Preview Clips Episodes 194-203

This week we decided to only do transcripts for clips including Jenny or Emma. If you still would like the transcripts for all preview clips, please let us know


11.07.2011 - Episode 194 - Welcome Back!

Episode 194 Click on the pic!
Episode 194 Click on the pic!

Bodo: Timo! How cool is this!?

Timo: Hey!

Emma: How long have you been here?
Jenny: Did you see the complete performance?

Bodo: Why didn't you tell us you were coming?

Timo: Long enough. Yes, the performance was awesome. And, surprise!

Bodo: Are you just on a break from rehab, or...?

Emma: Or are you back? I mean, properly.

Timo: Honestly, I had enough of doing my homework alone. - No, of course not. I was allowed to go home.

Jenny: Well, how cool is that!

Emma: Welcome back.

Timo: Thank you.

Bodo: Well, how was it at rehab - apart from the fact that to do homework alone is boring.

Timo: Cool.

Bodo: Apropos, cool cart, is it good for anything?

Jenny: Yeah?

Emma: Cool.

Everyone: Wow!

Emma: And you can do everything by yourself?

Timo: Well, stairs are still a bit difficult. At rehab I learned how to drive with this thing. And I still have to get used to some things..and others will never work again...But on the other hand, I still have two healthy arms, hey!

Jenny: Hey, you look really good.

Bodo: Where is Luzi by the way? I'm sure she'd like to say hello to Timo, too.

Jenny: Um, she, she has a really strict time schedule, because of that 'Raumzeit' thing. But hey, she will go ballistic when she sees you being here.

Timo: Well, probably.


12.07.2011 - Episode 195 - Romantic Cabin

Episode 195 Click on the pic!
Episode 195 Click on the pic!

Jenny: Heyya...what are you doing here already?

Emma: I'm surprising you!

Jenny: Sounds good!

Emma: It is perfect!

Jenny: Do tell!

Emma: What do you see?

Jenny: A ragged dump in the bushes..a lonely hut in the woods..

Emma: Better! When you see this..what do you think about?

Jenny: Ants.. mosquitoes..chemical toilet.

Emma: What about being undisturbed? A fire? Star strewn sky..and me..

Jenny: Oh, I see..yes..that sounds great...
Emma: Yes! The camp leader, who did the bootcamp, John, he said we could stay there tomorrow till the day after!! We'll be totally alone and undisturbed ...and *squee*!!

Jenny: This is the hut?

Emma: Totally romantic, right?

Jenny: Hmm,hmm....

Emma: Are you happy?

Jenny: Yes.


13.07.2011 - Episode 196 - Hopeless Situation?

Episode 196 Click on the pic!
Episode 196 Click on the pic!

Bea: Timo you're place is here at the Pestalozzi.

Timo: It used to be when I still could walk.

Bea: But here are your friends and the STAG.

Ben: Come on, dude. Don't be brought down by that stupid Schmidt-Heisig. She's into making other peoples lives miserable.

Jenny: Hey, we won't let her get us down.

Timo: But you can't carry me up and down the stairs every day.

Bea: We will find a solution for you.

Timo: Sure, you'll reconstruct the complete school for me. Pfft, elevators, ramps, disabled cubicle...

Jenny: Hey Timo, until then we just will improvise. We're really good in that, everyone knows that.

Emma: And maybe it will be better if you learn to handle and overcome the obstacles which are everywhere out there here.

Bodo: And if something goes totally wrong, we'll still be there.

Bea: Exactly, the teachers, too.

Timo: Sure, like Schmidt-Heisig. Who is actually right. Damn it, I don't want to play the disabled person card here every day.

Ben: Timo, now don't give up on us.

Timo: Nice try, but it will be better I leave.

Emma: Timo.

Timo: Hey, this is my decision, okay!?


14.07.2011 - Episode 197 - Female Advice For Bodo

Episode 197 Click on the pic!
Episode 197 Click on the pic!

Emma: I have some torches with me.

Jenny: You left nothing to chance, huh?

Emma: Well, what do you think? Today something will happen that I'll never forget.

Jenny: Hey, Emma. Maybe we should take a little bit of pressure out of this thing, don't you think?

Emma: Don't you want to, anymore?

Jenny: Of course I still do, but...

Bodo: Sorry, one question. I have my date with Lara today and...

Jenny: Oh, today? I thought that was weeks ago.

Bodo: Yeah, there were some trouble with the arrangement of dates. It's a long story. But it's definitely on today. We'll be watching DVDs at Lara's.

Jenny: Wow, a date at home. You're a lucky guy.

Bodo: Timo already told me to keep cool. 'There are bigger problems than a date, but...'

Emma: Yeah, you're right about that. But you should pimp yourself a little bit.

Bodo: Ach, that's not that important, what I need to know is...

Jenny: Hey, not that important? *scoffs * It's sweet that you don't believe in the superficiality of a woman, but my dear, I have to disappoint you there.

Bodo: Really?

Jenny: Hm-hm. - It looks like Bodo needs female advice.

Emma: I think so, too.


14.07.2011 - Episode 197 - Nervous about THE FIRST TIME

Episode 197 Click on the pic!
Episode 197 Click on the pic!

(They make out, we're all of us dead..where was I..Oh, yes..IKEA..)

Emma: Is something wrong?

Jenny: No, everything is alright

Emma: Should I..I mean, am I doing something wrong?

Jenny: To the contrary...I'm just a little know..I's my first time with you after all..

And the blanket covers them*swoon *


15.07.2011 - Episode 198 - Aphrodite

Episode 198 Click on the pic!
Episode 198 Click on the pic!

(Grapes and Yoghurt...just watch it, I'm not describing this!)

(Well, if Ami doesn't... - So grapes being dipped into yoghurt, being used as evil weapons to smear Emma's beautiful face! It's horrific, but then suddenly she looks even more adorable with that yoghurt smeared on her face and there is Jenny kissing it clean and....asdkijhesw – if by now you haven't melted or exploded then something is seriously wrong with you!!! - Kind regards, Lied)


Emma: Uh, now I'm full of Yoghurt!

Jenny: Means we'll have to go shower, huh?

Emma: I guess we'll have to clean up here, first.

Both: Naaawww.



Ben: Uh huhm..don't mind me.

Jenny: I thought you'd be gone for longer.

Ben: Little communications problem with Aphrodite.

Jenny: Aphrodite?

Emma: Greek Goddess of Love.

Jenny: Am I supposed to be understanding this?

Ben: No, never mind. Looks like you were having a nice evening.

Jenny: Yes, we are..

Ben: Uh,yes...have a lot of fun, you two.


(More cuteness and Ben looking adorably sad. Doesn't Bea like grapes or yoghurt? Lactose intolerant? - Sorry, don't mind me guys, just go on in the swooning about this scene.)


15.07.2011 - Episode 198 - Charity-Concert for Timo

Episode 198 Click on the pic!
Episode 198 Click on the pic!

Timo: Hey..Good morning

Ben: I just thought that you didn't want to wait for Timo's wheelchair to grow wings and fly up the stairs to the auditorium.

Timo :Pssshhhhttt.

Luzi: Bodo and I have thought of something..we decided, that the reconstruction has to be accelerated a bit.

Caro: As mentioned in the brochure:”Do it yourself:How to build a wheelchair ramp?”

Luzi; very funny,Caro..

The school is blocking this, since the reconstruction comes with to a lot of impediments..

Bodo: And that costs quite a bundle..

Kuzi: That's why we went to the secretary first thing in the morning and filed a request.

Jenny: Another action day,cool? (Talking about a revolution! Jenny you're so becoming Naomi here.)

Luzi: A concert!

Caro: Wow, it's getting even better! We're dancing ourselves a wheelchair ramp!

Emma: Caro, as a one is making you be here.

Caro: Sorry for confronting you with reality..but no one is going to pay for seeing you.

Luzi: Without you, there maybe will be a chance. - We are going to do a charity concert.

Caro: Is this going to be one of those give as much as you want charity flops?

Bodo: No way, it's going to all business, we're going to charge entrance, of course!

Ben: Some extra charity cash won't be doing anyone wrong.

Jenny: Great idea.

Luzi: I don't know how much we'll actually be making with this..but it's a sign that we're willing to help!

Bea: Ben,What are you doing here?

Ben: He helped me get up the stairs.

Bea: I'm late, sorry. Do you want to begin?

Ben: One question..I'd like to come STAG.


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    angie (Samstag, 09 Juli 2011 10:51)

    the choice of music for the love scene is the same as that in Rebecca's dream [VL: Miribecca]! (just an observation) Goldfrapp FTW~! & danke for the translations!!!!

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    Episode 197 has three love-making scenes but you show only one. Where are the other two? Another is before the one shown and the other is after. Please include these.

19.07.2011 - Episode 200 - Back in Time?

Episode 200
Episode 200

Bodo: You are here, finally. We have been waiting for you.

Timo: Is everything okay?

Luzi: I've got a TV appearance! In an afternoon show.

Timo: That´s great.

Emma: You mean live?

Luzi: Yes, live.

Emma: WOW... that´s great! I will definitely watch it.

Jenny: Hey, I told you that you've got what it takes! I told you it's just the beginning.

Bodo: You really are a star now.

Luzi: You'll get an autograph..

Emma: Ohhhhhh.

Caro: I already know what you are going to wear. Frank will love it.

Luzi: So, what?

Caro: With that dress you will rock today's show.

Jenny: Äh, today?

Emma: Today is our charity concert.

Luzi: I know.

Caro: Berlin is more important. We'll see you at the Label.

Bodo: Berlin?

Luzi: Yes. We fly there and directly back again after the show.

Jenny: Hm.

Luzi: It's going to be fast.

Bodo: You.. you are singing the main part. How will that work if you are in Berlin?

Luiz: Well, maybe I will not make it to the rehearsal.

Jenny: That's not the point. The problem is the performance.

Emma: We can depend on you, right?

Timo: Guys, leave her alone now. I mean, it´s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Luzi: It´s only about the rehearsal. I'll be back in Cologne in time for the performance. At 2 pm, we're flying to Berlin, I have my appearance at 4 pm, at 6 pm we take the flight back home and at 8 pm I'll be standing on stage here,with you..

Jenny: Hey, if you don't miscalculate. Live performances are unpredictable. And you still have to get here from the airport .... That is really tight.

Luzi: Yes, but I've talked it all through with Frank and he said that it'll work. So I definitely will be here tonight. I promise.


20.07.2011 - Episode 201 - Let's start

Episode 201 Click on the pic
Episode 201 Click on the pic

Jenny:We are going on the stage now. We are starting now.

Frau Krawzyck: Welcome dear parents, hello students. I am delighted that so many of you are here tonight.

Jenny: For Timo.

[In the background, Mrs. Krawczyk: We all know that this is no ordinary appearance of our STAG today. ..]

All: For Timo.

Emma: Yes.

Jenny: Yes.

Frau Krawzyck: ... For me it was impressive to see how much effort these students are willing to go to for a fellow student. And I wish that their commitment, their courage and their strength will be rewarded with your generosity. Let´s start now!


21.07.2011 - Episode 202 - The STAG without Luzi?

Episode 202 Click the Pic
Episode 202 Click the Pic

Emma: Yes, I äh, I would like to, äh, to, to rehearse the second song. Because I am still...

Jenny: Yes.

Emma: ...a bit insecure.

Jenny: Yes,of course. We can trade, if you want to sing my part.

Emma: Yes, we can try that.

Jenny: Okay.

Emma: Let´s begin. Or don´t you want to?

Timo: Tell me, you really don´t care about Luzi, right?

Emma: No, of course that's not the case. But the show must go on.

Jenny: And this way, we'll have something to present to Ms. Vogel later.

Emma: I thought that we, … we agreed because of Luzi.

Timo: Yes, but had to bedone this way?

Jenny: Nobody wanted it to happen  like that.

Emma: If Luzi has more time again, then ... then she can come back again. But what happened at the concert, we can not risk it anymore. If we had not fully improvised, ... then we would have to send the audience home.

Jenny: And then we could have forget about the lift. So ... it was not really cool by Luzi.

Emma: And she didn´t even call.

Timo: But she didn´t do that on purpose. I mean the people from the TV show didn´t let her go.

Jenny: Timo, we know that too. But it will now always be like that.

Bodo: They are right. The next time it is perhaps an interview or an important conversation with a concert promoter.

Timo: I can not imagine the AG without Luzi AG. Okay?

Emma: Hey, I also find it sad that Luzi is not there anymore. But Bodo is right: we can no longer depend on you.

Jenny: It's just better that way for both sides. So she can fully focus on Raumzeit.

Timo: Great. And Luzi is not talking to us anymore.


22.07.2011 - Episode 203 - Tough setback

Episode 203 Click on the Pic
Episode 203 Click on the Pic

Jenny: This woman is full of shit. She did this intentionally. Everything is more expansive now. Right? First they want 2500€ and now  5000. And when we'll have that,she'll want 10000.

Emma: I think that 5000€ will be enough.

Jenny: Yes, maybe. But we don´t have that kind of money.

Bodo: Maybe we could bake cakes?

Jenny: Ohh, and sell 2000 pieces for 1.50 Euros each?

Bodo: Or another concert?

Emma: We are going to make this.

Timo: You don´t have to. It´s not so bad to be going to a schol for the disabled.

Bodo: NO!

Timo: Relax! I've tried and it just doesn't work. The whole stuff about my person is starting to annoy me. So let's just not make a big deal out of it ...It's ok for me.