Episode 191

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Episode 191
Episode 191


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  • #1

    Anns (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 21:34)

    Bodo took his hat off! There is God!

  • #2

    Andy (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 21:39)

    @Anns Jajajaja I thought the same thing!!! XD

  • #3

    Yvette (Donnerstag, 07 Juli 2011 00:38)

    Thanks for the translation! :)

    Bodo w/o a hat, it took me by surprise.

    I also hope Bea goes through with it and breaks it off.

  • #4

    Grace (Donnerstag, 07 Juli 2011 04:36)

    Woah there, Bea singing! I haven't seen that yet, has that happened a lot in past episodes??

  • #5

    ecosse (Donnerstag, 07 Juli 2011 14:12)

    Wow. Bodo sans hat. I'd kinda hoped that he was rocking some Medusa snakes under there. Oh well. I'm slightly concerned that removal of the hat will do for Bodo what a haircut did for Samson. Hold onto your locks Bodo, Lara's looking like Delilah!!