Episode 177

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Riding the wave
Riding the wave


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  • #1

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 21:13)

    Thanks for the quick upload. Great Jemma scenes so many emotions, one minute they are on top of the world and the next they are sad. Hope they're not going to have too hard a time at school. Love the picture at the top.

  • #2

    Bern (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 21:33)

    Jenny spitting on tissue? Cute!

  • #3

    showler (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 23:27)

    I'm curious what exactly the graffiti says, though I can guess somewhat from the context.

    I guess Emma's gonna have to learn to filter. I'm glad Caro didn't come out too bad, and Bodo got a good jab at her. I'm a little worried what name Sophie's about to give: Caro? Ben?

  • #4

    jemmatranslations (Freitag, 17 Juni 2011 00:40)

    Oh, did we miss the graffiti?

    It says "Lesbian bitch"

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  • #5

    Danny (Freitag, 17 Juni 2011 06:51)

    I hope it's not Ben.. but I could be wrong..
    Jemma scenes are great.. I can't wait for next episodes! Curious to see what will happen for the two couples during dinner...

    *Am I the only one who thinks the storyline got really interested with the other characters?

  • #6

    Carol Berry (Freitag, 17 Juni 2011 18:05)

    It is nice to see Jemma interacting with the other story lines, that they are not just there as a one dimensional "coming out" story line.

  • #7

    sayersha (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 01:57)

    Great to be able to catch up with what's going on. Thanks for allowing people all over the world to follw the Jenny & Emma stories.

  • #8

    cokethechild (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 10:47)

    Can't seem to see the video. sad if they stopped allowing it in USA, but hopefully it's just me. Thank you again for the wonderful transcript. much appreciated.

  • #9

    #1jemmafan (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 11:19)

    wheres the 178 video and transcript?

  • #10

    hidemenow (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 11:45)

    I can't seem to watch it either...did they region block it again? NOOO!

  • #11

    hidemenow (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 12:41)

    *amended* i can watch about 2 minutes in (up to the end of the credit) but then it cuts to ads and then stops playing. strange...

  • #12

    cokethechild (Sonntag, 19 Juni 2011 08:55)

    *update* just watched the full episode with no problems, must have fixed whatever error was occurring. jemma scene was great, emma reminds me so much of a giddy puppy lol. sadly that quickly changed to a pouty child when she saw the graffiti. cant wait for the next ep!

  • #13

    showler (Dienstag, 21 Juni 2011 01:55)

    I've had that problem with the episodes restarting on the previous Saturday. I wonder if the site just gets hammered really badly on Saturday as people catch up on their day off?