Episode 213

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Episode 213
Episode 213







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  • #1

    angie (Freitag, 05 August 2011 20:48)

    oh oh...Jenny's flashbacks are actually caught on tape/SD card!! A dramatic week to come for sure!! Hang in there, Jemma!

  • #2

    amidola (Samstag, 06 August 2011 00:08)

    Heya guys,sorry,ep will only be up by tomorrow, I propmise, that next week will make up for the delay!
    PS:My neighbor had my house keys and didn't answer her phone.

  • #3

    Metric07 (Samstag, 06 August 2011 00:17)

    Thanks for the update, or I would have been refreshing the page all day :p

  • #4

    Lolo (Samstag, 06 August 2011 01:12)

    Thx for posting these!!!!

  • #5

    San (Samstag, 06 August 2011 07:12)

    Note to self: don't capture my flashbacks on video.

  • #6

    Lolo (Samstag, 06 August 2011 19:32)

    haha...gotta love those comments!!!!

  • #7

    Flora (Samstag, 06 August 2011 21:16)

    On a serious note, thank you-all again for posting these transcripts. I'm at the point in my German studies where I read the German transcripts for this show out loud to myself before watching the episode. (My wife came home the other day and said, "Your daily German lesson? So cute!" and chuckled at me. :-} ) It really is helping. And it's cool to have the English delayed now and then, I went ahead and watched Friday's ep without it, and I was shocked to have understood most of the ep without the translation! :-} I read through the English today with my jaw on the ground due to how much I already knew they said! You guys so rock! A million thanks again. :)

  • #8

    dropkick (Sonntag, 07 August 2011 10:25)

    Oh, Editor, I'm going to miss your snarky comments most of all.

  • #9

    amidola (Sonntag, 07 August 2011 15:35)

    Oh, dropkick, I am going to miss your funny comments, too:`(

  • #10

    Andi (Montag, 08 August 2011 18:28)

    Arghh, I just couldn't hate Ronnie more... If it wasn't for him, Jenny and Emma could have spent their weekend at the lake... swimming... in swimmsuits... Damn you Ronnie! Damn you!