Let the heart beat: Our Virtual Flashmob

For saving HAHE we wanted you to participate in our virtual flashmob.

Um HAHE vor der Absetzung zu retten, haben wir zu einem virtuellen Flashmob aufgerufen. Unten findet Ihr die Aufrufe, Teaser was man machen könnte und vieles mehr. Wir lieben Videos, wie Ihr bestimmt schon gemerkt habt. 


The final flashmob

The Flashmob-Link: :http://vimeo.com/40596737


Our request

Do you know the Ostrich? Well, then you will know the "bury their heads in the sand” sentence.

But seriously…what can we see down there besides slippery worms?

Sometime life is that sad and hard, and yes, I definitely noticed that “Hand aufs Herz” and Jemma will disappear from the screen….

Oh my doorbell rings. It is the Flashmob who says “Thank You” for all the videos that has already arrived but he feels a bit unchallenged.

Therefore, head out of the ground and on to a new mission:


Let your heart beat!


Send us videos, no matter how long, no matter what, no matter for whom.

Thank the actors, make marriage proposals to Kasia, dress like Bodo: just be creative – should be easy for the creative and crazy "Hans aufs Herz" Fans right? ;-))


We will combine the originally planned virtual Jemma Flashmob with this one.

For all those who had already sent in something - of course it was not in vain.


And yes of course, a part of the jemmainternational Team has already flashmobed last weekend before the news went out into the world the “Hand aufs Herz” will be chanceled. Have fun with The JEMMA RAP GANG. If you need inspiration, have a look at the Teasers below and make clips, clips, clips….


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    Marie-Helene (Donnerstag, 30 Juni 2011 15:52)

    We will prevail, I'm sure of it. Keep putting pressure on them. Thank you for all this.

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    hoppe (Donnerstag, 30 Juni 2011 16:25)

    good ideas - also on the save Haha site!
    three aditions - 1) I wonder if we need to adress stronger to ALL HaHe fans now, not only the Jemma fans - everyone is needed now and we are stronger if we speak with one voice than having loads of single groups (like Bea+Ban, Timo+Luzi, Jemma ... groups). ANd it seems to me that we JemmaNation is the most organized group... so maybe we should offer to be the haven for all?
    2) About the singing video... what if you post one which is already sung so that the others can sing in the same high or tonation... I don't know the original video you refer to, so I'm not sure if this in any form important.... ;)
    3) It's a bit sad that you only can take part in several actions if you are on Facebook. I am not and I know some other people who are not - and I'm still hesitant to sign up... I think it diminishes the possible outcome, so I hope that the peeps in the groups could at least inform us about the most important informations, so that more people can take part.
    JennyandEmma will create a blogpost today where everyone is also very welcome to post their ideas (in english), so that we reach the most possible amount of peeps.
    Good Luck! :)

  • #3

    Eyelesstrees (Donnerstag, 30 Juni 2011 21:54)

    @hoppe Great points - particularly about facebook.

    All the best to you all!

  • #4

    sabine (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 00:01)

    ihr seid verrückt!! :-))

  • #5

    Andi (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 01:07)

    Wohooo! Nice preview! :)))

  • #6

    Ulrica (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 02:28)

    You are so, so wonderful and awesome in your love for this great, great couple - Jenny and Emma:-)! I am deeply impressed and will soon send my own protest to Sat1 and Rettungs-brief:-)! Especially, it was awesome to see that some of you have been at the Berlin Pride and edited that one in your video - because I was also there, all the way from Sweden:-)! So just go girls!

  • #7

    ecosse (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 18:51)

    hahahaha who did the chocofresh clip? That was freakin' hilarious! :)

  • #8

    Marie-Helene (Dienstag, 05 Juli 2011 19:43)

    I don't know if it's a good idea or not but maybe we could send a bunch of letters to Kindle, as well. We could tell them that we LOVE their products, we talked about chocofresh on the web, on Facebook, on AfterEllen, etc. Chocofresh is now associated in our heads with Hahe. BUT we are VERY DISAPPOINTED with the cancellation of Hahe... What do you think? The reasoning behind that is simple: since Sat 1 is very preoccupied with ratings, they must listen carefully companies like Kindle... And what about a funny chocofresh commercial with Kasia and Dennis...

  • #9

    Marie-Helene (Dienstag, 05 Juli 2011 19:53)

    Sorry it's Kinder not Kindle :-)

  • #10

    devil may cry (Donnerstag, 07 Juli 2011 21:59)

    All the save-HaHe actions are great but only Sat1 and fans know about it, we actually need mainstream people to know about Hand aufs Herz, we need mainstream media to talk about Hand aufs Herz. Traditional media typically like to cover buzz but since we cannot command a HaHe-buzz to happen, we can donate funds in order to book a page in the most mainstream of mainstream german newspaper.
    I'm getting restless waiting for Sat1 to show some reaction. Let's put Hand aufs Herz into the limelight!

  • #11

    Marie-Helene (Freitag, 08 Juli 2011 02:15)

    I think your idea is great. I will be happy to give money to book a page in german newspaper if you decide to do so. Some days ago, I sent a email to CBC Canada to ask for a follow up to their cool podcast they made in June about Jemma "revolution". But, in addition to mainstream media, we NEED media like AfterEllen. Some Jemma fans have tried to convince Heather Hogan to cover our actions to save Hahe but until now, nothing happens. We have to try again. She is powerful in the LGBT world and she can persuade a lot of people to help us. And I think also that we need to send letters to Kinder because they have certainly some influence over Sat1 with all the advertising they buy from them. Bye for now.

  • #12

    eyelesstrees (Samstag, 09 Juli 2011 01:08)

    DIVA has 12,000 followers on Twitter. Curve has 4,000. As far as I'm aware neither publication has covered the ending of HaH yet. That'a despite lots of people saying that 'Jemma' is the best lesbian storyline they've ever seen on tv.
    Let's get Tweeting!

  • #13

    Marie-Helene (Samstag, 09 Juli 2011 18:03)

    Wonderful idea! We have to reach our "natural" allies and "convert" new international fans, as well. I wish my English would be better in order to be more convincing when I write. I would like so much a second season... And yesterday when I've seen the clips in preview, especially the one about romantic cabin, I thought to myself, wow! this clip is hilarious. Lucy and Kasia have great chemistry in drama as much as they have in comic situation. They are incredibly good together.

  • #14

    hoppe (Montag, 11 Juli 2011 23:09)

    Hey! Ne Idee für den video flashmob: Wie wärs mit "Hand aufs Herz - Geständnisse"???
    Jeder sagt: "Hand aufs Herz?" (nach dem Motto: soll ich's wirklich ehrlich sagen? + dann die Hand aufs Herz legen): ..."ich bin seit ich HaH gucke zehn zentimeter gewachsen." Oder: ..."mein Hund macht immer Männchen, wenn STAG anfängt zu singen." Man könnte sich auch verkleiden und wen anders spielen, oder sich hinter einer Milchglasscheibe verstecken, da bei so'nem geständnis ja die Persöhnlichkeitsrechte gewahrt bleiben müssen...LOL ;) wer hat lust? ;)

    An idea for the video flashmob: what about: "Hand aufs Herz(Cross my heart) - confessions" ????
    Everyone says: "Hand aufs Herz?" (like: shall I really honestly say it? - then put your hand on your heart)....and then the confession: "... since I watch HaH I've grown for about 2 inches." or: "....my dog always sits up and begs if he hears STAG sing." You can also dress as someone else (play theater) or hide behind milk glas pane, as a confession like this is hard to do and you should protect your personality rights ;) LOL feel like it?