Episode 115

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Episode 115
Episode 115







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    kykky (Donnerstag, 15 Januar 2015 07:05)


    I have a questions. For the translators but also for all the fans:

    Ep 115: Jenny goes to Emma some hours afree their first kiss because she senses that Emma is panicking a bit. She asks if everything is ok and then she confesses this kiss blew her away (and it is very sweet because she really puts her heart in Emma's hands )and then she asks if "it was to fast" (in German "ging's dir zu schnell).
    But what do you think ?
    Is Jenny asking if the kiss surprised Emma because it happened unexpected and a bit too fast to say no ?
    Or is she asking if it was not good because it was given a bit in a hurry ?
    What does it mean "ging's dir zu schnell" for you?

    danke :)
    Thank you :)
    Mercy :)
    grazie :)

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    Prou (Sonntag, 24 Mai 2015 19:13)

    Maybe cause Jenny kisses her without talking to her about her feelings for her first or explaining clearly the real reason why she has behaved the way she has...but really, Emma is clueless and talking between them never seems to get anywhere, so the fastest way's the better, right? ;)