Episode 162

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The frog prince story as a reminder
The frog prince story as a reminder


Timo gets himself in danger when he leaves the hospital against the doctors advice to search for Luzi. Meanwhile Luzi is kissing Ben in the church after he had a mild breakdown - witnessing the funeral of two people he indirectly caused the death of. Luzi tells Ben that she doesn't know when and why but somehow along the way she might have fallen in love with him. Ben is flattered but tells her that he's not a good man for her. She's a great woman, while he is nothing. His live is in chaos and the only good thing that happened to him recently was this kiss with her. Luzi tries to find out what is troubling him and suspects it has something to do with Ronnie, but Ben tells her if she knew she wouldn't want to have anything to do with her anymore. Before she can investigate further she gets a call from her  mother, telling her Timo is missing. They search for him, but in the end he spots them hugging (Luzi is worried about him) and concludes that Ben is the other guy. He tries to attack him but collapses due to the fracture of his vertebra.


Michael swears to Bea that nothing and nobody can bring them apart. But Bea senses that their relationship might be jinxed - and not only because of Helena who tries to interfere in their relationship by bringing old memories about their relationship up in Michael, trying to care for him and inviting herself to Bea's place after the funeral of Mr. Götting and Ms. Lohmann. But also since the kiss she witnessed between Luzi and Ben won't leave her. Meanwhile Miriam is more than annoyed by the way Helena crowds Michael and tries to edge her way between Bea and  Michael.


Emma tells Jenny the funeral and singing 'Ave Maria' has freed her from her pain. Jenny is glad and hugs Emma.


For Sophie the funeral made her realize what an amount of consequences resulted from their actions. She's disturbed when she notices that the whole thing leaves Ronnie cold, but rationalizes that it's just because he wasn't at the funeral and didn't see all the people. When she runs into Timo she's hurt to see that he's still (again) running after Luzi and is spiteful to him when she understands that Luzi might have something going on with Ben. 'Pretty shitty to get dumped for someone else isn't it?'



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