Episode 152

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The passengers of the bus slowly awake from their shock (It suddenly turned night). Bea and Michael get everyone out of the Bus. Everyone is fine, but Emma is under shock and doesn't speak or react. Suddenly Bea realizes Alexandra is missing, they find her deeply injured in the smashed rear end of the bus. Meanwhile gas caught fire of the car, Timo and Luzi run to it to get the for them still unknown driver out of the car. They realize it's Götting. When Timo carries him away the car explodes throwing them a few meters through the air. Götting is dead.

Bea takes care of Alexandra and holds her in her arms. Alexandra says Julian is here because of her, since he thought she wanted to do something to her. But he was wrong, she didn't want to hurt her, she wanted to talk. She tells Bea she did wrong by her (accusing her of having murdered her sister) and apologizes for terrorizing her all those years. She hopes she can forgive her and Bea does. Bea asks her to promise something to her, too, she has to hang on for her, but as soon as the words leave her mouth Alexandra dies. Bea breaks out crying and in the background you can see the ambulance finally arriving. (This is a must-see scene. In my world Alexandra+Bea were meant to be together Haha)


Ben is angry with Ronnie and takes his car back even though he didn't win. Sophie is confused as to what happened and why Ben is so upset. They tell her they nearly run into a bus. Ben drives away and regrets having gotten involved with Ronnie he thinks of a situation in which Bea questioned his maturity. He goes and drinks his fear, regret and doubt about himself away at Chulos. He tries to call Luzi but her cell phone is damaged. Sophie and Ronnie show up, Ronnie is nonchalant about the whole situation, saying that this wasn't how he would have liked it to go either, but after all no one died.


At home Jenny is listening to the radio impatiently waiting for the interview. When Stefan comes in to ask her about a USB stick she shushes him since Emma is singing on the radio right now. They play the performance of 'Sister Act' before saying that the STAG didn't arrive yet for the interview. Jenny is confused and calls Emma. Luzi answers informing her Emma can't talk, they had an accident and she has no time to talk since she has to take care of Timo. Luzi hangs up leaving Jenny confused and worried.



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