Episode 154

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Episode 154 or "Breakfast at Bergmanns"
Episode 154 or "Breakfast at Bergmanns"







Emma is laying awake at night while Jenny is slumbering beside her. The accident won't leaver her alone and she's still in a state of shock, not able to handle what happened. She's confused as to what really happened and even though Jenny is being the best girlfriend ever - making her a beautiful breakfast with a flower for her and all - she can't open up to her, but closes herself off. Emma runs out on Jenny when she tries to find out what happened.


Ben still is troubled by the accident they nearly caused and lays at home awake, wondering where Luzi and Karin are. The next day at school Ben, Ronnie and Sophie get to know about an accident that happened on the road they drove the race on and Mrs. Krawzcyk tells the students that Ms. Lohmann and Mr. Götting died. More and more clues about the accident come out and Ben feels confirmed in his concern that they caused it.


While Michael is in surgery Helena and Bea worry about him. Helena wonders if the others are okay and Bea has to tell her the sad news about Julian and Alexandra. Karin and Luzi join them in the night of endless waiting and later Bea notices that Helena is still in love with Michael when the latter loses control for a moment and shows her weakness and worry.


While Michaels condition is still in the air Timo is okay and is happy to have Luzi by his side. Luzi tells him even though they may have screwed it up as a couple they still are best friends and she'll be there for him.


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