Episode 233

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Episode 233
Episode 233







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  • #1

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 03:51)

    So, here we go. It's Friday night for me, and I'm about to get my last Jemma/HaH ride... :(

  • #2

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 04:24)

    But...Where are the episodes, Sat1?!!!
    I was getting all psychologically prepared and now I have to postpone my gloomy feelings further in the weekend. What are you doing to my little heart?...

    So I clicked this instead, and I shouldn't have:
    Beas Liebesszene: Happy End - Folge 234

    I haven't seen the 2 last episodes yet (whenever you're ready, Sat1!), but if this clip is the final scene of the serie, I, I, I...don't know what to say.
    Sat1, what have you done? You have butchered one of the most amazing tv-serie of all times... And I'm terribly mad at you (and deeply, deeply sad) for how you forced this uber-talented crew (from the cast to the writers, directors, and producers) to resort to this rushed (and should I say lame?) ending.
    So highly disrespectful to all involved in beautifully giving life to HaH...

    PS: It could be forgiven if you finally open your eyes and renew HaH for a second season. And we'd all kindly forget about the mess of these 2 last episodes because we know the writers could still pick up there and create a wonderful script for next season.

  • #3

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 04:32)

    My bad, I haven't seen the 2 episodes were combined under "Finale" but it doesn't change a thing I said. ;)
    ANd now I'm off to watch (and cry...).

  • #4

    Libellule (Samstag, 03 September 2011 06:31)

    -I love how Caro still thinks of bringing the Champagne bottle with her when Frank proposed to go watch the recordings at his desk...
    -Nice abs, Frankie. Does this work out come from flipping your cellphone all the time?
    -Helena, you're lovely when you're pissed off. I don't understand how Michael could turn his back on you. How dares he? Oh wait, you have no morals. Sometimes it can be a turn off indeed.

  • #5

    San (Samstag, 03 September 2011 20:41)

    Frank and Caro, how romantisch. Need to go clean my eyes out with acid now.

  • #6

    hoppetosse (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 19:23)

    so well put in #2 Libellule!

  • #7

    San (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 21:14)

    NOTE: If you're emma-ing about Room 234 not posting beyond #1000, an emergency Room 234 has been set up in the Forum under JI.org > Room 234 post-1000 Emergency Room. See you there. Aaaak!!!

  • #8

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 21:23)

    I thought it was Jemmageddon for realz!!

  • #9

    San (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 22:33)

    I can't believe we didn't spend a few of the 1000 posts planning for such an emergency!