Episode 197

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Episode 197
Episode 197






If out of some reason you feel kind of dizzy and are about to pass out make sure to check out the Jemma - Emergency Kit.


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  • #1

    KH (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 19:54)

    Such a sweet episode:)
    But one question: They are doing this in Ben's bed?!? (and appearently with all the windows open, since it seems quite windy all of a sudden.... ;))?

    Thanks for the translations :)

  • #2

    Addiction (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 20:09)


  • #3

    KimbaLion5 (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 20:27)

    The flowery pillows....weren't they on Jenny's bed a while back. Not exactly a "male" design for Ben. I love how Kasia's ears turn red when she is doing a close scene with Lucy. How cute! I am sad this milestone is over. Wish I could watch it for the first time again. Wonder what's next?

  • #4

    KimbaLion5 (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 20:36)

    After thought. Do they say things like "second base" in Germany. I am a paramedic, love the emergency kit but who will come save me from the swooning tachycardia and lighthededness? Will I wake up to see Emma standing over me....

  • #5

    JK (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 20:42)

    Stayed home to watch this episode as soon as it was available.
    So worth it.
    Thanks for the translation, it wouldn't have been as great as it was without it.
    Thank You Thank You

  • #6

    Jennifer (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 20:42)

    Thank you so much for the quick translation of today!

  • #7

    UJ (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 20:49)

    - Jenny has a white shirt on
    - then Jenny has no shirt on (only black bra):P
    - magicly Jenny has a shirt back on and Emma takes Jenny's shirt off...very slowly ;P

    P.S. THANK YOU for all the translations! :)

  • #8

    UJ (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 20:55)

    *******SPOILER ALERT for previous post*******

  • #9

    kendahl (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 21:18)

    The sex scenes all fit, they just have to be put in the right order. Its almost as if someone took a puzzle and then mixed it up. But I don't care, it was so much more than I was expecting and so much more than what we would have gotten here in the States, And the last scene snuggling in bed, ooh so sexy and cute at the same time.

  • #10

    jemmatranslations (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 21:19)

    No, we don't have second bases in Germany, as we don't have baseball..I mean, we do..but not really;)They kind of messed up on the floral designs on Ben's bed, and made a joke out of it here. That's why Emma and Jenny discuss Ben's getting home and going over to Jenny's room. They probably hijacked Ben's room to dress Bodo.
    As to the floral designs:Ben is very much in touch with his feminine side.That's the guy who got saved by his 4'11" lover/teacher from a speeding car and says:"I like it,when you protect me."
    And as to the who will save you:Emma did her driver's license at the beginning of the season.To acquire one, you have to do a CPR course,if that's any comfort:-)
    What I really wanted to say:
    This show really is universal, in the German forums they were kidding like crazy about the wind machines(fans) , the floral designs, on Ben's (!) bed, and Kasia's red ears.The socks also got honorary mention,btw;-) We're all quite glad, that Emma got rid of them.
    Personally, I'm quite glad about the socks..imagine clumsy Emma trying to peel Jenny out of her superhero leggings!She probably would have needed to get a pair of garden scissors to get her out of there.How Jenny managed to get Emma out of the ubiquitious plaid shirt still remains a mistery,though.

  • #11

    Kendahl (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 21:24)

    I just assumed the sheets came from IKEA like everything else does in Germany. I can imagine a set person being given a HAH credit card, heading straight for IKEA, and throwing sheets, white bowls for grapes and kitchen and living room accessories in a basket.

  • #12

    Anns (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 22:51)

    All I can say is OMG.

  • #13

    cassie (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 23:18)

    this episode totally made up for all the terrible things that happened at work today, (up to and including the torn tendon in my hand.) awesome. i love it.

  • #14

    Sapho (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 23:57)

    This is clumsy but very cute. I think Lucy took a look at this, and decided to bolt out of this show (chatter that her contract was up in August...) Both girls seemed uncomfortable, and nervous for God knows what reason??? There is a mutual attraction here that disturbed both ladies, thus the red ears and cheeks. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, it made my afternoon on this Hot July in Florida! I will definitely hit the bar scene later on this evening. Thanks ladies for creating this website.

  • #15

    jemmatranslations (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 00:13)

    Hi Sapho, incidentally, the Interview with Lucy Scherer was posted today as well: http://allaboutjemma.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/interview-with-lucy-scherer/ doesn't look like she meant to bolt out of the show back to the musical stage, but stay on and do something meaningful.
    Sigh.Not fair..maybe the wind kind of distracted them?;-)

  • #16

    Addiction (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 02:09)

    I work and go to school for film and I can tell you that it makes perfect sense that they would be nervous. It's not easy to perform when you have cameras, wind, a sheet being waved in front of you, and a room full of people watching your every move and telling you what to do all while trying to "create and stay in the moment". Even the most seasoned of professionals sometimes get nervous. Amanda Seyfried herself admitted to being extremely nervous about kissing Megan Fox on Jennifer's Body enough that they had to close the set to finally get the scene. But I found the scene to be completely amazing despite the fan being on overkill and probably drying those poor girls eyes out super bad.

  • #17

    angie (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 05:19)

    AW.....!!! It happened!!! So adorable~ HaH really made an effort to satisfy us "fans", haha! Thanks for the translations & Emergency Kit (plus the funny remarks, as usual!)

  • #18

    Casandra (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 07:57)

    Wow!! That's great. Thanks for the translation.

  • #19

    dropkick (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 08:48)

    I don't know how to process this! Can't form full sentences. Making love in a wind tunnel. Lucy's legs at the end. Undressing Jenny must be like a Rubik's cube. Ugh Emma is too cute. Heather Hogan is gonna have some fun recapping this!

    Also, Jenny, Emma, and Bodo are the golden trio; they should make a show just about them.

  • #20

    San (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 09:39)

    Taking off the socks (hey, they turned out to be leg warmers!) was hilarious! For a week I've been wondering about Jenny's Field Hockey Chic outfit, but you're absolutely right, seductively taking off her usual leggings would have been impossible. So two thumbs up, Jenny, for thinking ahead :)

    Great episode, and thanks as always for the wonderful translations, complete with personal comments and debate :) Love, love, love it.

  • #21

    Lolo70 (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 10:33)

    Loved today's episode. I watched it like 3 times. Their love scenes were so beautifully done. Does anyone know how long SAT1 will allow us to watch these episodes? I thought that each episode had an "expire" time for us international viewers to watch...

  • #22

    jemmatranslations (Freitag, 15 Juli 2011 11:09)

    The 'expire date' applies to everyone (also the german folks) Every episode is up on Sat1 for seven days.

  • #23

    Emily (Donnerstag, 20 Oktober 2011 15:05)

    Come back to enjoy the sweet moment again..