Episode 204

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Episode 204
Episode 204







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  • #1

    showler (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 01:40)

    Well, now we know why they made the reporter super creepy.

  • #2

    dropkick (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 09:58)

    Caro obviously wants to break up Timo and Luzi so she can get Luzi for herself. Golddigger.

  • #3

    Lapetiteinternationale (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 12:36)

    We all know it wouldn't be a soap without drama. Therefore, the whole "take the money" - "no I won't take the money" scenario is bearable (even if the logical thing would be to take the freaking money so we can move on to more interesting plots). But in all of this delirium and yip yap of Ben and Bea's, Luzi and Timo's, Helena and what's his face ahem... Can the writers pls, wait I'll ask nicely "pretty please" put some kind of tenderness between Jenny and Emma. Honestly, we went from finally sleeping together to barely touching each other. *shakes head* even Ben and Bea get more 'tt' (touching time) and there supposedly not even a couple. Ugh... It's all in the details, specially in a soap!