less spontaneous smile which is so sweet

  • #260

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 22:18)

    @Kirsty I just melted from your description! Excuse me while I recorporealize.

    @Clijsters3 You always notice the wonderful details! Those steps do say so much. Jenny had to run away because if she saw any negative reaction from Emma, she would've died.

  • #261

    Wired (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 22:29)

    @San I think that's the first tome I've seen someone use recorporealize in a comment! Very appropriate after a Jemma moment! Cool!

  • #262

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 22:31)

    @Wired I spent a good 5 minutes looking up the spelling, so I'm glad the time didn't go to waste :)

  • #263

    frananifan (Freitag, 16 September 2011 00:33)

    @San (ref. post #217) I finally got a chance to go back and visit ep 222 Love Letter #2. I had not noticed Jenny's kiss print on her letter before. This made me feel sad.

    So to cheer myself, I found the episode where Ben and Jenny had meaningless sex (ep 138-coincidently, Love Letter #1) because when Jenny looks at the camara and thinks of Emma I just crack up laughing. I remember feeling weepy while Emma writes the letter (even though I had keine ahnung what she was saying) and then getting pissed off at Jenny for ruining everything. But then that look! Laughed my arse off (I must have been hormonal that day).

  • #264

    San (Freitag, 16 September 2011 01:06)

    @frananifan OMG! That look is so soap opera!!! I woke up this morning singing that Sister Act song, so you know what I was watching just before bed :)

  • #265

    Hoppetosse (Freitag, 16 September 2011 01:47)

    no big comment, as I have to go to bed - but, well maybe I'd rethink joing FB if you all want to go there ;) another thing... there are possibilities for closed forums who work through invitation... but wel just ideas, maybe here is also a solution possible - good night!

  • #266

    tamu13 (Freitag, 16 September 2011 03:58)

    ok.. for those who use hand held + pc .. problem solved.. just click "Kommentar schreiben" and voila.. it ended at the last comment.. but still have to scroll up and remembering the last comments have been read ;)

  • #267

    Wired (Freitag, 16 September 2011 05:17)

    @Frananifan Holy cow I felt the same way about that Ben sex scene! I was so mad at Jenny for doing that when Emma was writing her heartfelt letyet and finally accepting her and Jenny being together!

    I have to rewatch her face though I don't remember that face. I loved Emma's singing though for Sister Act!

  • #268

    Randy (Freitag, 16 September 2011 06:49)

    @Wired Regarding your comment in #256, there are also a few times when Jenny's ears are red too. Most of the time her hair covers her ears, unlike Emma's short hair. And there are the times when faces are flushed, and it's not from the makeup on cheeks. It's time to re-watch episodes (I'll never get tired of doing it) and count those moments.

    frananifan, I hope you're reading this too.

  • #269

    San (Freitag, 16 September 2011 06:55)

    Two of my favorite Emma moments from early Jemma, besides "If I Were a Boy" and The Kiss of course. (1) Her reaction after Jenny takes the last sausage (108) - she just kinda blinks and thinks "what's that all about?" (2) When she apologizes about her "normal" comment (105) after helping Jenny open her locker (a mirror to the coffee machine). It's so sweet!

    @tamu13 Great discovery! Might be worthy of the Noble Prize for the advancement of Ep 234 :)

  • #270

    Kirsty (Freitag, 16 September 2011 07:15)

    Viva ep 234! I have this weird thing about numbers. I like repeating numbers, palindromic numbers and numbers in sequence so, that our discussion is under episode number 234 makes me happy :)

    Just watched a little bit of Jemma working in Saal 1 when Jenny is taking about Emma flirting with the lady customer and Emma says she's 'normal'..hadn't really noticed Jenny's reaction before, and her face. It's almost as if she's been hit. Surprised that I hadn't noticed though because HaH for some reason have put a sound effect in there! wtf. It's like they're saying 'pay attention everyone, this is an important moment!!@

  • #271

    Libellule (Freitag, 16 September 2011 08:34)

    Tonight I promise, it should be shorter*. Not because I'm running out of analysis to share, but because it's crazy busy at work at the moment and I come back home later and later; and I really, really need to get some sleep. Jemma, what have you done to my life? I've lost complete sense of priorities since I met you. :D

    About Jenny drug past, @frananifan again ;)
    It's really interesting to see how we both perceived this character's background story quite differently.
    To me Jenny equals intensity; everything goes by extremes with her, there's no inbetween. The way she acts, the way she judges, the way she looks (at people, but also how she looks. :D), the way she feels, and of course the way she loves.
    So if she used to be a drug addict, she must have let herself go to it fully, intensely. And to get out of it, it musn't have been smooth, she would have needed help (as in rehab), her own motivation wouldn't be sufficient to break the vicious circle of this kind of dependency.
    Well, I'm completely speculating here (and that's what we all do at JA, and it's real fun, I love it! :) ) but my perception is also based on "facts":
    -how she helps Sophie to recover, perfectly knowing what to do or what to say (like when she says that the drug has to go out of her system first - before being able to think or do anything -),
    -how she later lectures her (Sophie) for not knowing what kind of sh*t she bought and took,
    -how she acts when drugged by Arschloch Roonie (yes, I've decided that guy deserved the capital arschloch. Some people are called by Mister, he goes by Arschloch. ;p ),
    -how she describes her past when confessing to Emma,
    -or how her parents react when they believe she relapsed.

    And I agree, she doesn't shy from the bottle as well, which is not surprising if she was that hard "powder" addict. But the big difference is that alcohol never seemed to be something she could not control (I mean, the flashback she has of her drug past is some dance club bathroom where she was snorting cocaine, no less - and making out right after her fix with that creepy much older guy, ew - ).

  • #272

    Libellule (Freitag, 16 September 2011 08:35)

    About Emma smile after Jenny kissed her for the first time:
    You all described it very well. That moment is sublime, and it's pure acting perfection. How she gathers herself up in a nanosecond when the fact that she's in the middle of the school corridor hits her brain is just...ah, love it to no end! :)

    About Jenny running fast after that kiss, @Clijsters3
    Well, there's a lot at stake in that moment for her. She's taking a big chance, and it's logical that she's scared of Emma's reaction, she could be violently rejected (as in that scene when Timo surprises them, and Emma freaks out... That scene ripped my heart out for Jenny), so better not outstay to see that. But mostly I think Jenny's scared of her own feelings at that very moment, because now it makes her really vulnerable. And till then it was probably the other way around in her life, meaning her making others vulnerable.

    On that note, I gonna Jemma-dream. Nite nite, leute.
    PS: 270 comments on that page before I send mine(s). It's official, we now have posted more than there were episodes on HaH! :p

    *Edited in only 2 posts, woot-woot, I make progress! Though I have to admit I had to restrict myself. Actually I haven't consciously made that choice, it's my body that decided I had to leave my keyboard for my bed. :D

  • #273

    Randy (Freitag, 16 September 2011 09:04)

    @Kirsty I think that sound effect (like a whooshing) was meant to emphasize Jenny's "hit in the face" reaction to Emma's "I'm normal" speech, although her facial expression was spot on and didn't need the extra sound.

  • #274

    Kirsty (Freitag, 16 September 2011 14:29)

    @Randy They do seem to like their music and sound effects. We're not really used to that in our soaps in Britain. Or 'soap-opera faces' like Jenny's in the Ben-sex ep.
    Oh and now I will have to search for instances of Jenny with red ears or looking flushed...;)

  • #275

    Kirsty (Freitag, 16 September 2011 14:59)

    As was suspected ,Lucy is going back to musicals. Starts in 'Rebecca' in Stuttgart in December. I am saving already! Already going to see Wicked in Holland in November. So excited :))

  • #276

    Hoppetosse (Freitag, 16 September 2011 15:05)

    I'm with you Libelulle, that Jenny is a kind of extreme person. When you talked about that cocaine scene + making out with this guy, I had to think of Jenny's comment to Emma (dunno which epi atm) in the classroom, that Emma shouldn't give so much attention to Ronnie + they should rather concentrate on better things. There she said that she's known too many guys like Ronnie. I think this olde guy in that scene was one of them and she deeply regrets being involved with him.
    What I am still wondering though, is how Jenny is able to be that easy going with alcohol then. Isn't it difficult with all drugs if you have a structure of dependence/addiction? She seems like there is no problem with drugs at all, I must admit, until the Ronnie story comes up - so I'm sometimes not sure, if I just don't know enough about addictions (or how different people are able to cope with it) or if there is a weak spot in the story- and characterbuilding of Jenny.

    on a totally other note: it feels sometimes a bit awkward to have these discussions here on the basis of clips, when JI is strongly opposed to that. (see comment of Ami here: http://eurout.org/2011/07/19/jemma-did-deed-and-it-was-totally-hot and their statement here: http://www.jemmainternational.org/2011/06/09/r-e-s-p-e-c-t/
    I cite from there: "First of all show respect to Sat1. Do you know any other channel that ever ungeoblocked their series for the whole world before? No? They have made a HUGE step in the directions of the fans, so be respectful and give a bit back, okay? Don't take it for granted. It is nothing but disrespectful to post links to videos of not only the clips and episodes that already have been aired, but especially to the ones that did not even air yet! The only thing you're doing there is to put damage to yourself. Because what will Sat1 do? Take down the clips and episodes and learn that there is no sense to make advances to the fans, so that in the future they will not listen to you, and not fulfill your wishes again. That would be really, really sad. So please think about this."
    I don't know if their opinion is still like that and I see it a bit different (more like Xiaochang Li in the podcast of Claire - and in addition there were quite some attempts to work together with SAT1, but there was no interest in this shown) - but I think we should respect that opinion. So I feel a bit strange to "use" their site for these conversations which are based on material which is not supported by JI.

  • #277

    Randy (Freitag, 16 September 2011 15:27)

    @Kirsty HaH is the first soap I've watched, so I don't know whether U.S. soaps use music and sound effects. Maybe someone else knows.

    Thanks for the update on Lucy's next project. After all the dramatic scenes in HaH, which Lucy did so well, a musical is probably a good way to wind down.

    Have fun looking for those red ears/flushed faces scenes.

  • #278

    Kirsty (Freitag, 16 September 2011 15:45)

    @Hoppetosse I agree with you about feeling a bit awkward about using this site when we know their stance on clips. but... should we look into an invitation only facebook site then??

    After a bit more investigation I have discovered 'Rebecca' is on from 10th December until 31st March in Stuttgart. I would imagine it will move somewhere else after that maybe Berlin, musicals seem to do that in Germany apparently.

  • #279

    frananifan (Freitag, 16 September 2011 15:45)

    @Randy and others. I am reading, reading, reading, thinking about Jenny's ears, Emma dressed as Janis Joplin, trying to conjure a way to Stuttgart, and wondering why my Jemma-friend Hoppetosse feels awkward.

    Hoppe, do you feel any of this is disrepectful? No links in these conversations. Only reference to episodes. Perhaps I am missing something in your statement but I want you to enjoy this without worry. I think we are keeping the story alive. Please help me understand better.

  • #280

    Hoppe (Freitag, 16 September 2011 17:00)

    @frananifan: well, I'm not totally sure if it's disrespectful or not... LOL. Maybe it's just my personal thing, since I belong to a group who is doing... "which is not supported by JI". ;) And maybe JI doesn't mind it at all. It's just so nice and easy going here, very convinient that you can also have a look at the other pages here... LOL! Soooo tbh... I'm not sure... just wanted to see how you all see it.
    @Kirsty: hmmm, yeah FB... are you all FBers?...

  • #281

    San (Freitag, 16 September 2011 17:32)

    @Hoppe I understand the awkwardness. In fact, earlier on the page someone commented that we're discussing things that they didn't have access to because the link was deleted. However, much of the discussion does center around the Jemma-clips available on the Sat.1 site. Anyway, I feel the more extensive Jemma repositories (to use a highly professional archive term to legitimize it) is a mere stop-gap while we wait for all the DVDs to become available. I, for one, vow to buy them all. Hear that Sat.1! I love you, but we have an addiction to feed :)

    Not everyone is on FB, and it's not a perfect solution. A FB group would be nice as an auxiliary site that allows people to post and comment on images and media (trying to keep it as classy and legitimate as JI).

  • #282

    frananifan (Freitag, 16 September 2011 19:51)

    I see this place (Ep 243) exactly as it has been labled:
    Kommentar schreiben. Almost all comments are about the show.

    Facebook makes me think too much about frequent changes to settings and privacy. I am afraid my addiction could be exposed to those who don't understand me like you people do. (I'm getting a little red myself thinking about that)

  • #283

    frananifan (Freitag, 16 September 2011 20:15)

    WAIT!! I am not doing anything I should be ashamed of, damn it!
    God, I never realized how much of an Emma I can be sometimes.

  • #284

    Randy (Freitag, 16 September 2011 20:15)

    @frananifan When anywhere but here, cover your ears and no one will see how red they get and know that you're a Jemmaholic. My two cents worth: I'm not on Facebook, don't want to be on Facebook, love it here.

  • #285

    hoppe (Freitag, 16 September 2011 20:34)

    goood! then just let's move on with it! bring it on! ;)
    @frananifan: LOL! and again LOL! Well you should know how we looove red ears and heads, don't we? All people Emma-ing are very welcome (I do easily blush as well - hehe)

  • #286

    Kirsty (Freitag, 16 September 2011 21:24)

    Cool, we stay here just now then. It's nice here in our little, colourful Jemma world. As long as we're happy :) No-one else understands my Jemma addiction, I've given up trying to show them how wonderful it is. And no-one will understand why I have to save up and fly from Scotland to go to Stuttgart to see Lucy. Even though I can't realistically go until March I'm getting red ears just thinking about it :)

    I have sent three e-mails to Sat1 so far asking if they would un-geoblock 'Anna und die Liebe' episodes but have had no replies. I wonder if anyone else has tried. I said to myself I wasn't bothered about watching it as people keep saying it was a rubbish show , well in comparison to HaH, and I was still cross with Sat1 for stopping HaH. But now I've seen the pics of Kasia as Olivia I think I would like to watch her. Will be strange to see her kissing a guy though..

  • #287

    Randy (Freitag, 16 September 2011 22:08)

    @Kirsty Speaking of watching Kasia as Olivia kissing a guy, did you see the eye roll Emma does in episode140/055 when she's reading in the lounge area at school and overhears the snooty/snarky girls talking about guys? Priceless!

    We'll understand why you have to save up, fly from Scotland, and see Lucy on stage in Stuttgart. We probably wish we could go too. Imagine all those red ears in one theater.

  • #288

    frananifan (Samstag, 17 September 2011 00:14)

    Oh Kirsty you have a home here! I understand everything you said including your sacrifice to get to Stuttgart. (I'm just not seeing a way for me to do it)

    Randy, was that the scene right before she goes after Caro? I need to see that tussle again.

  • #289

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 00:38)

    @frananifan It happens just before Caro arrives. A few girls are sitting around blathering about guys while Emma reads her book. She does the eye roll and something with her mouth. So cute!

  • #290

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 01:02)

    @frananifan Also if you look at the Jemma Clip (here on JI) "A Little Dance," there's something interesting. When Jenny and Emma are taking off their jackets at the beginning, something off scene catches Jenny/Lucy's eye, and she briefly glances to the right. I wonder what it was?

  • #291

    frananifan (Samstag, 17 September 2011 03:10)

    Oh Randy you led me right into a little trap. I went to the JI clip to investigate that glance. At first, I wondered about it too. The next thing I know my chin is resting in both of my hands, my smile is huge and I'm all caught up in the love. I can live off this stuff. So I watched again.
    I've been whistleing The Girl From Impanema for the past two hours. My wife is home now and she just doesn't get it. I laugh. She laughs at me. But she just doesn't get it.

  • #292

    Wired (Samstag, 17 September 2011 03:11)

    Hey everyone! I've been reading but not able to comment til now - sadly I've had to kind- of hide the constant checking of this site because it's much too hard for me to explain my Jemma obsession. And yes my ears are red just saying that because as frananifan

  • #293

    Wired (Samstag, 17 September 2011 03:21)

    Said I'm doing nothing wrong! Ok Emmaness over...

    So no FB - my two cents yay! I also feel this is so much easier. Though we are now quoting comment numbers with episode numbers!

    @Kristy I wish I had the opportunity to do what you are doing! We definitely understand and I'm jealous!

    @Randy and @Frananifan I love that scene of course but when Jenny is stroking Emma's shoulder and saying it was the best day of her life I don't think she was actually looking at Emma was she? I thought she should have for a connection...thoughts anyone?

  • #294

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 03:57)

    @frananifan Traps can be fun! But I wish we knew what Jenny/Lucy looked at. The beginning of The Girl From Impanema scene is, for me, one of the sexiest in HaH (and it doesn't hurt that the singer, Astrud Gilberto, has a sexy voice). Emma is so in control, so assertive, and so much in love. And Jenny is enjoying every moment. I watch that scene every day. Except for the ending, I think episode 225 is outstanding. Did you see the eye roll in 140/055?

  • #295

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 04:09)

    @Wired Are you referring to the scene right after they stop dancing or later when Jenny is half sitting up and Emma is half lying down against the blankets? If the latter, then Jenny isn't looking at Emma. She's gazing off, perhaps processing everything Emma means to her. I would have preferred eye contact here.

  • #296

    Libellule (Samstag, 17 September 2011 05:54)

    That would be cool to have a Rebecca's Corner on the site then, as there's a Kosmar's Corner. No favoritism. ;p

    Talking about corners, what about a Jemmaholics' Corner or a tab called Rehab 234 (this is for numbers fetichists.:D)? There would be a next page button every 50 comments, so no more problem of scrub bar, and we could keep processing Jemma till the end of time.
    JI, would you like to provide that nest for our poor little souls with Jemma withdrawals? We're bent to you anyway, and we promise infinite respect. :)

    And talking about respect, if I may also share my humble opinion on the matter:

    This website and its posts are ones of the most respectful I have ever seen. That's why, no matter what, I check it every day. Well, night. :) It's part of my daily web routine, along with checking my emails and a few other websites/blogs.
    Though I started joining into the discussions not long ago, I was an avid reader from the get-go. And to my knowledge, it's always been respectful, interesting, and funny.
    I understand that some of us could feel less "conscience clear" because of the way they access to certain clips, but as @frananifan stated, here we only refer to episodes without posting any link, just to discuss on specific scenes/moments. If it can help make some feel better, maybe everyone could agree on refering only to real episode numbers, no "alternate" ones?

    And as it was so well said in @frananifan comment, (quote:) "we are keeping the story alive". All these posts under episode 234 just show how deep we've been touched by it.
    And I find us impressively constant in our desire to nicely dissect each Jemma second, eyelash, word, breath, or touch, every single day. Every. Single. Day. Can you believe that? And the show has been over for more than 2 weeks now (bwaaahhhh, noooo, snif, crying rivers the size of the English Channel, feeling like a sinking crashed plane...sorry, where was I?...Ah, yes, constant...).
    I love how all these discussions challenge my propensity to analyze. It's great to re-think, question and search for what we felt and why at some precise points because we read someone's else perspective.

    And what amazes me (and make this website really stands out from the others) is that we actually keep lovingly focusing on Jemma and the way it was interpreted by its 2 brilliant actresses.
    Most of the times, from what I've seen, discussions about shows/storylines end up on gossips on actors personal lives (this I find disrespectful), but not here. From time to time we just exchange interesting tidbits on their professional lives, all in true admiration of their work.
    So I'd say we totally behave, and without any moderator. We're grand, leute! :D

  • #297

    San (Samstag, 17 September 2011 06:25)

    @Libellule Well said. This is a wonderful and very respectful place, like an analytical wonderland! It's funny, I've been thinking of Ep 234 as "Jemmaholics Anonymous will be meeting in Room 234" :)

    Re: Jenny Stares

    @Wired and @Randy I don't know, I kinda like that dreamy stare in 225. It's a very tender moment. The stare that I can't explain is the one at the lockers in 175 (Jemma Clip "Everyone should see it!"). Jenny seems to just space out for a second. Maybe it's consistency of character, when Jenny is overwhelmed with emotion, she spaces out.

    @frananifan There are two Jenny stares in ep 138. I might have confused them and the one that you referred to in comment #263. The one that amuses me is when Jenny stares off and flashbacks to the banner kiss right before she calls Ben. I can just hear the director saying, "ok, now stare off into space. Great! Cut!" The stare at the end when she's with Ben. I don't see it as her thinking of Emma (that's probably why I got them confused). I think she successfully, at least for a brief moment, was thinking of absolutely nothing. At the same time, Emma's euphoric stare on stage is kinda odd, but I think her mind was pretty wiped as well. If Jenny was thinking of Emma, she would have had a look of regret. In fact, the first time I saw the scene, I expected that regret to set in at some point. Of course, this can be up for debate.

  • #298

    Wired (Samstag, 17 September 2011 06:41)

    Hey @Randy! yes it's the one where they are lying in the blankets. I thought there would have been eye contact there so maybe she is processing. Emma definitely is leading and I think Jenny really likes it!

  • #299

    Kirsty (Samstag, 17 September 2011 07:08)

    Re: Jenny stares Ok, I'm going to have to go and look back at these when I'm less busy at work but just quickly.. I have a stare that stands out for me. Maybe it's more Jenny spacing out but at Chulos just after Ronnie has threatened Emma up against the wall, Emma comes back through and asked Jenny if she's ordered the drinks. But Jenny is just staring at Sophie and probably thinking back to her drug-fuelled days. So it's more an intentional space out but I like it, it's well done. And what was the red mark on Lucy's back in that scene? She's obviously been leaning against sometime for a while, or something.

  • #300

    Kirsty (Samstag, 17 September 2011 07:09)

    ..'leaning against something' that should be :)

  • #301

    Wired (Samstag, 17 September 2011 07:59)

    Hi all, just popping in to agree that this group really is the most respectful, non-flaming, funny, insightful bunch I've seen or been involved with.

    @libellule as usual your spot on and referring to the actual episode numbers is fair I think. @San rm 234 for Jemmaholics Annonymous sounds good!

    @ all we'll keep it going I'm sure. I'm still watching the early 100 numbered episodes and seeing things that tie in still!

  • #302

    Libellule (Samstag, 17 September 2011 08:45)

    Each day I read every single comment, and so many have been posted lately.
    In random order:
    Jemma destiny, red ears, how we've been Jemma-hooked, Jenny's footsteps, Emma's smile, first kiss, sound effect, Jenny's face thinking about Emma while having sex with Ben, recorporealization, eye rolls, Jemma repositories, missed eye contact, and so on...
    I suddenly feel dizzy and I don't know where to start anymore. It's like a fast-speed flashback of the Jemma ride and I don't know on which "frame" to pause and discuss. So while my brain tries to organize a proper flow out of this lovely orgy of Jemma visions, I'll share another thought, not relevant to any specific episode. Actually yes, relevant to all of them. :p

    In reference to @Kirsty post #223, asking "Does anyone else pepper their speech with little german words now?" and because Jemma is all about corporal language, I was thinking a lot about words today. Neologism from Jemma's world, to be precise. Because each time I read "Emma-ing", "pizza-ballet" or "weenus", I smile from ear to ear. These should officially enter all dictionaries as of now.
    I think Emma-ing and pizza-ballet are Heather Hogan-trademarked, so she should be the one to submit them to the WELA (=Worldwide Elite Language Academy). We'd propose some others and in no time we could have a full encyclopedia (in 234 tomes).
    As everybody here has an inner understanding of what Emma-ing and pizza-ballet mean, we'll skip definitions and examples of use.
    But what about:

    -Jennytastic, adj.--- divinely gorgeous, killer hot (with crazy leggings)
    As in : You look totally Jennytastic today!

    -beaben(-ning), verb --- being annoyingly (and constantly) hesitant
    As in: Stop beabenning, you're driving me crazy! Make up your mind already!

    -hotterian, n.--- nice looking fashionable dorky geek
    As in: I went to a Necronomicon convention in Köln and the room was full of hotterians.

    -Müller terrier, n.--- newfound terrier race with puppy eyes that make one's melt, but with a raging heart if provoked. Very good at chasing planes.

    -vogel me, interj.--- sorry, I'm late.

    -mickle, v.--- crossing eyes and pouting in a try-hard-to-look-sensual manner when angry or unsatisfied
    --- stalking
    As in: He used to mickle at her in the school corridor.

    -bodot, n.--- smurf-shaped hat that one's wears inconditionally.
    As in: I forgot my bodot at home this morning, and I feel completely hair-exposed.

    HaHddictedly yours,

    Libellule :)

  • #303

    Libellule (Samstag, 17 September 2011 09:09)

    Room 234, like it! And it sounds better to say: "Sorry, guys, I have to fly, I have some evening class in Room 234" than "I have to go for Rehab 234". Also, in work context, you can use the excuse: "I can't attend this xyz meeting, I have an important conference call in Room 234".


  • #304

    Libellule (Samstag, 17 September 2011 09:20)

    In my post #302, I wrote "because Jemma is all about corporal language". I meant "body language".
    Saying that because I just checked "corporal" translation/definition and it doesn't seem to mean exactly the same as "(related to the)body".

  • #305

    Kirsty (Samstag, 17 September 2011 11:35)

    @Libellule oh my goodness, I am standing here in my shop totally giggling away to myself reading your new words, thank goodness no customers in. Brilliant!

  • #306

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 17 September 2011 11:55)

    Hi Leute. I couldn't come here for a full 24hours and been getting withdrawl symptons...seriously I've got a cold. But I did come face to face with a group of German's yesterday, unfortunately no Lucy/Kasia lookalikes. I wanted to ask them if they watched HaH but couldn't pluck up the courage!

    Anyway more importantly I've been catching up with everyone's comments and I'm glad you enjoyed analysing Jenny's footsteps! Who knew there could be such hidden depths in a pair of running feet?

    I like the idea of Room 234 @Randy I'm not on facebook and don't want to be, being here suits me just fine. I've missed so much I can't comment on everything, mainly because I need to see all the scenes everyone's been discussing like Emma's eye rolling and Jenny's mysterious red mark on her back. That just makes me laugh, we really do like to analyse everything.

    @Kirsty thanks for the info on Lucy's next work commitment can't wait to read the reviews for it and how lucky are you?! I'd want to run onto the stage and give her a big hug, but then I'd probably get arrested so my advice is don't do it!

    @Libellule you really do like to go one step further and I applaud you for it, creating our very own Jemma dictionary - genius! I'll have a think and see if I can add anything to it. My favourite is vogel me.

    @Kittykatcop danke fur spelling my name right, we really are a lovely bunch of Jemmaholics aren't we?

    Right I'd better get counting how many times Emma's ears go red.

  • #307

    Kirsty (Samstag, 17 September 2011 12:16)

    Luzi adj- totally cool and relaxed about things
    As in ' my sister was beabenning about which pair of shoes to buy, I was getting annoyed but the shop assistant was completely Luzi and waited patiently for her to decide...
    @ Clijsters aw, hope you're feeling better soon x I don't know what I'd say to Lucy if I meet her when I lurk at the stage door- I'll probably turn into a mumbling idiot...

  • #308

    kittykatcop (Samstag, 17 September 2011 12:57)

    Limo v. It was clear they were Limoed. (meant to be together since childhood).
    PS my phones having a field day saving these new verbs and adjectives to predictive text.

  • #309

    kittykatcop (Samstag, 17 September 2011 13:49)

    Hahelogue (haa-he-log) n. To monologue through song. Usu. involves an Aula, ipod, piano or car stereo.

  • #310

    kittykatcop (Samstag, 17 September 2011 14:54)

    Jeggings (jeggingz) n. Leggings made from multiple coloured fabric. Usu. sparkly and combined with magic shoes, as modelled by Jenny Hartmann. Not to be mistaken for the British invention of leggings made from mock denim fabric, as modelled by people who really shouldn't be wearing them.

  • #311

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 15:04)

    @ Kirsty Your emails to Sat1 might be in vain. Even if they reply it will be corporate blah blah, in German, as they did for emails sent for the Save HaHe campaign. Great if you understand German but otherwise corporate disregard of the international fans. But thanks for trying. What I can't understand is why Sat1 mentions Kasia's international fan base in their news blurb for her new role, but they haven't un-geoblocked the show. You'd think they'd want to access the internationals. But then Sat1 stabbed themselves in the foot previously by canceling HaH even though they'd made it available and popular worldwide. The corporate mindset is, to borrow a quote from Winston Churchill, "a riddle wrapped in an enigma." I think I got that quote right.

  • #312

    frananifan (Samstag, 17 September 2011 16:03)

    ronnie v. to swagger in a way that it appears you have messed in your pants.
    "He ronnied into the room like he owned the place....we all got up and left in a hurry."

  • #313

    Kittykatcop (Samstag, 17 September 2011 16:36)

    @frananifan Seriously I just snorted my cup of tea all over my laptop screen........

  • #314

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 16:51)

    @Libellule You've started a Revolution! And it's more than a whisper.

    @frananifan Best morning wake-up laugh ever! Appropriate word/definition because Ronnie was such an Arschloch.

  • #315

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 17:23)

    emmalicious adj to possess qualities that make Jemmaholic swoon.
    "I love your emmalicious puppy dog eyes/radiant smile/beautiful voice/warmth/loyalty/best girlfriend status." Fill in whatever you want.

  • #316

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 17:34)

    jennylicious adj synonym for emmalicious.

  • #317

    San (Samstag, 17 September 2011 17:35)

    @Kittykatcop Limo or Tizi? It can go either way, I just like saying Tizi :)

    So much to review today. There's a FN red line on Lucy's back! Why didn't FN I see that before!

    "Beaben" really hits too close for home for me. Decisions aren't my strong suit - to Emma-ing portions, so I always need a luzi person to calm me down :)

    @Libellule "Jenny's face thinking about Emma while having sex with Ben" I no you're not making a judgement on it, just stating what has been said, but every time I read that, I involuntarily yelled out "But she wasn't thinking of Emma! She was think of nothing." I need this to be true, apparently. I have yet to hear a explanation to the contrary, so I'll stay content in my own colorful Sandra world for the time being.

  • #318

    frananifan (Samstag, 17 September 2011 17:47)

    @San "I need this to be true" -that is exactly how I feel about Jenny having been in rehab.
    I need it for my fantasy alternate soap opera universe.

  • #319

    frananifan (Samstag, 17 September 2011 18:21)

    San-(ref post #297) "I think she successfully, at least for a brief moment, was thinking of absolutely nothing." I just got that. So damn funny.

  • #320

    Kittykatcop (Samstag, 17 September 2011 18:28)

    @San I have written a whole 4 page document breaking down my journey with Jemma. I referred to that scene in it, as it was always one that stood out for me. (No I haven't put the document on a blog yet, one feels that anyone who reads it may think I'm a bit mad for deconstructing fictional characters to that extent, though I feel I may be understood here.) The look Jenny has on her face during sex with Ben is, I think, one that says "This isn't real, this is a release from reality." Jenny is stepping out of time for a bit, she is only connecting with the physical and not at all with the mental - in that way she does not have to think at all about her feelings for Emma, which are so great for the first time in her life, that the rejection by Emma is more than she could cope with. It's an extremely Jenny type action. I mentioned on episode 226 thread that Jenny's reaction to the death of her parents was understandable - her stubborn need to get on and be happy-go-lucky Jenny and her rejection of Emma during that period. I said "Jenny's feelings for Emma are so strong, as is her her grief for the loss of her parents. To let one in, would let everything in. Better to skim along the surface of life, than be overcome." I believe Jenny's reaction to the rejection by Emma is exactly the same, if she had for one moment let Emma in to that act with Ben, she would not have been able to go through with it. The sex is pure release from the real world.

  • #321

    frananifan (Samstag, 17 September 2011 19:58)

    The translation of Episode 5 has just filled in a few holes for me.

  • #322

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 17 September 2011 20:12)

    What is that red mark on Jenny ep.207? I can't work it out.

    Just been on Mel's blog and there's a link to Lucy singing at the announcement of Rebecca. I have to say Lucy has totally copied my hair! Unfortunately I don't have her dimple.

  • #323

    Libellule (Samstag, 17 September 2011 21:42)

    Is someone archiving in alphabetical order this incredibly fun creativity of ours? Any hotterian among us?
    Oh the laugh @frananifan # 312 !

    About "Jenny's face thinking about Emma while having sex with Ben", you're right when you say I was not making any judgment about it. Honest. I typed that phrasing (as in "copy/paste") when I skimmed through all the comments from around 270, trying to get a grip on all the things that have been discussed and I haven't really made any comment on yet. It was more some kind of personal memo so I'd have a reminder on the subjects I'd like to react on. ;)
    And actually, for this one, I noted on a piece of paper "San297" (since there're more than 320 notes on Room 234 whiteboard now, this was the only way to avoid mad scrolling in hope of randomly find the post I was looking for. :D) because I thought your comment was spot on.
    And I don't need to re-watch that scene because for some reason it's completely engraved in my brain (I think it's called retinal persistence ;p)
    Yes, I also believe that Jenny was not thinking about Emma then. She couldn't have (slept with Ben or whoever) otherwise. As she later stated to Emma, she just wanted to stop having Emma continuously on her mind (she didn't phrased it like that, but it meant something along those lines). So she had to zone out, probably being in a state similar to when she was on drugs (but this time without the addiction), to not feel that anvil in her heart anymore.
    You said it best when you wrote "she successfully, at least for a brief moment, was thinking of absolutely nothing". And I think it shows the next morning when she woke up next to Ben and she realized what happened. The only thing she can utter is "sh*t"...

  • #324

    Randy (Samstag, 17 September 2011 22:00)

    @San and @Clijsters3 Could the red mark on Jenny's back in 207 be from the red strobe lights? When Jenny and Emma enter Chulos, there's a red mark on Emma's chest and on Jenny's arm. Also, other people in the room have red on them. When Jenny and Emma are arguing in the space outside the main room, there's a faint red light on Emma's neck and also one on Jenny's left shoulder.

  • #325

    San (Samstag, 17 September 2011 22:24)

    @Room234 I've been sufficiently luzied (Luzi v. to calm someone with absolute coolness)

    @Kittykatcop I think we all would enjoy your 4 page document. You have great insights.

    @Libellule Archiving is my business, so I would be happy to compile the growing Jemmactionary (we might need a better name). It's a very simple database, and I can post it somewhere with some php script. Hotterian enough for you? :)

    Akk! I have so much Jemma reviewing to do tonight :)

  • #326

    kittykatcop (Samstag, 17 September 2011 23:04)

    @San ooooh to be Tizied. I like that one. Maybe one of them could be slang!

  • #327

    Marie-Helene (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 03:28)

    Well, you have been busy recently… So many posts, I am impressed. Because of you, Jemma is alive. Thank you so much for your insights and your analysis. @Libellule I love the neologisms! And I love the room234 concept.

    Sometimes, I wonder why this show has so much ascendancy on us, on me. I am not used to be a « fan ». I am not comfortable in this kind of "one way love". When I discovered Jemma, I was out of a job and had plenty of time to live in this fantasy. But now, I have a new job, new responsibilities, stress, not enough time for me. But I feel different. I feel detached from reality. I would like to keep living on the Planet Jemma. I would like to grab my packsac and travel around the world and write the book that I dream to write. And be creative. This storyline, the writing, these actresses' work have left a mark on me.

  • #328

    Randy (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 05:44)

    @Marie-Helene "Planet Jemma" has mesmerized all of us. Those who have never been "fans," particularly of a soap opera, probably feel some discomfort with this new experience. It's so amazing that the fictional story of two young women who fall in love and share the ups and downs of that relationship and the blossoming of themselves could touch so many women worldwide. Without the superb performances of Lucy and Kasia, and the well-written storyline, we probably wouldn't be Jemmaholics. So let's enjoy the ride for however long it lasts, because the camaraderie here isn't easy to find in the real world.

    Don't wait. Write your book. Make your dream come true, even if it's only a sentence at a time.

  • #329

    KBee (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 06:17)

    Hi everyone. Love the analysis and am having a blast following along with your discussion. I can't stop laughing everytime I read the word weenus. I'm so immature! The new Jemma terms are great. So funny and creative! Keep up the great work.

  • #330

    frananifan (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 06:57)

    When HaH was winding down I was quite melancholy so I bought some new shoes to cheer myself. There had been a lot of discussion about shoes at that time. I posted that they were not so magic because I did not feel any better. Someone commented that I should be patient... the magic might need time to work. Well guess what? I put on my new shoes for a big date and I swear on the graves of Jenny’s fictional parents, they ARE magic!

    After dinner, the server spilled a little water in my lap and the next thing I know the Maitre d' offers me a complementary slice of tiramisu. He thought I was unusually pleased about this. Then we get to the show, Indina Menzel (original Broadway Wicked/Elpheba) singing with the Buffalo Philharmonic. It was a delightful evening. She dedicated a lovely number to her friends who could now get married in New York (so I decide this now makes me her friend, right?). She closes the show singing “For Good” acapella directly to the audience. Wicked fans know this song as a duet with Glinda. So as she sings (specifically to me, I am certain) I manifest Lucy/Glinda into my awesome spirit. (keeping up? You may have even felt something because I invited all of Rm 234 along for the high). The moment was beautiful. A truly moving experience. Story doesn’t end there. As I back out of my parking spot I hear/feel a noticeable crunch. My wife gets out and says you just backed over a bicycle. The front wheel is quite twisted. Doesn’t it look exactly like Emma’s bike!?! Wife cannot understand why I’m not worked up about this. So we deal with it and head home. But wait! There is more magic. She says I went to that old bookstore and bought you some books today. One of them is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (Lucy’s new musical), the other is Kasia and the Empress by Sacha Carnegie. She has no idea what this means. KEINE AHNUNG. NONE. Isn't even interested if I could explain it.
    and I KNOW it’s these fucking awesome magic shoes. I may even sleep in them tonight.....

  • #331

    Wired (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 08:01)

    @Frananifan that is the best story! I'm smiling and laughing at the same time as I totally understand the references! You really had a Jemmified night! Am so glad it was wonderful in so many Jemma ways for you and your wife! Wabam!

  • #332

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 10:36)

    @Frananifan No way! Those really are magic shoes all those Jemma references in one night. Hope you enjoyed your tiramisu.

    @Randy I guess it could be the strobe lighting that makes sense and I see it's on other people during the scenes in Chulos, it's just when it's on Jenny's back after Emma leaves it's such a funny shape and looks more like a mark than lighting.

    I have to say Jemma has made such an impression on me for many reasons but one of the main ones is because in England we don't see this type of intimacy and realism in gay stroylines in soaps and certainly not at 6:30pm. There would be so many complaints in England (I say England because I don't know what's it's like in the rest of the UK) if the finger licking scene was shown before 9pm, even though Britain is trying to legalise gay marriage by 2015 i.e not just a civil partnership.

  • #333

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 10:53)

    Ok I've got a confession to make. Although the first scene I saw of Jemma was the blanket kiss the first time I heard Jenny speak was when she said "Ist der Platz noch frei?" (is this place free?) in ep.74 and because we knew she was from London I thought this meant she was 100% English and was an exchange student that had come to Cologne to improve her German. When I heard her say that line I still thought this because she said it so clear that is sounded like an English person speaking German. So there you go not much of a confession but I had to get it off my chest.

    Also in that scene after evil principle asks Jenny to sit down the guy sitting at the front puts his bag on the seat to stop her sitting next to him! Why would you do that? I'd want her to sit next to me, although it's a good job he did otherwise we wouldn't have seen Emma's beaming smile.

  • #334

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 12:37)

    Ok this is getting ridiculous now! I think TV executives watched HaH because every advert reminds me of it. There are now 2 adverts that have 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' playing in the background and they've suddenly started to advertise Kinder chocolate again, which is sort of like Chocofresh. I'm not joking they showed these 3 three adverts back to back last night.

  • #335

    hoppe (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 14:36)

    Sorry girls,
    just a short note again... all your words are great! will think of others. One I had in mind about Caro.... more a new surname of her : Caro EichVamp, thinking of how she looked and reacted sometimes, especially in the beginning....
    @Marie-Helene + Randy:
    "Those who have never been "fans," particularly of a soap opera, probably feel some discomfort with this new experience." That's exactly my experience. I made a little vid about that them (if you haven't already seen it ... it was supposed to be in the JI videos flashmob. here: http://www.youtube.com/user/hoppetosse8?feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/OV7K8JJ8k6U

    greetz hoppe

  • #336

    hoppe (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 14:48)

    @frananifan (#330) THIS is amazing! but please don't take a bath with those shoes, well or do... maybe you can create some new Jemma story whilst bathing the shoes, there's no reference to the existing Jemma story I could find regarding water and baths. Anyone? ;)

  • #337

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 16:32)

    @Clijsters3 You're totally right about lesbian intimacy and realism in British soaps. In Scotland, in our soap 'River City' they had the one lesbian they had try and kiss her best friend then sent her away somewhere after that. And in 'Coronation Street' Sophie and Sian, who should be all over each other because they're teenage girls and well who could resist Sian? they have't had more than a brief peck on the cheek since the New Year I don't think. Although they do have a big storyline coming up.

    @Frananifan I want a pair of those shoes!! What a freakily Jemma-ish day!

    @Marie-Helene @Randy -Me too, I feel like I've been mesmerized by this storyline. I'm so glad I'm not alone! I felt like a thirtysomething shouldn't be this touched by a soap couple and storyline, I should've left that sort of thing behind in my teenage years. But what the heck,it makes happy and I'm quite content to keep Jemma alive with the rest of y'all for a good while longer. :)

  • #338

    Prou (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 17:55)

    It is so much fun to come here everyday and read your posts, this is the best rehab ever!
    @Marie-Helene @Randy, like you i do not fit in the type to be crazy in love with this soap, but here i am, and for me it is not a kind of escape from reality into a fantasy world (ehem, maybe sometimes...), but it is about knowing that it is soooo right to be who you are, and that you deserve to be happy, and that you can and will be happy no matter what life throws at you. So @Marie-Helene do write your book and if you feel like coming to Asia, you're more than welcome...:)

  • #339

    Randy (Sonntag, 18 September 2011)

    @hoppe #335 Great video! You said so much with so few words and even fewer props. Thanks!

    @Kirsty I think the Jemma storyline reaches across age groups because the themes are universal: love, loss, self-esteem, sexuality, friendship, loyalty, redemption, choices, consequences, compromise. It's the whole life spectrum. Because Lucy and Kasia are adults acting as eighteen year olds, I think it's easier for adults to respond to them. I probably wouldn't be so mesmerized if the actors were teenagers. Being a thirtysomething Jemmaholic isn't so bad. I'm way older than you, and I hope there are others here who are also so that I don't feel like the old lady of the the group. :-)

  • #340

    San (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 18:15)

    @frananifan How Jemmagical!!! (customarily said with jazz hands) Your story certainly is extremely appreciated and understood here. I guess the real revelation is for Jemma magic shoes to work, just add water! With that in mind, like @hoppe, I might caution you against bathing in them. It might get out of hand, and it might all end with a skeleton buried under a beach volleyball court. You failed to mention if Lovefool was playing when you backed over the bike :)

  • #341

    hoppe (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 19:09)

    @Randy: well, I'm over 40 too. Does that help? and thanks for your compliment ;) (well first I wanted to do more "confession" (from outer space for instance, but I got stuck ;) )
    With this story my own teenager came out again, feeling all these feelings of being unsure and maybe being in love with someone who doesn't reply your feelings. What I love about the show that it is not only about romances, love, etc. But that it takes friendship serious and that there are other themes picked up which aren't the typical soap themes. And I totally agree that Kasia's and Lucy's "grown-up" background give those characters + the story another depth, which might not have been there, if it would've been played by two 17 year olds.. although....I think that the actress of Luzi made an awesome job with Luzi and she is just 19 - she jumped directly into the show after finishing school.
    @San yeah, magic Jemma shoes in watery surrounding might get truly out of hand. But... maybe in a good way? LOL - water resonates so much with the soul and is so "flowing", any normal non Jemma day with decent daily structures might dissolve into pure Jemmaness - hm, maybe we should all bath with those Jemma shoes???? The whole world could totally shift!?!

  • #342

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 19:24)

    @San 'Jemmagical' ! Love it
    @Randy You know I hadn't thought that Kasia and Lucy's ages would have something to do with how the storyline affected me but you're right, I wouldn't feel quite as much for it if they had been teenagers. Also, I'm a hopeless romantic. I love romantic films and a good romance in tv shows. Not only was this a fantastic romance in a tv show but because it was between two women I could relate to it more, also it kind of helped they were two amazingly beautiful women! I had just (not by choice)come out of a long term relationship then had 2 unsuccessful ones and was almost resigned to being single but seeing Jenny and Emma and their love and how they have overcome A LOT of troubles it's kind of given me hope again..
    -Just watched the scene where Jemma are dressing up Bodo for his date and when Jenny says'Bodo, COME IN..!' in her funy voice it kind of looks as though it's Frank smiling at Lucy, not just Bodo smiling at Jenny.And who can blame him :)

  • #343

    Randy (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 20:07)

    @hoppe Over 40 helps, but I've still got you beat. It's a situation where my chronological age and my younger mind-set don't mesh. Fortunately my younger mind-set wins, and I keep refueling my Jemma addiction by repeatedly re-watching the Jemma episodes. I agree that the Luzi actress was also good considering she was probably the youngest of the cast. Credit should also be given to the actors who played Ronnie and Caro because villain roles are difficult to play, as there's a fine line between overacting and getting it right.

    @Kirsty Watching the Jemma episodes is life affirming. Like Jemma we can be crushed or knocked down, but if we get up and persist then there's hope for better times. Anyhow, you're too young to not have hope so expect that someone terrific will come into your life, as happened for Jenny and Emma.

  • #344

    Libellule (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 21:58)

    @ San
    For your database proposal, you deserve a Beschenkward (n., award of awesomeness. I also could have said: that's total Beschenko!, as in awesome, really cool -yes, Luzi rocks but her mom too. ;p ).

  • #345

    Libellule (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 22:03)

    About Jemma effect:

    Yesterday afternoon I went shopping and there were some sales on bed sheets. Nothing like Jenny's but some I really liked nonetheless. Still, I spent 20mn beabenning on the model I should pick up... And leaving the store, I saw some Jeggings. Well, actually, my first thought was :"What are these crazy fugly leggings? Seriously, who would wear that?", and then "Jenny Hartman would be the only one who could sport them!". Yes, this happened all in my head while I was shopping. And I cannot see a blue plaid shirt without thinking about Emma.
    Right after I was walking in the street and heard some people speaking in german. Suddenly some inexplicable joy grew in me, and I was overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to express in that instant, just wanted to blurt out something about Jemma, to share my love of HaH. I really felt the urge to talk to them. But then I remembered that the only german words I know are: danke, keine Ahnung, guten Tag, singen, tanzen, leute, was ist los, naya, arschloch, auf Wiedersehen; which is quite restricted to start a conversation (or at least to maintain it more than a few seconds). And they probably wouldn't Jemmaspeak since the language is at its prototype stage still, so...

    Anywho, all this to say, in response @Marie-Helene, that I feel the same. There's not a day passing by since I got Jemmahooked without thinking about something related to Jemma or HaH creative team.
    Like you, I've never been a real fan of any show in the full meaning of that word. Not to that extent for sure. And I'm way past teenage (=mid-thirties) so it's really weird for me. Not because I'm moved by a story happening in a teenage setting (I was going to say a teenage story, but that would have been incorrect as it's not confined in teenage. It's so deep it transcends everything, from age to frontiers among other things :) ), but because being a fan, the way I understand it, goes mainly with teenage.

    But there's something with this, something really special that moved me more than I've ever been watching a show, I think. And for something to deeply touch you, you have to be at a certain place in your life where your sensitivity is all open. I don't know how to explain it, but we could have just reckoned that the story was tremendously done, admire that work and that's it.
    But not only we acknowledge that "artistic perfection", we keep travelling with it. So it seems to go beyond what any of us have experienced with watching a show they love and follow.

    As @Randy and @hoppe said, there're so many things in this story any individual can relate to.
    And I also agree that Lucy's and Kasia's real age gave another dimension to it; as they already experienced the joys and struggles of teenage, they had the necessary distance to express every subtlety of it.
    But even is Lucy and Kasia interpretations were incredibly poignant and it was the main reason we got hooked in the first place, that's not all. To me, it's a whole. Actresses chemistry, writing, directing, the show in its entirety and how Jemma was integrated to it, how Jemma took over and became the show's nucleus, how all actors were involved in the show, how you could see their team bound, how they loved to work on it (I mean, have you seen many actors involve themselves in a show "survival" by attending fans "protest/plea" flashmobs to a tv channel?), how they made themselves accessible, how humble they seemed, how they all gave their everything, how you could feel they were aware of the beautiful rarety of something they took part in...

    All of this you can feel in Jemma, and even if now that the show ended there's this gnawing melancholy, it's also truely inspiring on many levels. May this extraordinary inspiration keeps on lifting us up all! :)

  • #346

    hoppe (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 23:19)

    @libelulle: LOL! how awesome is that? did you know I played with Luzi surname as well? Do you know that the German Geschenk means gift? So I changed her surname into Luzi Geschenk-oh! like oh! she's such a gift! lol
    Why this show is so moving - I think too that there a lot of things coming together. I don't know if you believe in the magic of names, but I think the title of the show channeled, concentrated a special energy, brought special actors together or the team who wrote those stories picked those people. That thing being about the heart was woven into the whole project and I think especially Kasia brought it out. I mean which actress says in a live chat, that her play is about spreading love? which actress is describing her acting partner spontaneously in colours? It was weird, but sometimes this whole fandom felt a bit.... uhum.... how shall I say it? without looking like a total weirdo? lol ... a bit like a spiritual movement (okay, this is exaggerated, but maybe you know what I mean...). The whole thing that SAT1 ungeoblocked the show felt like a little revolution of caring and heart at that moment - okay later I didn't feel like that about SAT1 anymore and thought that this might have been just a strategical move, to get the people to stop uploading maxdome vids on youtube.
    Hmmm... I think both actresses are very conscious woman who are very much in the present and so they could bring this presence and intensity into it.
    on another note - I would so love to see a pic of writer Petra Bodenbach...lol... know how this person looks like ;)

  • #347

    Kirsty (Montag, 19 September 2011 12:18)

    Yeay, for my birthday today I got the 2nd HaH box set, 2 'Wicked'-related books and a pair of (hopefully magic)new Converses. And some Euros for my trip to Holland to see Wicked. It's a good day. :)
    Oh and a new Jemma forum soon. Thanks JI!

  • #348

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 19 September 2011 12:49)

    Happy birthday Kirsty! or Glucklich Geburtstag.
    Sounds like you got some super presents, bet you can't wait to go to Holland. Have a lovely birthday.

    I just want to add, even though I'm a bit late, that I agree the fact that Lucy and Kasia are older playing late teenage characters definately made it nore real and easier to watch. I'm someone who cringes very easily so if it wasn't realistic I couldn't have watched Jemma. For example the lesbian storyline on Corrie between Sophie and Sian I find a bit cringy because they don't act as though they're in love and they have very little chemistry, the complete opposite to Jemma.

    Oh yes and good news about a new forum. As long as it's still on this site I'm happy.

  • #349

    Kirsty (Montag, 19 September 2011 14:09)

    Vielen Dank Clijsters3!

    You're right about Sophie and Sian being a bit cringy. There is really no comparison between them and Jemma but maybe some of that is because Brooke and Sasha are only 18 and don't yet have the depth and experience in acting that Lucy and Kasia do. It really was a whole bunch of excellent factors converging in this one storyline- actors, writers etc. No matter how good Kasia and Lucy were, if the writing wasn't so spot on then the storyline wouldn't have been so good and vice versa. We're just lucky everything came together. For a while..damn you Sat1- (sorry, still cross >:( )

  • #350

    Hoppe (Montag, 19 September 2011 14:30)

    Happy birthday! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Kirsty! What a coincidence that just today your second dvd arrived! Hope you'll have a great day today!
    Well, did you arrange the forum thing and spoke with JI? Sounds good... we'll see - our room 234 is still there...lol ... maybe the restroom after wild discussions in the forum?
    Sweets and greetz especially to Kirsty, but to everyone else from 234 ;)

  • #351

    hoppe (Montag, 19 September 2011 14:42)

    uhm - you're all saying that on English or American tv lesbian couples aren't depicted this truthfully like in HaH - what I saw till now I have to agree. They shy away from real affectioness/tenderness, well and not to talk about passion (a bit between Callie + Arizona). As it seems to be so rare especially on 6pm tv, I wanted to ask/or tell you about the stories of Carla von Lahnstein - I think most people know her storylines. Although it's been a quite unrealistic setting and surrounding storylines (carla is aristocratic) they did a quite good job with the Canna (Carla + Hanna) and SuCa (Susanne + Carla) storyline, (Starla - Stella + Carla wasa big hit, but the quality of this storyline wasn't as good as the two before). I just mention those , in case you don't know them (can be found at mittag1234 or playlists at utubeere - Italian at alterego198x). But those stories will never beat Jemma! I think this is the most natural and well written/acted couple I've ever seen.

  • #352

    Kirsty (Montag, 19 September 2011 15:02)

    @Hoppe Thanks! Actually it wasn't coincidence I got the DVDs, they were on my Birthday List! Mind you, so was Lucy Scherer but I think I am to be disappointed this year! :)

    I haven't seen the Carla von Lahnstein storyline, I take it that was on Verbotene Liebe. I have watched all the clips of Rebecca and Miriam having their brief relationship. They could've done so much more with that, I'm sorry they didn't-I liked them. Was it Carla that Rebecca went and asked how she knew she was gay or something?

  • #353

    San (Montag, 19 September 2011 15:38)

    @Kirsty Happy Birthday!!! Just add water to to your magic shoes, and you never know who might show up on your doorstep :) Hope you had a wonderful Jemmadelic day!

    The forum should be interesting. Perhaps, we'll have a Room 234 thread.

  • #354

    San (Montag, 19 September 2011 15:47)

    BTW, I'm going to try to get a simple Jemma words listing up by the end on the week. I'll post a link when it's ready. I'll be adding functions, like submitting a word and searching eventually. I kinda wish someone developed a dictionary application already because it would be nice for people be able to edit and add. Multiple user editing gets complicated and beyond my current skills. But I can certainly do an alphabetical listing, no problem :)

  • #355

    hoppe (Montag, 19 September 2011 16:35)

    uhm Kirsty, can you say in which clip this was? I don't remember anymore. Carla is a quite thin, beautifil woman with blond curly hair, Uh no--- I think Rebecca asked Charlie Schneider the owner of the restaurant/bar "Schneider's", because she had a short affair with Stella, but realized she wasn't really into women.
    LSan, that sounds cool ;) I'm curious how this will unfold ;)

  • #356

    Kirsty (Montag, 19 September 2011 17:28)

    @Hoppe Ok yes you're right, the name Schneider rings a bell and I think the lady didn't have curly hair.

  • #357

    Prou (Montag, 19 September 2011 17:43)

    @Kirsty, happy birthday! Yes, a lot of excellent factors converging, from the top: they were given enough freedom by producers and the network, maybe because it was not a central storyline, but in some countries that just does not happen, and even less on that time slot and for the intended audience... And from the bottom up: the writers, seeing how their story was so incredibly portrayed by lucy and kasia, got more committed in their writing...

  • #358

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 19 September 2011 17:49)

    @Kirsty I think Lucy Scherer will be on all our birthday/Christmas lists!

    @San vielen Dank for the effort you're putting into the Jemma dictionary it will be much appreciated.

    This will be my last post for just over a week as I'm off on my hols so I'll have about a million posts to catch up, the Jemma dictionary and we might even be in a new place hopefully I'll find it. Stay Jemma!

  • #359

    Wired (Montag, 19 September 2011 18:03)

    Hey @Clijsters3 have a great holiday! Hopefully you'll have some Jemmatastic experiences you can tell us about when you come back! Will be looking for you in a week! :)

  • #360

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 19 September 2011 18:08)

    @Wired Vielen Dank! I'll be looking out for Lucy and kasia doubles, eating lots of tiramisu and dancing to Celebrate Good Times, well definately the first two anyway. I hope I can find you all in a week:)

  • #361

    frananifan (Montag, 19 September 2011 18:09)

    Wow. Two days ago I had a Jemmapiphany with my shoes. Yesterday, I woke before dawn to drive 7+ hours to NYC (Jenny was not impressed with New York but I love this place). Seven hours driving… thinking about my shoe magic…about what Marie-Helene had shared-how this has left a mark, and as always…thinking about what the universe wants me to know. I can only believe in things that I know, and I know things that I cannot explain (love being one of them). I rarely watch any television, I’ve never watched a soap before in my life, and I cannot remember how I found this. I identify as older than most of you here, but like Randy (rock on!), I have an ageless spirit. I have practiced meditation since I was eleven years old. I trust that everything happens for a reason.

    Simply put: The girls battle with love and fear is everything in a nutshell. Trust and mistrust. Genuine and phony. What you KNOW in your heart versus what other people project onto you.
    @Prou-“…so right to be who you are…” This is a concept everyone should embrace with courage but few people are able to do.)

    That is why they are my heros. Kasia, Lucy and Petra awakened that thing in me I had let fall asleep. That thing that inspires me to be nice to people, to use all of my senses, to respond to life with genuine passion. This includes laughing like hell at inappropriate things. I'm loving life.

    @San-No Lovefool did not play during bike incident. I left a note with my number on the bike. The poison-dwarf left a very unpleasant voice mail. I ‘can’t wait’ to meet with her, spew my jemma-joy upon her, and pay up for damages.
    My favorite word so far is Tizi emphasis on the -tzi

    @Kirsty-Jemmagic Shoes-(I did not pay this much)
    Also, Happy Birthday and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up on love.

    I am now going on a scavenger hunt:
    bullet earrings, Chocofresh, sleeveless black mesh tunic with bow, electric-blue running shoes, pink Jenny jewelry…
    Any other suggestions?

  • #362

    frananifan (Montag, 19 September 2011 18:11)

    .....looking out for Lucy and kasia doubles

  • #363

    San (Montag, 19 September 2011 18:44)

    @frananifan -tzi, isn't it fun?! Jemma-joy will pacify any giftzwerg :)

  • #364

    Randy (Montag, 19 September 2011 19:02)

    @frananifan Thanks for the "rock on!" I was thinking about leaving Jemmaholics' Room 234 because I felt I didn't quite fit in (being older), but knowing that you "identify as older" too and with the same "ageless spirit," and that the STAG members were misfits of sorts, I'll stay. As Emma showed us, being a misfit can make life more interesting. Like you, I also believe "everything happens for a reason." Connecting with the Jemma storyline, and subsequently Jemmaholics, has provided humor, intellectual stimulation, and a sense of community. Enjoy NYC. Even though Jenny didn't like it, it's a great city (I lived there for 10 years when I was younger).

  • #365

    Prou (Montag, 19 September 2011 19:18)

    @frananifan tell me about it, so many years... there should be a jenny around to get things right for everyone... ;)

  • #366

    hoppe (Montag, 19 September 2011 21:39)

    @Randy and frananifan, don't you DARE to ever leave because of your age! I love the convo with you and your witty and humorous comments!!! And btw. utubeere is also some years older, she never told me about her actual age, so I just can guess that she is at least over 55 or 60? who knows.... sooo you're not alone!
    frananifan, you started with 11 years to meditate? I never heard of anyone of my friends or other near people who started this early with it... well this is really off-topic, but what brought you towards it?

  • #367

    Marie-Helene (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 00:25)

    Happy Birthday Kirsty! Hello eveyone! Thanks for your kind words and to understand so well what I was trying to say in my “not so good” English.

    Yes, I do want “to respond to life with genuine passion”. And I guess Jemma put me in contact with my core values, my idealism, my youth. It’s probably why it's so strong. And through Jemma, I found as well the German musicals, especially Wicked, which has a strong resonance in me. On Kasia FB page, I discovered Renata Przemyk, an extraordinary Polish singer, who reigns on my MP3 player since then, etc. My life is full of Jemma, Kasia, Lucy. I was out of a job and they came in my life and gave me much more. Like a key to regain some meanings in life. But enough of me.

    I want to share my favorite Jemma scene. A pearl. A scene that happens just after the humiliating exposé in front of the class, when Emma told Jenny something like: "Every time you show up, I black out". Wonderful Kasia! And then Emma murmurs “Jenny” and they look at each other a few seconds and Jenny understands that Emma is afraid. In this scene, Kasia’s acting is more that outstanding, it’s pure beauty. She succeeded in conveying the sheer innocence in Emma. And Lucy is perfect too, attentive, authentic. They were so great together, I miss them so much. Voilà!

  • #368

    Randy (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 00:25)

    @hoppe Thanks for your encouraging words. I'll remain a Jemmaholic. And to get back on track discussing episodes, there are a couple of contradictions that I find interesting. In episode 119, Jenny protects Emma from the two snarky girls who tell her the table she's using is for A students only, and she defends Emma by confronting Gotting when he belittles her in front of the class. But in episodes 140 and 147, Jenny expects Emma to forgive her for having sex with Ben, but she won't forgive Emma for kissing Luzi (ep. 147). What's with that?

    Another inconsistency is when Caro overhears Jenny and Ben talking about their night together (ep.139. Jenny clearly indicates it was a one-time thing (diversion sex), and Ben agrees. But when Caro confronts Jenny in front of the lockers (ep. 140), she talks as though she never heard that conversation and carries on about how Ben will dump Jenny eventually. Did Caro experience short-term memory loss?

  • #369

    frananifan (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 02:21)

    @hoppe-my very best friend growing up was/is a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) and part of their practice is to sit in quiet, un-guided, positive, peaceful thought. I am not Quaker, but for many years I went along to the meetings. From there, I turned to books and other people to help me develop it. It has served me very well in difficult Ronnie-like situations. I have been able to Luzi myself into a balanced emotionless state and get past ugly things. Jenny’s reaction to her Eltern den Tod is exactly how I handled my erste Mädchen Tod des Freundes. It has also allowed me a greater awareness for things outside of myself, something I need to work at every day.

    @Marie-Helene-can you remember aproximately what scene you are referring to. I so want to see it again and can’t seem to find it. (poor hotel internet not helping much either)

    @Randy- I think Jenny implied that she was angry because Emma was deliberately trying to hurt her by kissing Luzi, where as the thing with Ben wasn't meant to be personal toward Emma. And I think that was just Caro being a bitch.

    Failed on my scavenger hunt. I only managed to stab some sushi for lunch.
    Tomorrow I am going to IKEA and hoping to see something familiar.

  • #370

    Wired (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 03:31)

    Hello everyone. I've been away traveling myself and haven't been able to comment much but hope to soon! Anyways wanted to say @ Kristy happy birthday! Yay you got the DVD's!

    @Frananifan & @Randy I second @Hoppe you couldn't leave. Your experiences only help me to understand Jemma more and offer a different point of view that may come with age. Also (excuse the corniness) but your age is really how you act and it only matters if your cheese.
    @ Frananifan can you find Jenny's vampire teeth necklace? At least some eclairs? :)

    Also I had a day with Jemmaisms but can't write cause I'm falling asleep! Will weigh in on comments tomorrow hopefully if it's ok.

  • #371

    Wired (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 03:34)

    Oh also @San - database of word? So cool! You are definitely not a giftzwerg!

  • #372

    Marie-Helene (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 03:47)


    Episode 120 (037) Enjoy!

  • #373

    Randy (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 06:34)

    @Wired Thanks! The cheese reference was perfect.

    @frananifan But what about the times that Jenny deliberately hurt Emma, for example flirting with and kissing Hotte, turning off Saal's alarm, and indicating to Emma that she entered the radio contest partly as a way to get back at Emma for the homework screwup? As I said in a much earlier comment, at this stage Jenny used conflict to get Emma's attention.

  • #374

    San (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 06:40)

    @Marie-Helene Thanks for pointing out that moment! It is truly beautiful. The fact that it was given the space and time to develop as it did. Truly amazing. Great scenes are often built on what's not said. So much was implied in Emma's look.

    @Randy Caro confronting Jenny about Ben has always seemed weird to me. What was she really trying to accomplish? Maybe she was in the mood for a cat fight, but Jenny didn't go for it. I think the way she goes after Emma the next day kinda confirms my theory ;)

    Watching the old and later episodes, it's funny to see how Emma's attitude toward Caro has been incredibly consistent. She's always been a terrier! I always crack up at Luzi's and Emma's looks in 157 when Caro singing "I Will Survive." Hahe Gold!!!

    I believe 164 was the first time Jenny called Ronnie Arshloch. She was in a baked potato, foil, spacesuit dress, no doubt! Good times :)

  • #375

    Libellule (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 06:52)

    Happy belated Jemma-full birthday! Actually you got some Lucy as it must correspond to the time we learned about her new project. ;p

    Talking about birthdays, @Randy and @ frananifan, I think we're all here ageless spirit. We started to talk about that basically because none of us seems to fit in the audience the show was originally targetting at. But we've all been deeply moved by it nonetheless and we're sharing why or how. So in which specific age category each one belongs doesn't matter, really. It's simply beautiful to see that this story could touch so many and such a diversity of people (age is a single part among so many others in that diversity).We're just spreading the Jemma Love all together and all around the world. :)

    I know it sounds"sugary" but like someone said the other day (was it you frananifan? Or Hoppe? I'm sorry I can't remember who, I'll have to go back to those posts later) this whole fandom started from a place of heart, genuinely pure, whose sole intention was to share the beauty of this story. And when the show was still on, looking at all the generous efforts some made every day so this story would be accessible to all, how people were reaching to each other everywhere (to get translations, some background story infos, to share some emotions, etc...), it felt like, I don't know how to phrase it, like there's still some wonderful humanity left in this world.

    And JI in particular is still this intact bubble of unconditional love, to me. We haven't thrown cyber-stones at each other yet because we had some different takes on things, no bitter reproaches between Jemmaholics (we reserve that to Sat1), everything is diffused with respect.
    Maybe it seems obvious, but when you read comments on the web in general, whatever site you visit, sometimes it can be both pathetic and scary. So I'm impressed, relieved and happy each time I come here. And maybe it's because I've never been a part of something like this before, but I love this energy here. It is truly special, as special as Jemma was and still is. :)

  • #376

    Libellule (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 07:08)

    For your Jemma shopping list, you can add Emma's earings in 125 (the banner kiss). I've always been fascinated by these dices as much as by the bullet earing (single, it's better. :p). Well, they look like some kind of dices (and it would be logical, as Emma is very lucky in that moment ;p). I like that they don't seem symetrical, mustn't be the same dice number on each ear, and the one on the right ear is of a really beautiful red.

  • #377

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 08:01)

    @Marie-Helene Have just watched that scene in ep 120 again and it is indeed a pearl. I believe these two could've done this scene entirely with just looks and we still would've known what was going on- amazing. Lucy had mainly done musical acting before this in which the audience is further away than the camera is here and would involve a more exagerrated style of acting. And she said she wanted to experience a different medium of acting and this just goes to show what a rounded actress she is, that she can also show her feelings with only subtle expressions and mannerisms. I wonder if that's her finished with tv work and will just stick to the stage again. We shall see..I still hope for a guest appearance of sorts in 'AudL' next year!

  • #378

    Libellule (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 08:32)

    I think Lucy said in a interview that she'd like to do both but that you're easily pigeon-holed in the art universe (actually I find it also accurate for life in general).
    Considering her multiple talents, she could also focus on ballet.
    I understand the frustration. When you're that complete of an artist, you need all these ways to express yourself, you don't want to confine yourself in just one. So I guess the stage is the medium that has usually most chances to display all that at once (acting, singing, dancing). HaH was an exception and I believe they were all very aware of it, that they had this unique chance, as polyvalent artists, to take part in this really fulfilling show that would give them the opportunity to use as many media as the cast had talents.

  • #379

    Prou (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 09:21)

    Ep 120, wow! how many emotions can they pull out these two in just one take! anybody counting?

  • #380

    Lolo (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 11:02)

    I was wondering if I can get some help from all Jemma fans here. I purchased HaH CD (AWESOME and I highly recommend) and all other significant Jemma moments songs that I could think of:
    1) F**kin' Perfect (Pink) - pizza dance scene
    2) Hurt (Christina Aguilera) - Emma writing post cards to Jenny scene
    3) Road to Somewhere (Goldfrapp) - Jemma love scene
    4) Save Me from Myself (Christina Aguilera) - banner rolling scene
    5) Girl from Ipanema (Tom Jobim) - dancing scene

    Can anyone think of another significant song that I might have missed? I am looking for songs that were not performed by STAG members, but rather their original singers.

    @Kirsty, I also got my 2 DVDs box set this week and can't wait to start watching...Happy belated bday 2! ;-)

  • #381

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 11:46)

    @ Libellule lol, just read your post again- '..thrown cyber-stones at each other..' :)
    And yes, that's what made Sat1's decision to pull the plug so frustrating for us and the actors. This was a show with a big ( and potentially bigger) fanbase where the actors were getting to use all their talents and not just acting. There's not a lot of tv shows like that. If they'd just changed the time slot things might have been so different.

    @ Lolo ..will get my thinking cap on. And thank you! :)

  • #382

    Prou (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 12:17)

    @Lolo, here you have some more, ...
    Adele - someone like you (not sure when this was on...)
    Avril Lavigne - remember when (when jenny runs away and spends a night at luzi's)
    Jamie Cullum - Love ain't gonna let you down (bathroom scene)
    One republic - secrets (at the end of the last episode)
    Good charlotte - like it's her birthday (jenny birthday party)
    Can't think of anymore...:)

  • #383

    Randy (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 15:01)

    @San Re your #374 comment in response to my comment about Caro confronting Jenny about Ben, I think the purpose was to let Jenny know that Caro now knew something about Jenny (because Jenny knew about Caro's abortion and that she got pregnant by Ben's father) that Jenny might not want known. I have a problem with the disconnect between what Caro overheard (that it was one-time diversion sex, not the beginning of a relationship) and what she said to Jenny (implying it was a relationship and that Ben would eventually dump her).It doesn't ring true (Caro could have just said" We have something in common now that you've had sex with Ben.") Caro's confrontation with Emma was started by Emma defending Jenny's name (in her disbelief that Jenny would have sex with Ben) when Caro was dissing her. Caro was shocked (see her facial expression) at Emma's anger (even told her to calm down), so I don't think she was looking for a fight but got into it because Emma wouldn't back down (terrier mode).Then this whole incident sets up the falling out between Emma and Jenny.

  • #384

    hoppe (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 15:23)

    - Strong enough to cry by Shiloh appeared in some scenes - more Timo/Luzi related I think
    - Perfect two by Auburn in 149 - in the scene where Jenny and Emma look at each other and share "hidden" endearments

    that scene in 120 is wonderful, Emma shows all her dividedness (lol - does that word exist like that?) when she says "Jenny". Her look at Jenny is so open and at the same time she wants to shut Jenny out - uh, Emma what a torture, right?

  • #385

    San (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 15:57)

    @Randy You're right. I would say Caro just comprehend the concept of one-time diversion sex, so she just didn't hear it. Or perhaps, her ears quickly started ringing with juicy gossip that she didn't hear the details. At any rate, Caro never passes up an opportunity to be a bitch, am I right? :)

  • #386

    frananifan (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 16:08)

    @Lolo -Veronicas-Take Me on the Floor

  • #387

    Randy (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 16:19)

    @San You're right. Caro and bitch are synonymous. Also see below for good scenes.

    @Kirsty (#377) @Prou @hoppe For more wonderful looks between Emma and Jenny, check out 150 (around 2:55 to 2:57) when Bodo says their kiss "looked pretty darn real" and further on (around 4:21) when Jenny says she wants to join STAG.

  • #388

    frananifan (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 16:25)

    Oh boy. I am so grateful for internet JA because I have it pretty bad. I am driving upstate to visit a friend and I saw a sign for free WIFI. I had to pull over, dig out my laptop and check in to watch Ep 120.
    It was so worth the mental smack down I just gave myself. Thank you so much Marie-Helene.

  • #389

    San (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 16:46)

    @lolo Madonna - Music. It plays during the 108 (when Emma, Hotte, and Jenny are dancing together) and instantly transports me to the Carnival party! It's on my wishlist. I want to find the other song in that episode during the "Last Sausage" Jemma Clip.

  • #390

    Randy (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 16:53)

    @Libellule Re #375 you're so right about the "ageless spirit" in this community. That so many people of different ages in so many countries can relate so passionately to a story about the relationship between two "teenage" girls is phenomenal. And the "wonderful humanity" shared here is truly inspiring.

  • #391

    Lolo (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 17:19)

    @San, @Prou, @Kirsty, @hoppe, @frananifan Thx for all your tips. I will look for these songs on iTunes to complete my HaH playlist.

    I was hoping to also be able to get other songs by STAG which were not in the HaH CD I got. 1000 Tagen Regen (Selina Muller), Be Mine (Lucy Scherer), Born this Way, song Lucy debuted at Chulo's with Jenny, Emma & Bodo, Love Fool, etc.

    I actually think of all these scenes when I listen to these songs. Ultimate favorite one I think would be Chasing Cars from episode 225, with Emma running to her Jenny's rescue. Emma telling Jenny they belong to each other is just so awesome and incredible acting! Emma taking charge of a fragile Jenny for a change. I cry every time I watch this scene...

  • #392

    Prou (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 17:25)

    I just thought of another song:
    Auburn - perfect two , Ep.149, after Emma's confession at the train station, and having spent the night together, the song is on when they're at the bar at school exchanging secret glances and touches and being sooo in love...*sigh* :)
    @Randy thanks, going to check that!
    I got my dvds too! Great week ahead!

  • #393

    Prou (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 17:30)

    sorry i just saw you posted that song already.... a bit late here, better go to bed...

  • #394

    San (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 18:24)

    It's official. I, like Jenny, have a problem with names. Just had an orientation meeting at work, and I could not remember the name of the department head. Came back to my office and wrote a cheat sheet for the rest of the orientation meetings. At least I didn't call her Ella, Edda, Emily, Ester, etc. :)

  • #395

    Kittykatcop (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 22:21)

    Sorry to jump on the bandwagon late, work isn't going to great at the moment, so I've only had time to catch up with what you're saying, make up a few Jemmatastic words and get back to work.
    I too am not exactly in the demographic this programme set out to ensnare. I'm an early thirtysomething secondary school teacher, who definitely did not have time to watch soaps. Yet here I am six months later MAKING the time to comment and keep in touch with everyone I have met here. What hooked me was the realism of the actresses and how I genuinely felt like I was watching two people fall in love. It was so real that it almost felt voyeuristic sometimes. What kept me was the sheer enthusiasm of everyone behind the show, including the fans.

    Now I must find me some of those magic shoes and maybe the term will pick up. Ach Quatsch, kids, why do they just not want to learn. Still I did my entire register in German today, a little bit of Jemma goes a long way!!

  • #396

    Randy (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 22:50)

    @Kittykatcop Your so right. Lucy and Kasia's authenticity is one of the reasons Jemma resonated with all of us. I also appreciate their fearlessness for opening themselves up to actually BEING the characters. They weren't afraid of the physicality or emotionality of the roles and because of that they were authentic. I, too, sometimes felt voyeuristic (particularly during episode 225, which for me was one of the most intimate of all).

  • #397

    Kittykatcop (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 22:59)

    @Randy And yet at no time did I feel uncomfortable. During 225 I was just beaming and so happy for them, to know that they had found that perfect someone. There were a previous few comments on Jenny's stare during that scene, I wanted to comment at the time but only had my phone on me. Some people wondered why Jenny was not making eye contact with Emma. No need, she was drinking in the WHOLE of Emma with her eyes. Only when you are truly comfortable with someone can you look at every little mark, wrinkle, the way their hair falls, the crook of their neck, without feeling self conscious. That is what Jenny and Emma have found and that is what that scene conveys to me. Beautiful.

  • #398

    Randy (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 23:46)

    @Kittykatcop I agree with not feeling uncomfortable. The moments were too beautiful to feel voyeuristic in the dictionary meaning of the word. It was more a feeling of being part of the characters experiencing the depth of their love. Does that make sense?

  • #399

    Kittykatcop (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 23:55)

    @Randy Absolutely. Having had all this talk about Lucy and Kasia's ages contributing to the depth of the storyline, I am now also getting the feeling that the age of the Jemma fans may have some bearing on the way we have been captivated. We as a more mature audience have experienced more than the teenagers it was originally aimed at. Therefore, we are able to pick up on the subtle nuances of the actresses. We are also able to empathise with the situation. It is an oft overused phrase when describing these realtionships, but for me it was the fact that it truly was two people falling in love and not necessarily two women which enthralled me. If you have experienced that you can remember those feelings, the heady excitement of a new relationship, followed by the companionship and the knowledge that just being in that persons company is enough. You fit.

  • #400

    Randy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 00:19)

    @Kittykatcop Everything you just wrote is spot on. Being able to relate this storyline to our real experiences cements the bond we feel for Jemma. Also, I think because Kasia and Lucy played their roles in a more mature and slower-paced way, not in a grabby and frantic "teenage" manner, enabled us to be "captivated."

  • #401

    Wired (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 00:42)

    Hi @Randy & @ Kittykatcop to jump in and respond to earlier posts about the appeal of Jemma, I am in my late thirties and a hopeless romantic. I also love angst so the storyline itself interested me but as you have all mentioned the actresses themselves giving so much to the roll and not being afraid to touch (as you said @Randy) really drew me in. Also Licy and Kasia's support of the story and the fans - the chat sessions and mention of their love for their fans during interviews further cemented my Jemmaholics state. I really appreciate and love when actresses acknowledge their fans and respond to them instead of ignoring them. Even Lucy and Fmma wanted Jemma to stay together and be happy I think.

    The fan dedication and sheer scope of fans across the world also interested me and delighted me. I've been a fangirl over other fictional characters but this was the first tome I had seen a television company resins to fans directly And everyone was so nice in the comments with respect and no flaming! I really have never seen, heard or been a part of something like this and I'm so pleased to be a Jemmaholic.

  • #402

    Randy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:17)

    @Wired Being a Jemmaholic must be the only positive addiction in the world. It's incredible that two television soap opera characters could engender so much love, loyalty, and community, particularly from those of us who had never been "fangirls" before Jemma came along. And Lucy and Kasia's support of the story and the fans has been a special bonus. This whole experience really has been a revolution.

  • #403

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:27)

    @kittykatcop: love this of your comment: "Some people wondered why Jenny was not making eye contact with Emma. No need, she was drinking in the WHOLE of Emma with her eyes. Only when you are truly comfortable with someone can you look at every little mark, wrinkle, the way their hair falls, the crook of their neck, without feeling self conscious." I would go even further... you experience the other one without really looking at her, you more feel, drink the energy and don't NEED to look - it's experiencing with all of you. Jenny looked like she was dreaming or were in a dream, which was the reality/the presence of the other one.

  • #404

    Wired (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:28)

    @Randy so true! I felt that the wave of fan dedication and effect on Sat1 during the (albeit short) run of the show was a revolution! It still amazes though when I try to exlain it to role they don't quite get as excited as me!

  • #405

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:30)

    I have to add: or even just being totally present, feeling all the presence of everything which is love... and which you can only experience with someone together if you are very close, or both people are very in their heart

  • #406

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:33)

    well Randy, you put it in so much better words than my attempt at #346! thanxx :)

  • #407

    Randy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:39)

    OK everyone, it's confirmed. We are all romantics!

  • #408

    Randy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:54)

    @hoppe Thanks, but no. You see and feel things more spiritually than I do. I'm just a plain Jane word person. The interesting part of this is that people from different countries and backgrounds can be drawn together and have similar thoughts and feelings and a sense of community because of two television characters. If the Jemma love could be spread to everyone else in the world, think of the revolution that would create.

  • #409

    San (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 07:29)

    Watch 184 (Jenny sings Lovefool to Emma) and call me in the morning :) PassionVision is off the charts! Wow!

  • #410

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 07:32)

    @ Randy #383
    Such a good point. I really like what you're making me see because I didn't pay attention to that in the scene. I thought Caro being Caro, she was just IshVamping, you know.

    (* IshVamp, v.: being all about me, myself and I - derived from Eichkamp, where Eich becomes Ish and kamp becomes vamp as already suggested by an inspired Jemmaholic)

    So it didn't strike me at all at the time. But now I'm bugging on it. Because the show writting is filled with consistency. there's no way some character line feels disconnected. It can't be. I have to find a logical reason why Caro ignored what she overheard to say that to Jenny. :p
    Mmm, let's see:
    Could it be that she's projecting, because in the very 1st episodes (before Jemma time. It makes me think, we should redefine the History timeline standard and replace BC and AD by BJ and AJ, where J would stand for Jemma of course, but could still be interpreted as Jesus for the neophytes), as the current transcripts shows, she seemed to be all over Ben but he was not into her at all (like if he can have fun with her, fine, if he can't, whatever)?
    I know they had a relationship after, but HaH was not accessible for me at the time, so I don't really know how it happened. But I guess he was still not really into her then, and she was aware of it (is that why she slept with his father?**). Being that attention seeker, she cannot stand when people don't acknowledge her awesome self.
    Also I guess he's the one who dumped her, and in Caroland, this doesn't happen, ever.

    My point is: she can't accept that Jenny slept with Ben casually, without throwing herself at him or conspiring to get him, not expecting anything out of it/him. Because she (Caro) did, and it didn't work. So there's no way that an outsider like Jenny can rock coolness better than she does. She used to be the influential school (bitch) queen, afterall.
    Then she decides to obscure what she really overheard and transforms the events a bit (I think this is called denial ;p), making Jenny look like she's a fragile heart chasing after prince charming Ben, therefore gaining back her famous queen status by being all "be there-done that-lemme tell you little girl" with Jenny.

    Does it make sense? ;)

    ** If some of the last episodes of the serie are any indication to confirm this theory, Caro seems to have a thing for older guys (her lame attempt at the choreographer, and successful one at...Frank). Which gives us the term carogar, n. - as opposed to cougar, used to describe somebody attracted by and having sex with, older persons.
    As for Bea, she is a cougar, yes, but she is also a schoolgar, n. - person having school fetichist relationships, as in, for example, sleeping with a student, sleeping with a teacher, and having sexual desires for a school director (Belena, I miss you. ;p). Even if the facts are not necessarily simultaneous, the thoughts are (as in, for example, being in a relationship with a teacher but thinking every day about a student and having regular sexual tensions with a school director).

  • #411

    San (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 07:45)

    @Libellule Here I am spending my evening entering Jemma words into the ol' database, and you go and add more. Well, I'm on top of it :)

  • #412

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 07:54)

    You have all my Jemma gratitude. :)

  • #413

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 08:39)

    Because of @frananifan shopping list (#361), I had to comment (#376) on Emma's earings in ep 125 that look like dices to me. And I love especially the red one on her right ear (don't ask me why, must be some kind of subconscious fetishism :D ).
    And then yesterday I was thinking about that again and had this thought:

    If Jenny: bullet earing and Emma: red dice earing, how awesome of a western title would that be? Seriously, can you picture it?
    The Bullet and the Red Dice. It could even be simply: The Bullet & The Dice.
    And Emma already has the plaid shirt! As the Müller terrier that she is, she would be the sheriff, of course.
    Jenny would play the gorgeous saloon madam with some puffed corsetry (and a horsewhip).
    Their cowgirl boots would have little heart shaped spurs.
    And they would rock Caronnie Town by singing and whistling to the coyotes (talking about whistling, there's a scene that I love in the anti-discrimination day episode, where Caro and Jenny stage a quarrel and Jenny whistle in annoyance before Luzi separate them. That face Jenny does at that moment, I love it!).

    Now if you'll excuse me, I gonna feed my dreams with western Jemma fantasies...

  • #414

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 10:31)

    @Libellule I hadn't noticed Jenny's whistle after the fake quarrel, will have to look at that..
    Also, carogar, schoolgar - genius! I wish I could think up words like that, you're all brilliant.

    Was watching ep 174 this morning and have noticed more awesome looks- apart from all during STAG singing 'Drops of Jupiter' ( or The Weenus Song!) there is a scene after that where they all stand having a drink then Caro and Luzi get phonecall from the record company and leave. Jenny and Emma's faces are brilliant during this scene. Bodo is just looking down at his phone or something- but I think he only has a couple of expressions anyway.

  • #415

    Prou (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 11:16)

    @Libellule, great post! they could deffinitely rock it in a western too!
    About the dice earrings, did you see that Emma also wears a matching bracelet? You can see it in Ep 148 (cuddling bed scene)...

  • #416

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 12:03)

    Of course Ronnie would be the bad guy in the western, he has the walk..And Jenny with a whip? I bet she has one already! And at the end, Sheriff Emma would swing Jenny up behind her on her horse and they'd ride off into the sunset aaah

  • #417

    Amy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 12:21)


    I noticed that they were wearing a matching bracelet but don't know from which episodes onwards Jenny had change her bracelet. And not sure why she changed it.

    Anyway, Kasia and Lucy are great actress. I wish they have an opportunity to be a couple on another show.

  • #418

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 13:59)

    may I "correct" the IshVamp word? If the first bit is meant to be the "I" /"Me" in German it needs to say : IchVamp - which is very comfortable as you only have to change the E and K in Eichkamp into .... nothing (;) ) and V. btw. cool advancement of my EichVamp ;) !!!
    Well, I have anpother one, which well works in German: Hotte HorstHeld,
    a "Horst" is a jerk, you say "sich zum Horst machen" = to make a fool out of oneself - and Held = Hero, which means in Englisch it would be HorstHero????
    @Libelulle + all the others who tried to explain Caro's missinterpretation of the Benny moment in the holy halls of debate (toilets). I think that Caro just couldn't stand it, that someone could see having sex with Ben just as a one-night thing with no importance. I think she feels degraded by that, because she tried so hard to be with him and was hurt that he never really meant it (yes, she slept with Ben's father as a revenge, because he was there + because he was older ... a status thing, maybe too?). I think it annoys her like hell, that someone is able to just going for the fun with Ben and is therefore independent (and not dependent on him like her). Maybe it's also a mixture of trying to provoke Jenny with it and feeling superior in that moment. I think one part of her knows that she's talking nonsense here, maybe doing it intentionally and another part needs to believe it, what she says. It's quite mixed-up.

  • #419

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 14:16)

    LOL at the BC / AC and BJ / AJ thingy and the Neophytes ;) I had to look that word up. Plants are called like that which are brought by men into areas where they weren't before. It's the not natives ;) Well, I for one wouldn't call me religious and a christ, but I can relate to some of his words and his person, as well as I can to Buddha, or any indian or muslim wise people or pagans. So it's okay if there's still a connection J = Jemma or Jesus... LOL! At least he talked a lot about love ;)

  • #420

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 14:43)


  • #421

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 15:13)

    @San I remember watching that scene 184 over and over and over again because I just loved it so much. THANK YOU for that buzz. (Also, seeing Luzi lose her cool like that keeps her real. I visualize myself doing that at work sometimes...but I am still on vacation focus.....focus)

  • #422

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 15:23)

    uhm - I should clarify then: to horstheld, verb, means to make a Horst out of oneself whilst trying to be or pretend to be a hero (for example see episodes 75 and especially 76 from 5:42ff).
    Whilst horsthelding Hotte took advantage of Emma's friendship and dragged her into a horstheld mess

    (btw. thanxx so much @frananifan to remind me of the benefits of meditation... it was just at the right moment ;) )

  • #423

    Wired (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 15:42)

    Hey @frananifan thanks for the heads up - Happy International Peace Day! This is just the place to showcase that yeah?

    Regarding Caro and the sleeping with Ben incident, I actually believe that Caro made that comment based on her usual self-centred mindframe and yes blanked out what she heard. From the very beginning when Jenny showed up in Ben's car (after running over Emma's bike) Caro seemed to be against Jenny. She obviously didn't like Jenny driving Ben's car and would definitely not like the though of Jenny driving Ben (if you know what I mean!). I think she was only friends with her in the begining to have her "enemies closer" rather then far away. (ie. keep your friends close but your enemies closer) Then when Jenny took over as volleyball captain that sealed the deal (also of note that was an awesome scene where Jenny jumped to Emma's defence BJ (before Jemma - love this by the way)). So when she heard that Jenny slept with Ben the only thing she can think of to say that would remotely hurt Jenny would be to try to dash her "dreams" and say that Ben wouldn't stay with her. Basically she's desparate to beat Jenny down and make her feel bad even though it wasn't necessarily true or accurate. Not that Caro really cares about accuracy. Now that I can read the first episodes you can see Caro acting this same way to Luzi when she wants to start STAG.

  • #424

    San (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 15:56)

    @Wired "also of note that was an awesome scene where Jenny jumped to Emma's defence BJ (before Jemma - love this by the way" Are you talking about 105/6 when Jenny gets up in Caro's grill and says, "What's your problem with Emma?" I love that too!! I think that the day she lost her captianship because she didn't approve of the anti-Bea flyers.

    @hoppe I've noted you're word additions and corrections. Thanks for the definition clarification, very much appreciated :)

  • #425

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 16:51)

    @Libellule. The scavenger hunt has not produced much. So far no bullets, dice, choco fresh. nada. EXCEPT that I scored some benbergmann bedding at IKEA! I had to purchase them, not because they are my style, but for 'medicinal' purposes. Never know when I may need to roll around on them. (I did not see beschenkosheets-too ugly for me anyway).

    Before anyone says anything, I do not expect any magic with these. I create my own magic, thank you very much!

    PS: I am reading Rebecca and I love it. I may never read Kasia the Empress-the book is old and musty and makes me sneeze.

  • #426

    Randy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 17:02)

    @Libellule (#410) I think your assessment of Caro's statement could be correct. I looked at the episode again, and Jenny actually says to Caro "don't project yourself onto others." Given Caro's personality of self-centeredness, she probably could blank out what was actually said between Ben and Jenny. I think my problem is that having had a career as a manuscript copyeditor I tend to take words and situations literally. Because there's no actual explanation of Caro's glossing over what she heard, the viewer is left to figure it out. And as we both know, that's something that could bug a viewer. This inconsistency is an issue a copyeditor would have queried the writer about, but because soaps are usually fast-paced productions there probably wasn't a script editor (or a continuity editor given the blooper in the coming out kiss).

  • #427

    Randy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 17:11)

    @frananifan (#425) If you like historical novels and want to read a couple of Du Maurier's lesser known books, get "Frenchman's Creek" and" Jamaica Inn."

  • #428

    Wired (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 17:35)

    @San yes that's the scene!!! Sorry I can't put up the episode number - I'm behind on referencing those and I'm trying to make time to re-watch everything twice - once for notes (and seeing what you guys see!) and once for just getting lost in it all again.

    Anyways I loved this because it was just after the car scene and you can see how Jenny is starting to get interested in Emma. After she said that to Caro (and yes she definitely got up in her grill!) she gave this expression like "did I just say that? Do I have it bad for Emma?" (YES!) and then tried to change the subject. This was such a great build up to her first kiss!

  • #429

    San (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 18:40)

    @Wired It's such a great moment! The first time I saw it, I was like, "Whoa, what just happened?" After several rewinds and much typing into Google Translate, I determined Jenny's got it bad. The locker scene that follows is yet another great moment. Emma trying to apologize about the "normal" comment. Jenny is really working hard to stay mad.

  • #430

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 18:55)

    I just saw a very old fan video about Franzi + Paula (another german lesbian couple with a quite bad and nervwrecking storyline). I saw that they also used "white linnen" in a love scene (I think it was a dream there). Dunno where it was but people talked about Petra doing some reminiscences to other series and I just thought that might be one too. Here is the clip - you can see those white sheets around 4:00 mins ;)

  • #431

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 19:07)

    @San + Wired - I love that moment too! Jenny stepping up for her (well she doesn't know it fully at that moment) Emma! Very well acted the moment afterwards when Caro confronts her with what she did. Jenny being a bit confused and trying to hide what she just put out.. LOL

  • #432

    Prou (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 19:42)

    @San + Wired So true! I that episode jenny realizes she's starting to lose control, it is great to see the change in her from the early episodes in which she's hard as a shell and all in control, to the kiss episode when she is so warm and vulnerable with emma... she tries hard to stand to what emma says but she just can't fight anymore...

  • #433

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 20:52)

    I just saw something cool I never noticed before. Right before the first kiss episode, while Emma is singing Son of a Preacher Man (113), Jenny looks in on STAG. The timing of the lyrics that the chorus sings and the look is so obvious. I was so into the look that I had missed it before and it was huge.

  • #434

    Randy (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 21:49)

    @frananifan I'd looked at that episode just before coming here, and you're right it's huge . . . not only the timing of the lyrics but Emma's look of happiness that turns to disappointment. She really has strong feelings for Jenny at this stage, even if she won't admit it.

  • #435

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 22:14)

    @San @Wired Just watched ep105 before. I hadn't seen that scene with Caro and Jenny before. You're right, it totally is when Jenny starts to realise her feelings for Emma.
    Also later on, in the scene at the lockers when Emma says she hasn't known any lesbians Jenny's eyes do a shifty glance to the side..

  • #436

    San (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 22:33)

    @Kirsty The cut to Jenny is so quick that I have a hard time noticing her reaction to that statement. It comes off like an eye roll, and I'm always slightly disappointed. I'd much prefer to see it as a shifty glance. I'll have to look at it yet again :) And correct me if I'm wrong, she also gets a little more agitated at that moment.

  • #437

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 22:41)

    @All sorry needed to put this in here, been thinking about it all day.....the other earring Emma wears is a set of playing cards, with the Ace of Spades on top......oh the release of getting that off my chest!

  • #438

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 22:56)

    @Kittykatcop Wonder why the dice and playing cards earrings?? Both to do with games, is it some kind of in-joke?Like Jenny's vampire necklace.

    @San Hmm, having looked at it again, I'm not sure. It could well be an eye roll. Maybe she's doing the slight eye roll there and getting more agitated because she's realised her feelings for Emma and that Emma may well be a lesbian too but she(Emma) hasn't worked out that possibility herself yet and that's frustrating Jenny.

  • #439

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 23:03)

    @Kirsty could be symbols of luck. Emma is very superstitious.

  • #440

    Wired (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 02:31)

    @San @Kristy hmmm when I first saw that scene I thought Jenny did an eye roll - mostly because here Emma said she didn't know any lesbians and Jenny was right in front of her, basically proving Emma's comments were naive and stereotypical. She couldn't see what was right in front of her. Hot Jenny complementing her on her smile smile smile!

  • #441

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 05:00)

    you are all cracking me up right now.

  • #442

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 06:32)

    @hoppe #419
    Just to clarify because I'm not sure I expressed myself properly in #410:

    When I was talking about the J in BJ or AJ standing for Jemma but possibly for Jesus for those who are still unacquainted with HaH, it's because in Archeology, timelines are defined by BC, standing for Before Christ, and AD, for Anno Domini.
    It was just a letter pun so if we start referring in era with "Before Jemma" and "After Jemma" worldwide (yes, no less :p ), people won't be destabilized too much with the change as the letters could still be understood the way they used to (and you know, some people are slower to adapt than others, so we have to take that into consideration while spreading the Jemma Love :D).
    But I was not, I don't know how to phrase it, "promoting" any religion. :)

    I just thought it would be great if, in History books or on Archeology sites, they'd refer to things as BJ or AJ. Like, for example: "Thousands and thousands of years BJ (Before Jemma), mankind discovered fire by friction of 2 stones or 2 sticks of wood together. AJ (After Jemma), people make fire with their eyes." And they would showcase episode 174 (when the STAG sang Drops of Jupiter) to make their point (actually just the screenshots from the JI transcript are enough to understand) .

    Now I've never been a good historian, I'm as bad with dates as Jenny is with names. But those new standards could definitely help me getting better at it. :D

  • #443

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 06:47)

    @Libellule 'AJ people make fire with their eyes' , made me laugh..but so true :)
    @Wired Yep, have to agree, it's an eye roll,

  • #444

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 08:00)

    About Jenny getting at Caro's throat on ep 105:

    Oh yes, I remember that perfectly, I just love that scene to pieces! I too believe that Jenny herself was surprised of her own reaction. It was so spontaneous, so not "in control". Usually she doesn't give a damn about Caro shenanigans, she interacts with her the way she would sweep up an annoying fly with the back of her hand, but as soon as Caro utters Emma's name, Jenny is ready to behead her in an eyelash (which gives us: Jennypitate, v. - decapitate by the single strength of one's brief-but-fierce look. As in: she was on the edge already so when he provoked her, she jennypitated him like a mere bowling pin).
    And agreed, it was some kind of revelatory moment for her, where she realized how strong her attraction for Emma was. Actually after that moment she lets go of her mean provokative attitude towards Emma. She knows that it's worthless fighting the fact that she's falling in love... ;)

    PS: Though I know that scene by heart, I couldn't resist re-watching the Jemma bits of this episode and I just noticed that when they are in front of the locker with Emma trying to get an explanation from Jenny as of why she turned off Saal1 alarm system, she said she's been fired by Müller. Was this a blooper? It sounds like she's been fired by herself. ;p And I thought Stephan Bergman was the owner of the restaurant.

  • #445

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 08:07)

    In episode 149, I think there's an unscripted moment that Lucy/Jenny couldn't pull off because Kasia/Emma didn't see it coming. Both actresses (in an interview) had mentioned doing things that weren't in the script to make scenes more realistic. In this scene, Jenny and Emma are in bed talking. Just after they rub noses, Jenny moves in to kiss Emma but Emma starts talking again, thwarting the near kiss. Too bad. It was the perfect moment for a kiss.

  • #446

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 08:19)

    @Randy #445
    Actually I thought this moment made perfect sense regarding the characters. Emma is always Emmaing in the less appropriate moment! ;p So I agree it's probably unscripted, I doubt they could have made that "kiss-miss" instant look so natural otherwise, but I think Kasia was totally in touch with her character by her reaction.

  • #447

    San (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 08:20)

    Jemma Gem of the day: 180 Caro wraps her arm around Emma. She is NOT amused, but Jenny is very amused :)

    @LSI-Team (Locker Scene Investigation Team) We've determined that it is definitely an eye roll? I will always want it to be shifty eyes, but now the eye roll has so much more meaning :)

    @frananifan Thanks for the 113 revelation. Loved the scene before, but now it has so much more depth! *sigh*

    Re: 193 Jenny yell during the fake-fight. Jennylicious!!!!

  • #448

    San (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 08:26)

    I present the Jemma Word Project! I think I've gotten all the words mentioned thus far. Some words need example sentences. Contributions are most welcome :) Enjoy! And, yes, I am feeling pretty awesome. I love doing web stuff. I wish it was part of my actual job.


    @Libellule You tried to slip in another word, but I got it :)

  • #449

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 08:26)

    *Edit #444
    SteFan BergmanN
    I should have written Ben's father, it would have been easier. ;p

  • #450

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 08:31)

    OMJ (Oh My Jemma)! Where did we put the Beschenkwards? @San, you are brilliant! Feel awesome, you totally are. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  • #451

    Emily (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 10:44)

    I love that moment when Jenny is stepping up for Emma. The feeling is so strong and she becomes nicer to Emma after then and let their relationship to build up.

    Emma's naiveness is also very cute at the locker scene.

  • #452

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 12:17)

    @Libellule not sure but I think Saal1 is owned/run by a Mr Muller. Think I heard Miriam mention him once or twice. Bit confusing if that's right.

    @San OMJ! from me too. That is awesome- thank you !

  • #453

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 15:29)

    @San -this is brilliant!

  • #454

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 15:48)

    @San Your jemmaproject /words is Jemmatastic! Wait! Is that in the Jemmaholics' dictionary? I'd better check. Many kudos to you. Keep patting yourself on the back.

  • #455

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 15:55)

    @San-Re: 193 Jenny yell during the fake-fight. Jennylicious!!!! -These little jems of yours make my day. I love the look on her face.

  • #456

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 16:22)

    @Frananifan Also Jenny speaking to Ronnie in this scene is great and more Jennytastic facial expressions. .... :)

  • #457

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 16:46)

    @San In your "spare" time, please add Jemmatastic to the word project.
    Jemmatastic adj anything or anyone that embodies the combined qualities of emmaliciousness and jennyliciousness (Uh oh! Do these nouns need to be added too?)
    Ex. Any Jemmaholic would be thrilled to have a Jemmatastic girlfriend.

  • #458

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 17:47)

    @San I'm sorry, but I'm on a Jemmatastic word binge.

    Emmado n. any of Emma's hairdos. Ex. My hair stylist, a non-Jemmaholic, couldn't understand my choice of a simple hair style.

    Jennydo n. any of Jenny's hairdos. Ex. The question is, which Jennydo looks best?

  • #459

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 17:59)

    @San Ooops, the example for Emmado should be: My hair stylist, a non-Jemmaholic, couldn't understand my choice of a simple Emmado.

  • #460

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 18:20)

    @San Pretty please, can I add one more word?

    Jemmakuss n. a kiss resembling any of the hot lip locks shared by Jenny and Emma. Ex. For a Jemmaholic to experience even one Jemmakuss would be Jemmatastic.

  • #461

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 19:18)

    alternate meaning for real
    Chulo -noun, plural -los . Spanish . a dandified or effeminate man.
    "Johnny and Frank, would you chulos like to come over to Chulos to show us your new dance moves?"

  • #462

    Wired (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 19:18)

    @San Wow! That Jemma Word Project is fantastic! Love you have weenus on there...I of course giggled... also re: post #447 with "LSI-Team (Locker Scene Investigation Team)" and the eye-roll/shifty gaze debate - love that name!

    as @Frananifan said you guys crack me up! I love reading this thread/post/page being in room 234!

    I also have to check out this Jenny yell during the fight scene..this intrigues me!

    Lastly I have a question for you all and especially the German speaking/understanding people: awhile ago on another episode comment thread I remember (I think...) that when Emma said "I love you" it was a formal version of the word or one where the meaning was not necessarily as deep a meaning as another word for love. Does that make sense? Does anyone know what I"m talking about? I think the debate was how could Emma say I love you with this "lite" version while Jenny had said it with the full meaning version. Is this true and if so when did Emma change it or did she?

    Just wondering when she would have felt something different or maybe I'm just Jemma-crazy... :)

  • #463

    San (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 19:52)

    @Emily Thanks for pointing out jenny's change in attitude after the Caro Grill moment. It's true! It's a major turning point. From then, her major goal was to make Emma jealous and finally realize that she's got it bad as well. Queue 108 carnival party!

    @Wired Jenny's yell is kinda more of a yelp. Someone had mentioned it yesterday (I thought), but for the life of me can't find the comment in the miasma of debate. And I've read them over and over. I probably keep missing it because I'm ROTFL! I had to look at it quick before I went to bed last night.

    @Randy Keep 'em coming. They'll be there by the end of the night. Entering them in is no problem, I just need my computer which is at home. "Emmado" hehe. I might throw in a hyphen for pronunciation, Emma-do. I first was saying Em-mado.

    It's kinda sad that weenus is down on the bottom. Might have to change the list to descending order :)

  • #464

    San (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 20:00)

    Ok "miasma" was a terrible word choice. Please, insert "massive pile".

  • #465

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 20:20)

    @San #463 Feel free to edit any of my words. I'm all for doing whatever makes them better. The more Jemmaholic brain cells involved, the better. Thanks for your Jemmatastic efforts.

  • #466

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 20:28)

    @San I can't access the About Jemma Words in the dictionary. Is it still in progress?

  • #467

    kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 20:58)

    Tuthrefore (too-three-for) v. To display slightly obsessional behaviour. 1. OMJ I am absolutely tuthrefored with bullet earrings and pizza-ballet.
    n. One who displays slightly obsessional behaviour. 1. She's a total tuthrefore, she'll be lurking in school corridors and keeping hold of personal photos in her back pocket next.

  • #468

    San (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 21:12)

    @Randy About Jemma Words is a dummy link right now. I haven't been able to devote enough time and wit to do the page justice and explain the existence of the wonderful list of words.

    @kittykatcop OMJ! I don't know ANYONE who fits that description. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to review the extensive list of kisses and kiss types for the nth time :)

  • #469

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 22:19)

    @San I think you may be a genius, our very own Jemmactionary.

    By the way I may well be an absolute tuthrefore, I have actually been trying to find a copyable (word?) set of International Phonetic Alphabet symbols so that my definitions can be phonetically correct. Thus far I have not succeeded but I shall be Muller Terrier like and I will not give up!

  • #470

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 22:42)

    Caro v. To be slapped in the face by the full force of one Caro EichVamp. This can be both physically (c.f. bitch fights) or verbally. Can be used in conjunction with the 1990's British advertising campaign for Tango. "You know when you've been Caroed"

    Seriously, those of you who aren't British take a look at the advert, everyone ended up going round school slapping each other in the face. So much so the advert was officially banned.

  • #471

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 22:59)

    @Kittykatcop #469 I'd post a link here for an IPA chart but I'm not sure whether it's OK to do so for non-Jemma links. However, if you Google IPA: International Phonetic Association (it's a UK link), there's a downloadable chart.

  • #472

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 23:10)

    @Randy oooooh that's good. My need to do a job anally correctly is now satisfied. Thank you.

  • #473

    Randy (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 23:29)

    @Kittykatcop You're welcome! Anally correct/anal retentive people who are also Jemmaholics have to stick together.

  • #474

    frananifan (Freitag, 23 September 2011 01:58)

    Just for kicks, I jumped ahead of myself and found Emma's really nice t-shirt episode.........sigh.

  • #475

    Prou (Freitag, 23 September 2011 07:11)

    I was just watching Ep.198,the kitchen scene with Ben and Ben's father eating breakfast the morning after their first time.. and wow! Kasia really nailed it, beaming with happiness, all smiles and giving secrets looks...and the way they look at each other and smile at the end, *swoon* ... i find myself i cannot stop smiling either...

  • #476

    Prou (Freitag, 23 September 2011 07:29)

    ~ ~ ~ right! i have get some work done now....

  • #477

    Prou (Freitag, 23 September 2011 09:02)

    not working yet...could jemmablivious be the state of ecstatic bliss that jemmaholics get after their daily fix of Jemma love?

  • #478

    Libellule (Freitag, 23 September 2011 09:36)

    Yesterday I was thinking about all the amazing "best-friendships" we've seen on HaH, how I love the dynamic between Hotte and Emma, Emma and Luzi, or Luzi and Timo for example (they were best friends before being Tuzied). And of course my tuthrefore brain started making words out of it:

    -ozghot, n. - a best male friend (derived from Timo Ozgül and Hotte) who might piss you off a bit at times, but who'll always be of great advice nonetheless.
    As in: My ozghot and I had this heated conversation the other day about the meaning behind an eyeroll vs an eyeshift.

    -zimma, n. - a female best friend (derived from 2 amazing smiles) with a golden heart who will always stand by you no matter what, and who's genuinely totally and truly happy for you when you find those moments of real happiness in your life.
    As in: Most probably you'll have only one zimma at a time in your friends circle. Actually you'll be lucky already if you find one single zimma in your lifetime, as this kind of friend is very very rare.

    Note: If your best friend goes by these definitions but is of the opposite sex, you would then say ozghot-queen (for female ozghot) and zimma-king (for male zimma)

    -beriam, n. - Really good female friend (derived from a bird and a So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance winner)who feels like a lovely sister and who won't judge you however poor the choices you could sometimes make.
    AS in: She took the decision to pack her things for Australia though her beriam told her she might not find what she was looking for over there.

    -pepiet, n. - Good male friend (derived from an overtanned music producer and a So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance winner's partner) "in ozghot becoming" (= blossoming nice friendship that has all the qualities to become a very grand one.)
    As in: He named his dog Pepiet because it was his only friend but also because he liked the sound of it; he loved saying "Go fetch, Pepiet!" for example, or "charge, Pepiet, bite his Ronnie arse off!".

    Note: Same as the 2 first entries, beriam-king and pepiet-queen to be used when definition applies to opposite sex.

    -eichkie, n. - Friend (derived from a school bitch and her redhead toy*), male or female, whom you think as your best one but who'll turn out as considerate for you as a troll, and who'll most probably be encline to encourage one's in his suicidal thoughts.
    As in: Their friendship was based on manipulation and disdain, as unhealthy as eichkies.
    *eichkie gets also close to hickey: you know, that thing that seems sensual for some the night before but that they desperately try to hide the morning after because it actually looks gross... An eichkie is a friend like that.

    And a last word that is not related to friendship, or yes, to anti-friendship:
    -Caronnie Town, n. - Hell. Pure, absolute, cataclysmic nightmare.
    As in: These weeks without new Jemma scenes have been like Caronnie Town.

  • #479

    Libellule (Freitag, 23 September 2011 09:56)

    We're totally creating a Jictionnary right now. :)

  • #480

    Wired (Freitag, 23 September 2011 14:14)

    You guys are amazing! I'm loving all of these Jemma words! Poor @San is probably working over time on inputing them to the dictionary. I am definitely tuthrefore about these words...must make sure they don't make it into any of my work documents by accident!

  • #481

    hoppe (Freitag, 23 September 2011 15:53)

    OMJ! I can't follow anymore! LOL!
    @Libelulle #442 LOL again to your BJ / AJ examples ;)
    May I suggest another wording for Eichkie? As Sophie is called Klein as surname, which mean short or like in kleingeistig = small minded, I would suggest to use both surnames to stress the pitty of such a friendship? like Eichklein, then?
    I think a friendship of IchVamps and So - Phies (phie = down/weak?, she was so phie, that she thought of taking her life. She just lived on because she took drugs.) can only bei Eichklein.
    @Wired #462 can you tell me about which scenes this discussion was? which episodes?

  • #482

    San (Freitag, 23 September 2011 15:59)

    Thinking about Emma in 140 when she's in the hall talking to Luzi. She's like on a cloud of love going on and on about wonder of Tizi (hehe). One, Luzi sings "das Thema wechseln" (change the subject), which is very Jennylicious (still a step above Luzilicious - ah, verdammt! I just created a word). Two, Emma does this plane flying walk while she's talking about love, which is uber-emmalicious (verdammt!). Perhaps, I'm tuthreforing, but methinks this is a cool foreshowding to the plane chase scene.

    You guys are determined on making me type out INSERT statements at work aren't you? :) Quatsch! It's probably faster, so you've just saved me time. Luv ya!

  • #483

    frananifan (Freitag, 23 September 2011 15:59)

    Todays earworm/ohrwurm?
    ...oooo there ain't no otner way. baby I was born this way. right track baby I was born this way....
    If I have it stuck in my head, you should too.

  • #484

    hoppe (Freitag, 23 September 2011 16:04)

    uhm - or we could take Carphie for Libelulle's suggestion of the Caro / Sophie like friendship (both parts of the nick)... ;)
    ok short visit - bye peeps!

  • #485

    frananifan (Freitag, 23 September 2011 17:58)

    I have one full day left of my vacation. My scavenger hunt has been disappointing.
    Things I have seen: several LITTLE girls who dress like Jenny, a small boat named hoppetosse, a sign that read Taco Chulos, an endless supply of Jenny’s vampire teeth necklaces, a woman who looked just like Frau Jager, and an argument in the park that nearly ended with a young man getting Caroed.
    Things I have heard: numerous pieces of Hah music including an instrumental version of The Girl form Impanema during dinner last evening (that was very nice)
    Things I have smelled: someone smoking oregano, and quite possibly, Ronnie’s pants.
    Things I have come away with so far: benbergmann bedding, and a cell phone pic of a Frank Peters look-a-like (including short pants, high tops and Handy).

  • #486

    Wired (Freitag, 23 September 2011 18:38)

    @frananifan sorry to hear the scavenger hunt was a bust! Fortunately you did experience some Jemmaisms though I'm questioning the smelling Ronnie's pants thing! Also I'm curious about the Frank Peters look-a-like on your cell phone. Very thuthrefore of you though so extra points awarded anyways! Hope the trip back home is more Jemmatastic!

  • #487

    Wired (Freitag, 23 September 2011 19:32)

    @hoppe re: #462 I'll try to find more details and will let you know!

  • #488

    Kirsty (Samstag, 24 September 2011 11:56)

    @Hoppe @Wired The locker scene with the eye-roll/shifty glance was ep 105 :)

    You guys! I don't get on here for a couple of days and now I have a load of new words to learn!
    So, I've got a date with a lovely German lady tonight. Only the 2nd date though so better not ask her to say Quatsch!, Super Idee! etc :)
    Also, watched a clip of the cast waving goodbye again and if you turn the sound up a bit you can hear, and see, Lucy laughing just after Bea and Ben join them all. Such a cute wee laugh.

  • #489

    kittykatcop (Samstag, 24 September 2011 17:12)

    @kirsty good luck with your date, make sure you wear your magic shoes and some lucky earrings.

  • #490

    Wired (Samstag, 24 September 2011 17:24)

    @Kristy yes good luck on your date! If she orders tiramisu for dessert might be a good sign! ;)

  • #491

    San (Samstag, 24 September 2011 19:43)

    @Kirsty Hope the date went well!!! SO this brings up a good question of date etiquette. What date should you mention your Jemma obsession or start requesting HaHe and other German phrases? I've been using it as pickup lines, which I do not recommend :)

  • #492

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 01:32)

    Thanks guys. Had a lovely evening. Gave her a lift home and my Wicked cd happened to be in my cd player and she translated some of the songs for me- nice one :)
    Just watched some of the eps after the bus crash again, when Jenny is looking after Emma. Does anyone else think that Jenny went a bit far in trying to find out from Emma what happened.(at the breakfast table the next morning) Emma's obviously upset but Jenny keeps on probing. I thought this was quite unlike her. Unless she thought it would be good for Emma to talk about it..

  • #493

    Randy (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 07:26)

    @Kirsty When I watched that episode, I too wondered why Jenny kept pushing Emma about it. On reflection, perhaps it's nothing more than a technique to move the story along in a dramatic way.The continued probing caused Emma to get angry/frustrated (because of her guilty feelings) and jump up and leave. Regardless of how well a story is written, writers use plot devices to keep the drama level high and story lines moving forward. It would have been boring if Emma simply said she was going to the hospital to see Timo, and it wouldn't reflect her real state of mind. Also it ties in with Jenny later going to Luzi's apartment to ask her why Emma won't talk about the accident. Then it ties in with Jenny searching for Emma and the result of that. That one action by Jenny (as odd as it seems) creates a domino effect in the story (moving it forward dramatically). What do you think?

  • #494

    San (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 19:25)

    Good point @Randy. But it also seems that Jenny has two legitimate motivations to question Emma. One, she really doesn't know what happened beyond that the bus crashed. When Emma mentions Gotting, Jenny questioned about him. When Emma gets really upset over this, Jenny doesn't understand, so she naturally asks questions. The other thing, Jenny really wants to take care of Emma, and Emma is shutting her out. I kinda cringe at her over-attentiveness and the breakfast seems a bit much. If presented with those circumstances, I would like to say that I would eat my chocolate croissant and answer any questions Jenny throws at me or pleasantly change the subject, but Emma's reaction seems more probable :)

  • #495

    Randy (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 20:19)

    @San Kudos for your two points. I think Jenny generally likes to know what's going on around her; it's part of her perceptiveness about people and situations. And she definitely wants to take care of Emma. The breakfast might seem over the top, but remember that Emma hadn't eaten anything the night before (actually since before the bus ride), so Jenny probably thought Emma would be really hungry (I would be, and I'd gobble up the croissants! More please!). But Kirsty's point about Jenny going too far is good. Jenny knew (as did everyone else, but they seemed to ignore it) that Emma was in shock. The aftereffect of that trauma is still obvious at the breakfast table, and it's compounded by Emma's guilt (which Jenny doesn't know about). If someone is traumatized, the last thing you do is add to the trauma by agitating the person. Unless everyone is a character in a soap opera. Hence my thought that this (and many other scenes) are the writer's way of creating drama and moving the story forward.

  • #496

    Libellule (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 21:18)

    @Kirsty, @Randy, @San
    To me Jenny keeping on probing Emma at that moment is not unlike her. It is true though that most of the time, once they're together, Jenny knows how to interpret "Emma's signs" and adapts to Emma's pace. But this is a completely different situation. I remember thinking, when she learned about the accident (she just tried to call Emma because the stag performance at the radio has been cancelled, and Luzi hung up on her after saying they had an accident and Emma couldn't talk to her) how panicked she must have been and what kind of scenari must have gone through her head before she could reach the hospital.
    As @San said, she doesn't have a clue about what happened, she just knows that the one she loves was in this accident. And she's there for her (actually, anybody apart from Jenny seems to care about Emma at that moment) but since it's probably the 1st time she can't read Emma at all, she's doing mistakes in her willingness to help her. After the breakfast thing, I think she understands and adjusts very fast actually, by going to see Luzi.

    Also Jenny's attitude at that post-traumatic breakfast reminds me of how she behaved at the carnival party when she picked up the last sausage, saying something about choices in life and leaving a clueless Emma about the innuendo. It reminds me of it because at that carnival party, Jenny has this "6th sense" about Emma, she knows that Emma needs "a little push" to open her eyes so she tries to enlighten Emma the way she knows best: full on resilience. ;)

    And I love how that breakfast scene echoes Emma's attitude in the last episodes where she keeps probing Jenny about her parents' death. In these 2 traumatic events, they're both acting like they know best what is actually best for the other one. And of course the result is terrible but their reaction, their "pushing" comes from a place of heart, out of real love. It's so human. So beautiful. And so moving to see them adjust at some point and really accept the other one's different way of dealing with such things.
    Ah, these two make me melt, always...

  • #497

    Randy (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 22:02)

    @Libellule Well said! What I love about Room 234 is the diverse insights we have about our Jemmalicious twosome. Although our responses are subjective, there's always an element of possibility in how each of us perceives a scene. Each person's response opens a new possibility in the motivations of Jenny and Emma. And we enlighten each other. Danke.

  • #498

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 22:20)

    @Randy ditto what you just said!:) And I think also that it was more of a plot device. I mean Jenny has let Emma just take things slowly, at her own pace ever since she found her at the hospital. Fair enough asking her a few gentle questions in the morning but I still think it was too much.You're right, there had to be a way to get Emma worked up so she'd run away from Jenny for a bit, and be by herself,so Jenny would go to Luzi then find Emma- yeah, a domino effect, good call.

  • #499

    Randy (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 22:59)

    @Kirsty Thanks for relating to what I said. Although I like to analyze characters and their actions, I also like to look at aspects beyond that, for example, how a writer moves from one scene to another and sets up scenes that relate to situations farther into the story. Also, I think that complex, well-written characters like Jenny and Emma take on a life of their own based on the actors' interpretations (in this case, the "dream team"), which the writer has no control over when writing the story. These elements, along with our life experiences and fantasies, provide the impetus for our subjective responses. I hope that doesn't sound too pedantic.

  • #500

    San (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 23:00)

    @Kirsty, @Randy, and @Libellule As a plot device, it also explicitly establishes Jenny and Emma as a serious couple. "I'm your girlfriend. It's my job." No more back and forth, they're in this together for better or worse. It's nice and very refreshing to have such clarity.

    Re: Jemma Words Project - You can now browse the words by letter, and go straight to weenus with just a click of the "w" :)

  • #501

    Randy (Sonntag, 25 September 2011 23:32)

    @San You're so right. As for the Jemma Words Project, you rock!

  • #502

    frananifan (Montag, 26 September 2011)

    @San "I'm your girlfriend. It's my job". I have nothing to add. I just like it how it sounds.

  • #503

    hoppe (Montag, 26 September 2011 01:03)

    hello 234ers! back again here...
    I think too that Jenny couldn't read Emma and that this made her feel a bit uncomfortable, because she didn't know how to react. And the way Jenny has to play over some insecurities was always more to be strong and a bit tough... so maybe she couldn't really be so perceptive to feel when it was enough for Emma, because she was in her "being-tough structure"? And maybe because she felt a bit insecure she couldn't balance this more thinking or mind part of her which was curious about the accident with the part who tried to be perceptive and caring.
    @San: thanxx soo much - you get an Jemmaward for that ;)

  • #504

    Eyelesstrees (Montag, 26 September 2011 02:25)

    Tee hee, so this is where everyone is! ;) Really enjoyed reading all the comments far!

    @Kirsty - I'd try to see Rebecca well before the run ends. A couple of Lucy's posts/tweets have made me wonder if she's planning a transfer to the Broadway production?

    Here are some other things I've been wondering about:
    a) what was the significance of Jenny's bullet earrings?
    b) am I imagining that HaH put Lucy and Kasia in positions that made Jenny and Emma make out the shape of a heart?! For example when they kiss on the sofa during the strike and in the episode when they are in bed together discussing 'waiting.' There's at least one other but I can't remember where.

    I've been plagued by the look that Jenny gives at the end of 'If I were a boy.' Reading all the comments above I think I've finally decided what it is; I think Jenny, a singer herself, is thinking 'crikey she's got a brilliant voice' and 'there's more to her than meets the eye.' Not more to her in that she may be gay because I think Jenny suspects that from day 1 - which is why she sits next to her.

  • #505

    Libellule (Montag, 26 September 2011 02:44)

    @Randy #499
    This post deserves a Beschenkward; very well-stated. :)
    And I really liked your perspective on the breakfast scene writting, very enlightning.

    @San #500
    It's a really good point. And now that you make me think about it, it must have been the 1st time in any storyline that I've heard helping the one you love in worst times being part of "the job". Like it's a whole package, there's no questions about it, for Jenny it's obvious, she'll be there for Emma, it's natural.
    The 1st time I watched that schene those Jenny's words left me kinda interrogative , they sounded a bit, I don't know, "lacking of romantism" maybe, a bit emotionless, sort of formal. But now I get it, and those words are actually very strong.
    I think this scene illustrates perfectly how the writers created a completely different dynamic between Jenny and Emma from Bea and Ben. And I love it. No beabenning for Jemma, no "I love you, me neither"; the things they are struggling with are of a very different order.

    As for the Jemma Words Project advancement, since you already have an extensive Beschenkwards collection, this time I'm sending you Emma's joyful sparkling gaze and smile, also known as an Emphee. :)

    PS: Also I should learn from you, all, how to make very effective points in 5 lines or less. :D

  • #506

    Libellule (Montag, 26 September 2011 02:48)

    Edit for #505
    *scene, not schene. Sorry, maybe I was thinking about scheme at the same time. ;p

  • #507

    Randy (Montag, 26 September 2011 03:22)

    @Libellule #505 Thanks for the Beschenkward nomination. And as I mentioned in #497, we enlighten each other. It's amazing that so many people, looking at the same scenes, see so many diverse motivations. Being a Jemmaholic in Room 234 is a mind-opening experience. And I'm a better person for it. Danke to all.

  • #508

    Libellule (Montag, 26 September 2011 03:26)

    I didn't have a chance to tell you yet, but thank you for all your alternate words suggestions.
    I like the fact that whatever we can submit to the JWP (Jemma Words Project), any Jemmaholic can suggest some ways to improve the inital proposal. Which means those words evolve like in any other language. Awesome!:)

  • #509

    San (Montag, 26 September 2011 06:58)

    @Libellule An Emphee, eh? :) I've been trying to think of the perfect word that describes the Emma smile in 114. One appears on my face frequently throughout the day when I read or think about the comments in Room 234. Emphee could work. Or something more straightforward, like emmasmile or emmagrin or emmabeam. I might like emmabeam. However, I place up for debate.

    @Eyelesstrees Oooo, heart-shaped Jemma! I can get on to that investigation :) My first thought, isn't it a natural shape that two people make when they're cuddling? But thinking to the other couples on the show, I don't recall the same positioning are camera angles that produce the same images. Then again, I view HaHe through some serious Jemma-colored glasses. I can't even think of another couple with as many wonderful smoochie moments as Jemma. Bean doesn't count, most of those are flashbacks :)

  • #510

    Libellule (Montag, 26 September 2011 09:52)

    An Emphee is another kind of award, it derives from trophee. Since you have all these Beschenkwards already, I thought it would be good to introduce a new one. ;p
    If a Beschenkward is an award of awesomeness, an Emphee is an award of "sparkle" (that you can find in Emma's eyes and smile), in the sense that it spreads joy around.

    But it wouldn't be suitable to describe Emma's smile, as, agreed, it wouldn't be straightforward enough. Because Emma's smile is just...swoon...Emma's smile. You're right, Emmabeam would be the closer to it, as when she smiles, her eyes are sparkling and she's just, ah...swoon again. :D

    Now I terribly need to see that smile again, this very right minute. Excuse me while I head back to ep 114. :)

  • #511

    frananifan (Montag, 26 September 2011 14:03)

    I have been calling it my Jemmaglow (in my own head of course). I cannot restrain the smile that washes across my face. Ear to ear, often followed with a small giggle.

  • #512

    Emily (Montag, 26 September 2011 14:36)

    I really enjoy all the comments in Room 234.

    Thank You. U guys are great.

    All the love to you all with Jemma's sweet kisses.

  • #513

    hoppe (Montag, 26 September 2011 14:48)

    well...and I love Emmabeam!
    Another idea: I once wanted to make a little story called Jennypennies, Emmanations and the ultimate Jemma-state of being (just inspired by them). And the word Emmanation is for me all those blissful smiles and her very inspired and devoted singing. The word is taken from Emanation or latin: emanare: ... ah, well I just saw that it's actually already an English word - so no need to take the latin ;)
    So it would be emmanation as noun, and emmanate as the verb. In Philosophy it is used as a therm "for the coming out of all things out of a higher / divine origin. So you can take it just as beaming or if you have anything to do with spirituality you can see it in that direction.
    @Libelulle thanks! good to hear... I was a bit unsure if it was okay to "mees" or intervene in your creations, but I as well think it's good to add anything what comes to mind ;)
    @eyelesstrees: yes, I saw the heart too, especially in the school revolution/strike scene! btw. good that you found us! ;)

    well I think Jemma seems to have got a really special treatment of the writers.
    I wanted to write a longer thing abbout the outing scene.... but well, maybe I will never do it, so I try to put together my thoughts in a few sentences.
    I love symbols... because they can transmit quite complex facts on many different layers and are open for subjective interpretations.
    I'm wondering if this scene is like a hinge or turning point for the whole Jemma dynamik/story (dunno if for other stories too).
    If you try to find symbols for the both of them or try to exaggerate... Emma's a bit more the ying part for me (her devoted singing, her open emotional way to be), whereas Jenny is more yang (initiating at first, being "tougher", the one who was defending Emma (I count till three..., or defending her in front of Caro, being leader of the strike etc.).
    If you see that outing scene from where it is filmed most of the time Jenny comes from the right side, whereas Emma comes from the left side when the start to climb the bookhill - if you speak of the body, people say that the left part is more related to ying principles and the right to yang (I don't like to use male + female, because you get stuck so easily in roles...).
    Jenny takes the initiative and reaches out for Emma. They both climb up the hill. On top of it, they dance and then change sides and not before that happens, but afterwards Emma pulls Jenny to her and kisses her for everyone to see.
    Isn't it like that, that after this scene, Emma starts to develop slowly more of Jennies characteristics and Jenny these of Emma?
    And the bookhill... it can be seen as the inner and outer hill of troubles, fears etc. they have to go through before they dare to out themselves like this. And... if you are on hill (or better big mountain) you can have a better connection to those things which are really important, like love, truth etc. - things appear more clear and the "small" day to day things dissapear - so this can give you strenght to pull through for your own truths.
    And it's a bookshill... so this gives again space for interpretations.
    Jenny and Emma both had to go first to the backside of the books-hill before climbing onto it (if you take the main filming viewpoint as referencepoint). Maybe you could say, that they had to back off for a moment? Like taking a breath, or collecting oneself before the big moment?
    And all the people around witnessing this moment and the stand around them in a circle.
    Everyone says that symbols have a big impact on the soul and unconscious. So what a great symbol is this whole scene and what might it do to the unconscious of lesbians, but also to everyone else who saw this scene?!
    In addition... I think this is the most symbolic scene of the entire show, so this gives another stressing to how important this storyline was for the writers.
    Uh! Now I wrote a novel! my first one here I think ;)

  • #514

    hoppe (Montag, 26 September 2011 15:07)

    emmanate: to pour out high emotions? Emmanation: the process of pouring out
    example for emmanate: Emma was emmanating so much joy and love and also wonderful melodies which enchanted everybodie's heart.

  • #515

    hoppetosse (Montag, 26 September 2011 15:11)

    aah and emmaglow is awesome too, maybe I like it a bit more than beam, dunno why...atm ;)

  • #516

    hoppe (Montag, 26 September 2011 15:18)

    oh, man! I discovered a lot of spelling mistakes like therm instead of term and a few times the instead of they... I hope you'll still understand it though. My apologies... ;)

  • #517

    San (Montag, 26 September 2011 16:02)

    I was going to suggest emmabeamglow which describes the different phases of the smile, minus the moment of worry. However it can be denoted if you say emmabeamoglow.

    But, @hoppe, after your amazing analysis... keine Ahnung. Emmanation is beautiful. Then again, Emma's smile is so special that it just might need multiple words to describe it. Also, @hoppe, I was looking forward to your insights on this because all your suggestions have been spot on and very enlightening. I wondered if there was a good German word for it. Of course, we could create another word the incorporates Lächeln.

    As for Jenny, she has a wonderful smile, but may not require as many words :) I think Jennyglow fits perfectly, especially after the couch kiss in 125.

  • #518

    hoppe (Montag, 26 September 2011 16:51)

    oh San! thanks, I feel honored and start to blush a bit like Emma. well we have no word for that till now , right? the german vor blushing is erröten, maybe emmaröten?
    about a german word for Emmas smile... hm... for me it is always not only her smile but what I feel then or with what I get in touch... it's more the bliss or joy... a state.
    I dunno, I get a funny idea.. maybe another verb: Emma was glücking? Glück means luck, happiness, bliss. And in some way this word glück has something of "glucksen" - which means chuckle.
    well I'm not really sure if this is a good one LOL...

  • #519

    hoppe (Montag, 26 September 2011 16:57)

    well ... better glücksen? that's both... and in English to glücks, glücksing ? hmmm...

  • #520

    San (Montag, 26 September 2011 20:40)

    OMG! I was fooling around with Webdings as I'm apt to do when making graphics and well... Go into you're text editor (Word, OpenOffice, what have you), select Webdings as the font, and type "j" (lowercase). Tell me how freaked out you are.

    @hoppe I love emmaröten! Glücksen, glücks, glücksing also captures the bliss and moment of uncontrolled joy.

  • #521

    San (Montag, 26 September 2011 20:41)

    I know it should be "your" but I'm freaking out right now :)

  • #522

    Wired (Montag, 26 September 2011)

    Hey room 234! I am loving all of these new words also the discussion on Emma’s smile. Reading all of these posts and thinking about her smile makes me smile! Kind of like reading weenus makes me smile and giggle. When I think of Emma’s smile I don’t giggle I just get giddy and sigh a lot. I personally like the Emmabeam mostly because when she smiles it really does beam right into your heart. It seems stronger then a glow. Jenny’s is a glow as she starts them slow and then you get her full blown smile. @San again genius with the Jemma Word Project!

    @eyelesstrees welcome glad you found us too!

    @hoppe amazing deconstruction of the coming out scene on the books. I’m looking forward to watching it again to make note of your thoughts. I do find it interesting that of all choreography they had them dance to the top of the books and that they paired Emma with Jenny because honestly it could have been any other couple put together and they didn’t have time to rehearse this outside as this was impromptu right? Of course as @Randy has said they do have to move the story along and set up that scene. One could think it was the literal pinnacle of Emma’s coming out as @hoppe mentioned they are at the top of a mountain and have literally made it to the top. There’s no where to go but come out!

  • #523

    frananifan (Montag, 26 September 2011 21:26)

    AHHHH! Webding!! YIKES

  • #524

    frananifan (Montag, 26 September 2011 21:30)

    @San I am so far behind at work for taking a week off and here I am blowing up a webding to 200%. Freaking out with you!

  • #525

    San (Montag, 26 September 2011 21:59)

    Sorry, @frananifan, for the time waste freak out. Changing it to uppercase helps a little :)

  • #526

    frananifan (Montag, 26 September 2011 22:16)

    weenusing @San. Yes, that does help.

  • #527

    hoppe (Montag, 26 September 2011 22:54)

    LOL at the "l" and"L" of webdings ;)
    @wired thanks. about this scene being impromptu, I don't know. Maybe you have heard more about that scene than me...

  • #528

    Kirsty (Montag, 26 September 2011 23:31)

    @San OMJ! Totally freaked out by webdings 'j'.How weird is that?!

    @Eyelesstrees glad you found us. Today I booked my trip to Stuttgart to see Lucy at the end of February. I must be crazy but am so excited to see her in the flesh :)

    Ok, I like Emmabeam, I feel like Emma's smile is more sudden like a sunbeam bursting through the clouds and just as radiant. I also like the phrase Jemmaglow, the warm fuzzy feeling you get after watching a clip of out favourite couple.And, being a big fan of alliteration, how about Jennyjoy? Thinking about the word lächeln..maybe you could tag Emma's surname, Müller, on to the front of it somehow..Müllächeln or something.

  • #529

    hoppe (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 00:00)

    well, to take only Müll doesn't work this well, as the word Müll means garbage ;)
    lächeln is to weak for my taste, strahlen would be more like beam, or glühen like glow.

  • #530

    Randy (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 01:31)

    @Wired #522 @hoppe #527 Re: "impromptu" If you look at that episode again, Bea says to everyone as they walk into the schoolyard "Guys, just imagine the books are the stage. We'll do the same formation." That seems to indicate a prior setup for where everyone will be positioned.

  • #531

    Randy (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 01:53)

    @hoppe #513 Thanks for your superb job of discovering and explaining symbols. You have a knack for seeing beyond the obvious and imparting a deeper dimension to Jemma scenes. You're our metaphysical Jemmaholic.

  • #532

    frananifan (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 02:29)

    @Lolo Are you out there? If you have the time, would you mind posting the playlist you came up with? I would appreciate that very much.

  • #533

    Wired (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 03:56)

    @Randyah thank you! Ok so not really impromptu then!
    @hoppe as @Randy guessed I thought Bea had said during the episode that they would give an impromptu STAG show outside. Sorry I miss heard/read/understood! Thank for the clarification.

  • #534

    Randy (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 04:36)

    @Wired You did hear Bea say in the auditorium "a spontaneous" concert, meaning unscheduled. So you didn't misunderstand that. But the song format wasn't impromptu.

  • #535

    Prou (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 05:57)

    Maybe Lolo has some more, but I have a list of the songs you mentioned (i included some of Kasia and Lucy’s songs :)))
    Aimee Mann –Save me
    Avril Lavigne – Remember when
    Auburn – Perfect two
    Beyonce – If i were a boy
    Beyonce - Sweet dreams
    Christina Aguilera – Hurt
    Christina Aguilera – Save me from myself
    Erik Hassle & Ellie Goulding – Be mine
    Florence and the Machine – You’ve got the love
    Goldfrapp – Road to somewhere
    Jamie Culum – Love ain’t gonna let you down
    Lady Gaga – Born this way
    Pink – F**kin’ perfect
    Pink – Love song
    Tom Jobim – Girl from Ipanema
    Train – Drops of Jupiter
    Veronicas –Take me on the floor

  • #536

    Prou (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 05:59)

    Oops, sorry it's Jamie Cullum, and i forgot The cardigans "Lovefool"

  • #537

    Prou (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 06:10)

    another one...
    Aereogramme -Don't Need Your Love' (Airplane chasing scene)

  • #538

    San (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 06:42)

    Thanks @Prou! I've been going through the threads picking up song mentions for the Jemma Songs Project, and this has been a great help. Building a nice big list :)

    Also during the plane chase, Sons & Daughters "This Gift".

  • #539

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 07:55)

    @Hoppe crikey, didn't know that. Well scrap that idea, that won't work at all! :)

  • #540

    frananifan (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 13:31)

    Thank you Prou and San. I'm feeling the love.

  • #541

    Randy (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 16:23)

    @San It might not be important to your Jemma Songs Project, but Girl From Impanema by Tom Jobim (known as Antonio Carlos Jobim when he first wrote and recorded the song in the early 1960s) has a girl singer, Astrud Gilberto, who is the one doing most of the singing in the samba dance scene. Their recording, accompanied by American saxophonist Stan Getz, was a huge hit in the early/mid 1960s. Because Jobim subsequently sang the song with other artists, should Astrud Gilberto be mentioned?

  • #542

    hoppe (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 16:57)

    @Randy: thanks!!! :)
    @San: we have a list up of all the songs we translated (unfortunately no column for the languages in which they are provided). It might get longer if we go back to the older eps again and fill in gaps - but they are mostly not the background music

  • #543

    Wired (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 17:10)

    Wow that's quite the list! Thanks guys I'm off to make a Jemma Playlist! Yay!

  • #544

    San (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 17:30)

    @hoppe Are you talking about "The Music" section? Thanks for reminding me. I'm hoping to get a good list of performed and background songs.

    @Randy Good info. I'm tying to keep it simple, but I think it is important to say at least Tony Jobim, featuring Astrud Gilberto.

  • #545

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 17:39)

    Thanks for everyone's work on the playlist, it's pretty good really. And has the added bonus of making us picture Jemma scenes in our heads- cool.

    So, quiet day at work today and am watching Jemma clips.. Have just found a cracker of a line from Jenny that I hadn't noticed before. In episode 140 when Caro is telling her not to bother getting too involved with Ben etc Jenny says she was just looking for great sex, and got it, that was it and...'she hopes she's satisfied Caro too!'..her curiosity that is. OMJ! Caro's face is a picture. Still sure she totally has a crush on Jenny.

  • #546

    Randy (Dienstag, 27 September 2011)

    @Kirsty You're so right about Caro. The subtext is obvious whenever she's around Jenny. In some episodes Caro seems to stalk Jenny. And she invades Jenny's personal space by locking arms and standing very close to her. Creepy!

  • #547

    hoppe (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 19:30)

    @San: I'm not sure if we mean the same thing here. I wanted to tell you that you could check back your list with the one up on the website with the clips ;)
    LOL! I never thought of Caro in this way :D

  • #548

    San (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 19:42)

    @hoppe Sounds like the same thing. And that's a good idea. Thanks!

    A fun game to pass the time! A few words still need example sentences, anyone want to take a stab at carogar, IchVamp, and Tizi. I just can't think of anything to suit their comical nature. I think I blew my talent on schoolgar of which I'm particularly proud of :)

  • #549

    frananifan (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 20:18)

    @San You should be proud.
    I love games
    Tizi: I never considered her my tizi, but after all of these years she still seems to think we have a future together.

    IchVamp: Helena ichvamped her way into the position of power and nearly destroyed Pestalozzi in the process.

    carogar: sometime when I go out, I have to beat the carogar off with a stick.

  • #550

    San (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 20:29)

    @frananifan Excellent!!! I'm making time to put those up right now :)

  • #551

    frananifan (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 20:33)

    It is true about the carogar. No it isn't. Yes it is. No it isn't.

  • #552

    San (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 20:46)

    @frananifan I'm having fun imagining beating off Caro with a stick. She did growl that time at Emma, so I'm sure there would be plenty of that. But then again, I'm telling you something you already know or don't know :)

  • #553

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 21:51)

    I feel violated. I was watching the news tonight and they had coverage of the UK Labour Party conference- where they were playing 'You Got The Love'! >:( I didn't have the love for them and have had to watch the STAG performance of it many times now to get things right in my head again.

    @Randy. She does invade her personal space a lot, you're right. I bet she finds it hard to believe Jenny's with Emma. She doesn't really understand what impresses Jenny. It's Emma's 'lion-heart of gold' not fancy clothes, popularity and bitchiness.
    @San do you know which episode it was when Caro growled at Emma? Vaguely remember it but not when it was

  • #554

    San (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 22:33)

    @Kirsty 140/141 when Emma fights Caro for talking about Jenny and Ben. When they're separated, Caro gives a growl or bark. hehe There's probably more growling in this series than usual tv shows, eh?

  • #555

    Randy (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 23:15)

    OK everyone, there's a scene that has me baffled. At the beginning of episode 94, Emma overhears Jenny telling Heisig she wants to enter the radio singing contest. But Emma never tells anyone in STAG about it. They're all shocked when Jenny shows up and sings. Why bother to have a scene that goes nowhere, a scene that doesn't advance the action, and that seems to contradict Emma's character because she would have told the others. Any ideas?

  • #556

    San (Dienstag, 27 September 2011 23:39)

    @Randy That scene is a good Jemma moment. Jenny has this feeling of guilt when Emma finds out about the radio contest. Also, I think Emma says something because Hotte digs up the Jenny's Little Heart past just before Jenny goes in to sing. Now, I have to watch it again to make sure.

  • #557

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 00:12)

    @Randy: I just watched the whole episode....in fact Emma is telling the STAG about Jenny, she's quite upset about it. We left quite a lot out (especially in the first eps. I couldn't watch the entire eps at that time). Well and our editress decided at that time to leave some scenes of STAG, Jenny, ... (everything not directly related to Jemma) away, as people were very impatient and wanted to know whether and when there would be a "real" lesbian relationship starting. But we will rework the old eps ;)

  • #558

    Randy (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 00:15)

    @San Hmmmm, I didn't see any feeling of guilt from Jenny. After she registers and notices Emma nearby, she tells her to have fun. Jenny is very cool about it. Also, Hotte tells everyone about Little Heart after Jenny has sung, and Emma is as surprised about it as everyone else because just before this she says Jenny must have been lip-synching. Maybe Hotte's research was done of his own volition after Jenny quizzed him about the contest. But even that doesn't make sense. He didn't know Jenny was going to enter the contest.

  • #559

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 00:17)

    @San. Thanks, will watch that scene again! Also now that you come to mention it I did find it a little strange that Hotte had that picture of Jenny as Little Heart so quickly. I thought he'd run off to look up the internet very quickly but it does make sense that Emma told him about it. But if one of your classmates decided to enter a singing competition would you immediately google them just in case they'd been an International child star?? Actually it doesn't all make sense but we're just meant to accept it. Maybe there's a lost scene or two somewhere..

  • #560

    Randy (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 00:40)

    @hoppe OK, thanks for the news that a scene was left out. But if Emma told the STAG about Jenny, why was everyone so surprised when Jenny arrived to sing?

  • #561

    Eyelesstrees (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 02:25)

    @Kirsty (and anyone else who can watch the BBCiplayer)
    Tonight I watched an interview Mark Lawson has done with Diana Rigg (The Avengers/Bond girl.)(It's available until the 8th Oct.)

    I was interested generally and also becuase she's Rachel Stirling's mum (Tipping the Velvet.) As the intervierw went on she made me think of Rommy Schneider (someone I don't know much about but whose career Lucy has commented on.)

    Then she gives her view that it's important to try all types of acting - she herself having done musicals, and how difficult they are. At that point I was put in mind of Lucy doing Rebecca - at which point Dame Rigg starts talking about playing Mrs Danvers!! (I didn't even realise she had been in a production of Rebecca!) There's a clip with Emilia Fox!!

    Magic shoes, Wingdings whatever next?!

  • #562

    San (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 03:13)

    @Randy Well, maybe it's more of a subtle flinch of regret when she sees Emma.

  • #563

    Wired (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 04:26)

    Hey all! About that scene #94 I thought Jenny's facial expression was actually one where she felt bad that she was actually caught by Emma at the desk and therefore had to hear her apologize again for the report mistake ( Jenny was still in revenge mode with Emma and had not succumbed to her Emmabeam smile). I agree she acted really cool towards Emma.

    @hoppe didn't know about the missing scene! This is why I keep rewatching the eps! (sure!) Not sure why everyone was surprised though. Maybe they just thought she wouldn't show up. At that point they didn't know of she could sing I think?

  • #564

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 05:10)

    @Eyelesstrees The jemmagic is everywhere!!!

  • #565

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 07:05)

    @Eyelesstrees Oh I'd forgotten Diana Rigg was Mrs Danvers!It really was a great cast. Maybe I'd blotted it out because I want to just remember her as Mrs Peel. Must watch that, thanks for the tip. (as Emma would say..)

  • #566

    San (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 07:10)

    @Prou I totally overlooked jemmablivious. I corrected the omission, and it's so in the Jictionary!

  • #567

    Prou (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 09:36)

    @San, no problem! can't contribute much cause english is not my first language...but i so enjoy all your entries...You're doing an AMAZING job! The jictionary is already becoming my second addiction... Thanks! :)

  • #568

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 12:24)

    about Hotte investigating Jenny on the web - I think as he is such a geek and loves the net (when Jenny called Emma bigott, he was also very quick in looking at the web) and has a crush on Jenny, it's not sooo far fetched that he tries to look her up. Some people do that LOL. I had once (years ago)had a quite bad discussion via email, and he searched for me on the net. Well all he found was a politician of a more right winged party and suddenly he was all nice to me! LOL...;)
    I'd never have had the idea, but some people do.
    Maybe the STAG's (or STAGians?)are surprised, because she didn't show up at the right time, and thought she decided against it? Surely they were surprised that she can sing this well - as they didn't know about her past.
    Something I always wondered a bit... can you imagine those parents of Jenny, dragging or supporting her with a child star carrier? I never really could imagine them to be interested in something like that.

  • #569

    hoppetosse (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 12:26)

    @San could you post the link to the jictionary once more? I somehow can't find it anymore - neither here nor on my computer :(

  • #570

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 14:45)

    @hoppetosse the jictionary address is www.saneyates.com/jemmaproject/words-home.php

  • #571

    San (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 15:56)

    @hoppetosse yep that's the link! Thanks @Kirsty.

    @kittykatcop I noticed I forgot "Caro" (the verb, not the person). Well not any more :)

    @Prou Thanks! I applaud anyone who can communicate effectively in more than one language.

    Also @hoppe I'm surprised it took Hotte so long to find Little Heart. I'm sure he was spending all his free time on it :) About Jenny's parents, I kinda see them catering to her passions since she's an only child. Also, she might have had handlers shuffling her to engagements and things. Confession of the day: it took me WAY too long to connect Hartmann to Little Heart.

  • #572

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 16:05)

    thanks @Kirsty + @San
    San, maybe it would be easier if we called Jenny Heartman instead of Hartmann? Although in times of especially the strike I thought of Jenny Headmann LOL ;)

  • #573

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 16:08)

    shit! you can't edit here if you've foprgotten something.
    @San, yeah that might be the point about Jenny's parents + child star carrier...

  • #574

    Randy (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 16:34)

    @San Do you have "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy for the Song Project? It's in ep. 128.

  • #575

    San (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 17:47)

    @Randy Ooo, I do now! That's a good one. I actually need to go through the list to see what I do have. I just copy/pasted everything into a text file. I like the song that plays after the bus crash when Jenny brings Emma home (and Michael's whisked off to the surgery or something dire like that). It might've already been mentioned.

  • #576

    kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 17:59)

    @San. Hey hun, no probs, just chuffed you're so dedicated. You're doing an amazing job and I have a new obsession (tuthrefore) to check up on each day.

  • #577

    Randy (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 18:55)

    @San I think "Almost Lover" is one of the sultriest songs. I too like the song played at the hospital, but I don't know the title or the singer. Too bad "Breathe Me" by Sia isn't one of the songs in Hand aufs Herz. I think it would have been Jemmatastic for many of the Emma and Jenny scenes.

  • #578

    San (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 19:11)

    @Randy "Breathe Me" tru dat! Rest assured, I'll find the hospital song.

  • #579

    Wired (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 19:39)

    @San I can't believe how great your Jictionary is! I don't think there has been any other tv show/couple that has sparked a new dictionary? Thank you for your hard work!

  • #580

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 19:49)

    Ok.........News..........?????????? Bet there won't be any Jemma though.

  • #581

    Randy (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 20:40)

    @San I've found it! I Googled some of the words. It's called "For You" by Angus & Julia Stone.

  • #582

    Wired (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 20:54)

    @Kittykatcop I just saw the news!! Are you talking about the webseries for HaH? I saw it on Mel's twitter feed. I'm gutted because I agree there can't be any Jemma because Kasia and Lucy are already signed to other projects. Noooo!!! too late! I feel Caroed (is that right?)!

  • #583

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 21:00)

    @Wired Finally someone else has seen the news. Yup felt totally Caroed and I'm Beabenning about whether I'll watch it. Cause there is no way two highly successful people like Kasia and Lucy will do a webseries. But I so want to see the STAG again, but will it be the same without Kasia's beautiful voice oh the indecision.......

  • #584

    Wired (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 21:15)

    @Kittykatcop Hahaha! Yeah I was "taking a break from work" and found it. It will definitely be interesting to see who they can get signed up - writers and actors/actresses and then what storylines will continue if any. I will definitely keep an eye on this but am also unsure! You are definitely right it wont be the same without Kasia's singing. sigh...this makes me miss Jemma more! Guess we'll all have to process this together in 234. ;)

  • #585

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 21:22)

    @Wired I think I need to listen to Save Me, just to remind myself what I'll be missing.

  • #586

    Wired (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 21:27)

    @Kittykatcop Agreed! Also Sweet Dreams...

  • #587

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 21:34)

    Wonder if Kasia would've stayed on if she'd known? I tend to think not. And there is no Petra either. It won't be the same but I'm going to give it a go. So many of the actors/actresses have got other jobs now. I would kind of like to see Herr Bergmann and Luzi's mum get together. Guess they're missing a couple of lesbians though...although they have two potential lesbians in Caro and Helena! Wouldn't it be ironic if Helena got involved with a student.. Getting ahead of myself here! It turns out that I'm surprisingly excited about this - still gutted there will be no more Jemma, (at least until the spring??), but I loved the show too and I fought to try and save it so if they bring it back then I will watch it.

  • #588

    San (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 22:03)

    Speaking of Save Me and Sweet Dreams, I wonder what the song selection will be like.

    @Randy Good find! I guess I should get on to that list :)

    @Wired and @Kittykatcop Thanks so much! I'm so glad people are enjoying it. It's really a great excuse to build new skillz.

  • #589

    Randy (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 22:25)

    @San Is "Love Song" by Pink on the list? Just a few words of it are sung in ep. 115.

  • #590

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 23:45)

    well, they didn't say who is involved in the production of the webseries, did they? I think Petra will do it. I mean it was her idea, her child already before Glee got a hit. And they also didn't say when it would start, so maybe this will take some time and Kasia and Lucy might have time? In addition a webseries is done with less time and money... so it will be quite different and also as it won't be a fulltimejob, there might be a chance that Kasia and Lucy are in. Sat1 is interested in having their stars back... so it might be no difficulty for them to schedule Kasias role in AudL in a way so that there is time for a webseries.
    Hmmmm - we have to create another big Jemmastorm and ask them, beg them ... LOL

  • #591

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 00:14)

    @hoppe Aaaaah the voice of optimism!!!

  • #592

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 01:17)

    Toi!! Toi!! Toi!!

  • #593

    Marie-Helene (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 04:05)

    @hopppe I agree with you. Otherwise, what's the point? A webserie without Jemma is not imaginable. All the buzz is around Kasia and Lucy. They had the best storyline, they were the best actresses to personify these wonderful characters. If the producers and Sat1 are serious about this concept, they will do everything to accommodate Kasia and Lucy. On the other hand, I hope they will make some changes. For instance, they should bring back Hotte. They should focus more on the students lives and the STAG. More music, more Emmanation, more Emmabeam!

  • #594

    San (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 07:01)

    @Randy Love Song is on the list. I went through it tonight, and we have modest list so far, mostly background songs which is nice. I should be able to have a rough list up this weekend. The episode listing will probably be incomplete, but I'm sure the collective mind of the room will correct that :)

    @Marie-Helene I would love to see more student story lines and, of course, much more singing and dancing as well. I don't care if they have to use free music from the 19th century, just so there's more. I'm sure they could rockify "Bicycle Built for Two" or something :)

    BTW, there's now an about page for the Jictionary. Might be a bit too sentimental. Keine Ahnung.

  • #595

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 08:14)

    I'm really not sure if Lucy would do it. I mean she's in Rebecca until the end of March, then presumably it will move somewhere else. I guess she might not move with it though and HaH would be filmed in Berlin where she lives and that may appeal to her. Would we want Emma without Jenny or vice versa and see them possibly being with someone else??

    Regarding the episode competition, I am finding it hard to decide between 125 and 225 but I think I may go for 125- I'd like to see more Hotte again and if voting for that ep means they might get Dennis back for the webseries then I'll go for that one. Bit of tactical voting!

  • #596

    Prou (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 10:03)

    @Randy, some good songs you dig out there, i got another one, i'm afraid is not jemma related, but not bad either, Maria Mena "Just hold me"

  • #597

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 11:10)

    Hi Leute I'm back from my hols. It's good to be back to see what I've missed. I need to get up to date with the jictionary because I don't have a clue what you're talking about! All these new words are confusing me.

    But I did faint when I heard the news about the webseries, I want to be optomistic about Jemma's involvement in it but I don't want to get too excited just in case. Although like @Marie-Helene said Jemma were HaH for a lot of people so they have to be on it right? As for favourite ep. not sure, everyone's saying 125 or 225 but I like to be different so I'll have to do some research.

    @Kirsty I heard You've got the Love played at the Labour conference, maybe Ed Miliband is a fan of Jemma, just a thought.

  • #598

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 11:15)

    @wired Apologies if it's already been answered I've been through all the posts I've missed and couldn't see it but I remember someone talking about Emma saying I love you to Jenny but not using ich Liebe dich like Jenny does to Emma. They said there are different levels of I love you in German and perhaps Emma used a different phrase because she'd never felt like that before. Something like that anyway hopefully that made some kind of sense.

  • #599

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 14:15)

    Guten Morgen jemmates. The music (partial playlist at this point) has had an endorphine effect. Today, I am prepared to kick some arse and do it with peace and joy in my heart.

  • #600

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 14:22)

    maybe it was : ich hab mich in dich verknallt? or: ich hab mich verliebt?

  • #601

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 14:39)

    @Clijsters3 Welcome back, hope you had a nice time. Ed Miliband a Jemma fan- well I hope not! I'm not a political person but we have a word in Scottish - 'glaikit' which basically means looking as though not much going on upstairs, or not much interesting going on anyway.. Which perfectly describes him for me :)

    @Frananifan ' Jemmates':) as Ben would say.. niiiiice!

  • #602

    Randy (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 15:42)

    @San You're right, the collective mind in room 234 will fill in the blanks. Again, thanks for all you're doing.

    @Prou I just listened to Maria Mena's "Just Hold Me." She has a wonderful voice. Thanks for mentioning it.

  • #603

    Randy (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 17:55)

    @San Although it's not the first time a dictionary has been created about a tv show (Star Trek spawned several), it might be the first time fans did so. Have you considered sending a copy to Kasia, Lucy, and Petra (maybe even Sat1)? It could be another way of showing how much support there still is for Jemma and the incredible community that has evolved because of the Jemma storyline.

  • #604

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 18:00)

    @Kirsty thanks for the welcome back.

    I love the thumbs up Jenny gives Emma in ep.120 when she's giving her presentation even it's her that makes her nervous.

    Also I have to go back to Caro's obvious crush on Jenny, she so wants her! She follows her around and must be nasty to Emma because she's jealous! Can't wait to see Caro's glances at Jenny when she joins STAG, I'll look forward to watching these eps. again.

  • #605

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 18:15)

    @Randy Your Star Trek reference is sobering. I would sooooooo go to a Jemma convention.

  • #606

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 18:35)

    ...my god what has happened to me....

  • #607

    Randy (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 18:38)

    @frananifan A Jemma convention. Great idea! Star Trek has it. Xena has it. Of course, fans can wear extraterrestrial costumes and ancient world costumes to those. At a Jemma convention, fans could wear shiny leggings, animal-print tops (or any top that allows bra straps to show), dice and bullet earrings, magic shoes, checkered blue shirts, and jeans with holes, all while munching on Chokofresh (or something similar) while listening to Jemma music on their iPods.

  • #608

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 19:39)

    and what a colorful crowd we would be! ...glowing...and swooning...and weenusing...

  • #609

    San (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 20:07)

    @frananifan And @Randy Don't forget emmabeaming :) I've been hankering for a Vegas trip. Can you imagine our colorful lot running up and down The Strip looking for Hotte :)

    @Randy I had thought about posting the Jictionary link around when it was fully functional. Now, might be a good time. I might start with the JI facebook page and go from there.

    @Clijsters3 Welcome back! To see what the all the Jictionary talk is about, the link is posted in #448 and #570. Enjoy!

  • #610

    Randy (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 20:30)

    @San I'm not on Facebook so I don't know what the conventions are, but should you put a copyright symbol and blurb on the Jictionary?

  • #611

    San (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 22:08)

    @Randy Good question. I don't think so. The content is created by the group and could be considered a derivative work (of sorts) of HaHe. The site (different pages and scripts that present the content) could be considered my intellectual property, but that aspect is on the web server, so a casual web-browser doesn't have access to it. I do have to make sure some things are secure before going too public.

  • #612

    Randy (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 22:19)

    @San Thanks for expanding my knowledge. Also I've got another background song, but I'll wait to check it against your list.

  • #613

    tamu13 (Freitag, 30 September 2011 02:53)

    @San : bookmarked.. really appreciate your work :)
    how about adding a comment box there? :D

  • #614

    Wired (Freitag, 30 September 2011 03:41)

    Oh a Jemma convention! In Vegas sounds great ( goes with Emma's dice earring no?). Panels could be "How Jemma has changed my life", "why I cry everyone I hear Chasing Cars", and "The Jictionary - New Words, Higher Meanings"

  • #615

    San (Freitag, 30 September 2011 04:50)

    @Randy I'm your archivist. That's my job :)

    @tamu13 Thanks! Hehe My little site can't handle the comment traffic. Enabling people to submit words will be an achievement in and of itself.

    @Wired Interesting panels for Jemmacon. I hope you will chair the panel "Picking Locks & Stealing Hearts - Locker Scene Analysis."

    Speaking of lockers, has everyone seen/read Ep 10? Explains a lot about the Jenny/Caro locker scene in 140.

  • #616

    Randy (Freitag, 30 September 2011 06:49)

    @San OK archivist, "Funhouse" by Pink in ep. 155 + 156.

  • #617

    tamu13 (Freitag, 30 September 2011 06:55)

    @San .. it's ok, you've done it great anyway :)
    ep 10.. Ben is a casanova :p

  • #618

    tamu13 (Freitag, 30 September 2011 07:25)

    speaking of episodes.. I have meine Jemm4 rec4p5 :

    074 : first met
    094 : jenny's revenge
    104 : work together
    114 : first kuss
    124 : u know what it is :)
    144 : jenny's surprise party
    154 : after the bus accident
    174 : drops of jupiter
    184 : lovefool .. "I can't care about anything but you"
    194 : oops.. hit the boob ;)
    204 : lucky guess, emma
    224 : jenny's 360°
    234 : enden

    075 > Jenny: See you, then ... Edda :)
    095 > Jenny: are you just the little MINION they sent to ask?
    105 > Emma: What does that mean, anyway, "bigoted"?!
    115 > Luzi: Jenny is just simply not ... like us
    125 > Hotte: Don't mind me... everything is... all right...
    135 > [Emma Müller, delete -- yes -- no?] Jenny: And you're history
    145 > Jenny: find a good way to get back at me and hurt me...you succeeded!
    155 > Jenny: you're my girlfriend! It's my job!
    165 > Jenny to Ronnie: piss off you a**hole!
    175 > Emma: I want them to know that you're mine!
    185 > Jenny: I'll only kiss you at home, okay?
    195 > Jenny: Ants....Mosquitoes....Outhouse
    215 > Jenny: Great. Strawberries.
    225 > Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz - The Girl From Ipanema

    I'm sure there's more interesting episodes beside that..
    but what I meant is the similarity of the last number.. CMIIW :D

    einer für alle und alle für einen (eps 160) LOL

  • #619

    San (Freitag, 30 September 2011 07:36)

    @Randy hehe I was referring to the expanding knowledge aspect, but I also didn't have that song on my list. Thanks :) Just happen to be watching that ep right now. I think I saw Hotte walk across the frame in Chulos.

    @tamu13 And Caro is terrible at being a slut. She went straight to clingyville.

  • #620

    tamu13 (Freitag, 30 September 2011 12:58)

    @San.. I think Caro just an oportunist.. she could be anything when there's an advantage for her.. remember why she joined STAG? it's her step to closer the music business

  • #621

    Randy (Freitag, 30 September 2011 15:23)

    @San Yes, that guy at Chulos wearing black-frame glasses was a Hotte look-alike only shorter. Or maybe Hotte materialized himself from Vegas to Chulos to check up on Emma but something went awry with the conjuring, and he didn't look exactly the same. Also thanks for the ep. 10 mention. It does explain a lot about Caro.

    @tamu13 You're spot on. Opportunist is a perfect description of Caro.

  • #622

    frananifan (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 01:15)

    I have been watching the Emma/bully/Ronnie/Jenny/junkie episodes and it is painful.

  • #623

    tamu13 (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 03:03)

    @Randy, yea.. surely she believes that opportunity only comes once..

    then.. by watching full episode of 75, there's a way how Caro persuade Jenny to choose the volley team instead STAG.. beside the Martin Luther catastrophe :p

  • #624

    Libellule (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 05:40)

    Hello lovely leute,

    Just a quick note before some well-deserved sleep.
    I've been swamped with work lately and for the last 3 days, I just barely had time each night to read all the Jemmatastic comments that can pile up in 24h. I still have a lot to catch up though, so I gonna process all this info tonight and hopefully I'll be able to go back to my Jemma routine and participate again in Room 234 "workshops" this weekend. :p I'm in total need of a Jemmafix, so I gonna Jemmadream right now.
    Nite nite!

  • #625

    Kirsty (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 14:39)

    @tamu13 'Jenny:Great.Strawberries.'- makes me giggle every time I read it :) You might as well tag 'weenus' on the end and I'm completely gone lol

  • #626

    Randy (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 16:35)

    @San OK archivist, here's another word to add: Jemmanescence n. the glow on the faces of two girls in love. Ex. Their Jemmanescence couldn't be mistaken for anything but love.

    The example isn't great, so feel free to modify or change completely.

  • #627

    Randy (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 16:48)

    @frananifan Those episodes are the hardest to watch. I get through them by concentrating on the superb acting, including that of the guy who plays Ronnie. He has scumbag mastered. And Lucy and Kasia are spot on. Lucy will certainly go back to the stage with a repertoire of expanded dramatic skills, and Kasia will outshine any of her contemporaries.

  • #628

    San (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 18:06)

    @Randy Ooo, Jemmanescence is a nice word to say over and over again. It's up!

    @frananifan and @Randy The acting in those eps is amazing. I love when Jenny gets the phone video. How she goes from "yeah, Emma!" to "Oh no Emma!"

  • #629

    Randy (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 19:53)

    @San I'm glad you like it. I agree it's "a nice word to say over and over again" particularly while mentally reliving scenes of Jenny and Emma. Last night I couldn't sleep, and the word "luminescence" popped into my mind. Then suddenly it became "Jemmanescence." Those girls even work their magic subconsciously.

    Those subtle shifts in expression that Kasia and Lucy convey in their roles are one of the most remarkable acting skills I've seen. They both say so much so powerfully yet so sensitively.

  • #630

    San (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 21:09)

    @Randy Subconscious is a funny thing. Every time my alarm goes off now I inexplicably think of Luzi. It's just an old pink Razr cellphone that plays a clip of The Andrews Sisters singing "Shoo Shoo Baby." Apparently, she's become the personification of waking up. Keine Ahnung :\

  • #631

    frananifan (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 22:01)

    LOL!!! @Sans. That got me out of my 'head in the past' funk.

  • #632

    Randy (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 22:03)

    @San Beschenko! The Andrews Sisters are one of my all-time favorite girl groups (they had so much energy). "Shoo Shoo Baby" is a good get-up-and-go song. Another good rouser-upper would be their "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" (and Bette Midler does a terrific rendition too).

  • #633

    San (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 01:40)

    @Randy You can't beat the Andrews Sisters! My alarm starts with Patty belting "Well, mamma wants a little quiet in the house..." and goes for about 30 seconds and repeats. Not a bad way to wake up. I just hope I don't start resenting Luzi :) My favorite Andrews Sisters song is "Bushel and a Peck" which would make an absolutely adorable Jemma duet, no?

    And @frananifan, for a little more funk annihilation, search youtube for Andrews Sisters - Hula-Ba-Luau video. I have two words for you: Bongo Belt!

  • #634

    Randy (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 02:20)

    @San Yes! "Bushel and a Peck" would be a terrific song for them. Think of all the pecks and hugs around the neck between Jenny and Emma. And they could do some good soft shoe dance moves too.

  • #635

    San (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 02:32)

    @Randy It would be so awesome that the world might explode in a Jemma Mushroom Cloud.

  • #636

    Randy (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 02:48)

    @San JemmaKaboom! Is that another word for the list?

  • #637

    San (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 04:16)

    @Randy That's a good one! A JemmaKaboom might be the first sign of Jemmageddon.

  • #638

    Randy (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 04:33)

    @San Back at you for Jemmageddon. Those two words in the same sentence make one hell of a cataclysmic event (just like Jemma did for all of us).

  • #639

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 12:25)

    Hello everyone! I recommend you go on to Dennis Schigiol's (Hotte) blog, he's put up 2 very nice pictures up of him and Kasia. She looks completely different to Emma and I'm liking her hair, even Hotte looks kinda hot! Oh I've just looked and Kasia has it up on her FB page so you might have already seen it there.

    I can't vote for my favourite HaH episode because I'm not on FB which I'm a bit sad about, although I would have found it hard just picking one.

    I've just been watching past episodes including Emma meeting the parents scene and in the restaurant...cringe! I adore Jenny's/Lucy's facial expressions in the restaurant and then later when they're on the bed, they get me everytime.

  • #640

    Prou (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 12:25)

    @Randy, Jemmanescence, wow! Great word! Lucy and Kasia really show that in their acting! Seeing Lucy's face at the beginning, ep074, and then at ep.102 right to the kuss ep., it is so different, she does have the jemmanescence glow! ;)
    @San, do you have Lifehouse "Hanging by a moment" on the Jemma songs list? it's in ep.095,when they are at Chulos

  • #641

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 12:29)

    @Tamu13 I applaud your research and dedication in typing out those episodes it is a bit weird that all Jemma's key episodes end in the number 4 or 5.

  • #642

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 12:57)

    @Clijsters3 You don't have to be on FB to vote, it's on the HaH website. The only problem filling in the form, I found, was that it didn't accept uk postcodes. So I put my postcode at the end of my address line then in the postcode box put 88888. (I think it was 5 numbers- just keep trying 'til it accepts it!)
    Got my ticket for 'Rebecca' in the post yesterday! <doing a geeky little celebration dance> :)

  • #643

    Randy (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 17:46)

    @Prou Glad you like Jemmanescence. And you're so right. The glow on Emma and Jenny's faces after they fall in love is evident so many times compared to before they connected. And the depth of that love is sometimes shown in ever so subtle Jemmanescent changes in expression. Lucy and Kasia are masters of subtle expressions.

    @San Great job on JemmaKaboom and Jemmageddon definitions and examples. So you like Fred and Ginger too? Some of their routines would be great done by Jemma. Luzi and Timo got their duet (Chasing Cars), but Jenny and Emma only got to sing together within the group. Great loss.

  • #644

    San (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 18:06)

    @Prou Hanging by a Moment is now on the list. Thanks! I'm going to try to get the song project online today. Some episodes and artist will have to be filled in later.

    @Randy I'm an old movie buff. That's how I got into archives and film and video preservation (however, not my paying job at the moment). Barbara Stanwyck's the bee's knees as the kids say. You are so right! It's a great loss that Jenny and Emma never had a true duet. Sure I Will Survive came close with a little Bodo mixed in.

  • #645

    Randy (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 19:01)

    @San Also "Born This Way," but a trio isn't a duet. Wouldn't it be great if the Emma and Jenny coupling became as legendary as Bogart and Bacall, Hepburn and Tracy, or Astaire and Rogers? I like classic movies too, including the MGM musicals of the 1950s. Impressive that you do film and video preservation. So many wonderful films would be lost without preservationists. There were so many great actresses like Stanwyck.

  • #646

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 20:58)

    @Kirsty thanks for the advice I've been on the HaH site but not filled it in yet, I can't decide I suppose most people are saying 124/125 or 225 so I'll probably go with the majority.

    You must be very excited now you have the Rebecca tickets, is it next year you're going to see it?

  • #647

    hoppe (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 21:27)

    Jemmanescence also sounds like "fragrance" LOL. A Jemma fragrance called Jemmanescence, concentrating the love and vibrations in a little bottle ... LOL
    I have problems to understand JemmaKaboom and Jemmageddon, maybe because I'm not an emglish native? can someone help me?
    tonight I dreamed to my surprise (I NEVER dream of tv, films etc) of Jenny. no one else of HaH around LOL - she sat besides me at a table (family? whatever) and said to me "drink!" lol - weird - haha!

  • #648

    San (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 21:35)

    @Randy Jemma on roller skates singing "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" - JemmaKaboom!!! I've mostly worked on regional home movies and industrial films, which are wonderful time capsules.

  • #649

    San (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 21:43)

    @hoppe Now, I wonder what Jemmanescence would smell like :) JemmaKaboom refers to an atomic explosion. Kaboom is a general sound effect word attributed to a large explosion. Jemmageddon is a combination of Jemma and Armageddon - the biblical prophecy of the end of the world described in Revelations. Instead of death and pestilence, Jemmageddon brings enlightenment and happiness.

  • #650

    San (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 21:47)

    I've been thinking about coincidences, connections, degrees of separation, the general meaning of life, and how I might fit into the Jemma-HaHe family tree. Here's what I've determined. There are 2 connections I have to HaHe based on where I'm from - Houston.

    1. Janis Joplin: From Pasadena, TX, the refinery town just outside of Houston. STAG sang "Son of a Preacher Man", which made Jenny fall harder for Emma. Emma dressed as Janis for the carnival party, singing a line from Mercedes Benz (btw, that makes the song list).

    *Double points for Emma actually being Janis.

    2. Beyonce: STAG sang a lot of Beyonce and Destiny's Child, who are also from Houston. And according to Wikipedia, she went to my high school - a small arts school - for a year. She was a freshman when I was a senior. I don't remember her then, but I do recall that for general assemblies that year, the freshman had to sit in the commons area outside the auditorium and watch on a close-circuit TV. It's interesting to think about a future mega-superstar out watching this small tv while I, a mediocre cellist, was inside watching live. It just goes to show that Life is Potential. You gotta start somewhere, and it's up to you where you go from there.

    *Double points for briefly crossing paths (like 2 ships in the night) with Beyonce.

    **Plus bonus points for the whole school being a giant STAG without a beach volleyball team or any sports to kill the arts buzz.

    So according to my calculations, I'm either Emma's distant musical cousin or her older sister's best friend. I think my math is pretty solid. Has anyone else over-thought their connection to Jemma? Or just me? :)

  • #651

    Randy (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 22:25)

    @San #648 Great thought, but how about Dancing Cheek to Cheek? After seeing Jenny and Emma fit together so perfectly dancing the Samba, imagine the eye and body contact and all the subtle expressions dancing to that song. Jemmageddon to the nth degree!!!

    I love documentaries and still photographs that show how people lived, dressed, and worked and events that happened from the mid 1800s through the 1940s. And for times prior to the 1800s, paintings serve as documentaries. I suppose these modes of interest are natural because my hobbies are still photography and drawing/painting. Even while watching Jemma episodes, I'm always looking at the surroundings to see how things look in Germany compared to in the U.S. or in Australia (where I grew up).

  • #652

    Marie-Helene (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2011 23:59)

    Hallo Room 234! Always good to read your posts. I was thinking about what I would like to see in a second season of HaHe.

    In general, I would like more music. A Jemma duo would be nice, of course. But I would like more German songs like Keinen Zentimenter and Mit Dir. You can feel they love to sing in German. Believe me, I have nothing against american music but we don't get the chance to hear German songs very often and it's sad because it's such a beautiful language for music.

    More comedy scenes like the one about the shack in the wood. It was a fantastic scene. We knew already that Kasia and Lucy have incredible chemistry together but with this scene, we learnt they have astonishing comic timing as well.

    About Emma : I want to see how Emma’s parents will react to her homosexuality... not very well I presume because they are very religious. And I would like very much to see Jenny in the Emma’s familial environment. Jenny comes from a different social class. Maybe it will cause some frictions or maybe some funny situations. There is potential there.

    Hotte : I want Hotte back with the STAG and Caro falling in love with him. Hotte doesn’t know what to make of this, at first. And Emma, of course, is distrustful because she thinks Caro just wants to take advantage of Hotte and have access to his new artistic network in America. But it’s real love and we discovers a new side of Caro.

    I could go on like this all the evening. But what about you? If we get a webserie, what do you like to see in this second season ?

  • #653

    frananifan (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 02:36)

    Today is the International Day of Non-Violence.
    @Marie-Helene The first thing I would like to see is Ben leaving for Australia! I don't have much use for him. And I agree, much more music.

    @Kirsty I was finally able to finish reading Rebecca. Now I want even more to travel to Stuttgart to see Lucy in this musical. I will need more than magic shoes to do that.

    @San and others. Those are very cool connections! I have nothing like that I can think of.
    Honestly, almost every day, I see or hear something that brings me to Jemma. It is more like the universe is trying to direct me, than anything tuthrefore. Outside of Rm 234 this would be silly talk but you all know what I mean. I am patiently waiting for the reason why this happens. I meditate on it. I even sleep on IKEA/Bergmann sheets. Okay, that is totally tuthrefore.
    I fell in love over adorable smiles, stealing glances, sneaking touches. I can relate to knowing I have found everything I will fight for in one person. I recognize this in the story but it is not a revelation. On the dark side, the events that Ronnie’s bullying and harassment trigger in each of Emma and Jenny’s lives are brutal reminders of the feelings of helpless I have had to choke on. But they are my scars and I own them. There will always be things that torment me. Love trumps evil, fear, hate, anger. I know this but Jemma reminds me. Jemma serves as tool in my mental medicine bag. I believe that my most significant connection to all of this has yet to be discovered. Perhaps, it has something to do with this room we are in. People often make note of how real this story is, and how the great acting makes everything more real. Let me be real for a moment and just say, I love you. I love all of you who come here to play. If I had a bongo belt I might write a song about it.

    My favorite pro sports team of all time Buffalo Sabres landed in Mannheim, Germany today and will be playing in Berlin on October 8th! Does that count for anything? Oh I wish I could be there.

  • #654

    Libellule (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 07:20)

    How I've missed you for the last few days! So, back to these amazing discussions, in random order:

    @ hoppe #513
    Wow to your "coming out on the books sculpture ("mountain" ;) ) scene" deconstruction! It could even justify some of HaH editing mistakes in that scene. :p
    Very enlightning.

    Favorite Jictionary word of the week:
    I really love it!

    About THE news:
    I'm reacting on this really late, maybe because I needed some time to process it, I don't know. Or maybe because I was trying to figure out this good timing / bad timing thing. Or maybe because the project is still at its embryonic stage so it doesn't feel real yet.
    Whatever, I'm actually very happy about the news.
    Now I agree that to make this work, the webserie has to be loyal to HaH original soul and Jemma is the heart of it.
    As someone said, not only Lucy and Kasia have new projects, nearly all the actors have moved on already. BUT, when the show was given the death blow, the whole HaH team seemed to really care about it, to know how it was rare and precious. So I like to believe that most of the team would be willing to give the show a second chance and participate in its revival.
    It would "just" be a question of organization, managing everyone's schedule to work out together at some point.
    Regarding Jemma, there're plenty of stuff the webserie could develop before Lucy and Kasia being available (yes, as written above, I consider that both actresses would wholeheartedly say yes to the project ;p ).
    I had this short exchange back then on the blog with @eyelesstrees; while everybody was trying to grieve she was convinced the show was not over yet, deeply believing in a webserie possibility (dang! :D) and I was "in denial" too, believing in any format possibility, stating the writers could pick up wherever they want, even years later and it would still make sense.
    And I still believe that. Let's say the webserie starts but Kasia and Lucy can join months later only. I deeply trust HaH writers to give us a plausible explanation for this possible temporary absence.
    Like when ep231 aired, I watched it without JI transcript first so I couldn't understand a word of what Jenny and Emma were saying while in bed (after Jenny woke up crying). I thought that Jenny was asking Emma if she would go with her to London to identify her parents' bodies, and Emma was answering yes, that she was planning on it anyway.
    *Note: I was kinda disappointed after, reading "Jenny: Have you been here the whole night? - Emma nods: And I’m staying as long…as long as you want me to."; far less dramatic than the translation I had in my head. ;p
    All this to say that regarding the webserie, the writers could have them stuck in London for a while, for example. Or they could be "Drinking Rhum and Cooooca-Cola" (wink to @ San #633 and @Randy #634) on some exotic beach to celebrate their wonderful love. Or the writers could even pick up in a different setting, after the Abitur, as time in tv-land is totally flexible.
    In any case, I just have one advice to the people behind the HaH webserie project: Don't rush it. Take the time to make it right, we'll patiently wait, there's too much at stake here. :)

    About Emma/bully/Ronnie/Jenny/junkie episodes, @ frananifan #622 + @Randy #627
    When I first saw these 2 eps, I was tetanized and it was the 1st time I couldn't watch Emma and Jenny scenes consecutively a 100th times like a total maniac. It was so haunting, vivid in my thoughts. It took me a good 48h to go back to it (which is a record considering my HaHddiction), and when I did, the opposite happened: the gut wrenching feeling was still there each time but I became completely fascinated by how it was interpreted. And I re-watched it over and over again. I think I know each blink, each breath and each gesture of Kasia and Lucy during these scenes; bow down to their acting, really really brilliant.

    About Caro subtext with Jenny @ Randy # 546
    Yes, it's been there the whole time. :D Actually that's the only beautiful infatuation Caro had, as her romantic tastes are seriously bleh: Ben, Ben's father, Frank...

  • #655

    Libellule (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 07:55)

    @Marie-Helene #652
    I find the script idea for Caro and Hotte amazing!
    And I also want Hotte back, because I loved his dynamic with Emma. And Emma has changed a lot while he was away so it would be interesting to see how they reconnect. And there should be a bit of jealousy between Hotte and Jenny over Emma's attention. Jenny is not used to share and she knows she's "Emma's everything". But having Hotte back would change the "game" a little. She already gave signs of jealousy over Luzi while Emma was having remorses about Luzi being kicked out of STAG.

    @San #650 and frananifan #653
    Too many interesting and beautiful things said in these 2 posts to say something right now. I'd like to give them justice when commenting so since it's late, I'll go sleep on them instead. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to share some coherent thoughts on the matter. :)

  • #656

    San (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 08:44)

    Quick note: Jemma Songs Project is so on. Have fun!

  • #657

    Kirsty (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 09:57)

    Yikes so much to catch up on
    @Clijsters Not going to see Rebecca until February unfortunately but still will be great when it comes.

    @Libellule Yeah I would think there might be jealousy between Jenny and Emma because there wasn't really a time when Emma was best friends with both of them. She went from being with Hotte all the time to being with Jenny all the time when Hotte left. It was like that time when they were all singing 'Be Mine' was a sort over changeover, Hotte was leaving but also kind of handing Emma over to Jenny. Really sweet.

    @Frananifan I don't know- I like Ben in general, I just didn't like him with Bea. He was a nice guy and always willing to help out his friends. And I liked how he said 'niiiiiice'

  • #658

    hoppe (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 12:11)

    @Marie-Helene: niiice (lol) that you like the German songs and language! It's interesting, I often think that english is a better language for songs, it feels rounder and smoother to me. German has for me sometimes an a bit dry sound, lots of consonants, but I looove those two songs you mentioned a lot! "Keinen Zentimeter" "Komm her". Your idea aboput Hotte and Caro is very fascinating - two jerks in their own way, who both in some way, have "problems" with near relations. Whoo they could be a great and funny couple and discover how it is to have real feelings + a relationship. It's a very creative combination I think. ;)
    About what I would love to see in a second seasion/webseries I have to think about and about my special connection to Jemma too :)
    @Frananifan and @Kirsty: I like Ben in general too. Well, he has potentential to be a good friend, if he stops being the B-man (not s-man = superman LOL) and he's a lot better already compared to the beginning.
    Hotte HAS to be back, but well, will it work with Bodo and Hotte? I also don't wanna miss Bodo with his bodot!
    The sun is shining here - the last day of a late summer week. more maybe tonight... ? see ya

  • #659

    hoppe (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 13:39)

    someone posted the info, that the filming for the HaH reloaded already starts in the end of the year.... and frederic heidorn said he would give news soon (if there would be 3699 likes - the old teaser! LOL).
    well a webseries... less budget, smaller episodes. maybe more german or unknown songs which are cheaper to get the copyrights of? it would also be an oportunity to change the concept into a more interactive one. the fans are already quite creative in a lot of ways - I think a creative series like that is attracting creative people.
    on another note: I would also like to see Emma's family and Jenny in it... there's still a lot to show how they get on after the devastating news of Jenny's parents death. maybe because of that she really has the first time since a long time to fight her drug past and a need to go back there? or they could be in London (can't it be that those people found in the english channel aren't her parents and they come back one day?) I hate this whole storyline! It's too dramatically pushed, no need for it! the writers did a good job without having to take such means - grrr! they were so good in the small details - why ruining it with this exaggerated stuff?

  • #660

    San (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 15:56)

    @Marie-Helene Ooo, 2nd season ideas! How fun! More songs, Jemma duets (preferably one with a bongo belt because they can pull it off - get rid of the Bodo belt and put on the bongo :D), and more Emma's family, Jenny and Emma go to Vegas and bring back Hotte. His had a few showgirl flings, so he's increased his jerk-factor slightly as well as confidence. He's the exciting "new" guy in school, so of course Caro pounces, and Carotte (Horo, Hotro, Haro?) begins. Ben and Bea move in together and quickly learn that they were not meant for each other. So Bean spilts and go on to other love affairs.

  • #661

    San (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 16:56)

    @Randy Re: #651 And the giggling afterwards, I'm melting just thinking about it. And you're right the background is often the most facinating part of photographs and films. I love zooming in to digitized photos as if it transports me into the scene. I did the same with engravings when I digitized 18th century books.

    @frananifan I love everyone here, too! You're all such a fun group of thoughtfully compiled words & phrases and thoughts & feelings. It's amazing that personalities can be expressed so vividly in this binary world of 1s and 0s - unique patterns of being on or off, much like a bongo belt is played :)

    "Jemma serves as tool in my mental medicine bag." What a great expression! It is almost a tangible thing that I carry with me throughout the day. It has colored how I look at the world, making it a brighter and more defined picture.

  • #662

    Randy (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 17:13)

    @San Re #656 Hey archivist, one of the background hospital songs that we talked about didn't make the list. It's "For You" by Angus and Julie Stone in ep. 153. And to fill in a blank, "Strong Enough to Cry" is in ep. 154.

    @San Re #661 You digitized 18th century books! Jemmatastic! That must have been a fascinating project. You're a gal of many talents.

  • #663

    San (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 17:49)

    @Randy JSP has been updated. Well, I missed out on digitizing the Gutenberg bible but the 18th-century books weren't bad. Some from the Lord Byron or Mary Shelley collections, but they all pretty much looked the same :) A lot of sermons and psalms as I recall.

  • #664

    Randy (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 18:58)

    @Libellule Re #654 Given Jenny's enjoyment of alcohol, "Rhum and Coca-Cola" would be perfect. Also, yes the Caro subtext was there from the start, and Caro's up-and-down eye appraisal of Jenny when she asks her to join the volleyball team is overt. I think Jenny knew it too, which might also explain her remark "I hope I've satisfied you too" when Caro confronts her about sex with Ben.

  • #665

    frananifan (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 23:13)


  • #666

    hoppe (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 00:22)

    @San can't fight the moonlight is epi 94 :)

  • #667

    Randy (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 00:43)

    In ep. 153 when Jenny arrives at the hospital and asks a surprised Bea and Michael where Emma is, did anyone notice the subtle realization on Michael's face that Jenny must be the girl Emma told him made a declaration of love to her?

  • #668

    Prou (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 06:33)

    @San, thanks for the work with the Jemma songs list!
    I have a few more.
    Jemma related:
    Madonna “like a virgin”, “who’s that girl” Ep.108 (costume party)
    Lenka "dangerous & sweet" Ep.116 (when they take Gotting's test)
    Pink "leave me alone" Ep.129 (jenny listening to her ipod music)
    Kesha “your love is my drug” Ep.145 (jenny’s birthday party)

    Not jemma related..
    Muse “supermassive black hole” Ep 91
    Alanis Morissette “Not as me” Ep. 93, Ep 133
    Maria Mena “just hold me” Ep.128
    Milow “out of my hands” Ep. 129

  • #669

    Prou (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 06:37)

    @San, i was thinking should "poison dwarf" be in the list? I find it quite useful and fun! ;)

  • #670

    San (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 07:23)

    @hoppe Thanks for the correction.

    @Prou Ooo, thanks for the new songs. I like the one during the test in 116.

    I'm not sure about "poison dwarf" or "giftzwerg" since it's an actual saying. Then again, I haven't added pizza ballet or Emma-ing yet either. I pose the question to the Room. What does everyone think?

  • #671

    tamu13 (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011)

    @Kirsty.. ahaha, sorry not to mention the weenus, tot forgot :D
    @clijsters3.. ty.. maybe to easier Jemma fans, watch important Jemma's scenes just go to eps with last number 4 + 5 .. dunno ;)
    well.. maybe I'll rarely read this room for some time.. got piano lessons to do.. damn u HaHe! :p

  • #672

    Prou (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 09:20)

    @San yep, it's a good choice...emma's helpless secrect looks to jenny (and reds ears!) are priceless

  • #673

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 10:42)

    @Prou OMJ, I hadn't noticed Emma's red ears in that scene..will go and have a look :)

  • #674

    hoppe (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 11:15)

    btw. the first appearance of Jenny on tv (not maxdome time) was on Monday, 17th January 2011, so this should be the beginning of the calendar AJ ;)
    @Randy: yes, I saw Michael's subtle realization and thought it was great, because again this is one of those tiny little moments which makes the story so real :)
    I think pizza ballet and Emma-ing need to be in, Heather is also a part of Jemmafandom, so I don't see a problem with adding those - those words are already generally used... poison dwrf I dunno, I think this is up to the English speaking natives here. As I heard it is not an actual word used in English, so it is a new creation, which came up through the translating process.
    Lenka "dangerous & sweet" Ep.116 - uuuh, I have to have a look at the songtext if it's really illustrating the scene again, we might need to fit the lyrics in ;)

  • #675

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 11:40)

    Just a thought, does anyone know how long Kasia's contract with Audl is? I wonder if Sat1 knew about the web series and didn't want to lose Kasia so kept her 'in the family' so if the web series came about then fine she could come back and if not then their other programme had permanently gained an awesome actress. Conspiracy theory anyone?

    @Randy About the Jemmapenny dropping with Michael, yes I had kind of noticed his face do something at that point but never quite got around to thinking why. Of course, that makes sense, I forgot about his chat with Emma and her handy 'coming out at school' book!

    Also, 'poison dwarf' is a phrase that is sometimes used but it's kind of derogatory so maybe shouldn't be included??

  • #676

    hoppe (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 11:56)

    uh! I looked up the songtext and realized that HaH people cut the song purposely to fit the scene - HaH people did I tell you, I looove you???
    here is the edited songtext they used again:
    It's difficult to see
    And it stings like a spider
    Hits you deep inside and
    I know that you are just like me - oversensitive

    well, in German Giftzwerg can be used in a nice teasing way (but still has a negative connotation) or just in a derogatory way. And Emma was pissed that Jenny called her that , sooo.... hmmmm...?

  • #677

    frananifan (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 13:46)

    @Kirsty Love the use of "jennypenny". I also noticed Michael's expression but did not connect it to Emma's coming out appointment with him. As though he knew something was odd but could not figure out what.It bugged me a little bit. (Thank you Randy for putting it together.) Kasia's contract? keeping her in the family? I like this theory you have. It makes business sense.

    As for poison dwarf, I have only said it with malice one time and I felt okay about it because I wanted to say much worse.

  • #678

    San (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 15:50)

    Did we actually have a intelligent debate about "poison dwarf"? This is why y'all are awesome :)

    @Kirsty I love Jemmapenny! If anyone has a definition and example, I'll put it up.

  • #679

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 16:18)

    Slow day at work...was re-watching the scene in ep185 where Jenny writes a note in class to Emma saying she'll only kiss her at home (love this scene!) then I compared her handwriting to when she was writing her goodbye-note to Emma in ep222. It looks like different handwriting!! Told you it was a quiet day. In the GN the writing was much swirlier with loops on the 'h's- ich, dich etc - but not in the first note. Or maybe it's just because it's a different pen.

  • #680

    hoppe (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 16:32)

    LOL Kirsty! comparing the handwriting :) - well maybe Jenny's mood is influencing her writing?
    Can I arrogate the Jennypenny to myself, if I ever, ever will do my video: Jennypennies, Emmanations and the ultimate Jemma-state of being? I just love those words and this title... LOL :D

  • #681

    Randy (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 16:38)

    For a wonderful display of Emma's facial expressions, watch ep 87 where Hotte is trying to convince her about doing the magic triangle seance and to do the Martin Luther King paper for Jenny. Kasia's interpretation of boredom, frustration, annoyance, despair, and compliance are spot on. Superb acting!

  • #682

    Wired (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 16:55)

    Hey Room 234! I've missed you!

    I've been super busy lately and haven't been able to read any comments lately! Obviously I have been missing you guys and Jemma as I dreamt about HaH last night - Emma and Lara were in my dream though...no Jenny...weird. Anyways, I made the time to catch up on all of the posts and you guys are a busy bunch! :) As always, love to read the comments and welcome back @Clijsters3! Hope you had a good holiday. @Kristy Still super jealous that you get to see Lucy on stage! Very happy for you too though!

    @San the JMP and the Jictionary! You definitely deserve a Jemmatrophy - I'm thinking gold leggings or gold magic shoes. Probably both!

    News about the webseries - are they really starting production at the end of the year? I think someone mentioned that? My wish for the webseries is the same as everyone else in regards to the music - more music please! I like the American music because I understand it but I would also love to hear some German music too as I don't get exposed to that in my city. Either way, showcasing more music is great - it's one of the things I first loved about the show - soon eclipsed by Jemma of course! Also absolutely more Hotte! He was a great singer and comic relief. Move the stories back into the school and about STAG again and that would be great. Now about Jenny and Emma...here is where I'm thinking a bit differently. I'm not sure if they can come back (if they can Yay!!!) and being the pessimist I am...IF they don't come back all I wish for is Petra to write for the show. If Petra is there, I think she could take any characters - hopefully new - and write another great lesbian storyline. I think Jemma's story itself was the great building block of the relationship. She wrote it slowly and made it real. After that we were lucky that Lucy and Kasia had such great chemistry and could build on it and make it more real. I think if they find two other unknown actresses, give them a great lesbian storyline that she wrote...I would tune in. Naturally the door will be left open for Jemma to come back. Maybe make one of the new characters a friend of Emma's who comes to the school because she already knows the school is ok with out lesbians and so on.

    Also JemmaKaboom and Jemmageddon awesome! "poison dwarf" I'm not sure it should go in as you mentioned it is an actual saying and not necessarily one made up relating specifically to our tuthreforeness?

    Ok I think I'm done! Now I'm going to organize a time for a Jemmathon soon!

  • #683

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 18:10)

    @Randy just watched that scene, it's amazing how many expressions she can fit into it and still look so naturally done. Brilliant acting

    I know Hotte must know already about Emma and Jenny but that would be one scene I would've liked to have seen. How Emma, who was basically his ('scuse the language) bitch has managed to grow in confidence and snag the girl he spent so much time drooling over! Ok Hotte was the loveable joker but there was also a kind of selfish streak to him and I did think he made Emma run around after him a bit. It would be interesting to see the interaction between the three of them and the different dynamics in their relationships now.
    Also, still rooting for Luzi's mum and Mr Bergmann :)

  • #684

    Randy (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 19:36)

    @Kirsty At this point there doesn't seem to be much going on between Jenny and Emma, and Hotte is so into himself and his fixation on Jenny that even if Jenny and Emma were flirting big time, he probably wouldn't notice. After all, he doesn't see Emma as a sexual person. And he gets lost in his Hotte-ing (similar to Emma-ing) and doesn't notice anything going on around him. Also you're right in saying he has a selfish streak and expects Emma to do his bidding. He has a chauvinist attitude regarding women. It definitely would be interesting to see the interaction among among them now that Jemma exists.

    And Luzi's mom and Stefan Bergmann would be an interesting couple. I think he respects her too. And if she married someone with money, maybe she could get back into medicine. She deserves so much more. I'd like to see a storyline about them.

  • #685

    San (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011 20:09)

    @Kirsty and @Randy Hotte's smile in 125 after Emma spins her "kissing experiment" yarn is really sweet. He seems happy for her. Btw, does anyone believe Emma's cover-up explanations - not Luzi, not Bodo, maybe Timo (that was more of a panic reaction). :)

  • #686

    frananifan (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2011)

    I was at a conference/training center this morning and grew a gigantic jemmaglow smile when I heard the television in the lobby. 'Stay the Night' was the background music on a Chase Sapphire bank commercial. This made for a very nice day.

  • #687

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 00:23)

    OMJ! epi 87! yeeess! this is such a comical scene, I love Kasias expression in this - her face is really an illustration of Hottes stories, it's amazing.

  • #688

    Wired (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 03:10)

    Hey guys! I thought Hotte's chauvinistic attitude was born more from ignorance rhen anything else. He seemed to have zero experience with women and got most of his info from the Internet or movies (007). In the earlier episode as much as Emma did everything for him she also shut him down pretty quickly with a 'Hhhoottteee' ( she sounded more annoyed and he's zip it. I think once he got it through his slow brain that the girls would be together he'd be like Bodo and stick by them. He seems kind of slow (he believed Emma's excuse for kissing Jenny) so the scenes telling him probably would have been funny. Maybe?

  • #689

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 06:27)

    When Lucy announced her return to the stage she said "I'm back where I belong." Ominous words in terms of appearing in a web series?

    @Wired Good points on Hotte's chauvinism. Also I too think he believed Emma's excuse for the kiss. After all, Hotte was the one in earlier episodes who said Jenny liked to experiment and would do anything she wanted to do. But if he ever learned about Emma and Jenny, I think he would be happy for her after his shock had subsided.

  • #690

    San (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 06:50)

    @Wired and @Randy I don't know. Hotte's smile in the hall seems more knowing to me.

    The Jemma Project has it's own domain! (www.jemmaproject.org) How legit is that?!

  • #691

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 07:06)

    @San Legit! Legit! Legit! Whoohoo! Good for you.

  • #692

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 11:08)

    @Randy #689
    This info surprised me. Did you read it somewhere or did you hear Lucy saying that in an tv interview?
    I'm just having a hard time imagining her saying such a "radical" statement. :p It's not that I don't want to believe it or anything, it's just because I read in an article somewhere (Rosalie and Co maybe, not sure) that she doesn't want to be pigeon-holed and she'd like to be able to do both stage and tv/movies. I believe that's why she accepted Jenny's role in the first place, to try something different after being involved for 3 years in Wicked.
    As I said in a previous comment, when you're that complete of an artist, you need projects that allow you to use most of your means of expression (in Lucy's case, that would be singing, acting and dancing), you cannot be confined into just one otherwise it feels very frustrating after a moment. And the stage is where she's most likely to use all of her talents at once, so probably the most fulfilling context for her. But if she did take a big chance once to try something new, it'll probably happen again when she feels like it. Whether for HaH webserie or not. She seems curious enough to challenge "her artistic routine" once in a while.
    I admire that a lot about her actually. I mean, if I understood properly, she was quite an established name on the stage already, so going for something totally unknown where you don't have any "marks" takes some balls. Let's call that the J-Bing Effect (=Jenny Bullet earING Effect). :D
    Seriously, she stepped out of (what seemed) her "artistic comfort bubble" with HaH, and she did so without reserve, she committed to it fully. I sincerely find that very inspiring and that's also what makes me think (ok: really hope ;p) she'll surprise us again at some point with some other brilliant "non-stage" project. :)

  • #693

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 11:09)

    About Hotte:
    I don't find him chauvinistic, I think he's just lost regarding how to proceed around girls. He seems to have a generous heart, lots of love to give, but the problem is that there's nobody at the receiving end, so he doesn't know what to do with it. True, he bosses Emma around, but she willingly plays that game and he knows it. When she's really bored or annoyed by his attitude, she doesn't spare him and the game stops. Actually Emma's not naive for that matter, she may be shy and unconfident in the early episodes, she still has a strong character and she doesn't let herself being manipulated. Intimidated yes, but not manipulated. The fact that she has several siblings must have built that strength. Because often her dynamic with Hotte looks like close brother and sister to me: daily squabbles but genuine loving bound. They know they can count on each other.
    And back to Hotte, I find him quite sensitive. He's the one who spontaneously get what might have upset Jenny when Emma had her mishmash about "being normal", and he quickly enlightnens Emma. Also, when Jenny apologizes to him because she didn't mean anything when kissing him, I want to hug him. He's so hurt, because though he usually tries to be a guy with a cool attitude (aka Ben), these things are sacred for him, you don't play with it.
    And I think he already knows about Emma and Jenny. Not because of the kiss he saw between them at the school strike, but because she must have told him, writing or calling him in Vegas. We had a hint she did announce it to Timo while he was in rehab after the accident, because he knows about her big coming out on the "books mountain". So if she told Timo, she must have found a way to tell Hotte also. But it would still be very interesting to see how he reacts when he actually sees them as a real established couple.

  • #694

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 11:10)

    About Hotte:
    I don't find him chauvinistic, I think he's just lost regarding how to proceed around girls. He seems to have a generous heart, lots of love to give, but the problem is that there's nobody at the receiving end, so he doesn't know what to do with it. True, he bosses Emma around, but she willingly plays that game and he knows it. When she's really bored or annoyed by his attitude, she doesn't spare him and the game stops. Actually Emma's not naive for that matter, she may be shy and unconfident in the early episodes, she still has a strong character and she doesn't let herself being manipulated. Intimidated yes, but not manipulated. The fact that she has several siblings must have built that strength. Because often her dynamic with Hotte looks like close brother and sister to me: daily squabbles but genuine loving bound. They know they can count on each other.
    And back to Hotte, I find him quite sensitive. He's the one who spontaneously get what might have upset Jenny when Emma had her mishmash about "being normal", and he quickly enlightnens Emma. Also, when Jenny apologizes to him because she didn't mean anything when kissing him, I want to hug him. He's so hurt, because though he usually tries to be a guy with a cool attitude (aka Ben), these things are sacred for him, you don't play with it.
    And I think he already knows about Emma and Jenny. Not because of the kiss he saw between them at the school strike, but because she must have told him, writing or calling him in Vegas. We had a hint she did announce it to Timo while he was in rehab after the accident, because he knows about her big coming out on the "books mountain". So if she told Timo, she must have found a way to tell Hotte also. But it would still be very interesting to see how he reacts when he actually sees them as a real established couple.

  • #695

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 11:11)

    Web Season 2 expectations:
    -Jemma, Jemma, Jemma, Jemma, and Jemma, but that's an understatement. And I know that might not happen, but I had to put that on my 1st line of expectations nonetheless. I am a tuthrefore Jemmaholic afterall. :D
    -More music. Like everybody said. And because there's a S in STAG that has been underused in the last weeks of season 1.
    -Less flasbacks. Because there's no F in STAG, nor in Pestalozzi, nor in HaH.
    -Hotte back on the scene. Jealousy between Hotte and Jenny over Emma's attention. And I really dig Marie-Helene's idea of Hotte with Caro.
    -Ronnie gets the "what goes around comes around" treatment. I want to see him on his knees. I also want to see him redeem himself.
    -More Belena Rrroarrr moments
    -Happy Tizi, but with some role inversion at first where Timo does the 1st step for once, stop "whining", and actually shows to Luzi she's the one.
    -More comedic relief spread in the (well-written) drama, like when STAG sang "Fuck You" to the school director (no less!), when Sophie was imitating hamster shrieks or something while under drugs (so brilliantly acted!) or when Caro killed the strawberries (I love Caro oneliners!).

    That's it...for tonight. Of course I have many more expectations. ;p

  • #696

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 11:16)

    My apologies for the double post, I would delete it if I could but we can't edit comments that have been sent already (otherwise I would also adjust the typos/mistakes on my posts that I notice only once I already pressed "Senden"...). :(

  • #697

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 11:17)

    Web Season 2 expectations:
    -Jemma, Jemma, Jemma, Jemma, and Jemma, but that's an understatement. And I know that might not happen, but I had to put that on my 1st line of expectations nonetheless. I am a tuthrefore Jemmaholic afterall. :D
    -More music. Like everybody said. And because there's a S in STAG that has been underused in the last weeks of season 1.
    -Less flasbacks. Because there's no F in STAG, nor in Pestalozzi, nor in HaH.
    -Hotte back on the scene. Jealousy between Hotte and Jenny over Emma's attention. And I really dig Marie-Helene's idea of Hotte with Caro.
    -Ronnie gets the "what goes around comes around" treatment. I want to see him on his knees. I also want to see him redeem himself.
    -More Belena Rrroarrr moments
    -Happy Tizi, but with some role inversion at first where Timo does the 1st step for once, stop "whining", and actually shows to Luzi she's the one.
    -More comedic relief spread in the (well-written) drama, like when STAG sang "Fuck You" to the school director (no less!), when Sophie was imitating hamster shrieks or something while under drugs (so brilliantly acted!) or when Caro killed the strawberries (I love Caro oneliners!).

    That's it...for tonight. Of course I have many more expectations. ;p

  • #698

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 13:08)

    @Randy #689 @Libellule #692 Lucy starred in a tv broadcast before... you can find those scenes on youtube - she plays a friend of someone whitnessing his accident on a motor-cross field with his motorbike. Mybe this "She belongs there" is more referring to the fact that she comes from south-Germany.... or already played at the theatre a lot so it's like her home? dunno.
    I think Hotte is a bit chauvinistic but just out of pure ignorance and being quite unsure how to approach women. In an earlier episode you will see him, doing a favour for Caro - the price she has to pay: she has to give him her bra! that was quite creepy to see... he's living in the realms of the head, analysis, internet. I think real feelings and deeper connections are just unknown teritory for him and therefore quite scary - so he stays with being the thinker and making weird jokes sometimes.
    But, yeah I also think he got what was really going on between Emma and Jenny (that knowing smile in front of the toilets) - he's got a very perceptive and sensitive side, but is hiding it to himself. He knows Emma to well (at least till they were 10 years ;) ) to think that she could possibly embark into some kissing experiments. Emma is to anxious, shy, sensitive and deep - to just experiment with someone like Jenny. It would be too much of a risk to get hurt. And he maybe thought in that moment about the moment where they were painting the posters together + Emma made a slip about Jenny kissing her and tried to correct it in pretending she meant the kiss between Jenny and Hotte at the party.

  • #699

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 13:31)

    ROFL at Libelulle's:"-Less flasbacks. Because there's no F in STAG, nor in Pestalozzi, nor in HaH." !!! ahahahahaah! legit! as the Jemmaproject-website ;) (btw. I learned a new word: legit! - is it more in/up-to-date than cool, awesome etc. ???) I second that, except it's Jemmatastic ones :)
    Karin needs a lover, if Jemma can't be in maybe she can revive her lesbian past as Sascha? lol - apart from that I'm fine with her and Mr. Bergmann, she'll pull the good sides of him into the open. oh and more sweet mother of the year scenes with Luzi and maybe she can be the surrogate mother for Jenny? I mean she already rehearsed for this job, when Jenny slept over at their place during the run away phase - and it was great!!
    Tizi... yeah... well I have to admit, that I found Luzi and Ben quite interesting... maybe he could become more serious and grown-up with someone in his age? this would leave space for new developments with Bea.... hmm.. but what would we do with poor Timo then? Okay... Tizi stay! ;)
    Deffo more Carokes (caro-jokes) or caroquetries (Caro-coquetries)!
    yeah and to see what happens with Ronnie, maybe coming to terms with his deeds in a very slow way full of fights and backs and forths in his process. And Sophie? what will happen to her? Maybe they can go together through the struggles to get stronger...

  • #700

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 13:33)

    hmm... so we might have Hokes/Hottokes - Hotte's jokes and Carokes. hmmm ... Hotte is not really joking, what is it?????

  • #701

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 13:45)

    @San: a question: "bodot n. smurf-shaped hat that one's wears inconditionally." - is that a spelling mistake or a word I don't know: inconditionally?

    "emmanate v. to pour out high emotions, to come out of all things out of a higher or divine origin." I would change that to: emmanate v. to pour out high emotions, derived from the philosophical term emanate: to come out of all things out of a higher or divine origin.

  • #702

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 13:51)

    @San: I found another one (... at least I think): poltergiest ladder - should be poltergeist, right? hope you don't mind, just trying to make our jictionary more perfect than it already is! Jemmatastic!

  • #703

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 13:51)

    Sophie took the money and ran...to Vegas...to find Hotte. She is hoping he has a taste for gingers.

  • #704

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 13:57)

    @frananifan : LOL!
    about canging the emmanation, maybe we don't need to do that... ?? hm..

  • #705

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 14:02)

    Amen to less flashbacks! I think we can all agree on that plus more singing, the return of Hotte and of course Jemma. Hotte and caro would also be very interesting, not sure if it is realistic though.

    @San love the Jemma Project it looks so professional, which of course it is:) I feel really bad because I've not contributed to it but I'm just rubbish at things like that, now I know how Emma felt not being able to help anyone after the crash.

    @Kirsty I still can't believe you're going to see Lucy on stage I know I keep going on about it but I'm just sooo jealous.

    Just watched ep. 151 and I love Jenny's smile at 46-49 seconds, it looks so natural and warm.

    Also just watched ep. 155 when Jenny finds Emma at Chulos and she says "I went to your place and when you weren't there and figured you'd be here" That sounds like she spoke to one of Emma's relatives so they've at least met her for about a minute, wonder what first impression she made?

  • #706

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 15:04)

    OMJ, someone was just in my shop ordering flowers to go to someone in hospital- in Room 234!! Had to hide my little Emmabeam :)

    @Clijsters3 I know! I'm trying to forget about it just now or I will just work myself up into being too excited & I won't even get on the plane! (I'm going to see Wicked in London this weekend and I'm unbelievably excited :)) Maybe nearer the time y'all can e-mail me a letter or something and I can pass them on to Lucy from our little Jamily (Jemma- family??)

    @hoppe I agree Karin needs another lover, or at least something good to happen to her! Barbara is very good at acting stressed and concerned but I'd like to see Karin happier. I'd wondered about her 'playing lesbian' again..Helena would be an ideal choice but maybe they look too similar? No, I'll stick with her and Stefan. He was also a pretty underused character, well in that they could've done more with him. I loved him in the 'morning after' breakfast scene when Jenny is interrogating him ,kind of,on his weekend plans. A nice, funny scene all round.

  • #707

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 15:12)

    @Libellule #692 Lucy's statement is in the caption below her photograph in the article "Lucy's New Job" on the Rosalie & Co. link site.

  • #708

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 15:28)

    @hoppe #698 Legit is the shortened form (or slang) for "legitimate."

  • #709

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 15:36)

    @Randy: those words below the pics are always MeL's words, but I asked her to clarify this and what she meant ;)

  • #710

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 16:28)

    @hoppe Thanks for checking. However, the words are enclosed in quote marks and Lucy goes on to say (using the word "I") she'll need a TV in her dressing room to watch Kasia in Audl. If these are Mel's words, why are they in quotes?

  • #711

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 16:38)

    @hoppe #697 I saw that youtube motor-cross video. In the interview with Lucy (on the Rosalie site) she said "I have never worked on a TV show before." Was the motor-cross show made after HaH finished?

  • #712

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 16:53)

    @Randy: no this clip is from 2009. I think it was a guest appearance in this one epi of 112 (it's an emergency telephone number). Maybe she meant with never worked on a TV show a participation on a daily basis?

  • #713

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 17:05)

    btw. the blonde paramedic which is talking with the two friends in the end of this clip is Christopher Kohn aka Ben ;)

  • #714

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 17:11)

    @hoppe #711 Maybe. Or perhaps it wasn't a big deal to her and she just forgot about it as it was in 2009 and the Rosalie interview was 2011. Sorry if I sound overly questioning, but it's a prerequisite to a former career where consistency was one of the most important aspects.

  • #715

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 17:25)

    @Randy I think the quote from Lucy under her picture on Mel's blog is just her sense of humour, at least the last bit about needing a tv in her dressing room. I think it's just meant as a joke. I also can't imagine Lucy saying this is where I belong, meaning the stage that's like saying she had no respect for her time on HaHe and we know that isn't true.

    I love it when Lucy just does her on thing and adds something to the script, an example of this is episode 160 when she pops her collar and does a dance 3.31-3.34.

  • #716

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 17:29)

    @Kirsty I would love to send Lucy a love note by way of your awesomeness! Keep me informed. Also, I don't believe you should hide your Emmabeam. Let it rip! That energy you are giving off might help make the world a happier place. I have been beaming a lot and feel no need to explain. Let them think we are crazy.

  • #717

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 17:30)

    @Hoppe Just watched the clip of Lucy in 112 and I didn't recognise Christopher Kohn he looks really different now. I wouldn't have known it was him if you hadn't had said.

  • #718

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 17:32)

    @Kirsty Like @Frananifan said sending a letter to Lucy would be toll! i think I'll start writing it now to make sure it's any good by February.

  • #719

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 17:40)

    We've discussed what songs, clothes and objects remind us of Jemma and I want to tell you that a smell reminds me of Jemma and no it's not smelly toilets, but simply the smell of the room my computer is in. I don't own a laptop or have the Internet on my phone (I'm a simple gal) so this room is the only place I have ever seen HaHe and have read your comments so everytime I walk past the room (which is now named room 234) I breath in deeply and breath in the Jemma filled air.

  • #720

    Randy (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 18:10)

    Clijsters# #714 Re the quote from Lucy about "where I belong," that's why I'm questioning it because it sounds contradictory. Also that little dance in ep 160 is cute. But in the same ep (at 3:12) Emma's expression when Caro puts her arm around her in a "show" of solidarity is priceless. There's another interesting moment at 3:51 when Caro runs her hand down Jenny's bare arm (subtext?).

  • #721

    San (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 20:10)

    @Libellule Excellent suggestions! "Less flasbacks. Because there's no F in STAG, nor in Pestalozzi, nor in HaH." Good point. Btw, there is a couple of Fs in "No More F**king Flashbacks" :)

    About Ronnie getting his comeuppance: as Emma says, "Someday we will get you and then your whole lousy life will blow up in your face. I can guarantee you that." So I'm certain that will happen :)

    Ooo, that brings up another Season 2 moment! Jenny finally teachs Emma how to insult better! It can be a montage set to some awesome song about insults. There's your comic relief :)

    @Kirsty So should we expect a bouquet to be delivered here to Room 234 ;)

    @Clijsters3 Thanks so much! Jemma smell? Cool! Jemmascent sounds like a word to me :)

    @frananifan Hotphie would be something. But I bet once Sophie hits Vegas she'll attach herself the first sleezebag and become a two-bit stripper. You're so right, we should just Emmabeam the World!!!

    @hoppe All corrections and suggestion are welcomed. I can't believe I mispelled poltergeist! "inconditionally" probably should be unconditionally, so I changed that as well. Re: emmanate, you're right we should have where it derives from.

    I need to figure out a good way to have a few more editors on the site because a collaborative project like the Jemma Project shouldn't have a single gatekeeper. If anyone is interested, let me know. A possible solution might involve installing an open source program on your computer. Nothing too painful.

  • #722

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 20:18)

    @Clijsters3 A smell trigger!? That is a first. True jemmaroma.

  • #723

    Wired (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 20:47)

    Wow @San awesome the Jemmaproject is legit! Though now "Too Legit to Quit" is running through my head - and the only way to connect that to Jemma is to say that Hammer's pants were the precurser to Jenny's leggings. Of course Jenny's are infinitely sexier. Ummm...I was wondering though if the list of the songs was posted somewhere? I may have missed where it is amongst our 700 posts. By the way wow guys 700 posts! I'm sooo glad @frananifan discovered the Kommentar Schrieben link earlier.

    @Clijsters3 Jemmaroma!! Had not thought of that either! I'm trying to think what smell would make me think of Jemma...will get back on that one!

    @frananifan good idea #715! I was feeling a little out of sorts the other day and re-watched ep #149 which made me smile and did throughout the day...though my co-workers didn't know why...

  • #724

    San (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 21:06)

    @Wired You're not the only one singing "Too Legit to Quit" but now I have images of MC Hammer pants morphing with Jenny leggings into a psychedelic Hammer-Jenny Running Man dance moves. *Emmabeam*

    There's a link to Jemma Songs on the navigation menu on jemmaproject.org. You can switch back and forth from words to songs.

    @frananifan Jemmaroma is so much better than Jemmascent :)

  • #725

    Wired (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 21:18)

    @San thanks! I see what happened - when the page loads on my computer both headers are on top of one another. Just clicked on the Jemma Songs link and you are a genius! Beschenko Beschenkward for you with a Golden Leggings Jemmatrophy thrown in as well! :)

  • #726

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 21:42)

    a message from Frederic about the webseries (he promised news at 3,699 likes):
    "... wow, already made it..!?! I would absolutely not have thought, that this would go this fast!? wicked!! you've proved once and again, what great and loyal fans you are..& that you are actually still standing behind us and the series. I'm mega proud of you, thanks to each one of you!!!
    now as promised, some infos; Ronnie will be at any case at the start again and will furthermore rock the boat, so that it stays pretty thrilling ;) Naturally some colleagues of the original cast will be faithful to the series, I know of three people for sure, but I think there's more possible... as you already realized, not everyone will be able to take part again... :(
    so consequentially there will be the one or other new face in the series, let's just take pot luck..
    the shooting will as mentioned a few days ago already start in this year, ost likely in November... we all should give the whole thing a decent shot and wait and see what will lie ahead of us... I will in any case keep you up to date, as soon as there will be new infos... kisses and hugz" ~> Frederic Heidorn - Offizielle Fanpage

  • #727

    kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 22:55)

    Hey All, Been AWOL for a bit, but following your Jemmatastic words. Will the Jemmaroma be a mixture of the smell of freshly baked croissants and the subtle fruit smell of grapes I wonder? Just as long as it's not Mosquito spray!
    I think Frederic's status update says it all - our ladies are just too popular and in demand. Maybe cameo's sould be made though.

  • #728

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 23:03)

    What a nice message from Frederic,he seems such a sweet guy. I wonder who the other 3 cast members are that are coming back.. Maybe Emma can pop by one day on a flying visit from her new home in London or something..

    Re: smells for Jemma.. Orange juice- Jenny's favourite non-alcoholic drink, Oregano :) Train stations, April-fresh minty teeth,hot chocolate.

    @San I'd forgotten about Jenny going to teach Emma better insults- that would've been funny..

  • #729

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 23:15)

    Re: smells for Jemma - freshy laundered Ikea sheets.

  • #730

    Kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 05 Oktober 2011 23:31)

    Chocolate Eclairs.

  • #731

    Eyelesstrees (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 00:56)

    Oh no peeps, I don't at all like the sound of 'not everyone will be able to take part again.'

    Where is AuDL filmed? We know Lucy will be in Stuttgart. How far away will they both be from where HaH1 was filmed?

    6 weeks is enough time to write Kasia's AuDL shooting schedule so that she can be in it/both; as long as she can physically get between the sets.

    If they've lost the opportunity to keep Lucy then I'll go as far as to say that would be an even bigger travesty than cancelling the show in the first place. Is the Sat1 CEO leaving because the decision to cancel/not renew quickly enough has cost them at least one of their major stars?!

    In a musical don't you usually do 6 shows a week? Tues-Sat and then a matinee on Sat. Unless they are going to film some parts in Stuttgart then is it even possible for Lucy to fit HaH in? She'll be rehearsing until December and then tied by Rebecca's performance times/days. I suppose part of whether she can do HaH2 depends on how many hours of HaH2 they want to produce and over what time period. Are they going to do 22mins a day for 9 months again or maybe 12 half hour episodes shown one per week for example?

    I did think it was odd that Lucy posted about Jailhouse rock though. She's great at hints and double meanings so maybe that wasn't about 'rocking' at Rebecca, maybe it was about literally 'rock(ing) around the clock' -fitting HaH in around Rebecca? I bloody hope so (only if she doesn't have to almost put herself in an early grave to do it though!)

    The rollercoaster continues.........Jemma is a soap in itself!

  • #732

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 01:38)

    I present the Jemma Smell Project www.jem... j/k :)

    @Eyelesstress It looks like Lucy's plugging the DVD set #3, so there's still some hope. Maybe they won't be back at first, but later or occasionally.

    I was emmabeaming today, and I swear it transferred to someone else's face. It's like a smile-laser :)

  • #733

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 01:39)

    Wooo Hoooo JemmaKaboom guys, Amidola tweeted our Jemmactionary to @hhoagie.

  • #734

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 01:40)

    I introduced the JP to the JI. Here's what went down:
    "Hey Jemmatastic JI crew! Thought you would like to see what we've cooked up in Ep 234 (www.jemmaproject.org). The Jemma Words Project (JWP, aka Jictionary) is a growing list of Jemma and JI inspired words and phrases. And Jemma Songs Project (JSP) is a list of background and performed songs in HaHe. So JI had a little baby :) Congratulations!
    Thanks again for all your hard work! -San"

    "You know, I'd reply if I could wipe the tears of laughter out of my eyes fast enough. You guys rock beyond words and song! xoxo ami"

    Good clean fun :)

  • #735

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 01:42)

    @Kittykatcop But I haven't put pizza ballet in yet!

  • #736

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 01:46)

    @San Oh nooooo, stand by for Jemmageddon, we must have a nod to the hoagmeister.

  • #737

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 02:25)

    @Kittykatcop You're too much. I love "JemmaKaboom guys" :) Jemmageddon has been quelled. Now I can take a shower and watch Glee.

    Everyone, look at the new words and let me know what you think. A couple need sentences: emma (-ing), Oh My Leggings, and pizza ballet.

  • #738

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 03:31)

    @San This is amazing! I know you have a job, and presumably, a life. So your time and skills are greatly appreciated. You have put a lot of herz into this. (paradiddle salute on the bongo belt to you)

    AND..."I was emmabeaming today, and I swear it transferred to someone else's face. It's like a smile-laser" Right?! It works! Anytime you can make some else smile makes you a healer...you've got the love, you've got the love...

  • #739

    Marie-Helene (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 05:22)

    My feelings about the last developments: I am pretty confident that Kasia will be back in the second season of HaHe but she can’t tell us right now. And I predict that Dennis will be there, as well.

    For Lucy, I think it’s more complicated. She will be back but not right now. Of course, musicals are very important for her, but she gets bored to do the same thing, over and over, for a long period of time. And she loves very much her Jenny character and HaHe cast and crew. @San, you’re right about her plugging the DVD 3, it means a lot. I am not in her head but I think she loves the intensity of this kind of work. She enjoys being in front of a camera. And the camera loves her. So, I don't share that idea that she "belongs" exclusively to the musicals world.

    So, the way it could be...Season 2 : We find Emma dealing courageously with Jenny’s decision to go abroad to mourn her parents and deals with her problems. Emma is broken but Hotte is back to take care of her and she has the STAG (a lot of music…). A new girl at school, very different from Jenny, catches her attention but she doesn’t want to think about it, at first. But the girl is persistent and lovely and Emma is more and more conflicted. The girl will have a good influence, she will help her to plan her coming out to her family, etc. She will be important to Emma but not in the same way that Jenny. Jenny will be back at some point and they will have a hard time to reconnect because of the girl and because they have changed. But they will succeed, at the end.

    @Eyeslestrees I am happy to see I am not the only one to see hints in their communication with the fans. At first, it was more Lucy’s way but I think Kasia is learning. Yesterday, on her Facebook page, she wrote that she was ready for the next season (winter or HaHe). It was a bit peculiar.

  • #740

    Prou (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 06:19)

    On HaHe2 i wish they can get Lucy and Kasia on board (i miss Kasia's singing :( ), otherwise i don't think it will have enough appeal for me to follow it, i got to like the other characters too, but they're not that hard to find... i hope that the channel can make more of a commitment with the project too, and not finish it like it did the first time...that might also be something that the actors are kind of scared about.

  • #741

    Randy (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 06:38)

    @San Re #720 What's an "open source program"? Is a Windows-based computer needed? What would an editor be required to do? Also, in the JWP there's a typo in the definition of Eichklein. The word enclined should be inclined.

  • #742

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 07:55)

    @Randy I'm glad you asked. Open-source programs are free, very functional software. They are collaborative projects where developers can improve and customize the source code. OpenOffice.org is highly comparable to MS Office. Mozilla Firefox is another example. The program I use is MySQL Workbench. It's a database program that let's me enter the web content (words, definitions, and examples) and post it to the web, kinda like MS Access. Another program that could work for multiple editors is OpenOffice.org Base, which is the open-source equivalent to MS Access. Both work on Windows. I have to do some tests to see how the programs work with another computer and how they'll connect to the website. But basically, an editor would determine words that should go in the JWP and enter the definitions and examples. It would be as easy as filling out an online form or spreadsheet, at least that's my hope.

    @frananifan Thanks so much! Life? It depends on the definition and example sentence :) I tend to pickup projects like stray puppies. Anyway, it's the words that are the most entertaining part, and that's everyone's contribution.

  • #743

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 08:08)

    You know, if I were Emma in 136 and experienced Jenny's first reaction of absolute happiness to a weekend in Hamburg, I would've said screw Sister Act and STAG, we're going for a romantic weekend in Hamburg! *sigh* Oh, Emma.

  • #744

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 08:10)

    @Marie-Helene I like your season 2 scenario for Emma. I would rather have Kasia back without Lucy than neither of them back,but as long as Lucy pops her head in for a few episodes. I wonder if Selina will be back too, I would miss her and Kasia's singing if they weren't there. She hasn't mentioned anything about new projects, so fingers crossed.The HaH guys really aren't stupid.They know their programme and they know what we like about it too, I'm excited to see what's going to happen.

    Also, I just took Kasia's message at face value...now I see the possible double meaning :) Thanks guys. So, when Lucy posted the picture of her holding a cat saying ' making future plans' or something..what was the hint there? Was it because she was by the sea? Like Monte Carlo or Cornwall? Now I'm going to have to go back and read all their posts/tweets etc!

  • #745

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 08:24)

    Heather Hogan tweet re. Jemma Project - 'Thats hysterical. You know when you've been Caroed!'

  • #746

    Prou (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 09:11)

    @San, i have some background songs from Ep.148 (i was watching Jemma eating with Jenny's parents...never fails to cheer me up)
    Kyllie Minogue - Higher
    Rihanna - Rude boy
    David Guetta feat. Wynter Gordon - Toyfriend
    ZPYZ - Racecar

  • #747

    Prou (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 09:41)

    @san, i see the definition of Chulo as: (Spanish origin) a dandified or effeminate man. In Spanish it has the meanings:
    1) adj., cocky
    2) n., someone who likes to show off
    3) n., pimp
    it's a bit different from the definition

  • #748

    Prou (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 09:43)

    BTW, a funny name for a club, lol...

  • #749

    Prou (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 09:55)

    Could "jemmafied" be the love-at-first-sight state anyone gets after seing Jemma for the first time?

  • #750

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 12:49)

    @San: it's nice that you give all the credits always to JI , all inspiration comes from there.... I gave you our list for the songs, I added all my ideas - if this all goes now as a little baby of JI and not an own thing I want to have my contributions out. You all use since weeks this other site which should not be named, where a lot of work is put in too and this since the end of February, where there was no JI. I love to work together but if it's that ignorant, than thanks! sorry!

  • #751

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 13:07)

    @Kirsty: Selina is back at school, as far as I heard. I don't know what it means though. I thought that she already made her Abitur or was ready with school in some way... so I'm not sure what it means.

  • #752

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 13:10)

    I have to correct myself : "seems" ignorant. I might see it wrong...

  • #753

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 13:23)

    about Kasia's last post. In German there is no double meaning in her words. She wrote: "Hey, wir sind bereit für die nächste Jahreszeit und neue Impressionen."
    Which translates as "<Hey, we're ready for the next season and new impressions>. In German we don't use season as term for another tv-episodes-timespan. We have Staffel - or there is no word for it at all. We just say it's renewed for another year. Some say already season, but Kasia didn't use that word, she said "Jahreszeit" (time of the year), which only means season in it's narrow meaning of spring, summer, autumn + winter.
    I'm sooo sorry to dissapoint you :(

  • #754

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 15:41)

    @hoppe I'm sorry. I only meant that we met and collaborated here in Ep 234 within JI and a new site was born. I'm probably the ignorant one because I have slowly (very slowly) realized that I don't know your site (I wish I did). I thought it was JI. I used their list of music clip descriptions. I'm happy to change anything on JP to correct this, like on the About page. We still have full control of JP. I just thought that it was time to spread the word about it. First, throughout JI. Then elsewhere.

  • #755

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 15:47)

    @San in response to #742 Jenny's face lights up and I feel so sorry for her because we, the viewer, know what's going to happen. Then the way her face suddenly changes from pure delight to sadness and anger is done brilliantly.

    I haven't had much time to study the JWP but I have now and it's cracked me up. Who thought of the examples to go with the words? e.g. For a Jemmaholic to experience even one Jemmakuss would be Jemmatastic. I'm presuming they are a team effort and I think they are genius.

    Can I just say that I drink orange juice all the time and I'm now hoping I'll magically morph into Jenny. Alas so far no luck. But I am breathing in the Jemma filled air:)

  • #756

    amidola (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 15:51)

    Hi guys, just dropping by. If you won't mind, I'll (try to,fb is being a b***) post the link to the jemmawords Project on the facebook site.Glad, you already saw the tweet by Heather:-) Here's to hoping that you've already got some more submissions for new words.
    Need to get a Müller Terrier asap, my planes've been all over the place!!
    Thanks for the (much needed) laughs! If there's anything you need, let us know:-)
    Biggest of hugs!

  • #757

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 16:13)

    @amindola I'm ok with it. More words can only add to the enjoyment. Thanks!

  • #758

    Randy (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 16:18)

    @San #741 Thanks for the information. I have a Mac, so for now all I can do to help is tell you if I see a typo or can think of an example for a word that needs one.

  • #759

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 17:03)

    @Randy Actually, they're both compatible with Mac as well. I thought you just wanted to know about Windows. I'd have to reconcile setup instructions between the two so you know how to connect to the site and work with the data, but other than that it should work fine.

    @Clijsters3 Isn't that moment just heartbreaking?! I like the example sentences, too! A lot of the time people suggest a word along with a definition and sentence. Jemmakuss came that way. Other times, I try to come up with something, which is fun. Other times, I ask the room to fill in any blanks. It really is a collaboration. So feel free to come up with sentences or additions to definitions. I think it would be fun to have multiple sentences for words. Eventually, we could have a game to "fill in the blank" or "guess the Jemma Word that matches the definition" :)

    @Prou There are a lot of song in that episode. They're up. About "Chulo", I think we're using a more urban/slang definition. It can also mean flamboyant, attention grabing which matches the meanings you listed. I can add that to the definition.

  • #760

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 17:05)

    @San: thanxx for your explanation... I send you an email ;)

  • #761

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 17:15)

    Jem for the work day: Crunching on green grapes. Ear buds in...swaying and smiling like Sophie at Chulos. Imagining Bodo without his bodot while Lady Gaga sang that she 'will die living just as free as her hair'. You can't touch this.

  • #762

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 17:55)

    @San Ok, it's not technically a word, but can we have 'OMJ!' in there? I like using it. as in' OMJ! I can't believe Emma didn't just drag Jenny off to Hamburg there and then!'

  • #763

    Eyelesstrees (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 19:20)

    An Emphee to all of you for the JWP!! I've followed all the additions and amendments in 234.
    My personal favourite is 'poltergeist ladder' - I cried laughing at the definition.
    Great job San and all the contributors!

  • #764

    Wired (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 19:35)

    it's 2:34pm right now at work....tuthrefore! I had to say hi!

  • #765

    Prou (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 19:58)

    @san, muchas gracias por tu trabajo! Es fantástico! ;)

  • #766

    Randy (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 21:29)

    @San Here are two more words to add if you think they're worthy.

    bododian n. a sensitive male friend who can be trusted to keep secrets, particularly about a Jemma relationship.
    ex) She hesitated to come out to classmates after her bododian said it might be weeks before people stopped asking stupid questions.

    emmabliviousness n. (adj. emmablivious) lacking awareness of one's sexual identity.
    ex) Her emmabliviousness was obvious when she was persistently pursued by a jennylicious girl, but she couldn't understand why.

    Re: #768 If it's workable, I can help with the editing. I've had experience as a copyeditor and a proofreader.

  • #767

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 22:54)

    "bododian" (weenusing)

  • #768

    San (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 23:18)

    Wow! I have my words cut out for me this evening - and it's tennis night of all nights :) Just more fun for me. Thanks everyone!

    @Randy Thanks for volunteering! I think I've figured out a good way to collect submissions and edit using Google Docs. I'll still be the one posting them to the site, but we can have several editors making sure the words are ready for posting. I'll let you know when I figure out the details.

  • #769

    Kittykatcop (Donnerstag, 06 Oktober 2011 23:35)

    @San Any help needed? I can proof read stuff if you like. I sit infront of a computer screen all evening anyway, may as well put an Emmabeam on my face with Jemma stuff.XX

  • #770

    San (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 01:13)

    @Kittykatcop I'll probably take you up on that offer. I'll let you know what I come up with.

    @libelulle Everyone loves your words!!! Emphee with a Beschenkward on top :)

  • #771

    Lolo (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 10:36)

    Wow, I haven't been here for a few weeks and there is so much to catch up on. My apologies if it has been previously posted, but des anyone know if international viewers will be able to watch Kasia's new soap starting oct 21st? I have emailed sat1 but have yet to get a response.

  • #772

    Kirsty (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 11:12)

    @Lolo I've e-mailed a couple of times but still no reply. The general consensus is that we can't watch it. I did e-mail Maxdome to see if we could watch it through them but they replied saying it was only in Germany. Guess we'll just have to wait for others to, hopefully,<whispers> post clips somewhere so we can watch...

  • #773

    frananifan (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 14:47)

    I am participating in a revolution called Occupy America. I am ‘action painting’ and want my sign to be to the point and personal:

    End corporate personhood
    Stop looting the public wealth
    More Jemma!

    What do you thing?

  • #774

    frananifan (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 15:07)


  • #775

    wired (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 15:55)

    @frananifan Toi! toi! toi! Love the 'action painting' wording! This would make a good t-shirt too! :) I'm behind you!

  • #776

    San (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 16:10)

    @frananifan Along with your emmabeam it'll change the world! We might just get our middle-class back. *emmabeaming* Maybe add weenus in the fine print for your personal enjoyement :)

  • #777

    frananifan (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 19:17)

    I will probably weenus the every time someone asks me "what's jemma?".

    So I have this fantasy that tomorrow, when my Buffalo Sabres play against the Los Angeles Kings in Berlin, Kasia will sing the anthems.

  • #778

    hoppe (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 19:19)

    frananifan, you are crazy!! LOL love it - what's exactly corporate personhood? I assume it's something like the public self, a part of the self "owned" by the society? grr... difficult to exolain... :)

  • #779

    Wired (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 20:39)

    So it's Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada and I'll be offline at a cabin by a river.

    I just wanted to say this year that one of the thinks I'm very thankful for was being able to watch Jemma unfold on my computer and being able to converse with you guys here in room 234! I'll be silently toasting to room 234 on Monday and emmabeaming to you all! Prost!

  • #780

    Randy (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 20:53)

    @Wired Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I hope the cabin by a river will be in better shape and more comfortable than the cabin Emma wanted to have her first Jemma sex in.

  • #781

    Kittykatcop (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 21:04)

    @Wired Happy Thanksgiving, from across the pond. Have a lovely weekend, sounds peaceful. xxxx

  • #782

    Randy (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 21:23)

    @hoppe In several episodes there's a building (I think that's what it is) shown at night that has dark blue lights in a fan shape (e.g., ep. 124 in the lower right-hand corner at the end of the song "Talkin' about a Revolution"). Do you know what that is and where it is?

  • #783

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 22:23)

    @Wired Happy Thanksgiving I second what Randy said #779. Have a great time!

    @San did my eyes deceive me or did you say tennis night? I love watching and playing tennis.

    Something's been bothering me for a while now. I don't understand how Emma could kiss Luzi at Jenny's birthday party. She's scared of admitting to herself and others that she's attracted to Jenny and doesn't want anyone to see her kissing Jenny, yet she kisses Luzi in a room full of people, although no one but Jenny seems to see it-convinient:) I guess it could be spare of the moment but even so it seems a bit daring of Emma.

  • #784

    Kittykatcop (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 22:32)

    @Clijsters3 I so want to comment on that, but I'm going to go away and rewatch the clip before I do, because I think it makes absolute sense. I need to try and get my words in order too.

  • #785

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 22:37)

    @Kittykatcop ok I await your response it'd better be good! I'm glad your having a good think about it.

  • #786

    frananifan (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 22:56)

    @Wired I raise my glass of iced tea to you and wish you a joyous holiday.

    @hoppe Recently, our US Supreme Court ruled that corporations/business have the same rights as people, giving the money makers a huge advantage over consumer safety, litigation, and political influence, among other things. It is not a thing for the common good. It was a decision that was good for greed.

    If you need more to understand it, I am happy to explain through an email. I do not wish to bring any more of my politics into this sanctuary:)

  • #787

    San (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 22:56)

    @Clijsters3 Yep, you saw right. I'm also a tennis-holic :) On Thursdays a group of us get together and play some doubles. And I play in a singles league. Unfortunately, I don't get to watch as much nowadays since I gave away my TV.

    Re: The Luzi kiss - It is very peculiar. All I can think is Emma wasn't thinking to straight at that moment. I just want to jump into the screen and stop her - pour a drink on her, tackle her, or something.

    @Wired Happy Thanksgiving!

  • #788

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 22:57)

    @Kittykatcop Unfortunately I've got to go but that means you have more time to get your words in order. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts in the morning. Gut Nacht

  • #789

    hoppe (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 23:08)

    @Randy: sorry I don't know, it must be in Berlin or Köln. Maybe if you ask some of the JI's - amidola is from Berlin, maybe she can tell if it's in Berlin, if not it should be Cologne.
    @Clijsters good question, I will have a look tomorrow and sleep already about it ;)
    a great time to you too, Wired :) good night , ladies!

  • #790

    amidola (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 01:57)

    @Randy That's a "dome" something or other near the Cologne main train station, that hosts musicals. :-)

  • #791

    Randy (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 02:22)

    @hoppe and @amidola Thanks to both of you. It's such an interesting building shown lit up at night in several episodes. It's unlike anything else. With the information you've given me, I can find out more. Jemma broadens the mind in so many ways.

  • #792

    Marie-Helene (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 05:18)

    Yesterday, I watched the episode 222 and I noticed something in the running scene. Maybe you have to watch it to understand. It inspires me a new Jemma word. But I don’t know what it’s worth. My knowledge of English is not subtle enough. So, feel free to ignore my humble attempt.

    Emmapparat : n. Phone used to gain speed in running to stop her girlfriend from leaving.

    Ex) Without her Emmapparat, she would stand no chance to save Jenny.

  • #793

    Libellule (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 14:20)

    @hoppe #749
    If I may, I don't think anybody here is denigrating that other site "that should not be named". Or any other site where we can have access to anything Jemma. I believe we all started there before JI anyway, meaning on any site, Youtube/Dailymotion channels or others where we could find our daily dose of Jemma, before people organize together here and there to make things more accessible on an international level. That's how this whole Jemma frenzy took place, how
    people from all over the world became this amazing loving fandom.
    And it got amplified when all these "alternative" ways to access to Jemma went down for copyright issues, that's really when the love for Jemma started to show, in our global desire, as people who were completely smitten and deeply moved by the interaction between Jenny and Emma characters, to still be able to witness/ be part of this extraordinary storyline. And this specific situation actually led to this whole new level of fan love, allowing incredible things to happen, like Sat 1 ungeoblocking HaH episodes. Or internet gems (should I say Jems? ;p) like JI to be created.

    I don't think anybody is questioning the amount of work put in the site you're talking about either, nor in any Jemma-related web outlets we stumble upon. They all come from a genuinely generous place, and we're probably all aware of the time and efforts it takes to release them (whether a site, a fan video, etc...), and also very grateful any time we find our way to them. ;)
    However, JI has a very special place in my heart. First, because it gave me access to Jemma in the full context of HaH and that made a big difference to me. I probably would have still be madly tracking down Jemma storyline without knowing the rest of HaH, but I also know for sure that I would be far less touched by it in that case. And if I love Jemma unconditionally, I also sincerely really like HaH in its entirety.
    Second, everything on JI is legal, done with regards to HaH production and distribution (Sat1) teams. It must be part of the reason why, for the 1st time in my life, I took part in a show "rehab" (I mean forum; well, Rm 234 that is ;p ). The fact that the site is not threatened every hour to be shut down is a relief. And that's where it feels the more comfortable for me to exchange.

    Also as I stated in a previous comment, I don't know why but there's this very amazing energy here that I haven't seen anywhere else. And it's very, very, very inspiring! That's why everyday I'm enclined to come back, read all the news/posts even if I don't necessarily have the time to leave a comment. And that's why, one day, like everybody in this virtual room, I felt the need to express how Jemma has "infused" in my daily life. And why, one night, I left the need to share fun neologisms I had in my head. And suddenly the whole Rm 234 started to join on the fun too, and we, altogether, ended up participating in this amazing group creativity. But thanks to @San, it became a tangible thing, a real project.

    So when @San said JI has a little baby, it's because as you wrote, it all started from here, in JI - Rm 234, where we all gather. So I find it fair to wink at JI regarding the Jictionary.
    Also I think it was just said in good fun. Maybe it made you react strongly because we, as non-native english speakers, sometimes understand things in a literal way? I say "we", because like you, english is not my 1st language (french is my mother tongue). And isn't it totally Beschenko that we here are all able to understand and create Jemma words though we're all from diverse nationalities? Personally it makes me Emmabeam to infinity. :D

    I just hope that you don't feel betray or hurt or anything about the Jemma Words/Songs Project because of what seems to be a misunderstanding. :)

  • #794

    Libellule (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 14:27)

    I had a bit of dyslexia tonight; please read: "I felt the need to...", not "I left the need to...". :D

  • #795

    frananifan (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 17:56)

    @San You gave away your TV. Respect. I would not have one if i was the only person in the household to consider.

  • #796

    San (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 18:23)

    @frananifan Not sure how much respect I deserve :) Grad school and the lack of cable weaned me from it's clutches. And I didn't want to move it from Austin. High-speed Internet helps ;)

  • #797

    San (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 19:04)

    @Marie-Helene Quatsch! No words can be ignored in the Jemma Project :) You're right, it's amazing how Emma can run and make a phone call at the same time. I wonder what would've happened if Jenny picked up. Would Emma have stopped and said, "I'll be there in a sec, let me get a cab"? Or would she have run even faster, and perhaps truly taken flight? :)

    Also, I hope JWP isn't too English-centered. Words inspired by any language are welcomed. Actually, it'll be cool if the Jictionary was translated in multiple languages, and we can allow readers to move in between them all as simply as browsing by letter.

  • #798

    Marie-Helene (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 19:27)

    @San Thank you. It's kind of you. Actually, what I found funny in this scene, it's when she grabbed her phone, she moves her body forward and suddenly accelerate. Thank you again and have a nice evening.

  • #799

    Eyelesstrees (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 21:36)

    Somewhere in room 234 you were chatting about Lucy improvising. In addition to the one discussed above where she turns up her collar which other bits weren't scripted?

    I think a minor one, the first one I ever spotted, is in the sofa kiss when Lucy pulls away a bit. (Kasia smirks and carries on.)

    I think a major one is the bathroom kiss. I don't think Kasia was expecting Lucy to kiss her the way she did.

    I also wonder if Lucy improved the 'his thing is this big' part of the scene where Ronnie challenges Jenny about the oregano.

    I think there's a lot going on in the 225 dancing where in parts I think the the crew gave them a wide angle and allowed them to work through the scence however it played out.

    I wondered if the line when they are dressing Bodo 'you should have seen me this/every morning' was one that Lucy put in in rehearsal.

    What does anyone else think and has anyone spotted any others?

  • #800

    frananifan (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 21:52)

    @ Eyelesstrees "I think a major one is the bathroom kiss. I don't think Kasia was expecting Lucy to kiss her the way she did."
    I don't think Lucy expected it either. I think this one was real. No acting or improve involved. I think Lucy gave much more than she intended. That's my fantasy and I am sticking to it.

  • #801

    Randy (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 22:35)

    @Eyelesstrees and @frananifan Kasia improvised too. In ep. 125 during the banner-rolling kissing scene, Lucy pulls away after they both kiss once but Kasia keeps her eyes closed waiting for another kiss, and in a split second Lucy realizes it and kisses again.

  • #802

    Marie-Helene (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 23:21)

    @Eyelesstrees and @frananifan And if you want to fully appreciated the bathroom kiss and Kasia expression, you must see it in slow motion... it's amazing.

  • #803

    Randy (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 23:22)

    @Eyelesstrees and @frananifan Also see my post #445. Another seemingly improvised one is in ep. 225, when Lucy's back is against the counter and Kasia is almost up against her (perhaps too close) saying she's going to lead this time, and both girls' ears are red. As for fantasizing, when they start to dance there's a subtle change in Lucy's facial expression from a smile to something serious . . . a realization of some kind. And if you really want to fantasize, when they are propped up on the blankets the second kiss is very deep, unlike others throughout the series. Episode 225 was the most intimate of all, even more so than the first time they had sex. As discussed in much earlier posts, it must be difficult to not feel some involvement as acting is about becoming the character and feeling the emotions. And as we've said before, this "dream team" made it look so real.

  • #804

    San (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 23:33)

    @all Seems like I need to improve my slow-mo capabilities :) Along with 218 "piss kiss", I'd imagine that 225 in it's Jemma-entirety will be just as amazing in slow-mo.

  • #805

    Randy (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 00:10)

    @San How does one do slow motion?

  • #806

    Eyelesstrees (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 01:37)

    OMG, @ frananifan and Marie- Helene and Randy what are you like?! :0 :) You are watching this on a whole other level to me!

    With the bathroom kiss,(or any of it) that's so not what I meant! I just wondered if when they rehearsed maybe it was just a quick kiss - like the one Emma gives Jenny before asking her to turn away. I wondered if, when Lucy gathered herself to turn she managed to get all the intensity that Jenny might feel in that situation, which she hadn't done in the rehearsal, into the way Jenny kisses Emma, catching Kasia off guard.

    As a result of your comments I've been back and watched again! It's really heavily edited and the cut before the kiss is only Lucy leaning in. She actually looks less intense there than the shot before so now I'm wondering if what actually happened is that Kasia had the giggles? Kasia doesn't smile in the cut with the kiss, it's in the next shot. Lucy seems pretty intense in all the cuts but Kasia seems smiley and their moods are a bit out of synch - which is what caught my eye and made me wonder if Lucy had caught Kasia off guard. (and not in the way you lot mean!!)

  • #807

    frananifan (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 04:31)

    Okay, Watson. I have re-read your post and know what you mean.
    Now, some people have really good "gay-dar", right? I DO NOT. But I do have an excellent sense about other things. I admire and adore these women and their talent so much. I feel disrespectful discussing it...so lets just say I have my suspicions that there may have been a little soap within the soap.

    As for piss kiss ...I could not quite figure out slow motion either so I just watched it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Now I have a smile cramp.
    Thank you Marie-Helene

    @Randy. "Kasia keeps her eyes closed waiting for another kiss". Any one of us here would have done that for Emma. You can't just leave her hanging like that;) Truthfully, there is some damn fine making out in that scene and that is why I voted for 125.

  • #808

    Randy (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 04:50)

    @Eyelesstrees What are we like? If you re-read all of the posts here, you'll notice everyone has an individual take on scenes in the episodes. However, some of us appear to see more than others. It's all subjective anyway. That's what makes Room 234 so interesting and energetic. We've been intrigued by red ears, eye rolls, improvisation, script inconsistencies, etc. For me, the more I watch the Jemma episodes, the more there seems to be in them. Because so much is going on, so much can be missed. Your observation on the "piss kiss" adds another perspective to the scene. Now I'm going to have to go back and watch it again to look at it from your viewpoint. :-)

  • #809

    San (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 05:46)

    @Randy and @frananifan The only way I can think to do slow-mo is having the video file on your computer and playing it with a media player, like VLC media player or something. I don't know if I have the piss kiss on my computer. But I think I have 225 somewhere from a screen capture without sound. *sigh* I'll have to add the heavenly giggles from my memory.

    @frananifan I hope your Sabres did better than my Red Raiders :(

  • #810

    Randy (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 06:03)

    @San OK, thanks. I guess I'll never see slow-mo as I don't have a media player (whatever that is, as I'm electronically challenged).

  • #811

    TazDevil (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 08:12)

    Delurking long enough to post a link to an article that references this site: http://unprofessionaltranslation.blogspot.com/2011/07/fansubbers-vs-copyrighters.html

  • #812

    San (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 08:26)

    @Randy There might be another way. I often make things more complicated than they should be.

  • #813

    Libellule (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 09:11)

    *I have to edit this post in 2 parts, because the Senden function is telling me it's too long. :D

    Hi Liebe leute,

    You all crack me up! I was trying to catch up with the discussion about ep136 and now I have to catch up on every kiss in slow motion. What we wouldn't do for the purpose of artistic research, huh? :D

    So, about the shift of expression on Jenny's face in ep 136: yeah, heartbreaking and wonderfully acted. The same goes for Emma in ep 140 when Jenny admits her night with Ben. No need for slow motion there, I think my brain broke down that scene frame by frame or second by second by itself. Actually most of the time when there's a close-up on these 2, I think my retina spontaneously perceives the scene in slow motion. :)

    About Emma kissing Luzi at Jenny's birthday party, @Clijsters3 # 782:
    I agree it's a bit odd at first, but then it actually makes sense (to me at least :)). Here is how I interpreted this scene:
    Emma is so hurt at that moment. Because she had learnt Jenny slept with Ben, but also because a minute before (the kiss with Luzi) she was trying to get Jenny understand how betrayed/hurt she feels. And Jenny doesn't get it, she just keeps on saying Ben didn't mean anything to her (so she probably thinks there's no reason for Emma to not forgive her then). I think Emma has already understood that, that Jenny is sincere, that the thing with Ben was really a (drunken) one-night stand with no emotions involved, but it doesn't make her less hurt. And to move on she needs Jenny to just acknowledge that.
    But instead Jenny leaves Emma standing there, ending the argument with "you know what, if you don't want to get it, then don't" (to which Emma says "what I'm supposed to get? It's you who doesn't get it", and I think Emma's right on that one). So Emma is even more hurt and she's probably unable to think of something else than the pain. And you can see from just one look Emma gives in Jenny direction (again brilliantly acted by Kasia, how much she conveys in a split second, just wow!...) that she's just thinking of a way to hurt Jenny in return. So when Luzi is talking to her, with a brief look at Jenny she's suddenly fully aware of what would hurt Jenny the most, she knows where to hit. Nothing else exists at that moment for Emma, the surrounding, other people, even Luzi whom she kisses, all these must just be some blurry shadows.
    That's before Luzi reacts, because as soon as Luzi says something ("What the heck was that?"), Emma is back to reality, understands that she just used her best friend (no less) to hurt the one she loves, and instantly regrets everything. Even when Jenny comes to her to confirm that Emma succeeded in really getting back at her, she doesn't feel any better. She knows she acted out of revenge and that's unlike her, it doesn't make the pain go away (it's even worse) and in fact hurting Jenny like that was not what she wanted to do. And there's this moment I love (because, again, Jemmakaboom acting) when we see Emma's face breaking down at her own disbelief (probably thinking "Damn, what I have just done?") while Jenny goes away.

  • #814

    Libellule (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 09:13)

    After these dark emotions revival when Jemma was just playing mean ping-pong (scoring in hurting points), I needed some comedy relief so I re-watched ep.157, when Caro joins STAG. Oh the laugh! The looks and oneliners between Caro, Emma, Luzi and Bodo are priceless. First there's this moment when Emma nearly knocks out Caro with the songs book, and after each expression on Luzi's and Emma's faces, each eyebrow shift, is pure gold!
    I wonder how many times they had to shoot the scene. :D
    All this actors bunch chemistry is too precious to end, they ALL have to be in season 2, caron it (derived from Caronnie Town. Same as damn it)!!!

    And talking about season 2, a colleague made me discover an artist a few days ago and listening to her I spontaneously thought about Jemma. Especially one song that I played over and over again during that day. It's called "Oh Love", by Ane Brun (on her latest album "It's All Starts With One", not to be confused with another song whose original title is Lamento Della Ninfa but that she also translated by Oh Love).
    So a few days ago I was avidly searching for the lyrics on the web to figure out why I immediately associated the song to Jemma without understanding all what she was singing. That's the magic of music I guess, it just triggers sudden emotions. Anyway, since the album is very recent, my search was unsuccessful but I got to discover some of her previous work in the process. And no wonder I thought about Jemma in the first place because basically Ane Brun always sings about love and relationships. :)

    All this to introduce my point about season 2 ;p:
    If @Marie-helene scenario (# 738) for season 2 happens to be true regarding Jemma, then I'd like Jenny to sing Ane Brun's "Don't Leave" to Emma (Excerpt: I have no plan to be anywhere else but here / Or to become someone that leaves / I didn't even know there was an exit there...), and Emma to sing Ane Brun's "The Treehouse Song" to Jenny (Excerpt: I was gonna love you to the end of all daytime / And I was gonna keep all our secret signs and our lullabies / I was made to believe that our love would grow old...) and also "My Lover Will Go" to Luzi when talking about Jenny (Excerpt: For me it is red or nothing / Hey ho my lover will go / And this will ruin everything...).
    But only if they find a way to reconnect not too long after. They have to. I mean, there's much drama we can accept for Jemma storyline so the HaH team can play around Lucy and Kasia schedules, but these 2 characters have to end up together. Whatever they're going through. They were not tizied since they didn't know each other from childhood, but they're definitely meant to end their life together. That kind of love is what makes sense out of the universe. Jemmaaaa, please come back! (I think I'm stuck in the bargaining stage of grief. :p ).

    PS: Can you tell I'm a new Ane Brun fan? :D

  • #815

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 11:25)

    @Libelulle Thanks for your analysis of the Emma kissing Luzi scene it makes sense now and I can understand what Emma was thinking and why she did what she did. The fact Emma kissed Luzi in a crowded room is still bothering me a bit, but like you said she was only thinking about Jenny at the time and everything and everyone else became insignificant. Oh and yes your last post does give it away that you're a new Ane Brun fan:)

    @Eyelesstress I think there's probably a lot of improvising going on another example I think is Jenny's oh so cute noise when Frau Jager says heaven in ep. 130. I love that. Perhaps because Lucy is a stage actress she's used to adding things and improvising and even though tv work is more scripted and structured the directors just let her get on with it.

    @San nice to know of another tennis-holic! No tv though I couldn't survive I love watching tennis matches. I play league matches for a club mainly doubles but a bit of singles just for fun. My name here is Clijsters after Kim Clijsters, not because it's my real name.

  • #816

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 11:31)

    Guess what I got in the post yesterday...3 How to learn German books and I think one of them is aimed at 5 year olds but never mind that's about the stage I'm at! There's a picture of a bird with Vogel next to it so of course I don't think of a bird just a woman walking through a door saying "sorry I'm late".

  • #817

    Marie-Helene (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 16:46)

    @Eyelestrees: I know what you meant and you're probably right about Kasia being caught off guard. I love the bathroom kiss precisely because it's so unexpected. Kasia seems a bit knock out and we are surprised too. So, I guess my brain just stop at this point with the slow mo and the music very loud :)

    And I agree with Randy, we all have a subjective way to see Jemma episodes and it's why Room 234 is so interesting. For instance, episode 225 is not among my best episodes. It doesn't work for me. It was an ambitious scene but it feels a bit forced and rushed. Too much interruptions in the mood and the acting seems a bit out of synch. For me, the most interesting Jemma episodes will always be between 100 and 149.

  • #818

    Randy (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 18:20)

    @Marie-Helene The episodes between 100 and 149 are my favorites too. However, I think ep. 225 came at the right time after so much drama in the preceding episodes. It seemed natural to me that Jenny and Emma would experience a deeper level of intimacy after nearly losing each other. Although Emma's mood was not as intense as Jenny's (could this be the "out of synch" you felt?), I think it was in character as she was so happy that she saved Jenny and that she had prepared this surprise. And Jenny's mood was more introspective (unusual for her), valuing what Emma had done for her and realizing the depth of her love for Emma and Emma's for her. The irony of the episode is that it ends on even greater drama than the previous episodes.

  • #819

    hoppe (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 18:51)

    @all: I won't be around that much the next time, because my whole system/being tell me to reduce internet + computer activity - too much brain, head, mind stuff... ;)
    if you want to have links for slo-mo's I could sent San a list... ;)

  • #820

    Marie-Helene (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 19:10)

    @Randy What I meant by "out of synch" refers more to the acting than the characters's mood. Kasia is very intense and her acting is faultless, in my view, she plays this tricky scene with aplomb, and Lucy is excellent too but in some places, she seems a bit uncomfortable. It's subtle but I felt it. But you know, it's very subjective, and overall I think it's very good. But not in the best episodes for me.

  • #821

    hoppe (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 19:11)

    @San 769 what would have happened if Jenny would've taken up the phonecall? I think Emma would have beamed herself in an instant to Jenny, the connection and strong feelings urge to be together would have done it ;)
    @Libelulle: well I already talked with San about it, and understood and it's okay - it was partly a misunderstanding too - but thanxx for your long post (#792) regarding that issue. It's a - well - "quite complicated" emotional thing for me, because I was always torn between the two groups, had inner and outer fights - so I might have reacted a bit over. I don't want to put this all out here in the open and also don't bother you with it. Hope no one felt hurt by my post ;)

  • #822

    hoppe (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 19:40)

    @Marie-Helene #819 I often had the subtle feeling that for Kasia it was more easy and felt more natural to play this relationship and love, especially if it was about kissing etc. With Lucy I sometimes had a very, very subtle, tiny feeling of her being a bit less comfortable... but it's okay.

  • #823

    Marie-Helene (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 19:54)

    @hoppe But for me, frankly, it's only in this episode that I felt it. And it was a very challenging scene. And I guess at this point the Jemma storyline was so rushed, it must have been difficult to stay focused.

  • #824

    Randy (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 21:18)

    @hoppe #818 If you're not going to be around much, I'll miss your unique perspective, knowledgeable German word skills, and willingness to explain things to us. I understand your feeling of "too much brain, head, mind stuff" as I sometimes feel that way too. Room 234 can be very intense sometimes. But taking care of oneself is the most important thing.

  • #825

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 21:22)

    Ok, on my way home from my weekend in London seeing Wicked and flight delayed. Luckily I found some computers and I have time to catch up on all the new posts. First, I have had a couple of, well, Jenny moments this weekend...Not only was I in London- the kissing capital of Europe! allegedly, I saw an advert on tv yesterday for DHL and the song playing for it was 'Ain't no mountain High Enough' which had me picturing Lucy teaching me to dance. Then the airport here is at the end of Hartmann Road!!!! Really. I couldn't believe it. I Emmabeamed in the back of the cab :)
    @Eyelesstrees I'd noticed their moods were kind of out of sync in the p*ss kiss scene,seemed a bit funny.
    Also love Kasia's sofa smirk during the strike :)

  • #826

    Randy (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 21:45)

    @hoppe #818 Can you explain what you mean by the role being "more easy and felt more natural" for Kasia to play so that I don't misunderstand what you mean before i make a comment in response?

  • #827

    San (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 21:57)

    @hoppe You're so right Emma would've emmabeam teleported (emmabeameported?) right to Jenny. :)

    @Clijsters3 I always think of Kim when I see your name :) Full disclosure, I named my cello Steffi ;) Not having a TV is a bummer especially during Grand Slams, but just sitting and looking at a tennis court gives me a buzz :) The archivist at the Tennis Hall of Fame (dream job!) offered me a tour and some court time on the grass. I have yet to take him up on it because Newport, Rhode Island isn't the easiest or cheapest place to travel to.

    @Eyelesstress I think you're right. They did not rehearse the piss kiss with its full intensity. I wouldn't be surprised if the director took Lucy aside and gave her some motivations for the scene in order to get the right unexpectedness and natural reaction of surprise from Kasia. There are a lot of different shots cut into that scene, so it would be interesting to know which was shot first. I would imagine the medium shot of the kiss - the screencap we all know and love :)

  • #828

    San (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 21:59)

    I wonder if we should create a Jemma calendar and make holidays out of significant moments in Jemma history - complete with traditions. There's been a lot of talk about BJ (Before Jemma) and AJ (After Jemma).

    @hoppe suggested in #674 that Jenny's first appearance Jan. 17, 2011 (ep 73) might be the point of After Jemma. I think this is a significant date, perhaps Jenny's birth date (however she does celebrate an actual birthday which calls for another holiday on the calendar, I guess). In terms of the beginning of Jemma, can we pin point a moment or episode that would be considered "The Beginning"? Is it The Kiss - 114? We can celebrate Emma's birthday as the airdate of ep 1?

    I just thought is would be fun to have Jemma holidays and traditions. For example, every Jan 17th (Jenny Hartmann Day!) we could park on bicycles and forget everyone's name :) On Emma Muller Day, we can abuse vending machines and emmabeam :) Also, every holiday can have a song - there will be some repetition.

  • #829

    hoppe (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 22:42)

    lots of LOLs for San #827!!! :D (and btw. I don't have a tv either, but this already since hmm... 20 years?) - to pinpoint the Jemmastart will be difficult - huh! what a task!
    @Randy: #825 oh, dear, how shall I explain it better? I sometimes felt that Kasia has less fears of contact when it was about the kissing scenes, but maybe I'm wrong. As everyone of the team and Lucy as well said, Kasia seems to be a very open person, with less brain/mind judgements in general and is quite driven from the heart (a place where you don't go into distance to things and people - that's the mind or thinking part who does it). Maybe it's because of her general openess that she seemed to me more comfortable with very near affections, regardless of which gender she has to play with. So I'm not sure atm if it has at all anything to do with the woman-woman relationship or not - it was just a subtle feeling that she was for me most of the time a bit more convincing in those close scenes.
    hmm... can you say or ask a question, where there is the point which is unclear?
    regarding #823 awwwhh! that's sweet! thanxxx. Well, I'll try to set priorities concerning the web - and room 234 is quite on top of that list ;) so ... I will see what I can do.
    need to restructure my creativity and whole being a bit...
    maybe we could also do an email list? or something? just to be sure ;) we could send them San's jictionary adress (if she's okay with that) and she could forward them all in one to us - or I could do that... if you are interested tell me and I think of a nice way to leave my email adress here :)
    okay good night girls, early sleep is needed :)

  • #830

    Libellule (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 01:16)

    About Kasia being more at ease with the close/intimate scenes:

    It's funny because I used to think the same at the beginning and like @hoppe said in #828, I thought it had to do with the "openness" of Kasia in general, her empathy, how she just dives into the role on the moment (I read in an interview somewhere that she wasn't anticipating much the scenes, she just let herself be guided by the mood she was in at the moment, or something along those lines).
    But then I don't really know how or when this ease shifted and I was made to believe Lucy was actually more comfortable with it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Lucy is a trained dancer? Out of all the HaH actors she seemed the most comfortable with her own body (you could argue that it's no wonder considering the body she has anyway, but still. ;p). It must play a part in how, as an actor, you're able to overcome nerve-racking intimate scenes. Because all intimate scenes, whether a kiss, a love scene, a nude/half-naked scene, or anything where you're really vulnerable under the camera's and acting partners' eye, must be terribly nerve-racking/intimidating for any actor, the more that their job is to make it look real/believable. So I can just imagine how difficult it must be.
    But let's take Ben and Jenny one night-stand as an example: however pissed we were at Jenny for doing that, how amazingly played it was from Lucy (and, ok, Christofer too, but let's not talk about Ben here :p)?
    And regarding Jemma kisses, to me the most intense we saw (where both actresses seemed "in synch") were the 2 in eps 124/125 (couch and banner kisses). Then way, way later, one that has the same kind of intensity is when Emma pulls Jenny on the bed right after Bodo has left, before their 1st time. All kisses in between seem tame in comparison. Of course different characters situations = different intensities, but as the acting goes my perception is that Kasia was "holding back", more nervous in these than Lucy was.
    Maybe it also has to do with the fact that Lucy found her place in the cast at some point, allowing her to be totally in control of her character, less afraid to do these close/intimate scenes? I remember reading somewhere that as not part of the initial cast she was very thankful of Kasia for welcoming her so generously (she didn't phrase it like that, sorry for the lack of references, everything Jemma related -interviews, articles...- is mixed up in a happy bubble in my head. :D) on HaH set, where the rest of the team had time to already bound.
    Or maybe it has to do with the directing that gave them some indications that they understood differently creating this sometimes "Jemma out of synch" feeling?

    I hope that my take on this doesn't seem disrespecful to the actresses or like a praise to one over the other because it's not. I admire them both and the work they've created together as Jemma to no end. I'm just trying to understand myself the circomstances of these "out of synch" moments we sometimes perceived in Jemma interaction. And these things are just fun to analyze, the same way we break down anything Jemma in Rm 234: an eyeroll, a smile, a song moment... It doesn't change the fact that Lucy and Kasia acting chemistry is out of this world!
    Oh, Jemma... :)

  • #831

    Randy (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 01:24)

    @hoppe Thanks for the clarification. The feeling I got about how Kasia and Lucy seemed in kissing scenes is different from yours. I thought Kasia was mostly restrained because she usually kept her lips closed. However, Lucy more often opened her lips to kiss. At first I thought this was because the character of Emma was inexperienced, and Jenny was very experienced. But the closed lips style continued for most of the kisses. Despite this, Kasia never seemed uncomfortable with kissing or close body contact. The only time I noticed that Lucy appeared uncomfortable was in ep. 197 just before the kiss after Bodo left for his date with Lara. And I think the uncomfortableness might have been because of the difficulty of holding a kiss while Kasia moved backward and Lucy moved forward while falling onto the bed. Because throughout the rest of the "first time" there wasn't any uncomfortableness by Lucy, except when she was meant to be "nervous" when Emma asked her whether she was doing something wrong. And overall, I thought Lucy used touch to indicate affection more than Kasia did. So to me both actresses seemed "easy and natural" in these types of scenes.

    Exchanging email addresses is fine with me, whichever way you want to do it.

  • #832

    Libellule (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 01:31)

    PS: Not related but I'm also part of the no-tv-at-home club. That's a conscious choice because I was rarely watching it (too many advertising every 10mn) and I thought I could use the space for a nicer decorative object. :D
    So I got rid of it a few years ago. But that also has to do with the fact that I was already using my computer as a tv anyway, watching movies and series on it. And also spending a gigantic amount of time websurfing (that hasn't changed ;p)...

  • #833

    frananifan (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 02:04)

    Interesting. I wonder how many of us would have found Hah in the first place if we were more interested in watching television.

  • #834

    frananifan (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 02:39)

    There is a new poll up and this one will take me awhile to decide.

  • #835

    Libellule (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 02:43)

    @San #827
    I love the calendar idea! (Though we might need to adapt some traditions suggestions to some geograhies. Like in January, there's no more bicyles visible in Eastern Canada as everything is covered by a meter of snow. :p)
    It would be amazing to have that being part of the Jemma Project: Words, Songs, and now Calendar!
    I'll try to think about some other special holiday/celebration on my side too.

    Should we also all take some days off at some specific dates, because though very official and valid in our Rm 234 Jemma universe, unfortunately worldwide governments won't make these days statutory vacation? :D

  • #836

    San (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 04:04)

    @Libellule What's this "snow" you speak of? :)

    @Randy, @hoppe, and @all I have no problem creating an email list. Just let me know.

    Re: Jictionary. We now have a word submission system (thanks to google)! Try it out. I put in the first word - hope you like it. If you want to be an editor, let me know. I've set up a few gmail addresses that can edit the document, and I can give you the password.

  • #837

    frananifan (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 16:16)

    I am surrounded by lunatics. Selfish pigs. They are trying to crap on my day. But I have the power to fight the evils of this man's world. I have conjured the image of the passion-vision laser lust beam between Jenny and Emma (refer to episode 184 ~2 min. mark). With that image in my power pack the emmabeam seems to be holding them off. It's giving me a little tingle as well.

  • #838

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 17:13)

    @Kirsty Hope you had a wicked time in London! Bet you were wishing it was Lucy on the stage. The DHL advert that's the one I keep seeing nearly everyday, everytime it comes on I can't stop Emmabeaming. And yes you just picture Lucy dancing to it in her green sparkly top:)

    @San My dream job would probably to work at the Wimbledon Museum, tennis + history combined. Can't believe you named your cello Steffi:) The calendar idea is brilliant we could have national tiramasu day!

    I'm really interested that some of you think Lucy looks uncomfortable in some of the intimate scenes with Kasia. I really don't see this at all, maybe I've got my Jemma tinged spectacles on but I think she looks completely natural and at ease. There's only one kiss which I think looks slightly staged and uneasy and that's when Timo catches them on the piano stool and it's Kasia who seems uneasy. Although this is the way round it is supposed to be, Lucy is confident and Emma is a bit more hesitant (at this stage of their story) so they act it spot on.

  • #839

    San (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 17:18)

    Jemmageddon! We missed Emma Müller Day (Oct. 4)! Hurry, we need to put together a Completely Spontaneous Surprise Party and hit some vending machines :)

    @frananifan The emmabeam is strong in you!

  • #840

    San (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 17:26)

    @Clijsters3 I know, right?! Tennis + History = *Jenny Heaven Sound*! And somebody has to do all those oral history interviews! Talking tennis with champions ain't a bad gig. Well, the cello was made in Germany :)

  • #841

    hoppe (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 18:16)

    a quote of the sidenotes of the translatresses of epi 14: "Timo is sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument," - isn't this worth to be added to the jictionary? Jemma Coming Out Monument? dunno ;)
    LOL at your Cello called Steffi, San ;) is it's surname also Graf?
    I don't think that Lucy looks uncomfortable - it's a lot less than that. And I can't explain why... it's just a feeling... but well I don't wat to make a big thing out of it, as already others said, they did a really awesome job, and I love for example Jenny's light touches, like she caresses the air around her beloved one. And "I" would never like to play something like that - it would be quite a lot to intimate for me with someone I'm NOT in love with...

  • #842

    frananifan (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 18:19)

    @Clijsters3 I agree. I do not see what others have been seeing as stiffness or discomfort. Personally, I am see one person's passion being restrained.

    @San LOL! You are so much fun around here.

  • #843

    Marie-Helene (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 19:17)

    Please, don't make that sound like this. I feel a bit responsible for this. I just wanted to express my subjectivity toward this episode (225) which seem to be the favourite of many fans. Probably, it's just me who is uncomfortable with fingers licking on tv and I project my slight embarrassment on Jenny :) Anyway, like hoppe wrote, we all think they portrayed these characters with an extraordinaire talent, with a naturalness (is it an English word?)never seen on tv. They are wonderful and it's exactly for this reason we still stick around room 234. Take care!

  • #844

    San (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 19:46)

    Why, yes @hoppe, yes it is :) Purely innocent naming 20 years ago.

    I do like Jemma Coming Out Monument. They also mention the Jemma "Psssst...Psssst" Corner in ep 7. I offered a few others that we could also add, like Jemma Knutschitorium, Jemma Kissing Couch, Jemma Lip Lockers, Jemma Love Villa, Jemma Love Nest Restaurant (or Nestaurant). Any other ideas or improvements?

  • #845

    frananifan (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 22:50)

    I would like to further discuss this kissing analysis. Somewhere in the last several dozen comments it was suggested that Jenny was stiff or uncomfortable in the scene in Ben's room...leading up to having 197/sex. Do you suppose that this was intentional? If you recall, she later tells Emma that she is nervous. Prior to this episode, Emma was putting a lot of pressure on Jenny...wanting the experience to be perfect. So it would be true to the story line if Jenny was feeling that pressure and was in fact supposed to be anxious about it. Thoughts?

  • #846

    Eyelesstrees (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 00:36)

    Crikey you all have lots of great things to say before I’ve finished deciding what to say about the last lot of great things you said!

    @Randy are you a Buffy fan? I agree there is so much going on in HaH episodes. I loved Buffy because of that too. Hoppe's great post about Ying and Yang is another possible example of subtext.

    @all, forgot to mention in my ‘impov'ing’ post: Lucy swirling Kasia round in Frank's office when they got back from the airport?

    @Kirsty do you know the story of Rebecca? I want to check before I post something in case I ruin it for you!

    @all, I never thought Kasia or Lucy seemed uncomfortable – Kasia’s red ears maybe?! I know Kasia said she prefered the drama scenes to the love scenes. I think they’ve done a brilliant job. They've done it over hours and hours of content too (which for me makes it better than Aimee and Jaguar.)

  • #847

    Randy (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 01:12)

    @fananifan #844 That's a good point about why Jenny might have looked uncomfortable in the scene leading up to the "197/sex." The look on Jenny's face is a little like the look when she tells Emma she's nervous.

    @Eyelesstrees Yes, I was Buffy fan but didn't see the show from the beginning. Other than the episodes with Willow and Tara, my favorite was the one where everyone was speechless, and the macabre floating men terrorized the town. Spine-tingling creepiness! And so well acted, relying on facial expressions and body language.

    Also, I agree with you about the improvising in the "swirling Kasia round in Frank's office." Fun scene.

  • #848

    Marie-Helene (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 01:42)

    If you want to see something very special, not conventional at all, a new movie with Kasia, check out the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=_opEc1xfquw

    Thanks to Amidola for the link with English subs. I hope I can post this link here.

  • #849

    Eyelesstrees (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 01:43)

    Did anyone ever find out if there were extra episodes that had been filmed before the re-written ending?

    If there are unscreened episodes are there enough Jemma scenes for HaH to get by for now in the webseries without Lucy and Kaisa? If those episodes exist I wondered if they could cut new Jemma scenes into them. Kasia looks like she's lost some weight and Lucy's got short hair now though so maybe not.

  • #850

    Eyelesstrees (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 02:22)

    @Randy aw, good times! After the silent episode the musical one is my favourite!

    @frananifan, am going back to look at when they were dressing Bodo!

  • #851

    Kykky (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 09:29)

    First af all: thank you @HOPPE !
    I well knew this web site but I've tot. missed this beautiful "forum".
    I love it!!!!!
    I hope I can take part to your discussion here because it is so interesting!!!!!

    I have a question: what about "room 234"? I mean. The name is because the last ep. is the 234 or is there something else?

    Then some considerations!

    @frananifan (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 22:50)
    "Prior to this episode, Emma was putting a lot of pressure on Jenny...waiting the experience to be perfect. So it would be true to the story line if Jenny was feeling that pressure and was in fact supposed to be anxious about it. Thoughts? "

    I think that is realistic Jenny is a little bit nervous.
    I like how they have shown us something more about Jenny in 197.

    1)First, Emma is waiting for the PERFECT FIRST TIME. And Jenny is conscious of this. It can be that she feels responsabile...and plus she could think "What if Emma does not like it?"

    On the contrary, I think Emma does not ralize she is putting pressure on Jenny. I think she is tot in love with Jenny and she likes Jenny anyway and probl. she thinks Jenny knows it!
    And also, I think when she thinks to their first time she is just worried about how SHE has to act, what she has to do and where the first time will happen (to be confortable and relax, because you know how much anxious Emma can be when she faces things she does not know for the first time....)
    So in my opinion Emma is not thinking at all Jenny could disappoint her somehow during her first time. I think she is sure everything Jenny will do will be special and cut and beautiful. As ever.
    While Jenny is probl. a little worried about this.

    2) Plus, Jenny has also said to Emma, while they were waiting for Bodo, that she changes her clothes several time before meeting Emma...so all in a sudden, in 197, we discover something about Jenny: the super hot Jenny is not so sure of herself when she is with Emma. "Sure" is not the right word, but forgive me, English is not my language....I mean: she wants to be perfect for her. She wants Emma looks at her with a look of love and desire. She wants to be the one to Emma. Even we never sees Jenny insecures of herself in front of Emma.
    It is quite normal when you are in love with someone...

    It reminds me also 225 scene. When Emma is undressing Jenny and Jenny has this incredible changes in her look: it is like she was thinking "I hope you can feel what I feel for you because it's incredibily strong. I am here, body and soul, I love you more that everything. And I hope I'm enough for you and that you want me as I want you".

    3)Another thing.
    We have seen Jenny is very open for what regards sex and sexuality. And with Ben is very confortable and not nervous at all. So why with Emma?
    Well, I think Jenny was drunken with Ben and plus, she does not care at all. No feelings involved.
    With Emma is something different.
    I think that her feelings for Emma have grown more and more every day. It is true: jenny says I love to Emma in 149 and I suppose she really thinks this way. But from 149 to 197 these feeling has become even stronger.
    Maybe Jenny herself is surprised by what she feels for Emma.
    This is another reason to be a little nervous too. mhm?

    OH SORRY!!!!
    I always write soooo much......

    I hope it is not a probl for you....

  • #852

    frananifan (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 13:37)

    @Kykky Welcome back! Yes Rm 234 is for ep 234. When the show ended, some of us could not let go...and we are still here.
    1) Agreed. Emma isn't intentionally putting this pressure on Jenny but Jenny feels it anyway. I think I would too.

    2)"Sure" is the right word to use.
    "It is quite normal when you are in love with someone..." That is what I was thinking.

    3)Regarding sex, I agree. For Jenny it is different this time. Also, it doesn't just happen. It is planned.

  • #853

    hoppe (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011)

    @Eyelesstrees - there were scenes, Rocco talked about 6 episodes, he waas mentioning it because of his fans who were left unsure how everything would develop between timo + Luzi + also Timos injury. So he posted that they already filmed scenes where he was back at the school in a wheelchair (I think) and together with Luzi. I think they won't be able to use any of those filmed parts, as the whole concept, the location, the actors will be a different mixture - even if Lucy + asia would be in. Well maybe in parts as flashbacks or something, but I think it's quite unlikely...

  • #854

    Kykky (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 14:17)

    Oh what I would do to see some cutted clips about Jemma, or some outakes... :(

  • #855

    hoppe (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 14:20)

    @SAN LOL at the example for the Jemma monument!!!!
    and Jemma Jem is cool too.
    Uhm I'm not sure if my earlier suggestions were just bad ones or just got forgotten. "to caroke" v. - to do an IchVamp-joke and "to hoke" v. - to make those special unintended jokes Hotterians do.
    Caroquetry n. - the deed of flirting in a quite IchVampy way / to caroquet v. - to flirt in a quite IchVampy way.
    well - and one which might have been to harsh/negative? to be "so phie" adj. - to be very down, thinking of suicide OR: to be weak and not true to others and oneself (I have problems here, to find the right words, which really fit to Sophie's behaviour, maybe someone else has an idea)

  • #856

    hoppe (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 14:25)

    @San is there a way to install a function which shows the newest entries in the Jictionary? that would be cool! but I don't know if that is possible...

  • #857

    San (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 19:57)

    @hoppe Thanks! I rather liked how that entry came out. I did make a note of your words. I just didn't have time do the definitions. But now I have them, and they'll be up by the the morning. Also, I can add a link, much like the Background/Performed links in the Jemma Songs section, that will sort the words from newest to oldest entries. That's a good idea!

    I'm in the heart of east Texas at a Senior Expo. Elvis' "Return to Sender" played over the PA. I emmabeamed thinking about Emma writing her postcards to it. Yeah, the Poll 5 blog was right, it doesn't work as well as "Hurt" :)

  • #858

    Marie-Helene (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 22:01)

    @hoppe @Eyeslestrees About the episodes missing: I saw a pic with Emma and Jenny, a very tender scene in Jenny's house, which appears to be just before she left with her parents. If they are wise, they will add these episodes in extra with the season one DVDs.

  • #859

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 02:27)

    OMJ! Today is National Coming Out Day
    Whabamb! I am coming out to all of you right now.
    Just imagine a somewhat hotterian carogar (yes-it's true) IchVamping on the Jemma Coming Out Monument with arms wide open and face to the sky...wearing my magic shoes...emmabeams rocketing from my chest...JemmaKabooms in the background. Can it get any gayer than that?

  • #860

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 04:38)

    Your Rm 234 coming out would do an amazing music video clip. Imagine the whole Rm 234 in the background, in jegginz, singing the ichvamp chorus while you do the lead (actually I would lipsynch since I'm not very good at singing but I could totally follow some beginner pizza-ballet choreography). How Beschenko would that be? :D

    About Jenny's nervosity in ep.197, @frananifan, @Randy, and @kykky:
    Now that you're pointing at it, it gives a new meaning for me to Jenny's look shift when Emma strokes her hair (while they're sitting on the bed waiting for Bodo to show them the last outfit). Just before that sudden anxious look, she just said to Emma, smiling: "After all we have all the time in the world", probably relieved from the pressure now that they're helping Bodo out instead of being in a cabin lost in the woods, facing their 1st time. In that brief moment, she thinks that their 1st time won't happen tonight anymore.
    But the second after she said that, Emma delicately pulls one of Jenny's lock back, lovingly eyeing her face greedily. So she understands at that brief moment that their 1st time is still very well on Emma's agenda that night, despite the change of location.
    I just love that very subtle shift in Jenny's eyes in that split second, it's beautiful.

    Also this whole discussion had me re-watch the Jemma scenes in 197 with a different eye, and I'm suddenly amused by the following:
    It's Emma who says to Bodo he should pimp himself a little for his date with Lara, (when the 3 of them -Jenny, Emma and Bodo- are in front of the school entrance) looking at him up and down with a bit of disapprovement (and I suggest to have a close look at how Jenny looks at her at that moment, all amused and smiling, it's adorable!).
    But I find it a bit strange that Emma herself didn't make any extra effort regarding her outfit (she's wearing her regular blue plaid shirt and regular jeans), knowing that, to her own words, "tonight something will happen that she'll never forget". Even Jenny said she changed several time in the morning (at first I understood that happens each time she has to meet with Emma -you know, being in love and all, you always want to do a good impression and feel your heart beating like crazy- but now I think she meant specially "today" because she knew it was supposed to be THE day, even in a setting she was not too keen about). I understand Emma is being more practical regarding the situation, because they're going camping (she thought about the candles), but still. ;p

  • #861

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 05:45)

    Because I've seen lots of Jenny's face close-ups lately:

    jimples, n. - georgeous dimples that make one's who notices them emmabeam and his brain going belenas*.
    (Note: always plural as jimples always come by pair, even if one is slightly more marked than the other one.)
    As in: There were plenty of other reasons to be nervous during that report in front of the whole class, but I just completely blanked out when I saw her jimples.

    *going belenas, exp. - same as going bananas but with some palpable sexual tension/desire overtone.
    As in: Each time Jemmaholics catch a sight of Jenny's legs, they all go belenas.

  • #862

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 06:16)

    And another one, random:

    bemick, n. - opposite of tizi. Person that one's shouldn't be in a relationship with as they're clearly not meant for each other. / Boring couple.
    As in: There was absolutely no spark between them, nobody could understand why she spent half the school year with him. He was such a bemick...

  • #863

    San (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 07:01)

    @frananifan Save some gay for the rest of us :)

    @all JWP improvements: (1) Submit words and check word status functionality is working, so you can share here and post there. (2) A sorting feature that allows you to view words alphabetically or by most recent entry. Check 'em out www.jemmaproject.org.

    @Kykky Since Ep 234 has become a meeting place for Jemmaholics, we gave it a homier, more tangible name - Jemmaholics Anonymous meets in Room 234.

    @Libellule #859 "I just love that very subtle shift in Jenny's eyes in that split second, it's beautiful." Thanks for pointing that out. It is amazing. More words - Awesome! I'll put them up after I sleep :)

    Has anyone else partaken of ep 197 in it's entirety on Sat1? I was struck by the (1) completeness of the episode - no cliffhangers to speak of and (2) how it's very couple-driven - Jemma, Tizi, Bean, and Bodara(?). I wonder if this gave it more mass-appeal - something for everyone. Thoughts?

  • #864

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 08:36)

    Crazy busy start to the week but have managed to get myself sorted and back to Room 234 :)
    @Eyelesstrees - yes I know the story of Rebecca, looking forward to seeing it as a musical.

    @Kykky - Yes, agree about Jenny feeling she has to be perfect for Emma. Which is so sweet. It is also what lead to all the problems with not telling her about her drugs problems in the past etc. Then I feel we reach a real milestone in their relationship, when the balance shifts slightly. When Emma tells her she doesn't have to be perfect, she just has to be herself and she loves her whatever she's like. No wonder the depth of feeling Jenny has in ep225. She has found unconditional love, no need to put on her 'masks' anymore. Imaging how happy she must be. Well for a short while...

    Also..a couple of months ago I sent off a couple of letters to Kasia and Lucy,to their respective agents and yesterday I got replies from both of them!!! Kasia sent me a short e-mail and Lucy sent one of her HaH cards with a wee message on it :) I am officially in Jemma-Heaven or Jeaven, if you will :)

  • #865

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 11:39)

    Hi Leute have you seen episode 197 won and is now on the HaHe site. I have no idea how that won i mean it only had Jemma having sex for the first time, the sight of Lucy's lovely back and lots of kissing. I guess there's a lot of grape and yoghurt fans out there:)

  • #866

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 12:16)

    I'm emmaroting right now, of course the grape and yoghurt scene is in episode 198, and I call myself a Jemmaholic. Please forgive me.

    @Kirsty Yay Lucy and Kasia know you exist I'm really happy for you getting those messages off them. Any chance of letting us know what Lucy's wee message was?

  • #867

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 13:56)

    Libelulle #859 - yeah. I always wondered why Emma was pointing out that Bodo should pimp himself. Tbh it didn't fit for me - it should have been Jenny who said it. I think Emma is not the type who is making a big fuss out of her appearance, well it gets slightly more after she is with Jenny, but it's more important for her to wear the same magic things again and again loading them with magic Emmergy/Emmargy? LOL!
    This was for me a bit out of character... dunno. Now I'm wondering if she was so nervous about the first time, that she tried to find a distraction in pimping Bodo??? dunno. But maybe she was just that excited and felt special that thoughts like that came to her mind? Like: hm, maybe I should have done that more, at least I can give Bodo that idea, now that he has a date too, today??? I think both of them were canalizing some of their excitement into the Bodo pimping.
    Now I have for the first time a reason why they didn't go to the shat in the woods (I never saw a reason mentioned)... hm... so it was because it was too late? because they spend so much time with Bodo???

  • #868

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 14:02)

    bemick - does that come from Bea and Michael?
    okay do you like Emmargy or Emmergy better? - same could be Jennergy ;)
    Emmergy n. - the special vibrations someone like Emma brings into the world
    ex. She didn't dare to change her plaid shirt because it was loaded (do you say that?) with Emmargy.
    Jennergy ex. Her magic Jennergy made nasty bullies go away - she just had to say "Three"!

  • #869

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 14:28)

    ex: Hotte was totally flustered by Caro's caroquetries. He nearly forgot to breathe or worse to check the web for new knowledge.

  • #870

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 15:03)

    Jemmaverse n. the world of Jemma and it's fandom, here on earth and abroad (in outer space) ;)
    ex. The entire Jemmaverse came together to celebrate The Jemma Coming Out Day at the Jemma Coming Out Monument. Even Jemmaholics from the Milky Way took part.

  • #871

    San (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 15:42)

    @hoppe Love the words, especially Emmergy! The example for caroquetry is hilarious :) The image of distant alien beings gathering at the Jemma Coming Out Monument will keep me emmabeaming all day :) They might have to install a Stargate at the Pestalozzi :)

  • #872

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 15:52)

    @Libelulle I think Jenny tries to be the confident one or the one who ensures Emma and herself ;) with the sentence: "After all we have all the time in the world". But it doesn't work - LOL. She already looks down quite nervous after that sentences when she confronts her counterpart and sees Emma's way of looking at her. But it gets a lot deeper after Emma pulls Jenny's lock back - the physical part starts as a foreboding of their first time...

  • #873

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 16:21)

    @San first thank you for widening the jictionary functions, second thank you for #870. glad you like them... I think I have to go on with my fan-confessions (one was planned to be from outer space ;)) (((but I always tell everyone what many things I want to do and... well... nearly nothing gets to see the world... ;))))

  • #874

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 17:40)

    I wonder if they will put the missing episodes online before they start the new web series. a)everyone would like to see them and b)all the actors and production staff will have put a lot of work into making them so it seems a shame for them not to be seen.
    @hoppe I like Emmergy. It's also what Emmabeams gives out - pure Emmergy. :)A powerful force.

    @Clijsters3 och I'd just told her I was going to see Wicked in Holland and she said she hoped I would enjoy it and to say hi to Willemijn for her if I saw her, then a wee smiley face..<cue biggest ever Emmabeam!>
    Further to my earlier post on the two pieces of wrting in the show, I will shortly be comparing Lucy's writing with them...because I'm a geek :)

  • #875

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 17:52)

    @San and @everyone Was thinking about a word like Jeaven (Jemma-heaven)n not sure about definition,Jemma induced state of happiness or something?? Could also be Jemmel(n) ie/Jemma-Himmel in German...may need some work:)

  • #876

    kykky (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 21:01)

    My opinion on 197 again.

    1- Emma does not care a lot how a person is dressed. And so I too think it is a little strange that she says to Bodo to pimp a little. Maybe Emma is thinking to Lara and that this is their first date. So this is a great event and Bodo has to give to this day the right importance. Like Emma is giving importance to her first time with Jenny: she has thought about the location, about the torches and who knows what that rucksack is full of!!!!!
    :)) So when I look at Emma's face when she tells Bobo to pimp I saw a girl who thinks that this guy is not giving the right importance to Lara's date.
    Nothing more.

    2-Why they don't go to the hut? Well they have promised Bodo to help him with Lara (ep 149). Plus they like Bodo 'cause he's a good boy who gives so much to their friend (think about Timo). So they feel it is right to help him. Plus I think they know that this can also be funny for them! (and it is!).

    3-Jenny says to Bodo that he's so lucky to have a date at Lara's house. And I am sure she is thinking to the fact that she "has" to go to the hut in the mountains instead.... Emma looks at her and she smiles. But, knowing Emma a little, I suppose she has thought about Jenny sentence and about her look....so maybe she has decided not to go ....she has undertand Jenny is not confortable with this decision (that is my personal idea, or better, what I like to think!)

    4-Jenny says "We have all the love in this world". I'm sure she is taking to herself not to Emma. Because she is already nervous and maybe she needs more time ...while Emma seems so sure of herself. But I don't think Jenny is nervous because she knows that is going to happen there and that day. In that moment nothing is sure. She does not know what Emma will decide. Maybe to go to the hut. Maybe not...
    Then, when Emma looks at Jenny touching her hairs I think Jenny is consciuos of how deep is her feeling for Emma and probl. she is thinkin "I am so nervous and I don't know how to tell you cause you have so hight expectations on this day and on me.....but this day is so important to me too.... and I need you understand this and be sweet with me"

    My opinion gals!!!
    Good night!!!

  • #877

    San (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 21:31)

    @Kirsty how do these sound?
    Jeaven (or Jemeaven) n. an ethereal, transcendental, or physical place where one achieves ultimate oneness with Jemma; induced state of happiness.

    Jemmavana n. transcendental state of Jemma knowledge and understanding characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world; an ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy.

  • #878

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011)

    so jemmeavan could also mean 'successfully' knowing one in the biblical sense? :)

  • #879

    San (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 22:14)

    @frananifan Ooo, I like that!

    Of course, neither Jemmeaven or Jemmavana should be mistaken for jemmavan n. automobile used to "get to know" someone or view HaHe DVDs in the backseat; a place where 197 happens. Amazing how close the words are :)

  • #880

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 22:26)

    @San ooooohhh! greaat! looove your words! question: would it be better with a second m? Jemmeaven? @ Kirsty thanks for the first initial idea!
    one suggestion: what about adding one word to Jemmavana: n. transcendental state of "ultimate or absolute (one of them?)" Jemma knowledge and understanding...
    I loove this play!! :)))
    well... I think we need some words for HaH / HaHe / Hand aufs Herz / Petra Bodenbach too - I so love the whole show and idea... let's see, let's sleep/dream about it ;)
    uhm, about the Cello called Steffi - I'm just surprised sometimes that German people/women make their way into international minds, dunno why... maybe I'm for too long only in Germany (my months spent abroad (Ireland) are already a few years ago again) and I liked Steffi in her famous days too ;)
    @frananifan: can you explain #877 a bit more? I think I miss enough biblical or English knowledge for that one... (btw. loved your coming out, ... well well a carogar... I was one for some time too, dunno what I am now. LOL)

  • #881

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 22:31)

    Jemmavan - ROFL!
    Well - did I say that I wanted to back off a bit more? Total failure, I'd say :DDD

  • #882

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 22:50)

    to get to the Jemmavana, some people might benefit fromm some Jemmeditation / Jemmaditation / Jemmitation??? what is best?
    n. the task/process of attuning to Emmergies and Jennergies with the aim to balance them perfectly, which brings oneself nearer to the state of Jemmavana - hmm... the definition isn't perfect, could need some work.
    ex: I won't be available in the next half an hour, I'm going to jemmeditate.

  • #883

    San (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 22:50)

    @hoppe I've gone back and forth with the second m. I'm starting to like it. Also, "absolute" might be the best choice for Jemmavana because once we analyze all the nuances what will have but the "absolute knowledge of Jemma" :) The kinda funny thing about Steffi. The first time that I became truly aware of her (prior, she was just brief, semiconscious encounters on TV and magazines) was when she lost to a fellow Houstonian,Zina Garrison, at Wimbledon. Crazy connected world, eh? :)

  • #884

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 22:51)

    gosh! this sounds like a sort of -ism. Jemmaism? :S LOL

  • #885

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 23:21)

    a better definition:
    in order to reach Jemmavana, some people might benefit from Jemmaditation, which is the process of attuning to the Emmergies and Jennergies with the aim to to balance and temper them - NOW I leave...

  • #886

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 23:38)

    @San 878 very good. very good. outburst of laughter from my office caused a stir.

    @hoppe refering to 877. uhm...'biblical sense' means to have been sexually intimate with someone. and 'successfully' refers to having done so properly.

  • #887

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 23:42)

    @hoppe also, glad you are still around. drop me an email frananifan@yahoo.com

  • #888

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 00:44)

    @San Love Jemmavana!

    Re ep197 I love the look that passes between Jenny and Emma before Jenny says that maybe they should give Bodo a hand. It' almost as though she's kind of admitting to Emma that she doesn't really want to go to the hut and could Emma please say yes to helping Bodo so Jenny doesn't have to actually come out and ask not to have to go to the hut. Luckily Emma cottons on to this, I think, and the smile she gives back before saying she agrees is saying to Jenny 'yes, lets help our friend, it'll be fun and it's ok, I understand why else you want to do this.

  • #889

    Libellule (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 04:02)

    Well, all these different takes on 197 are really enlightning, thx to all! :)

    @San: I made a typo with bemick. As @hoppe #867 was asking, it does stand for Bea+Michael so it should be written bemich. I'm so used to spell that guy name with a k that I didn't even check on the transcripts. ;p

    @hoppe: About your "failure", well, isn't it peculiar to being a Jemmaholic anyway? ;) Like even if some of us leave messages less regularly, it does not mean that we're less immersed in the Jemmaverse on a daily basis for all that. I, for example, have at least one Jemma/HaH thought every day without exception, whether I comment in Rm 234 or not. Every single day! And I love it. :D

  • #890

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011)

    I'm loving reading all your thoughts on ep.197, I think it's wonderful each of us can have a different take on it, I bet all those involved e.g. the actresses, directors never thought it would be analysed so vigorously.

    Another moment when it seems as though Lucy goes off script is ep.177 when some idiot has drawn the childish stick women on the locker (is it Emma's locker?) and she spits onto the tissue and says "sorry", it seems so natural. Just before this she tries to scratch the picture off with her nails and that goes right through me, it's like she scratching along a blackboard!

    @Hoppe @San Steffi Graf is one of the best tennis players ever male or female, but Germany has a lot of talented women at the moment Petkovic (who I love nearly as much as Lucy), Gorges, Liscki and Kerber. Sorry to be going off topic but @Hoppe are these players well known in Germany? I'm just really interested because one commentator said Petkovic was more famous for her dancing than her tennis.

  • #891

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 14:02)

    @Clijsters3 I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anything about the current tennis players. My knowledge stopped with my tv dissapearing ;)
    but as we are talking off topic - something totally different. Are there some a bit "girly" women around? I need some advice in a for me quite unknown territory ;). Since a few days I have the inner image of coloured nails (different colous) especially on my left hand, but it's not opac colours (more transparent) like normal nail varnish and it doesn't seem to be varnish at all... is there any other form of nailcolouring??? LOL - it's so funny, I never did something like that and now I feel like a little child going on adventures - haha!
    @frananifan - well, THIS #877 I would never have gotten, thanks for the explanation - now I have to catch up on a ROFL for this ;) btw. email is send...

  • #892

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 14:06)

    @Libelulle thanks for the solace in #888! ;)

  • #893

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 14:11)

    sorry #890 I meant opaque - should have looked in the dictionary before writing...

  • #894

    Kykky (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 14:42)

    I don't know if I understood you correctly, anyway: the first varnish your nails with a transparent nail polish and then use the coloured one.

  • #895

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 17:07)

    @Hoppe #890 that's ok I was just curious. As for the nail varnish question never worn any in my life so I can't help!

    Don't know if Lucy had a sore foot or something when filming I'm a Survivor in ep.188 but Jenny is always on a chair, even Caro gets up and does some dancing, sure she does dance but its while standing on a chair. I don't know why but it just makes me laugh.

  • #896

    San (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 17:23)

    @Clijsters3 It is funny how Jenny stays on the chair :) Another moment is in 193 (I think). The STAG is rehearsing Think while Frau Krawcyck and Frau Jager observe through the glass doors. Jenny jumps off the chair into a 360 jump to a kick or something. It's SO CUTE! I wish they wouldn't cut away.

  • #897

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 17:36)

    @San Just watched it, it is 193. She's going for it! She must have a thing about standing on chairs! I know I wish they didn't cut away, the camera should be on Jenny at all times.

  • #898

    San (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 17:38)

    @hoppe I'm no expert. I've only dabbled in the nail-coloring arts (usually very dark colors, often on Halloween). There are some tinted translucent bases and iridescent colors that might work. Another cost effective option might be to buy a cheap multi-color pack and apply a single thin coat. The cheap stuff usually takes 2-3 coats before they're opaque. You might also try mixing a small amount of color polish with some clear varnish. Experiment and let us know how it turns out! Don't forget the polish remover :)

  • #899

    San (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 17:47)

    @Clijsters3 For sure! And the glass barrier is frustrating in this scene :)

    @hoppe Glitter varnish might work too.

  • #900

    Wired (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 18:03)

    Hey everyone! Wow I missed quite the conversations while I was away! Thanks for the well wishes previously and no the cabin was not like Emma's "love shack" for Jenny (thankfully). I had a great weekend and had a great Jemma moment when F*cking Perfect came on while I was outside at the firepit star gazing at 2 am.

    Just wanted to say @Kykky welcome! and @hoppe I'm glad you are still posting though I know you needed some time away from the computer. Though I don't post as regularly as I wish I could, I read everyone's posts and enjoy them thoroughly!

    Anyways, enough from me, back to work and I have to catch up on everyone's posts so I can join in with something meaningful...though I'm not into tennis and know nothing about nail polish. I am a Buffy fan though!

  • #901

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 18:28)

    Sorry no help on the nail varnish front, usually just wear opaque sometimes, green,black,yellow etc
    Have just watched a funny clip that I hadn't seen in ages. If you type in 'Hand aufs herz outtake 03' in the YT search box it brings up an outtake of them having trouble with a smoke machine while filming a STAG scene. Kasia and Selina just crack up but Lucy just stands there looking a bit bewildered, very sweet. (and she's wearing the Black woolly sweater with the white stars on :) )

  • #902

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 19:14)

    @Wired 2am star gazing to F*cking Perfect!!! I bet you had a GIGANTIC emmabeam that could be seen from the moon!

  • #903

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 22:02)

    hey guys, you're really sweet! I had to chuckle reading all the various statements about varnish ;), San's ideas sound good - will try, or try the idea of a neighbour: taking markers and try to find ecological/nontoxic ones...:D I will report.
    I was thinking and watching a lot of the survivor episode (182) where Jenny's mostly on a chair. clijsters remark in #894 made me wonder about it too.
    So here's my second attempt of an analysis, maybe totally overanalyzing it, just for the fun of it. LOL. You can put so much in it :)
    So be warned!!! ;)
    For me it was always clear that this song was a sort of foreboding of the Emma-bullying later on. Maybe to give her a bit strenght in advance? I mean she is the main person singing the song and is also singing the part which is about forgiving and being stronger than hate.
    The first thing I realized, was that Jennny was totally in the background in the beginning and didn't occur in the singing. She's very much just watching the scene (and she's doing it during the whole song in some way). I realized again how much Lucy is aware of the room and the other people and their movement, something you learn a lot more in dancing than in acting I think, which gives the whole situation a deeper presence if you concentrate on her.
    When she started to take the lead, I was curious about the textlines they gave her of the song, because the way she sung it sounded very combative (whereas Emma sounded a lot smoother in comparison).
    The song has also a lot to do with her. She survived the drug addiction - all the things, experiences and people, who were connected with it. It is her PAST. So I thought maybe she was set in the background to stand for this past, for the things which are BEHIND you. Whereas the experience to survive (the bullying) is still future for Emma. As Jenny already survived she gathered strenth and knowledge through it and maybe is able to back Emma and to function as a back up for the setting of the song (the choreographie). She isn't moving in the room while the others are doing it, like the roots of it? or anchor? (in dancing/performances you work a lot with those opposites).
    Clijsters' remark about sore feet are interesting. You could also say Jenny went through really traumatic experiences (drug addicting, ..), and sometimes in order to process them, you need to stop, to pause and can't move on (in dancing terms don't make steps), otherwise everything is flying apart. So she has experience in standing still and the strength for it. LOL
    A chair has four legs all standing on the ground - it's also something quite fixed and a means to hold you - you don't need to stand on your own (feet). And there comes the image of sore feet - something like the ground is burned and you don't dare to stand on your own feet? (If she was so addicted that she had to go to a clinic like the one in Ireland, she wasn't able to stand on her own and needed help to get herself back).
    She sang the lines:
    Thought I couldn't breathe without you - I'm inhalin'
    You thought I couldn't see without you - Perfect vision
    You thought I couldn't last without ya - But I'm lastin'
    You thought that I would die without ya - But I'm livin'

    Breath + inhale - I had to think of her snorting cocain
    See + perfect vision - I had to think of visions you might have if you are stoned and that you aren't able anymore to have a clear view on your life
    those two lines are the only ones in the song refering to sensory impressions

    whilst and after singing those lines she gets more lively and later comes to the front (getting down from the chair!! lol) - like taking actively part in the NOW.
    But she goes to the next chair again. I have no interpretation for that, but just realized that she is then a counterpart for Bodo on the other (left) side, who is also on a chair. maybe someone else has an idea.. ;)

  • #904

    hoppetosse (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 22:12)

    uhm... I have to add, that those are just ideas about "the overall background", a hidden alternative to interpret it. On the surface Jenny's strong - totally having fun and taking part in the song - I don't want it look like I don't see that.

  • #905

    San (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 22:23)

    @hoppe Interesting! It should be noted that those are the same lines that Timo sings later in the wheelchair. Hmm, very very interesting.

  • #906

    hoppe (Freitag, 14 Oktober 2011 01:13)

    oh, I just rediscovered an acapella group from Finnland. They have some beautiful songs (also some corny stuff) but this is beautiful, if you like singing and acapella ;) - sorry I just have to share it :)
    it should be the original clip (I can't watch it on youtube, as Germany has this damned hard restrictions on copyright, so it's blocked) www.youtube.com/watch?v=oghj7y4hluU (it should be the same as http://muxlim.com/videos/desiree1987/rajaton-butterfly-video/ but in a better quality ;)

  • #907

    Kykky (Freitag, 14 Oktober 2011 14:49)

    wow @Hoppe your analysis are always so intersesting (I said you already in another web site where I'm nenedallagonegro).
    I like your way of reading a scene finding simbolysm

  • #908

    hoppe (Freitag, 14 Oktober 2011 15:22)

    LOL nynke put all the "vogel me" moments together! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP6NxrIOvy0 - hilarious. I was thinking if someone of us should comment and post the link to the jictionary there - is that okay?
    @Kykky you are nenedallagonegro!?! now I get the connection... Do you mind if I keep thinking you are called nene-dalla-gonegro instead of nene-dal-lago-negro? I don't get it out og my head again, it sound like a magical or mystical name out of Lord of rings or something ;)
    thanks, good that you like it. I started to wonder if I went too far (too farfetched) with my "weird" analysis - as the scene is actually very powerful and Jenny enjoys her chairdance quite a lot ;)

  • #909

    frananifan (Freitag, 14 Oktober 2011 16:50)

    @hoppe You have offered a lot of analyzing for me to process. As a t.v. soap, I'm not sure how much effort was put into this scene to intentionaly convey so much to the audience. but I do think that our room 234 group therapy/discussions have done something to how we might see things. It has for me anyway. Whether anything we derive from Hah is intentional, accidential, or celestial...I am never certain. When I see Jenny standing on the chair, or when she is wearing silly colorful weird outfits, I see it as an attempt to rein in her real maturity and make her a goofy kid in school who just happens to have a lot of worldly experiences and oh, and is also really hot no matter what she does. Which btw does not make me feel creepy in anyway to say this about a fictional teenage character:0

    Also, thanks for the links...I've enjoyed them.

  • #910

    hoppe (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 01:02)

    SOS! help! can someone nice send some degrees of centigrade to me? pretty please??? It's freacking cool here, under zero at night and about 7 at daytime in midth of october!! :S
    well, I would also go for some fahrenheits if nothing else is available, but just give me some warmer temperatures! some emmabeams and emmanations of gratitude and love will wait for you. I will even sing!! :DD
    @San your new examples for carokes and hokes are great!

  • #911

    San (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 01:30)

    @hoppe Glad you like the examples! Hoke wasn't an easy one because of the unintentional part :) It's a wonderful "fall" day in Houston Hi 86F/ Lo 60F. I hear those are summer temps everywhere else. But it gives me the urge to jump into a vat of candy corn and eat my way out. Sending as much warmth that is meteorologically possible - I've got plenty to spare :)

  • #912

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 11:16)

    @Wired welcome back to room 234!!! Glad you had a toll time. We'll have to get you into tennis though!

    @Hoppe it's amazing you got all that from one scene. I didn't analyse it as deeply as you I just thought Lucy looks gorgeous as usual! I really enjoy reading everyone's comments as I've said before and that's what room 234 is all about-sharing. That link in #908 is hilarious I love it. I love the reactions of STAG as well, a few times when she turns up late they're just smiling like they knew she was going to be late. (which obviously they did because it was in the script)

    By the way does anyone feel like they aren't a Jemmaholic anymore? Because I certainly don't if anything I'm getting worse lol! I seriously can't stop thinking about Jemma I think it might be a life long addiction one with no cure.

  • #913

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 11:25)

    @Kirsty Just rewatched the outtake (but on the official site!) It's funny how firstly Lucy isn't even in the shot, then when the smoke machine goes wrong the first thing she does is lift up her sleeve and gives her arm a good old scratch! Sigh I love Lucy Scherer.

    I wanted to ask is anyone here learning German? because I am and I was wondering if anyone else was finding it as hard as I am.

  • #914

    hoppe (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 11:30)

    @frananinfan yeah, I think so too, that this all is probably really not intended, too less time for it - it's just a lovely singing + dancing scene. ...But sometimes those things happen unintendedly in creative works, than you're just amazed by the little magic spark which is suddenly in your life ;)
    about the intentions of her outfit and behaviour - do you mean intended by the writers, or by Jenny (slight but maybe interesting difference?)? Yeah, might be one aspect of it (do you also mean that the writers tried to cover with this a bit that Lucy is already 30?), but I also think she is just like that and needs to express herself in this lifely way - don't think that maturity and goofyness/weird outfits contradict each other - I enjoy it quite much ;)
    @San awwh! will eagerly await it (now wondering how long it might take around the globe) thanxx. I had to look up candy corn - love the colours! must be fun to bath in it, would love to join in (about the eating out I'm not so sure though, or better my stomach isn't ;) )

  • #915

    hoppe (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 11:42)

    @clijster Yes! I'm learning German - every day I do a transcript I have to look up words because there was a quite silly process of reforming the language in the past 10 or 15 (?) years and I still am not sure sometimes how words are supposed to be written now (sorry, didn't mean to joke about your attempts - just know that we Germans sometimes have a hard time too!! ;) )

  • #916

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 12:08)

    @Hoppe that's really interesting, it's all this moving the verb around that'a really confusing, it does seem a very complicated language. Then changing the ending of adjectives depending whether it's a der, die or das word. AAhhhh it's driving me crazy lol! Least I know you as a German find it hard sometimes, that's given me a bit of comfort. So it's been reformed, I'll have to look that up.

    I've just watched ep.190 it's when Bodo was meant to have his first date with Lara at the cinema (but she didn't turn up) and he went to Jemma for advice and it was Emma who said "what are you wearing" so the remark by Emma about Bodo's clothes in ep.197 is a continuation from ep.192.

  • #917

    hoppe (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 14:11)

    OMJ! we forgot to include Libelulle's great invention of Jemma time in the jictionary! in #442 was a cool example
    BJ/AJ abbr. for Before Jemma and After Jemma, calendar used in the entire Jemmaverse to adjust time to the (deeply felt?) cataclysmic changes prompted by the birth of Jemma.

  • #918

    frananifan (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 14:13)

    @hoppe Yes. I have re-thought 'magic little sparks'. During the creation of any work these things can emerge from the subconscious of the creator and, well, then there they are, for the rest of us to see.

    As for Jenny's style masking for her real age, that is what I was thinking.
    I suppose you are right that maturity and goofy outfits do not have to contradict each other. I agree that it is Jenny's style to express herself like this. Sometimes her ensembles were so extreme they hurt my eyes a little:) I frequently see little girls dressed like Jenny, they are usually under 9 years old. I think "look-there is a little Jenny Hartmann, how sweet". So when I see her dancing on the chair I think "little girl".

    I will be back in the square today to "occupy" my city....wearing a bodot because it is cold here as well.

  • #919

    hoppe (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 14:48)

    well, had to add a few words, but I think my english isn't able to express it perfectly ;)
    abbr. for Before Jemma and After Jemma, calendar used in the entire Jemmaverse to adjust time (where existing) to the (deeply felt?) cataclysmic changes prompted by the birth of Jemma. In non-time areas it is used to match dates nevertheless for example for taking part in the Jemma coming out day telepathically from afar

  • #920

    Kirsty (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 14:55)

    @Clijsters3 Oh I forgot it was on the official site too :) I learnt a little German at school many years ago but have been recently trying to brush up on it. I hate different adjective endings too. And why can there not just be one word for 'a' and 'the'!? That would make things a whole lot easier. Am also trying to learn a bit of Dutch just now but that isn't really going so well! :)

  • #921

    San (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 18:40)

    OMJ! The barista at the coffee shop is wearing a bodot!!! I wonder is I should tell her about the entry in the Jictionary :)

    @hoppe BJ/AJ is up. I was never sure how to enter those. Thanks for taking the lead on that :) Also, not sure if it's an adjetive or not, but that's what I labeled it.

    @Clijsters3 I tried teaching myself German way back when. Bought the biggest German-English dictionary I could find, and dug out my father's "How to Speak German" record set from 1954. I generally learned numbers, months, days of the week, and how to ask people for cigarettes and order simple items from a menu. "Ich möchte die Rechnung, bitte" for some reason stuck with me, so I was ecstatic in 114 when I understood that everyone was asking for their checks! :)

  • #922

    San (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 18:56)

    BTW, it's International Home Movie Day! (http://www.homemovieday.com/) So look in your attic and closets for those old 8mm reels and video tapes and relive your most precious, random memories with the world. I could post a link to me in a diaper and running around in cowboy boots, but no one wants to see a grown woman doing that. (j/k, I was 1).

  • #923

    hoppe (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 19:16)

    @San well, maybe not the normal no ones, but I'm not sure about 234 roomers :D - what do you think, girlzzz?

  • #924

    Libellule (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 20:37)

    @San #921
    I suggest you initiate the barista into the wonders of Jemma in a more playful way. What about inviting her to a tennis game where the 2 of you have to dress up as the tennis player you admire the most? So the bodot would have to stay home, or in the car, or wherever but not on her head and that would be when you introduce Jemma: you'd just take her bodot off, brush her hair a little and say "and this stays here", and because you would be somewhere where you could see your own reflect, she would answer looking at herself "not that bad", and there it would be the beginning of an amazing love story, or an awesome friendship, or just a really nice and funny day of Emmabeam (at least for you, as there's a slight chance she might think you're completely crazy, but what the Caronnie Town, it's so worth it!), or whatever you want it to be.
    It would be part of the JRM: Jemma Revival Moments*
    *n. - Very fond moments where a HaH scene involving Jemma happens totally randomly in real life/context or is recreated intentionally by one's (most probably a Jemmaholic), sparking one's or others around to emmabeam (consciously or not).
    As in: While waitressing at a restaurant she saw 2 girls mumbling behind their menus. "Total JRM!" she thought emmabeamingly, and went to them in a hurry so she could hear if one of them would order a tiramisu.

  • #925

    Libellule (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 20:45)

    When Rm 234 reaches the milestone of 1000 comments, we should find a way to Jemma celebrate. At least that day would have to enter the Jemma Calendar. And we gonna need a song for it. :D

  • #926

    Kirsty (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 22:07)

    @San Diaper and cowboy boots huh? :)

    @Libellule You're right. Can't believe we're almost at 1000!

  • #927

    San (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 22:30)

    @Kirsty and @hoppe Turned out to be sandles, cowboy boots must have been part of a later toddler phase. I'm slightly disappointed as well :)

    @Libellule We already have a song by one Luzi Beschenko - 1000 Tagen Regen :) Love JRM! I probably have a good decade on the barista, so I just left it at coffee :) But she was wearing the bodot like she knew what it meant. It was kinda funny.

  • #928

    hoppe (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 23:02)

    well, so you think wearing sandles saves you from showing us your pre-jemma state, heh San? :D
    about a song... well, back then, when a yt channel dissapeared I had the very night before the idea to make an Hand aufs Herz art project. It was supposed to have two parts: one with pics (a game were someone starts with one painted, drawn, whateve pic, someone takes it and uses a part out of it to create something new and so on - all pics should go into a video). And the other part as the audio should be something similar. I thought of recording a basis rhythm with singing Hand aufs Herz, then others could sing or speak another part to it, then it would be mixed together and another part could be added. Okay I never dared to initiate it (who is able to mix mp3's??) - now I thought maybe we could do a song like that for our 1000 post celebration... dunno... just putting it out - if it's not working it's fine too ;)

  • #929

    Libellule (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 23:18)

    How could I forget about that song?! Of course it would be perfect for the occasion. ! :)

    About the barista: who knows, her bodot might hide her inner carogar, so the "good decade" of difference wouldn't be an issue, on the contrary... ;D

    About the JRM example: re-reading it now, it would need some improvement/editing, like instead of "went to them in a hurry", it could be "rushed to their table" or whatever you all think would sound better.
    Rm 234 brain, action! :D

  • #930

    San (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 23:38)

    Fine! Here it is http://twitter.com/#!/lezsanebian/statuses/125322157428449280. I'm using twitter so I can erase any trace of it :)

    @hoppe Audacity is a free, open source program that allows you to edit, mix mp3s in multiple tracks. You're idea is interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if all the voices merged into a single Om - wave of energy. I'd have to practice my "Hand aufs Herz". It doesn't roll off my tongue very well :)

    @Libellule I'll check her carogar status next Saturday :)

  • #931

    hoppe (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2011 00:11)

    @San you wouldn't need to sing Hand aufs Herz, you could also just shout Jemma, heart, carogar, say a sentence or whatever comes into mind... I took part in an improvising singing group for some time - a few started together with a melody, rhythm, word, the next joined in with something else and so on. when all were in, the first ones stopped, listened and joined in with something new. we sometimes told hilarious little stories with that, or another day it was quite deep and touching.
    well or you could start with a base line with the cello? LOL (I have also a guitar, but I never learned improvising with it)
    about your link... it doesn't work, it tells me "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!"
    @Libelulle love your JRM too!!! but I leave the improvement of the line to the English speaking natives :)

  • #932

    hoppe (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2011 00:38)

    @San well I found my way to your twitter anyway... ;)
    And NOW i REALLY go to bed, nighty nigt girls

  • #933

    frananifan (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2011 04:10)

    I have so much I would like to share but my fingers are numb from the driving rain, 45 degree F temp, and 40 mph gusts that blew the bodot right off my head. This revolution stuff is really hard but someone has to do it.

  • #934

    Libellule (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2011 08:42)

    Any shared blankets or banner kissing at the event? ;)
    In honor to this day of international indignants (not sure about the translation of this social movement originating in Spain), I just re-watched the strike episodes: 123 to 127. Oh good times! If only what's currently happening worldwide could end up in a gigantic Jemmanami* (*n. - Enormous Jemma love wave that spreads massively like a tsunami but with a wonderful outcome, leaving people emmabeaming to the whole world)...

    Here are my favorite moments in those eps:

    ep 123:
    -When Hotte meets with Emma and Luzi and talks about his Göttig scientology theory, Kasia and Selina seem to restrain a big laugh and I love what that creates on Emma's face throughout this scene. The kind of scene where you wonder: how many takes? :D
    -When Emma waits for the substitute class, several students jokingly toss back things at each other and one of them throws a pillow. Such a random item in a school corridor!

    ep 124, apart from the obvious:
    -When Hotte proposes to chain themselves at the school and cast their hands and feet in concrete , Emma bursts out laughing and I believe it's actually Kasia unexpectedly laughing there. Beautiful and contagious.
    -When Jenny ends the argument with Emma in the corridor, she grabs the blankets in Emma's arm in addition to hers and before Lucy could get off-screen, we can see all the blankets falling down. That was too much to carry, I guess. :D And since the camera is still on Kasia as Emma is supposed to be bewildered, I believe a smile is starting to show on Kasia's face (because what she must see at that moment -off-screen for us- is a floor full of blankets and that was not scripted :D).
    -When they all sing "Talking about a Revolution", there's an amazing "eye game" between Jenny and Emma. It's when they sing "yes, finally the tables are starting to turn" (perfect metaphor for the Jemma storyline at that point; oh HaH, you're just brilliant!), Jenny turns her head towards Emma, with a smitten look, and Emma who's looking down but not at Jenny at that moment can feel the look nonetheless, and emmabeams in return.
    -When Emma gets under the blanket, I'm always amused by how she instantly stops shivering. So much warmth (I mean hotness) on the other side of the blanket, I guess. :p

    ep 125 (again apart from the obvious, because banner kiss. Banner. Kiss. BANNER KISS!!! *swoon*...):
    -When Emma tries to convince Hotte that he just witnessed some anodine experiment between Jenny and her, and asks him to keep that for himself, Ben arrives and Hotte feels how uncomfortable/scared Emma is (about the possibility of a rumor spreading). So he gets all protective, telling Ben some lie about what Emma and him were just talking about. Ben enters the bathroom, Emma spontaneously sighs of relief and Hotte who was looking at Emma at that moment has this really soft and loving smirk. I think he's completely aware of what is going on between Emma and Jenny at that right very minute. And I think he deeply cares about Emma's feelings, things like that show how very good of a friend he is for Emma.

    ep 127:
    -When they sing "Fuck You" to Göttig (each time I'm amazed how a tight group of students dares to sing "Fuck You" to their school director. It takes some strong nerves), Luzi does this adorable face imitating evil horns with her fingers. So cute and funny. I wonder how the actor who played Göttig was able to go through the scene keeping a straight face.

    And looking back at those eps, I realized how strong of a temperament Luzi has. She always stands up for what she believes in and is never intimidated. In the early episodes, you could see that already as she's the one smacking down Caro with her snark, but during the strike it's emphasized I think. She's always fierce when facing Göttig. And in the latest episodes, she's also very articulate when in conflicts with Frank.
    Love me some Luzi! :)

  • #935

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2011 13:55)

    @Libellule Firstly, also love me some Luzi! She has, along with Lucy and Kasia, one of the most expressive faces I've seen :) and Selina is so young and acts with such maturity, brilliant.

    Now, have spent a while re-watching the ep 124 clips and have some more thoughts on it.
    -I had also thought that the big pile of blankets Lucy was carrying was on it's way down so all credit to Kasia for not cracking up at that point!
    -Love how in the discussion before that Emma starts thinking about all the possible reasons why Jenny would've quit her job and Jenny just rolls her eyes and says 'Emma!!'
    -Just before Emma kisses Jenny you can see Lucy's eyelashes and it's like she opens her eyes quickly to see what Kasia's doing and if she's still coming in for the kiss.
    -Also like how after the first kiss Jenny waits, seeing if Emma will come in for a second one, not wanting to move in herself and possibly overwhelm her-sweet.
    -And at the point in the kiss where Lucy pulls away slightly, provoking the smirk from Kasia, Lucy keeps her eyes shut and again wait for Kasia to find her again.

    Really these two had such an amazing understanding,great to watch.

  • #936

    hoppe (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2011 23:35)

    @San: you forgot your own word to add in the jictionary ;) I cite from #340:
    "@frananifan How Jemmagical!!!"
    Jemmagic, n. the sudden occurring of JRMs in daily life, especially if they appear in a row. Ex: "This day was full of Jemmagic. First she heard a Hotterian hoking about the connections of his boss with scientology, then she met a woman wearing a bodot singing "Just the way you are" and nearly fainted when she stumbled across some marvellous fluorenscent jeggings which came together with a pink plastic bracelett in Hartmannstreet 234 for 19,7 Dollars."
    If you have a better definition or example just go ahead ;)
    And ... I made some searches... time words like am and pm are called adverb according to the online dictionary I used, so I think BJ/AJ might be an adverb too?
    btw. saw your vid, that's how Jemmaniaks-to-be look like ;), very convincing on the bike... reminded me of my ol birthdayparties inbetween. unfortunately my parents never filmed but only took pics...
    well because of things like that I thought of an email list, so that we don't need to post links in the open, IF it might get a bit more "confidential" ;)

  • #937

    hoppe (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 00:02)

    uhm... I think my example is to hammed up, a bit more subtle is certainly better...

  • #938

    San (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 01:42)

    @hoppe See, that's the beauty of Room 234 and the Jictionary! Eventually, the words define themselves :) Yes, future Jemmaniak with unrestrained joy. I can look into a email listserv option, maybe a google group for posting images and links.

  • #939

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 11:12)

    #934 and #935 Yes you can just tell the blankets are slowly slipping down to the floor:)

    They have such amazing chemistry, one scene that stands out for me is in ep.193 when Emma goes round to Jenny's before school and Jenny kisses Emma and puts her hand on her cheek and says "oh oh you're looking really tired, did you not sleep very well?" I just think it looks so natural and I had to put the oh oh in because I love how Lucy says it! Love the rest of the scene as well.

  • #940

    hoppe (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 13:41)

    #934 + #935 - I have another opinion on this investigative matter ;) (maybe we have to widen a terminology from LSI to JSI-Team (Jemma scene investigation team??)
    You hear Lucy's/Jenny's footsteps going on, with no pause or anything in it, which could show that the blankets were falling down and she had to side step or something. Therefore I think she managed to keep them on her arms, or only one was falling down so she could go on.
    @Libelulle thanks for pointing out Hottes protective reaction in front of Ben, when Emma and him were talking in front of the toilets (125) - I didn't realize before how much he tried to save the situation - yes love his little smirk in the end...
    about 124 the talking about a revolution scene, I also love how Emma looks upwards, when Hotte sings "don't you know, you're talking about a revolution, it sounds..." it's just after the first time Bea is displayed, worrying and wondering what to do in her cell. Emma is like: OMG, what shall I do?! I'm nearly exploding, this woman who drives me crazy, that I want but at the same time also don't want anything to do with is sitting right next to me - help. And I totally screwed it up - she's so fed up with me! :S
    I like it how they put those two desperate moments (Bea + Emma)after each other

  • #941

    amidola (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 13:42)

    Just wanted to mention, that we have a forum now, in case you'd like to get a room?:-D You're always welcome here, but just in case you want to post pics,etc. xoxo

  • #942

    hoppe (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 13:53)

    oh amidola thanks for mentioning! It seems to be up for quite some days already why didn't I notice it? hmm, guys, what do we do now????

  • #943

    hoppe (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 13:56)

    finishing our thousandth post here whilst emotionally preparing to move? ;) staying, moving right now? uh, now I have to emma again... LOL

  • #944

    Kirsty (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 14:02)

    Well, I've registered on the new forum! Have mixed feelings. I love that the guys have done this for us and I guess maybe we needed it but I'm a little sad to leave Rm234 and venture out into the wide world. We can talk about anything and everything here..now we'll have to decide which topic to post under. I'm not good with change! :( I'll be fine once we get going. what does everyone else think? We could maybe just hang around here until we hit the 1000 comments mark then de-camp over to the forum?

    @hoppe hadn't noticed the sound of Jenny's footsteps..brb just going to have a listen..

    Also, have you filled in the questionnaire for the person doing their thesis on HaH? I love questionnaires :)

  • #945

    hoppe (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 14:20)

    I have mixed feelings too. On one side it's a great thing, but well most users love to post endless pics and gifs on other forums and I love the concentration which is here. I mean I don't mind those little nice off topic convos inbetween we have here ;)
    Hmmm - what do you think, does it look a bit a strange to start a special thread for us over on the forum with putting up a request for no pic spams? dunno how you see it, maybe you like it, but it was just not possible here?
    @Kirsty were is the questionaires? is it a new one?

  • #946

    Kirsty (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 14:36)

    @hoppe the questionnaire was in Ami's new blog on the home page. There was a link to click on.

  • #947

    San (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 15:20)

    I see no problem with establishing a Rm 234 thread. Everyone is welcome. We could advertise it in some other threads as a respit of Jemma and life-related subjects to get you through the day. It's a place for Jemmaditation and reflection, so please no pics, only links :)

    We have to stay till 1000, though :) I was thinking it would be funny to have some awards - The Tuthrefores! "Most Posts by Quantity" "Most Posts by Total Length" "Most Valuable Poster" "234th Poster" etc :)

  • #948

    San (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 15:45)

    Btw, you can now submit songs to jemmaproject.org. Next up, the Jemma Calendar! So think of some holidays :)

  • #949

    hoppe (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 17:40)

    San, is it possible to browse the songs also by episodes number? I was thinking of people who might want to know about a certain song in an epi, but don't know the name... cool! San you are our internet specialist!

  • #950

    San (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 18:04)

    @hoppe That's part of my grand plan. I have a database table all ready for that :)

  • #951

    Kirsty (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 22:33)

    @San Please can you come and run my life for me. I love that you have databases already planned... And a Grand Plan! sweet!

  • #952

    San (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011)

    @Kirsty Hehe If only life was just a grand plan and a database :)

  • #953

    Libellule (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 05:18)

    I'm not leaving anywhere till the 1000th post! And yes, @San #947, let's put on the Tuthrefores show for the occasion! :D

    And after, well, after I'll have to adapt, I guess. Though I'm not too good with forums, threads, and all this stuff; it's kinda "foreign territory" for me, and I've never been much curious about it. But I'm willing to try, for my Jemmavana's sake. If the amazing spirit and beautiful vibe of this Rm 234 sanctuary is transported by sacred care over there, it should be all fine.
    If not, well, that might be some kind of unfortunate cure for my Jemmaholism but I nonetheless would come back haunting Rm 234 from time to time with some loving nostalgia, for sure. :)

  • #954

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 14:08)

    well, what if we have a careful look if it's going in a direction we feel comfortable with? we could stay in contact with each other about it and come back if we think so (email list? lol). (although there might be the danger that are opinion spread ... ;) )
    I think we shouldn't leave until we've prepared everything LOL. For example an agreement how to call our thread and mabe how to define it, explain it?
    First try put out for discussion and changes:
    Threadtitle: Room 234 for Jemmaditation + deeper Jemma(de)bates/insights round + about the Jemmaverse --- toooo long already???
    First post, explanation: this place is intended for any deeper insights on the Jemmaverse in fictiona world or real life. To keep it a bit more concentrated, please don't pics or gifs (??only where quite important for the discussion??). Rather post a link.
    I haven't logged in the forum yet, do they have signatures? Those can get quite distracting too ... well something you can't do anything about it.
    @San love the Tuthrefores too ;D!!

  • #955

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 14:11)

    OMJ! my English!: (although there might be the danger that opinions differ ... and we don't find an agreed way together ;) )

  • #956

    Randy (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 15:54)

    @Libellule #953 Forums and threads are "foreign territory" for me too. Rm 234 has a cozy community feel to it that I love, and we've been our own moderators. Leaving stretches my comfort zone more than I like.

    @hoppe #954 Having "a careful look" and staying "in contact with each other" are good ideas.

  • #957

    San (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 16:03)

    Yes, The Tuthrefores! We'll have to put on our finest fonts for the occasion :)

    Like @hoppe suggested, we should prepare our room in the forum to our liking before moving. It can be a lot like it is here. I think we can simply call it "Room 234" or perhaps "Room 234, Jemaholics Anonymous". The say up front that we want this thread to be as simple as possible, we can title it like this: "Room 234, Jemaholics Anonymous. All Welcome! **Please no pictures**" In the first post, we can layout the ground rules: no pics or gifs - you can refer to ones posted in another part of the forum. This place is for Jemmadition, reflection, discussion, analysis, Jictionary, and fun... We're not serious, we just don't want to be distracted from our quest for Jemmavana. Also, We might decide to start a separate thread as a "Room 234 gallery" if we feel that would be easier.

    On a side note, I'm feeling pretty awesome today. I saw an art car driving down the street in two consecutive commutes - walking home last night and waiting for the train this morning. Sure, I live on the art car side of town, but that doesn't take away the joy I have every time I see one. The one last night was an island/beach theme with an inflatable palm tree coming out the back window :) It got me to thinking about the origin of the organization that runs the art car parade in town - The Orange Show. Basically, it's this colorful, hodge-podge structure (shrine) devoted to orange juice, filled with carnival and advertising memorabilia that you can climb around in. It also reminds me that I have never been, and I should stop wasting my time and go already! Then, I'm thinking, orange juice? Perhaps, I need to squeeze me a fresh glass and sing Lovefool like Jenny :)

  • #958

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 16:19)

    finest fonts??? would love to but how is that possible? only one available here, or am I wrong? (is there another meaning of font? LOL)
    well I might put on a classic one with serifs - a Bodoni? or maybe something new, crazy and stylish :DDD

  • #959

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 16:41)

    LOL, I didn't realize that this font is already taken by bodo and bodonians - haha!! :D

  • #960

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 16:58)

    LOOOOK what I've found:
    you can download them for free :)

  • #961

    San (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 17:11)

    @hoppe Great font finds! I especially like the Emma % character. What is that? Cat Woman? And how Jenny is Jenny font?! @Kirsty, you'll have to compare it to your writing samples :) I guess we'll have to tag our proceedings with the fancy font of our choice since I think we're stuck with this basic sans serif :)

  • #962

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 19:34)

    Aargh, I am just a simple soul and am baffled by all this talk of fonts/threads etc. I will just stay here until we are ready to move and someone tells me where to find our new home. Off to my Samba Drumming class tonight. Jemma gave me the confidence to try something new- does that sound weird?

  • #963

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 19:36)

    Oh and @San - am intrigued by your 'art cars. I will look them up tomorrow :)

  • #964

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 19:39)

    I tried some more extra characters I think they are all Emma Peels ;) - but cat woman fits for % - a Jenny in the Emma font ;) about the handwriting, yes! looks quite similar to Jenny's

  • #965

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 19:58)

    sorry @Kirsty, simple soul is fine, especially if you have to do with flowers like you :)
    samba drumming, great! our 1000th post party is secured ;)
    @San if we want to keep it simple then I would vote for just Room 234 and explain everything else in the first post of the thread. Btw. love Libelulle's "sanctuary"!
    uhm... San, are you checking all the posts to find out the different Tuthrefores?
    Cool - art cars - I had a look, I envy you for being surrended by art cars in daily life ;) - yes, today is a good day...
    Hope I haven't forgotten anything don't want to waste any of the precious last posts before our party - so that we've got some time to prepare it

  • #966

    Kittykatcop (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 21:00)

    Hey guys, it's nearly the end of term here so I'll be free to comment more for a week or so. And this at a time of such change.
    I would like to put my thoughts out there as to why we all seem to feel so comfortable here......as a teacher we learn about the different learning styles our students may have, so that we can tailor our lessons to suit everyone. The main three types are Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic.
    Visual can be further broken down into learning through pictures/diagrams and learning through the written word. It seems to me that those who have commented here and stayed are mostly visual learners, with a particular pull towards the written word. We're all so beautifully descriptive in our comments, that we have very little need for gif's and screencaps. Indeed do these things enable us to dissect in the intricate way we do, or would they become a barrier? Words can convey the subtle nuances of feeling, in the same way as a look from Lucy or Kasia.

  • #967

    Wired (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 22:01)

    Hey 234! Well I'm agreed that I'm in until the 1000 post for sure! Can not miss that party! I'm also willing to try the forum if most of us will be there. This room is so great for all topics and our awesome ability to connect all things to Jemma. I don't want to loose that!

    @Kristy samba drums? Very nice! Jemma hasn't made me much more adventurous but I absolutely Emmabeam more often and now I'm speaking the few random German words as well as my Jemmanese . My friends are wondering what I'm saying now.

    @Hoppe for a sing along unfortunately I can only offer " weenus" sung off key. :)

    I"m off to watch the Revolution episodes to add my two cents and relive the poster kiss....

  • #968

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 22:34)

    @Kittykatcop thanks for your thoughts. I'm a very visual type, have studied grafic design and illustration and love colours etc. I don't see much sense in just reproducing pics which are already there, or put words in screencaps to make (for me) relatively superficial jokes - I felt a bit uncomfortable with it , also because it get a game and somehow a contest who posted the most. In fact you are right, that words leave a lot more space to imagine or tell comlex things, you can do that with pics too, but you'll find it rarely. I think as I am a visual type too many impressions which are just "spammed" are too much for my poor eyes/brain. Maybe also a generational thing - some films are also too fast for me in the way they are cut. In addition I'm more a slow, meditational type - although I can be quick ;)
    btw. did you know that there are peeps who also say that you have those 3 types on different levels of relaxation? It some time ago, so I don't remember where I read it, but they stated that therefore not for everyone is the same meditation and/or relaxationtechnique is the right one.

  • #969

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 22:38)

    btw. I'm wondering if we all just think we should go to the forum because the others want to... LOL. If the most want to stay here I would be okay with that...

  • #970

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 22:40)

    @wired: an off key "weenus" might be the icing of the cake ;) maybe I'll try the next days a first "Hand aufs Herz" basis-line ;)

  • #971

    Kittykatcop (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 22:52)

    @hoppe no I had no idea that it can also refer to relaxation techniques. Although it completely makes sense. For me to thoroughly relax I need to have complete quiet and a good book to read, preferably curled up infront of a nice warm fire.

    As for the music making, I've recently become extremely good at humming "Ba ba ba da, ba ba ba da da" over and over again. (Girl from Ipanema), whilst imagining that my shuffling of feet is of course as good as Lucy and Kasia's and not in fact like an elephant trying to dance the samba in platform heels three sizes too small. Well in my head I obviously look like a trained professional dancer!

  • #972

    San (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 23:03)

    @kittykatcop Visual is right :)

    How's the thread: "Room 234 **please no pics**" just so we make that clear up front and explain in the first entry. We can make the space, but we don't have to use it if we don't like it.

    Here's a link to an absolute visual distraction, this year's art car parade: http://www.artcarmuseum.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Itemid=74
    It made me think of what a Jemma art car would be: a Jemma Coming Out Monument on wheels playing Lovefool? A colorful blue jean collage? And then, I pictured a mangled bicycle attached to the front, and I haven't been able to get the emmabeam off my face :)

    @hoppe I've been thinking about what to play on my cello. And you know, Emma and Jenny always say each other's name with the same cadence and pitch. It would be interesting to isolate those notes and intervals and produce a base line from that. I'll have to work on that :)

    I haven't started tabulating for The Tuthrefores ceremony yet, so if anyone has a good idea how to do that, I'm all ears :)

  • #973

    Randy (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 23:41)

    @hoppe #968 What type of illustration did you study? Do you still do it? I'm currently doing a nature illustration course (birds, animals, insects, flowers, etc.). Along with drawing and painting, I also enjoy photography so I'm a visual person too. And Emma must have been a visual person because she said she had wanted to take art classes, and she did a good job on the "revolution" signs.

  • #974

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 01:58)

    @Kirsty. "Jemma gave me the confidence to try something new- does that sound weird?"
    I cannot begin to say what things Jemma has me doing lately!! Isn't it grand?

    @Libellule While you were keystroking the concept of for JRM, I was having a JRM! (must be a cosmic thing). It involved my doc marten luther king boots, a poison dwarf and the phrase "What the bloody hell is your problem with me?" This was not followed by a kiss but later that evening I got a spontaneous bloody nose that was nursed by my beriam. I had jemmajuice in my veins. Could smiling a lot give me a bloody nose?

    @San Thank you for sharing your film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Barrista/coffee shop/bodot? By watching your film I have calculated your age now to be approximately the age I was when I met the love of my life, who happens to be a decade older than me....just sayin'

    @Kittykatcop I think in spirals so that linear thing that forums do disturb me a little.

  • #975

    Libellule (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 07:13)

    @hoppe #965
    There's a quote in french saying we must give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, so I have to say that the "sanctuary" wording is not mine but another Jemmaholic's (@frananifan's, I believe). ;)
    I re-used it in #953 because that term perfectly describes how I feel about Room 234 too. It is definitely sacred. There's this fascinating aura that calls for respect; it's totally peaceful and filled with incredibly vibrant and inspiring energy at the same time. Truly unique.

    And as @Randy #956 reminded us, we've never needed any moderator so far. Can you believe it? Nearly 1000 comments and not a single need for a moderator intervention. :D

    @Kirsty #962
    Well, on my side the 1st new thing Jemma pushed me to is being here, in Room 234! I know I still have a lot to explore with Jemma that would trigger some impressive choices in my life on whichever level (like the one you made for the Samba drums class because you now have the confidence to try something new), but the simple fact of participating in these discussions here is quite a novelty for me. :)
    And I know the J-Bing Effect* (=Jenny Bullet earING Effect - comment #692)is just dormant in me, it'll manifest somehow at certain points in my life from now on, and when that happens I will instinctively know it's thanks to Jemma. @Marie-Helene said some time ago that Jemma and all that is related to it (HaH, the whole team, etc...) have left some strong/deep mark on her, and they definitely have on me too.

    *J-Bing Effect, n. - Jemma amazingly inspiring ascendancy that is embodied by Jenny bullet earing. Once touched by it, one's feels its grace and depth, prompting one's with new confidence to blossom and make heartfelt happy choices.
    (Historical notes:
    -The 1st appearance of Jenny in HaH (ep73) is marked by the bullet earings sporting (rocking I should say) because this accessory represents her strength of temperament. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. She's confident and fierce.
    -When Jenny first kisses Emma (ep114) she introduces the single bullet earing fashion: more confidence, more honesty, more adorableness. (And...swooooon...)
    -From that 1st kiss with a single bullet earing, Jemma is born and Emma will start her journey of wonderful blossoming)
    (Fun fact: in french there's this expression called "petite mort" - literaly "little death" - which is used to describe the feeling from an orgasm, and I couldn't help to think about that too when talking about the J-Bing Effect because bullet (in the heart) - death - Jenny bullet earing - petite mort... :p )
    As in: She realized how powerful the J-Bing Effect was in her life when she plucked up the courage to climb on a chair in her jeggingz at a live video conference, and sang I Will Survive in front of everyone while announcing she was quiting.
    (Yes, I might be projecting a lil' bit. And I actually have a meeting tomorrow morning, so who knows what might happen? ;D)

  • #976

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 11:32)

    Hi Leute! I love coming to room 234, but perhaps we should give the forum a go. We could take our inspiration from @Kirsty to try something new, as I'm a stranger to forums myself. The thought of joining a forum scares me a bit as it's so easy to come to room 234 and put down our thoughts and feelings. And there's the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it. But if the forum isn't to our liking we can always come back. I agree we definately have to get to post 1000 and celebrate good times come on!

    I like the idea of The Tutherfores! What about "Most detailed analysis of a Jemma scene" to go with "Most Posts by Quantity" "Most Posts by Total Length" "Most Valuable Poster" "234th Poster". I'm trying to think off some other categories although we don't want too many. We'll have to think of a way to vote, can we do it anomously?

  • #977

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 13:37)

    @Libellule 'J-Bing Effect' - this is simply supreme. I would get a negative connotation from the image of a bullet but you have managed to jemmify it perfectly. And the added note tying it to an orgasm..well...WHABAM to that!!

  • #978

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 13:53)

    Because of my action painting (End corporate personhood. Stop looting the public wealth. More Jemma), I have been asked by other revolutionaries to explain what Jemma is. My brief prepared answer for the outside world has been 'international term for those who've got the love'. That should cover it, right?

  • #979

    Wired (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 14:09)

    OMJ! @Libellule talk about Jemma affect across the world! I was just re-watching the earlier episodes last night (until 3 am again! I couldn't stop watching the epidsodes, I really do have an addiction!) and suddenly noticed the fact that Jenny wore two bullet earings and then one as she opened herself up to Emma more. I was going to comment on that here today but you beat me to it! Naturally I didn't connect the petite mort with it but love how you connected it too!

    I think @Clijsters3 has a good idea to go with @Kristy's feeling of trying something new and trying out the forum. Again we can always come back, just like we return to our Jemma Jems over and over.

    So as mentioned I was rewatching the earlier episodes last night/this morning and ended up waking up with German in my head and not really knowing what the words were...but also I was wondering can someone let me know how the school point system works in Germany? I know Jenny got 0 points for her report but how many points do you need to pass the class? The grade? Just wondering. Also I thought Jenny sat next to Emma in politics but in two scenes in succeeding episodes she is sitting infront of Emma (during the report scene) and then across from her (during the sudden assessment test). Am I seeing things or do they not keep assigned seats? I'm type A so if I pick a seat I stay in it and I may be over interested in that. Though in my Jemmaverse they are sitting next to each other all of the time and passing love notes to each other alot...again random thoughts! Have a great day JAs!

  • #980

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 14:44)

    wow Libelulle! J-Bing effect - yeah. I would recomment to take the full word as explanation in the jictionary, too.
    Interesting thought about the bulletearring... uhm, did she wear it on the left or right ear? Need to look.
    Yeah, lets go and give the forum a try.
    @frananifan: 'international term for those who've got the love'. cracked me up!! :D
    @San: loved the art cars! about audacity and garageband - I think in garageband (at least in the old version I have), you can important ANY sound file formats, i couldn't find a command to import files :( So we are stuck with audacity. I think I can cut and change the volume, maybe even take noises away, but more then that... in Garageband you've got nicely set presettings for echoes etc. so you don't need to have a lot of knowledge about stuff like that - good soundediting is an art itself. But if we are okay with some simple, rudimental fun tune, just for our joy, it'll be fine ;)
    @Wired you dreamed German? cool! About the points system - they go from 0-15 points in the grades 11-13. Before you've got a system from 1-6. Now attention, please - because first the counting is downwards 1 is the best and 6 the worst, you've got a segmentation 1+, 1, 1-, 2+, 2, 2- till 4-, 5, 6. I'm not entirely sure how many 5s you can have in different subjects to still be able to attend the next grade. Dunno if it's one or two. In the Oberstufe (11-13th grade, younger kids only have 11 + 12) there's the points system. There 15 is the best and 0 is the worst. 15,14,13 = 1+,1,1- and so on 3-1points are a 5 and 0pts = 6 ;)
    Confused now?? :D I think you need to have at least a full 4 = 5 points, to get your exams... but I'm not totally sure.
    About sitting besides each other, normally you stay at the same place/chair you choose, but sometimes the same subject takes place at different rooms at different times - so maybe tha's one reason? another one might be just the simple fact of director decisions necessary to the storyline?

  • #981

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 14:50)

    grrr : it should say: you can't import ANY sound file formats -- sorry.
    @Kirsty wondering al the time if my sentence in #965 about simple souls came across strange... it wasn't meant in any way offending. Being simple is the way to heart, that's what I meant :)

  • #982

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 15:27)

    @hoppe no offence taken, I knew what you meant :) Also, how complicated does your points system sound?!! It hurt my head just reading about it..
    @frananifan Love your Jemma definition :)
    @San love the artcars, I am looking forward to seeing any online pictures of the parade next week! What would a Jemma artcar look like I wonder. It would have to have some kind of giraffe print on it somewhere for a start. And plaid.

  • #983

    Randy (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 15:32)

    Regardless of how many times I rewatch episodes, something interesting always pops up. In ep. 158+159 during the STAG's tour of Raumzeit Records, Frank tells Bea that they had "caught his eye with Sister Act" and listens to them sing "Sweet Dreams" in the recording studio and says to Bea "They're really good." But in ep. 185 he sits in on a STAG rehearsal at school and says "I just want to hear how you guys sing." And they sing "Sweet Dreams" again. Even if he was really there to see why Luzi was so attached to the STAG, as she'd torn up her contract with him, it appears the writers forgot about the earlier interaction.

  • #984

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 15:35)

    I've just signed up to the forum. I find forums a bit messy I would like to maybe use both; the forum and room 234 I don't know if that could work. I'm probably being selfish but I like it here because it's a nice number of people, not too overcrowded. Like I said #976 it's good to try something new (while on that subject I have started running and learning German) I'm just worried it won't be as intimate on the forum as it is here. I think I've contradicted myself a few times!

  • #985

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 15:42)

    @Hoppe I need your help!!! Have you got any tips of how to learn the gender of nouns? Like I said I'm trying to learn german but have given up understanding word order for the time being-that's just crazy. Any tips or do you just have to have a really good memory!:)

    Perhaps a thread on the forum could be 'learning German' then we can ask native speakers for help and tips.

  • #986

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 15:52)

    @Kirsty it's not THAT confusing if you know it ;) There are also words for the "numbers" which might make it easier: 1 = sehr gut/A/very good, 2 = gut/B/good, 3 = befriedigend/C/satisfactory, 4 = ausreichend/D/adequate, 5 = mangelhaft/fail/inadequate 6 = ungenügend/hmmm in the dictionary they give the same terms: fail/inadequate
    Okay, I registered now too - lets hope, people don't make use of the signatures ;)
    uhm... just to make it clear... I don't mind a few pics IF they are important to the discussion, illustrating somethig etc. but I don't like the spamming. I just say that, because I don't know if you others are more okay with pics + I don't want to be the radical one, who's against it ;) - about the art cars.. I already love San's vision of a car with a smashed bike in front LOL!

  • #987

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 16:03)

    @Kirsty Jemma artcar!! Oh man-my mind is twirling...

  • #988

    San (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 16:05)

    I have so much to say, but crazy day at work - maybe later. However, I threw together a Google form for us to vote for The Tuthrefores. SO get to voting and award creating :)
    Let me know if you have any problems.

  • #989

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 16:05)

    @clijsters: sorry, no! :( I just thought of many nouns and you can't find a good rule about it. It's unfortunately very unlogical, things or animals are not just "das"/"es"/"it" - they are female, male and sometimes neuter. You also can't use common settings of which is thought to be rather more female or male - total failure!!! About the word order ... I THOUGHT there would be quite clear rules: Subject, verb, object... but well, I'm not learning it. I would need to see an example which you don't understand - so maybe an extra thread would be an idea ;) Nevertheless - good luck!!

  • #990

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 16:14)

    @Hoppe Yes luck that's exactly what I need! Thanks anyway. Although I have had a breakthrough when it comes to adjectives and changing their endings depending on the gender of the noun. So that's something.

    @San I'm very excited about The Tuthrefores. Thanks you for doing the form I've not actually seen it yet so guess what I'm about to do!

  • #991

    Kykky (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 17:22)

    "When Hotte proposes to chain themselves at the school and cast their hands and feet in concrete , Emma bursts out laughing and I believe it's actually Kasia unexpectedly laughing there. Beautiful and contagious"
    there is anothe scene in which I believe we can hear Kasia's real laughing. It is when hotte tells Emma he wants to go to Las Vegas and he asks Emma to tell that she can not leave without hime. I suppose we can see Kasia and Dennis.

  • #992

    kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 17:49)

    I'm so excited about the tuthrefore's is it wrong that I feel the need to up my game, so that can be considered for nomination!

  • #993

    Wired (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 18:17)

    @hoppe thank you very much for explaining the school point system! I think I understand it and it does mirror our system (A's, B's, C's) just with numbers. Also the seat changing makes sense too, and I"m sure the directors had to get the scenes together fairly quickly and may not have had a continuity check? Anyways, great info hoppe thanks!

    @kittykatcop hahaha! I was thinking the same thing about the tuthrefores, but I think I'll just concentrate on voting now.

    @san thanks for all of your work on the form and setting up the forum thread. You are a master at this stuff!

    Hey I was checking out a tumblr and saw that our jictionary was mentioned. It made me smile even though I didn't contribute much I was here to see it born! I'm so proud to be part of Room 234!

  • #994

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 19:28)

    My stressed out crazy co workers are impressed with my Luziness. Of course they do not know to call it that, and in truth, I am just silly pants with excitement over our pending milestone. Perhaps a salute to ourselves in some way? A cyber high five? Nah. Caro the person next to you? Not nice. How about a F*ck You middle finger in the air!? I just don't know...............

  • #995

    hoppe (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 19:36)

    help! about #992 what does @kittykatcop mean?? (I'm just a german :S) LOL
    second @Wired's thanks to San. Is there already a thread created??? I don't see anything! And the text for the first post is not ready yet... how long do we have for voting? dunno if I can make it today...

  • #996

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 19:41)

    @hoppe breathe....in the light...breathe...out the anxiety...

    "to up your game" means to increase your competative drive, so that you have a better chance of winning ;) This should not include the use of steroids or cheating.

  • #997

    Wired (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 19:54)

    Ok is it wrong that I keep checking this page to see who the 1000 post is going to be? It's like the lottery... hmmm like @frananifan says I need to get my Jemmaditation working so I can get the Jemmazen on.

  • #998

    San (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 20:04)

    How about the voting will last for at least a week. I made a Word Cloud that might or might not help. I'll have to post it when I get home. OMJ! We're almost there :) @Wired Jemmazen - love it!

  • #999

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 20:04)

    I know what I'm going to do!! I am going to stand on my chair and swirl my hips a little and pump my fingers in the air like Jenny!! I DARE ALL OF YOU TO MAKE THIS BOLD STATEMENT WITH ME.

  • #1000

    kittykatcop (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 20:15)

    Oh no, you're right I've allowed my caro eichvamp to overshadow my Emma muller. I think I need to do some jemmeditation to achieve my state of luzi. However, if I were to up my game I would probably employ the help of Orange juice and symbols of luck, such as dice earrings. In the meantime may I nominate @san for being our archivist and @libelulle for her creativity and........oh crikey this is going to take some time you're all so lovely and contribute so much.