Episode 153

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After the accident everyone gets checked out in the hospital. Emma is still under shock but okay, Luzi's arm is having an contusion and Timo needs to get operated. When everyone is checked out Michael breaks down - he has an internal bleeding and needs to get operated immediately. It's questionable if he will survive since he lost a lot of blood.


Bodo takes Lara home, earning Miriam's thankfulness. Lara seems to warm up to him a little.


Jenny is flustered and sets off to the hospital as soon as she can. Stefan gives her the keys to his car after she told him Emma had an accident and is in the hospital. When she arrives at the hospital Michael and Bea are unsure where exactly Emma is, since she didn't come back from her check-out, but the nurse said she was okay. Jenny goes searching for her and runs along the hallways calling 'Emma? Emma?', doing a full on remake of Emma searching for Jenny at the train station. She finds her sitting in a corner alone on the floor. She tells her she was worried about her and asks her how she's feeling. Emma has flashbacks but then comes out of her stupor when she realizes Jenny is on her side. The two of them leave the hospital and Jenny takes her home to hers after briefly having been home at Emma's, but Emma preferted to stay with her. Jenny takes care of Emma.


Ben comes home to the Beschenko's finding the flat empty. Karin left for the hospital for Luzi who worries about Timo. Karin says she'll always be thankful to Timo since he rescued Luzi.  The three of them have a sweet moment in Timo's room after he wakes up.


Helena visits Stefan, they have a glass of wine and are trying to figure each other out. Helena says she's not someone for a quick adventure, but she also finds relationships too dangerous. She thinks she found a worthy, equal match in him. He is more than interested. After they did the deed Helena sees that she has a missed call from Michael. She checks her mailbox and hears his message about the accident. Without an explanation she walks out on Stefan and hurries to the hospital.


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