Episode 183

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  • #1

    Bern (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 01:37)

    This episode was full of drama. I can't believe such a thing happened to Emma AGAIN. I thought for sure she was going to go through traumatic shock (as with what happened after the bus accident).

    Now I understand why Frederic was telling us Jemma fans not to hate him in that one video he posted on Facebook. Sorry, but I think "Kill Ronnie" is definitely in order ;)))

    The other storylines are getting exciting as well. I wonder what Sophie will do now about Ronnie. IF she can do anything. I'm pretty sure he will find a way to blackmail her...maybe say that she had a part in dealing the drugs as well?

    I can't wait for next week.

    To those people I got to chat with today (if ever you get to read this) - it was super fun!

  • #2

    Flora (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 02:25)

    What a sweet moment between Ben and Stefan at the courthouse. :-}

  • #3

    Kbee (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 04:37)

    Ugh. That was hard to watch. I kept thinking, Jenny, quit provoking that jerk. Call the cops already.

    Mostly, I hated seeing Emma assulted. It would be nice to see Emma have an opportunity to take back her power. Jenny coming to the rescue is okay, but Emma finding her own strength would be better.

  • #4

    San (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 06:25)

    Kbee, I completely agree! Emma's arc seems to be about empowerment, and I can't wait to see her "get mad as hell and not take it anymore!"

  • #5

    Andy (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 06:47)

    I have to say that I almost cry when I saw Emma in such a situation!! Ohhh I so hate Ronnie... but can't understand why Jenny keeps messing with him!!! He's a bad seed Jenny, why can't you understand that??!!!

    Well I guess I just hope that Emma will get better soon and everything will be as good as last week or even better!!

  • #6

    Renee (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 07:07)

    I have to admit I watched that episode as soon as I learned it was uploaded by Sat1, without the translation because I was so worked up over episode 182.

    But yeah I agree, it was hard to watch Emma be assaulted like that. I hope things get better for her, I think Jenny should stop provoking Ronnie and that Emma should work up the courage to go to the cops, ditto Sophie. Those are two characters that really need to take back the power.

  • #7

    dropkick (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 09:38)

    This was so hard to watch. I have too many feelings.

    On a side note, I've worked in entertainment law, and the idea that someone can read a recording contract in one sitting is hilarious.

  • #8

    Marie-Helene (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 17:40)

    I agree, it was quite painful to watch. But Kasia was so good, so genuine, her acting abilities are amazing. The only thing, when it's pretty intense like that, I found it difficult to be distracted by the other storylines. I know it's not possible but I would like a Jemma special one day. Thirty minutes of Emma and Jenny story without interruption! :) Aurevoir.


  • #9

    Che (Samstag, 25 Juni 2011 18:37)

    Kudos to Kasia! really intense episode.. how long do we have to wait for the next episode? :(

  • #10

    devilmaycry (Sonntag, 26 Juni 2011 00:54)

    I love badass Jenny of episodes 181-183. Lately she kinda mellowed and even becomes the go-to advisor for Ben and Bodo *yawn*
    I much rather see Jenny be fierce! and protective too :))))