Preview Clips Episodes 185-193

This week we decided to only do transcripts for clips including Jenny or Emma or Bodo & Lara. If you still would like the transcripts for all preview clips, please let us know


28.06.2011 - Episode 185 - At your side

Episode 185
Episode 185

Emma: Okay, closing time. Um, I'm just getting my jacket.

Stefan: I think it'd be better for us to take a cab.

Helena: If you want me to come home with you.

Stefan: Oh, I insist on that. Tschüssi!

Jenny: Tschüss.

Emma: Thanks, that you came to pick me up.

Jenny: That's understood. Especially after what happened yesterday, hm?

(Jenny strokes Emma's cheek, but Emma pulls back.)

Jenny: Hey Ronnie, isn't so stupid to touch you again.

Emma: Okay, can we go then?

Jenny: Yes, sure. Do you want to go to Chulos? A bit of dancing? Maybe that will be good for you after the stress you had.

Emma: I don't know. I'm not in the mood for a crowd. I'd rather go home.

Jenny: Hm-hm. No problem.

Emma: But I'd like you to stay with me for a while.

Jenny: Yeah? Nothing better than that.


29.06.2011 - Episode 186 - Suprise Guest

Episode 186
Episode 186

Luzi: Hey, sweetdreams we haven't sung that in forever and I'd really be up for it now, hm?

Frank: Hello.

Caro: Frank, what are you doing here?

Frank: Well, I wanted to take a look into what you are singing here.

Luzi: Why?

Frank: Is there a problem? Are these rehearsals closed to the public?

Bodo: Depends on the public.

Caro: You're very welcome.

Jenny: Well, if you want to forbid Lucy to rehearse with us then that is a problem.

Frank: Ah, no that's not my intention.

Luzi: And, I don't have 10.000€ laying around either.

Frank: I only want to hear you singing, if that is okay.

Caro: Of course that's okay.

Frank: For you, too?

Luzi: Alright, let's continue.


01.07.2011 - Epsiode 188 - Who wants to come to the movies with me?

Episode 188
Episode 188

Lara: Ah, here you are! I have been looking for you everywhere. Who wants to go to the movies this afternoon?
girlfriend1: What are you planning to watch?

Lara: Seven nights, the first three parts in one special showing.

Girlfriend1: I don't think so.

Lara: Why not? They are great.

Girlfriend2: Rather cheesy.

Lara: Hello? Chris Kunning and Laura Lee? We all have pictures of them in our lockers.

Girlfriend1: Here's a little update for you, Lara. Vampire movies are totally out.

Girlfriend2: But maybe Bodo is interested. I mean, he's always lagging behind anyway.

Bodo: What? Me? Sure, why not. I have time this afternoon. I mean, Seven Nights is uber-awesome. Who doesn't take that chance is crazy.

Lara: You're into Seven Nights?

Bodo: Yes, totally. I read all the books, but the film adaptation is unbelievably good. Well, I mean, if you need someone to go with you. I'd be there.


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    Amanda (Samstag, 02 Juli 2011 14:46)

    Hi! Will you transcript the full episode 187 and 188? I hope so. Thank you very muck. kisses ;* (Amanda from Brazil)

04.07.2011 - Episode 189 - We have to do something

Episode 189  Click on the pic!
Episode 189 Click on the pic!

Jenny: Of course it's got something to do with the attack.You have been totally scared since then.

Emma: I'll handle it somehow. Okay?

Jenny: No. You have to do something about it. You know, this is something that should not simply be dropped.

Emma: Even if I go to the police, what...what should I tell them?

Jenny: They could give out a manhunt. For unidentified personas. If you want me to, I could say that it was me who has been assaulted.

Bea: What happened? Emma? What kind of attack?


05.07.2011 - Episode 190 - Positive Developments

Episode 190  Click on the pic!
Episode 190 Click on the pic!

Emma: I should have known.You said on the phone, that it's about the anti-discrimination day, but you only brought me here to make out, undisturbed.(absolutely nothing wrong with that!!)

Jenny: Don't be too full of yourself. I had an idea about what we could distribute among the students. Here, these are all sayings of prejudices against homosexuality. We could print them on t-shirts.

Emma: And if Mrs. Vogel manages to organize a great band from Raumzeit Records, it´ll be really great!

Jenny: What´s going on?

Emma: I just...hope that... that this day is not drawing too much attention on us.

Jenny: I will make sure that nobody is going to hurt you again.

Bodo: There you are. Thank God. I have a date.


P.S. The description of the preview clip on their site, it says "Emma and Jenny are enthusiastically planning the anti-discrimination day...Bodo is happy,too." :-D


08.07.2011 - Episode 193 - One step further

Episode 193  Click on the pic!
Episode 193 Click on the pic!

Emma: This was totally great. I haven't had so much fun in a long time!

Jenny: I'm so glad that you are feeling better.

Emma: Me too.

Jenny: Mhm, that feels so nice.

Emma: Hm. I´m sorry that I have been so strange for a long time. Jenny?

Jenny: Emma?

Emma: Are you happy?

Jenny: Yes, sure.

Emma: I mean, don´t you miss something?!?

Jenny: As long as you are here, NO. What is it?

Emma: I mean, you and me, our relationship. Do you want to go one step further?

Jenny: That would be great.

Emma: Really?

Jenny: Don´t stress yourself, alright? It'll happen, when it happens . Okay? Don´t worry.

Emma: Okay.


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    Clijsters3 (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 16:31)

    Thanks for the translations really can't wait for the full episodes to air they look great.

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    Just wondering when next week's translation's will be put up for the preview's?

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    @ TANIA: Up for english!!! Have a look!