Episode 80

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Episode 80
Episode 80







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  • #1

    Carol Berry (Donnerstag, 15 Dezember 2011 23:42)

    Thanks for all the hard work! Really appreciated!

  • #2

    Cat (Freitag, 16 Dezember 2011 13:27)

    Why don't you go on with the srt of the DVD number 1?

    We already know more or less what happens in these episodes, because we have already seen the Jemma story on youtube and dailymotion.

    I'm more curious about the very first episodes.

    Please, go on with the old episodes!

  • #3

    San (Freitag, 16 Dezember 2011 19:40)

    Having trouble taking "inbox" in the literal sense. Euphemistically, it's hilarious! Yet disturbing.

  • #4

    Katrine (Samstag, 17 Dezember 2011 22:22)

    Danke! I love the friendship between Emma and Hotte and therefore this episode :)

  • #5

    amidola (Dienstag, 20 Dezember 2011 23:40)

    We are.After ep 90, it's back to DVD Set 1, and after that it's back to DVD set 4 and then back to 2.Ok?
    It just takes a little while, since there are so many steps with the translations and transcriptions in German and English and the editing and then,at the end, the SRTs, which need all of the files and their own time,too.
    Srts of the first DVD set should be up until Episode 15 right now.
    Sorry, hoping for your patience:-)
    We'll get there.