Episode 151

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Ep 151 or "Chasing Cars"
Ep 151 or "Chasing Cars"







(air date: 05-09-11 Sat.1)


Luzi can't believe that Ben let himself down on the same level as Ronnie by stealing a car. He says he will give it back and pay for any damage when he has his own car back after the race today. He offers to drive her home, but she says Timo was right, it is wrong to get herself in danger for a guy like Ben.


Emma fears they will blow the show, since their rehearsal was that amazing. Jenny says she didn't know Emma is that superstitious. Luzi sighs, roles her eyes and says that this little freak out was nothing yet. Bodo is happy that Lara is back at STAG and tells her so. But she informs him she's only there for the interview, since she was with them in Hamburg. Jenny apologizes for not coming through for him, but says they won't give up. Still, she says, it would be great if Bodo wouldn't tell anyone about Emma and her. Bodo says he wouldn't have told anyone anyway.


Julian is still desperately searching for Alexandra. He arrives at the spot the software told him where Alexandra was located and sees smoke coming out from a garage. While Julian frees Jens the STAG wait on Sophie to show up to drive to the radio interview. Emma is leaning against the bus, reading a text message from Jenny saying, "I miss you already.". Luzi walks up to her questioning jokingly if she has any secrets. When Emma looks worried Luzi is amused and says she doesn't need to worry no one knows and she doesn't have 'Jenny' written upon her forehead. Later Emma gets yet another text from Jenny saying she can't wait to hear her voice on the radio. Luzi and Emma giggle adoringly thinking it's the cutest thing. (Well don't we all?)


Sophie doesn't show up, since she is waiting with Ronnie for Ben, who shows up to their meeting point with the stolen car. But Alexandra does, telling Bea she really needs to talk with her alone. Since Bea has no time, Alexandra, to the surprise of everyone, joins STAG to go to the interview. Jens tells Julian Alexandra plans to kill Bea. He's scared to the bones gets in his car and hurries to catch up with the STAG, knowing from Ms. Jäger and Ms. Krawczyk that Alexandra is in the bus. He tries to reach Alexandra, Bea and Michael but with little success.

The STAG bus with Michael driving, Ronnie and Ben and also Julian end up driving/racing over the same street. First the bus swerves on the street avoiding to run into Ronnie who drives on the wrong lane when trying to outrun Ben. The Bus comes to a stop diagonally on the street. Ben stops his car around the corner, letting Ronnie do so, too. He wonders why Ben stopped since 'nothing happened'. Ben wants to go back but Ronnie tells him he's crazy to go back, since they'll call the police and it doesn't look good for them with the race they did and the stolen car Ben drove. He drives away, Ben following. The Stag members are all alright until Julian comes racing down the street, talking on his phone to Bea trying to get her to understand that Alexandra has a gun. His phone slips from his hand, he bends down to reach for it, lets the street out of his eyes and crashes from the side in the rear of the bus.



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