Episode 178

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We were all kind of busy yesterday, but the English transcripts are up now, and sent out to the others.Other languages will follow shortly:-) 








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    jemmatranslations (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 21:17)

    Sorry for the lateness guys, hope you enjoy the ep anyways!;-)My personal favorite quote in this ep,was,amazingly enough, by Helena:"I only wear this dress on special occasions..and then usually not for long." Rawr!

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    Bern (Sonntag, 19 Juni 2011 03:12)

    Yesterday, I kept on refreshing this page hoping to see that you have already put it up.. But, no worry!

    I really thought Sophie was going to say that it was Ben who was dealing the drugs... I never expected her to admit that it was her! But then I had to sympathise with her when she told her story. :( And Ronnie? You can just see in his eyes his plan (or at least I think it is) to make Sophie sell drugs to recovering addicts!

    Also, I don't know, but I never caught wind that there was going to be any dance contest whatsoever at Saal 1. Oh well, at least Emma was there. But come on! Couldn't Jenny have come as well and dance with her? ;-)

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    cokethechild (Sonntag, 19 Juni 2011 09:41)

    Fantastic episode! Ronnie thinking about selling to recovering addicts? classy as always. the sad part is that Sophie will most likely agree. I love Ben in this episode for being so supportive of Emma and for being as honest with Bea as he could, i really like that he didn't tell her about Micheal because it wasn't his place.

    Although i was sad jenny wasn't in this ep i think Emma more than made up for it! I love how easily Emma has come to take chances after coming out and the fact that the graffiti on her locker didn't seem to faze her for long - it wasn't very long ago something like that would have driven her to hurting/pushing Jenny away out of panic/shame - her character growth makes me very happy.
    There were traces of this "new Emma" ,as Ben called her, during the train station love confession and when Bodo first finds out about Jemma in the STAG room but to have her voice her PRIDE in herself and the relationship she and Jenny share, and probably more importantly, to see it portrayed as the reason behind her new found strength and confidence is a wonderful thing.

    I don't think i can ever be done thanking everyone who had a hand in allowing this lovely story to be viewed by me and so many others. and to the people responsible for its existence - the writers, directors, actresses, and anyone i have overlooked - i thank you as well.

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    angie (Montag, 20 Juni 2011 09:46)

    Always enjoy the picture/image (beneath the languages) you selected to highlight the theme of the episode. Haha, a good one! Danke!!