Episode 227

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Episode 227
Episode 227







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  • #1

    amidola (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 19:35)

    Ah, ok, right, the Bus accident Emma was in.Had trouble making out what She was Talking about in that conversation..Michael might possibly Be the worst guidance counselor ever. Lost without a brochure.. Never thought He and Jenny would Be in the Same Room. By the Way, raise your Hand if you've ever had therapy or tried to insinuate to your gf to get some. One Point per gf you suggested getting therapy to. Bonus Points for

  • #2

    amidola (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 19:38)

    For her actually doing it;-) And Timo, now who in here is actually STILL thinking that He is Talking and thinking about Dancing? And I.Love.the.Biology.with.Schäfer. Running joke. :-D

  • #3

    Ammy (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 19:40)

    Wow! the girls did a great job in the episode. Both characters are soo different in how they grieve. And I love Emma for wanting to help Jenny but I felt she was being a little pushy about trying to get Jenny to break down and talk about it. I totally understand where Emma is coming from but everyone grieves differently and I just wanted to tell her: "Hey, baby girl, let her deal with it in her way and don't push her if she's not comfortable with it. Just drown her in sweet lady kisses, hugs, and pantless sexy times...she will come around."

    Yeah, sorry about that...I just empathize with Jenny so much in this episode..I grieve like she does and it's hard when people try and push you to grieve how they feel you should.

    But, on a awesome note: Who was not loving Emma in that shirt in this episode?!? It made me want to have pantless sexy time with her! Goooooooo Emma's shirt!

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    Anns (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 19:48)

    @Ammy When Emma was talking with Bodo I just completely blocked the convo out and my eyes just went...well. Lets just say I'm a terrible,terrible person.

  • #5

    Alex (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 19:58)

    Is the show really ending next Friday? Does anyone know if there is some kind of finale so they can resolve some of the storylines or is it just going to end?

  • #6

    Ammy (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 20:03)

    @Anns: You and me both! The only thing that would have made it better if Jenny was wearing those blue boy shorts while playing foosball.

  • #7

    AmyLnnLee (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 20:07)

    Its official..the life as Ive known will end next friday.. : (

  • #8

    Red (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 20:44)

    Hehe @ the comments about Emma's shirt. I was watching those scenes thinking "I'm going to hell in a handcart" but I guess I'll see some of you guys on the way down ;-)

  • #9

    San (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 21:10)

    @Anns, @Ammy, and @Red Who was Emma's breasts talking too, again? Party at my condo in Hell, y'all!

  • #10

    Anns (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 21:20)

    Awesome San, I'll bring the Kölsch.

  • #11

    Ammy (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 21:20)

    @ San: I don't know but all I know is it must have been a very animated conversation. LoL! Alright!!! I'll bring all the episodes of HAH and the keg!!!

  • #12

    Wired (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 21:24)

    Ok so I'm not the only one not totally cluing into the conversation between Jenny or Emma and Bodo either! Can I still join the party if I've been replaying the scenes showing Jenny's back, shoulders and arms?

    Also I love Emma's shirt too and think it would better on the floor...ummm sorry it's better then her other ones.

  • #13

    San (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 21:32)

    @Ammy LOL Very Animated!!!

    @Wired More the merrier :)

  • #14

    Red (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 21:57)

    Ok, I'll bring Twister (the game not the film) for when our HaHe dvds konk out from overuse.

  • #15

    Niki (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 23:17)

    I think that it's so sad when tv-shows like this end without finishing properly their stories.This week we've seen so many changes in Jenny and Emma's story that nomarly we would have seen them in weeks.It's just not right.But,despite of that I believe that these two actresses made a beautiful,well-writing story,looking amazing,letting us see the world of the characters and their emotions in difficult situations and alternations.It is,was and will be an amazing story and I am so glad that we saw it from these particular actresses.I hope we will see them on another roles and won't lose their great hypocritical talent.

  • #16

    Eyelesstrees (Freitag, 26 August 2011 00:01)

    I'm just going to watch this epi but I wanted to post something in case Marie-Helene is reading:

    Is that Producers at Work website new? Does anyone else know -just in case Marie-Helene isn't about? It's just that that site gives an e-mail address for Producers at Work - which I don't think we've had before? Didn't we send all our e-mails direct to the parent company 'Sat1.'

    It's also got a page which is 'under construction' for 'Webseries'...................

    Come on Christian Popp and Petra Bodenbach- 'Jemma the webseries.' YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    (Ami and team - feel free to move this post - I put it here to catch Marie-Helene)

  • #17

    Kirsty (Freitag, 26 August 2011 00:47)

    @ Wired yep with you on the back and shoulders thing. So glad they put Jenny in vest tops a lot of the time - amazing, dancer's arms. And dancer's posture too in this ep- couldn't believe how upright she was sitting when she was talking to Michael.

  • #18

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 26 August 2011 00:57)

    @ Kirsty Jenny's posture that's exactly what stood out for me this episode you just beat me to it! I feel it's only a matter of time before Jenny breaks down, it is soap afterall.

  • #19

    Kirsty (Freitag, 26 August 2011 01:16)

    @ Clijsters3 She is literally holding herself together just now. I mean I know Lucy's posture is usually like that but this is almost exaggerated, an extension of the 'mask' Jenny's wearing right now.
    This just reallllly sucks that this is ending this week. What's this about a webseries? Dare we dream to hope? Kasia has been pretty quiet on her blog and doesn't give away what she's been up to. Some of the other actors have been talking about the new roles they are shooting but nothing from her...hmm

  • #20

    radio dyke (Freitag, 26 August 2011 01:46)

    So I'm watching the Bodo scene and thinking...am I a bad person? If I comment on Emma's awesome clevage will the rest of the Jemma community judge and condemm me? But then I read the all the comments and realized that this truly is my community. See you all in hell!

  • #21

    hoppe (Freitag, 26 August 2011 02:40)

    @Eyelesstrees: no, that page of Producers at work isn't new... uhm I wrote about that webseries they do a little comment on 225 as an answer to Marie-Helene ;)
    In the scene of Jenny talking to Mr. Heisig I was so, so strongly reminded of Jenny how she was in her early days at Pestalozzi, at least in some moments, that was amazing to see. Brilliant played by Lucy.
    Well, about Emma's shirt, I think no-one could look away ;) but... hmmm... reading your comments and reactions from others... I can say I was at least able to multitask, which I'm not good at normally LOL - I could still hear what they were talking about! (Does that make me a good lesbian or a bad one? ;) )

  • #22

    hoppe (Freitag, 26 August 2011 03:14)

    uhm one addition, I thought Emma's first reaction, when she asked Jenny: "and how was it?", was quite strange. She was so excited and smiling like it would've been a quite normal talk or an entry exam, with something good happening in the end... it felt not appropriate to the situation to me.
    @Kirsty + Clisters: yeah Jenny's whole posture and especially her sitting upright, I totally agree: I think it was part of her holding herself together, which added a bit to the subtle arrogance she was expressing - let no one near you, maybe also be the queen, the (child-)star again - somewhere up in the high not reachable, not touchable

  • #23

    Bri (Freitag, 26 August 2011 03:18)

    Well, I couldn't help but laugh at the scene with Emma and Bodo having read the comments before watching the episode...Thanks for that ;) I agree with @Kirsty regarding Jenny's 'mask' in the past couple of episodes. I am absolutely gutted that the show is ending a week. I hope they wrap things up in the next six days.

  • #24

    Marie-Helene (Freitag, 26 August 2011 04:27)

    @Eyelestrees @hoppe Thank you for your replies. I wrote to Producers at Work, one never know. To this adress: email@producersatwork.de. They belong to SAT 1 but I think they care very much for HaHe and Jemma, in particular. When the show got cancelled, I read somewhere that they disagree strongly with this decision and fought as much as they could. Anyway, I think it's not a bad idea to let them know that we are interested. I am happy to see that you believe in a spinoff too. I will hope until the very end and after... or maybe I am in the same state of mind that Jenny :)

  • #25

    Cynthia (Freitag, 26 August 2011 04:33)

    Luzi's phone is amazing. Does anyone know what it's called?

  • #26

    Marie-Helene (Freitag, 26 August 2011 04:53)

    And by the way, about Emma shirt... I used to refrain myself from doing this... but wait after me, I'm going to hell too... :)

  • #27

    frananifan (Freitag, 26 August 2011 05:56)

    Emma wears the shirt very very well but the shoes still distract me

  • #28

    San (Freitag, 26 August 2011 07:36)

    The Luzi-Timo dance was pretty awesome! Beyonce's Halo really made it. Sure, it wasn't "Girl from Ipanema" awesome, but I likes me a good dance.

    @frananifan Shoes are distracting! Yet I noticed they extenuate her ankles very nicely :)

    @ All We're going to need a bigger condo ;) And I'm pretty sure Emma would not approve from her perch in Heaven.

    As far as the all-too-soon-end, I could accept a massive, messy, angry sob-fest followed by a nurturing, loving cuddle.

  • #29

    radio dyke (Freitag, 26 August 2011 08:08)

    Emma was wearing shoes???

  • #30

    Kirsty (Freitag, 26 August 2011 09:30)

    @ radio dyke. that cracked me up. I may be Team Jenny be yeah, save me a seat on the bus to hell!!

  • #31

    Kirsty (Freitag, 26 August 2011 11:28)

    Oh and can I just say well done to whoever does the screencaps ,especially today...The main one of Jenny is such an awesome expression and Emma looks so beautiful in the second of the smaller ones.
    Nice one, thanks

  • #32

    dropkick (Freitag, 26 August 2011 11:54)

    Hey, did anyone notice Emma's shirt?

  • #33

    hoppe (Freitag, 26 August 2011 14:19)

    @dropkick: Hey! What did you say again? ;)
    @radiodyke: me too

  • #34

    hoppe (Freitag, 26 August 2011 14:25)

    @Marie-Helene: do you still know in which article you read this about PaW?

  • #35

    San (Freitag, 26 August 2011 15:23)

    @radio dyke and @dropkick WELL DONE! :D

  • #36

    San (Freitag, 26 August 2011 15:28)

    It's all starting to make sense: Presentation (mask), Biology (life), Shafer (quickie?)... Sorry, I just got distracted, again.

  • #37

    Kittykatcop (Freitag, 26 August 2011 15:46)

    I wanted to say something insightful about grieving and how to encourage the ones you love to seek help etc.........but.........Ha ha ha you are all such BAD people, you make me chuckle.

  • #38

    Tintin (Freitag, 26 August 2011 15:49)

    Emma nice shirt! =)

  • #39

    hoppe (Freitag, 26 August 2011 16:19)

    @Kittykatcop: please still do!!! I love insightful comments as well ;)

  • #40

    Marie-Helene (Freitag, 26 August 2011 16:38)

    @hoppe It was not an article. I read that on a board from someone well connected.

  • #41

    Ammy (Freitag, 26 August 2011 18:23)

    @Kittkatcop: Whoooooooooooops. LoL!

  • #42

    Emily (Montag, 29 August 2011 15:35)

    Oh Poor Emma. She just wanna try her best to help her girlfriend.
    Poor Jenny too, it is a cruel things.