Episode 213

(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


[Beas apartment]

Michael: (He sees Beas travelling bag)Are you going on a trip?

Bea: Uhm, yes, over the weekend. Nothing special.

Michael: Say, is it possible that you are trying to get rid of me?

Bea: Why?
Michael: You seem a bit frantic.

Bea: To be honest: Yes. I...Im in a rush. And I still have to pack some things.

Michael tries to unsuccessfully fire up his bike when he sees Ben arriving with a car. He hides behind a tree. Bea comes out of the house, Ben and Bea kiss.

Bea: Lets get out of here!






Michael: Give me a

Sebastian: Beer?

Michael: Water.

Sebastian: Bad day?

Michael: How was yours? How is it going with Costa Rica? Have you talked to Miriam again?

Sebastian: We've hardly seen each other.

Michael: Uh oh.

Sebastian: Miriam cant decide on something like this overnight.

Michael: Of course she cant. She has a daughter.

Sebastian: Lara is welcome to come too.

Michael: Wait a minute. She is using her daughter as an excuse to not go with you?

(Michael, are you really the same guy who helped Emma with her B-Class problem and her declaration of love by a girl?)

Sebastian: Boy, are you in a bad mood.

Michael: Well, if you ask me, they are all playing us for suckers. You think you know her, you think you know what she wants, you even want to help herand you dont even realize that you have no idea of how she thinks.(And that there, friends, is the very definition of a woman..you don't have to understand them,you just have to love them, Michael..tssst..your uh, editor and part time Yoda)

Sebastian: Say, is it possible that your fantastic mood has got something to do with Bea? Did you talk to each other?

Michael: Could we please change the subject

Sebastian: That bad?

Michael: I dont like to be played for a fool, thats all.



[Raumzeit Records]


Sophie: Jenny didn't tell me..

Ronnie: Or did you have a blackout again?

Sophie: I wasnt even high then, okay?

Ronnie: Yeah, sure Okay, London. But when exactly?

Sophie: No idea.

Ronnie: Sorry but your story all by itself doesnt help me in any way. I need facts. Proof.

Sophie: Dude, no idea. It probably was during the time when she was a superstaror shortly after that.

Ronnie: She was a superstar?

Sophie: Yes! Jenny was a child star in Hong Kong, with singles in the charts and everything. Ähwhat was her name again? ÄhmLittle Heart.

Ronnie starts looking it up on the internet.

Ronnie: No, really?

Sophie: It is pretty unreal.

Ronnie: Hey, stop that. I just want Jenny to be leaving us in peace for good. For that, I have to help her memory a little.

Sophie: What does she want from you, anyway?



Jenny: Because I learned that you sicced a goon squad on your own brother. If you want me to keep mum about it, youll leave Sophie alone. If I see you near her one more time, Ill blow your cover.



Ronnie: Nothing you have to worry your pretty little head about. – Hey. Do you still need something before you take off? A little pick-me-up?

Sophie: Well, do you have something?





Ben and Bea are driving through Berlin. Well, its more like they are stuck in the Großer Stern (the square with the Victory Column) roundabout and cant get out.(Which,ahem, can happen..) And their left brake light is kaput.

Ben kisses Bea.

Ben: We are in Berlin.

Bea: Now that you mention it.

Ben: No one will bother us here.

They kiss.



[Raumzeit Records]


Ronnie is still doing research on the internet.

Ronnie: The perfect goodie-two-shoes. Got ya, Jenny. Ill find the proof. And then Ill break your neck, you fucking dyke.

Frank: What are you still doing here so late?

Ronnie: Im doing research for school. Now that I dont have a wireless USB modem, anymore

Frank: You want one?

Ronnie: Oh yes.

Frank: Lets drink these upstairs.





Ben: Should we check in at the hotel right away?

Bea: Actually, Im hungry.

Ben: A small snack would hit the spot.(Dear translatress, pun intended?;-)

They go to a snack cart.

Ben: Hello.

Bea puts on her sunglasses.

Ben: Boah. Coward.

Bea: I still have to acclimatize.

Ben: Yeah. You do that.

Bea pushes the sunglasses out of the way to read.

Ben: See, that works.

They kiss and a guy with a kissy-lips Polaroid camera takes a picture without asking. (Am I the only one who would have shoved the camera down the guys throat?//I don't think anyone would have dared do that in Berlin,actually..Berliners are not exactly known for being a bunch of accommodating sweethearts...)

Ben and Bea look a little shocked but

Bea: Well

Ben: Lets take look at it.

Its them and their kissing and they look happy. Now they have a memento of it. (Unfortunately we dont get to see how much the camera guy makes them pay for it./7He probably charges them NOTHING because they're the epitome of cuteness and love.)



[The Heisig apartment]


Miriam is asleep in front of the TV when Sebastian comes home.

His cell phone rings.

Sebastian: Hello? Hey, Henning. How is your mother? Hm. No, not yet. My girlfriend still needs some time. I understand. Ill talk to Miriam as soon as possible. Henning, you can count on me. Definitely. Yes, bye.



[Berlin, hotel room]


Bea: That was a nice evening. Where did you know that guy at the bar from?

Ben: I lived in Berlin once. But that was a few years ago. One of my short boarding school interludes. It was a wild time.

Bea: It sounds as if you were thirty.

Ben: You are as old as you feel.

Bea: Okay, and thats something the elderly say.

Ben: It doesnt matter one bit how old we arewho we are orwhat we are.

Bea: Well actually, I want to know everything about you.

Ben: How I prefer my eggs for breakfast or which shower gel Im using, as well?

Bea: Everything.

Ben: Okay.

Bea: Well then, go ahead.

Ben: You want to talk now?

Bea: Of course. What else is there to do?

Ben: Well

Bea: Very romantic.

Ben: Since when are you into romance?

Bea: That shows again that we dont know each other at all.

They start to get it on with champagne, ice cubes and lots of naked skin.

(By the way, the wind machine/under the sheet Jemma scene was 5 seconds longer. I checked Ep. 197 several times, just to be certain. I hope all of you appreciate the hardships I take on just to give you these small pieces of important information. ;-))//Very much appreciated!!No idea yet, if the full B&B scene was shown on ORF yet, the love scene in ep 197 was cut in its entirety from the screening by the Austrian channel, with the argumentation of its length, fyi,your editoress:-)


The next morning, Ben is lying on the bed watching cartoons.

Bea: Youre not serious, are you?

Ben: I love it.

Bea: Want me to tell you a secret?

He nods.

Bea: Me too.

She joins him on the bed.

Bea: Oh how cute. Look.

A knock on the door.

Bea: Yes?

A maid pushes a breakfast cart into the room.

Bea: This is for you.

Maid: Thank you very much, Frau Bergmann.

Bea: Ähmno! No, not Bergmann. Vogel. Only because...

Maid: Thank you very much, Frau Vogel. (and she escapes)

Bea: She thinks Im your mother.

Ben: Huh?

Bea: She called me Bergmann.

Ben: So?

Bea: She thinks youre my son.

Ben: Nonsense. She thinks we are married. – Here, look at this. (He hands her the Polaroid picture) Does this look like mother and son to you?

Bea: Nope.

Ben: You see. The maid thinks Im your boy toy. And you know something? Shes right.

Bea: I didnt come to Berlin to stay in bed the whole day. Plus, Im hungry.

She goes to the cart.

Bea: Scrambled eggs with bacon. You remembered that?

(hands Bea an anticholesterol pill)



Ben and Bea are doing tourist things



[Bergmann villa]


Jenny: What are you doing here?

Ronnie: To give you another chance. And some advice. – You better forget what you made up about this planned beating.

Jenny: That you sicced a goon squad on your own brother happens to be a sad reality.

Ronnie: Which you will be keeping to yourself.

Jenny: As long as you leave Sophie alone.

Ronnie: No. As long as I want.

Jenny: Oh really?

Ronnie: Or else I will be spilling the beans about something too.

Jenny: Like what?

Ronnie: That your moral posturing is just a fake, for instance. Or that, until recently, you were still crashing in the clubs of London. That you are a completely fucked-up junkie bitch. Hm?

Well, darling, I know the score. Therefore, keep it shut! Then we wont have any problems with each other.

He leaves. Emma comes around the corner but she doesnt seem to have heard that Ronnie has been there.

Emma: Ive packed a big blanket as well.

Jenny: Cool.

Emma: Whats wrong?

Jenny: Nothing. Everythings okay.

Emma: Well, you look as though youve seen a ghost. (Could Emma be any cuter? Aw.)

Jenny: Emma? Would it be okay for us to postpone our trip to the lake? Because I dont really feel like going swimming right now.

Things are really starting to fall apart for Jenny.





Bea: Someone over there seems to make the people very happy.

Ben: Do you think thats a fortune teller?

Bea: Well, at every fair, my mother always went to the fortune teller first.

Ben: And you?

Bea: I was at the mice circus.

Ben: Sure. Otherwise you could have learned too many secrets about yourself.

The fortune teller has snuck up on them.

Fortune teller: Is big, your love. I have answer to all your questions.

Ben: Sorry but my girlfriend prefers a circus with mice.

Fortune teller: I know, sometimes the future is scary. But you have each other. So? What is going to happen next? Will you be happy?

Bea: We are happy. In the here and now. Thanks.

Ben: Do you know how happy I am right now?

Bea: No.

Ben: No?

(lather, rinse, repeat/:-D)

(By the way, if this has been boring you out of your mind, imagine Jenny/Emma on this city tour..or Miss Beschenko and Stefan Bergmann..or..Gabriele Krawczyk and Miss Jäger..or Bodo and Lara..or...)



[The Heisig apartment]


Sebastian: Hi.

Miriam: Hey. Have you been jogging?

Sebastian: Mhm. – Henning called last evening.

Miriam: He wants to know if you're going to take over his club.

Sebastian: Yes. He needs a quick decision.

Miriam: Sebastian, I cant.

Sebastian: Of course you can.

Miriam: I have a daughter.

Sebastian: I know that you have a daughter. And I have already made inquiries. In San Jose, there are German schools.(There ARE?)

Miriam: You really want to go through with this, dont you?

Sebastian: Hey, Miriam, this is going to be a great adventure for all of us. All year round, sun, sea, beach, fresh fruit, coconuts, papayas You said yourself that you wanted to experience something in your life. Costa Rica is THE opportunity.

Miriam: When you say it like this, it all sounds so easy.

Sebastian: All we need is a ticket for you. We have an apartment and we have a job. Think about it.






Ben with a badly faked Berlin accent: Here, one real curry(wurst) with lots of sauce.

Bea: Well then thanks.

Ben: Any news?

Bea: Its always the same thing. The people go in, come back out and are happy.(They're not talking about the bathroom, but the fortune teller's booth., but who knows, maybe it IS a bathroom!)

Ben: At least you dont have to be scared of her prophecies it seems.

Bea: Youre not serious?

Fortune teller: (And shes baack!) You are still here. No coincidence this is (Yes, Yoda.)

Ben: Its too late to escape now.

Bea: Its never too late.

Ben: On three

Bea: Coward.

Ben: You dare?

Bea: She reminds me of the small gnome from Krieg der Sterne” (Star Wars IV - A new Hope) (Bea and me having the same thought is scary.) I find that very likable.

Ben: Star Wars. And Yoda isnt a gnome, hes a Jedi. (he makes a lightsaber sound)

Bea: Whatever. Are we going in or not?

(The tall and statuesque fortune teller is standing RIGHT behind them as they talk about her,btw.)


[Raumzeit Records]


Ronnie on the phone: Where do you know that guy from? And he is really sure? Already sent? Super, man. You are the greatest. Wait just a minute. I cant get online that easily. I got it (the mail). Great Fuck! Thats more than a thousand videos, man! Yes, okay, fine, dude. Thanks for the tip. That was really cool of you. Okay. Hey, Ill start my search. Okay, bye.



[Berlin, fortune tellers tent]


Bea: I dont know if that was such a good idea.

Fortune teller: Dark time is pain.

Bea: And why was everyone else so happy when they came out of here?

Fortune teller: Is fight.

Bea: Okaay. Was that it?

Fortune teller: In the end(she leans over to whisper something in Bens ear)

Bea: What did she say?

Ben: We are made for each other. (Ugh. “Dont mind me, Ill just stand here and think about puking”)//Wait!*Holds hair for her translatress*,the editor)

We belong together for eternityand we will be very happy.



[Raumzeit Records]


Ronnie is still sifting through the videos. Oh look, there is a video of Jennys room (its the part in 209 where the camera pans over the floor before we see Jenny sitting on the bed having her flashback) at the Bergmann villa. Either Jenny should urgently check her webcam or the web address for the videos Ronnie just got was for the Sat.1 website and he just found the following video:



Ronnie: Gotcha!


(I'll never go clubbing n London, if they have HD cams in their clubs in inopportune places..not that it would show anything else but me trying to desperately make out the time on my arm, wondering where my watch is..never get drunk without your glasses..all I'm saying,your editor)