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    Libellule (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 06:05)

    "Michael: All this back and forth, Bea, I don't understand it. When I am finally at your speed you make a full stop and I am standing there like a twat. I can't cope with that..."

    Am I missing something here? We're ep.10, so at best 10 days have passed by in HaH-land, which means Michael has "known" Bea for 10 days at the very max, in which they barely interacted with each other (Bea was too busy FMFKFS with Ben, containing her desire for the drunken Z in Krawczyk, and trademarking "Sorry I'm late" to the whole Pestalozzi).

    So, unless he's a psychic, how can he state "all this back and forth" already? For sure that's what in store for him with Bea, and she'll do the same with Ben for 234 eps (=around the same amount of days in HaH-land, then), but he doesn't know that yet!
    Or, the other hypothesis is that Michael is a woman, therefore he has a 6th sense for emotions...

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    Libellule (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 06:23)

    "[Caro and Ben having sex in the car, while Bea's alone at the bar]
    Caro: Where did you learn that?"

    Since I can't see the old episodes, I'm a bit lost here. A bit of context is lacking for me to properly interpret those lines. What's happening exactly when she says that?
    Did she mean "Where did you learn how to use your...hem...appendage"? Or "Where did you learn this really boring kissing technique"? Or "Where did you learn to tie yourself in knots to have sex in a car"; or, better: "Where did you learn to have sex with a (male) car (Hugo, for the reminder) while grabbing a woman"?

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    Libellule (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 06:51)

    I knew Caro was manipulative, but to that level? Seriously venomous.
    And I knew Sophie was weak, but to that level? Seriously pathetic.

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    Kykky (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 14:57)

    The Caro/ben scene of sex in the car was so....+______+!
    no words.... :(