Episode 165

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Bea is being called into  "Chulos" to a brawl. There she is shocked to find Ben beaten up by Ronnie. She takes care of him and returns, deeply troubled, to Michael, who has a fit of jealousy.







Luzi is ridden with sorrow about Timo's diagnosis. She tries to cheer him up and give him perspective, but he won't have any of it. He's convinced that it's her fault that he stood up and left the hospital and tells her without a doubt to get out and never come back. Later he shows some regret about his words, but when he wants to call Luzi his phone falls from his nightstand to the ground where he can't reach it due to his injury. At the same time  Luzi is in the auditorium and stares at the stage, imagining Timo on it dancing Michael Jackson style, she grieves for Timo's loss and what he won't be able to do anymore.

After Ben and Ronnie's fight Ronnie orders Sophie to follow him, Jenny looks disbelieving at Sophie, not able to fathom how she can follow him after what he has done to Ben.


Bea is being called by Emma who tells her about the fight at 'Chulos' between Ben and Ronnie. She takes him home and takes care of him. When she returns to Michael he's jealous and pissed that she stood him up. Bea keeps worrying about Ben while Michael finds himself in Helena's office who tries to worm her way into his pants and heart by using his sadness about his and Bea's fight the night before. Also Helena plans to send Ben away on a team coaching work shop in Mother Nature and tries to get Stefan Bergmann to finance it.

Meanwhile Caro is still determined to become Frank's assistant. She hung around 'Raumzeit Records' the whole day trying to overtake the desk and getting her interview with Frank. Finally she sees yet another chance when Frank's assistant goes into labor and he's taking her to the hospital. Caro manages to rescue a situation with an important potential client - organizing a catering that consists only of windfall fruits. She leaves 'RaumzeitRecords' with letting Frank know she managed the situation.


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