Episode 189

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Episode 189
Episode 189







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    Flora (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 03:37)

    Danke for this! You so rock! And I _adore_ your editorial comments. Helena is now inextricably linked to Dolores Umbridge in my mind. Luckily, for me, assisted by the Miriam/Piet/Sonja scenes and the sweet turn of events for the kids, that leads to grinning all the way through the episode. And the thought of Bea helping Helena find other coping mechanisms for her divorce - hilarious! :-}

  • #2

    Wired74 (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 14:32)

    Yes thank you for these translations! I love them (and your added comments! hee) I love that Bea is finally standing up to Helena. Also is Jenny not the best girlfriend ever? She is so supportive and protective of Emma. Love love Jenny and Emma!

    Thanks again!

  • #3

    prankster (Freitag, 08 Juli 2011 17:38)

    Thank you! And I love the comments! It is clear to me that you are lounging in the shame tardis eating cookies while you work on the translations...