Episode 197




Ben: I’ve thought up a little surprise.

Bea: What kind of surprise is that supposed to be?

Ben: I won’t tell.

Ben: I’m offering you the unique chance to prove to yourself that you aren’t square and small-minded.

Ben: Behind that fence is an outdoor pool.

Bea: Yes. But it looks as though it’s being renovated.

Ben: Yes, but we don’t care about that. It’s closed anyway. We’ll climb in.

Bea: That’s a break-in.

Ben: Now, come on.

Bea: I’m as good as gone.

Ben: So you ARE square and small-minded.




[At the fence of said outdoor pool]

Bea: You really want me to climb into the pool area with you?

Ben: Yeah! But you don’t have the guts to.

Bea: That is not the topic here. I’m just puzzled that you don’t seem to have learned anything from your mistakes. To break into public pools…I thought we were through with that kind topic.

Ben: But this time I’ve definitely chosen some much better company. And anyways, I just can’t get enough of some mistakes.

Bea: Swimming pool fetishist.

Ben: Exactly. Tiles and chlorine always give me this kick. But since you don’t have the guts...

He’s pouting. Beachanges her mind and climbs over the fence. Ben is still on the other side shaking his head disapprovingly. (Nice role reversal ahead)

Bea: What’s up? Are you chickening out? Didn’t expect me to do it, did you?

Ben: I had no idea that your criminal energy would break loose like this. And that you would pull me into this, in fact.

Bea: I don’t believe it!

Ben: You are not leaving me any other choice.

Bea: Well, girl, just drive home then!

Ben: Well, I can’t. I don’t have a driving licence.

Bea: Then you will just have to join me.

Ben: Okay, you talked me into it.

Ben climbs over the fence as well.As they run further into the compound, we see a battered warning sign on the fence: Beware of the dog. Heh!


[Pestalozzi, in front of the entrance]

Bodo helps Timo down the steps.

Timo: Thanks, the rest I can manage by myself.

Luzi: I’m so glad you are staying here.

Bodo: And if Aunt Ingrid can get the freight elevator thing worked out and we plaster a few ramps in the corners you will be able to manage without any help.

Timo: Aunt Ingrid? Why did you hide the fact that Frau Jäger is your aunt from us until now?

Bodo:It’s possible that I have had better ideas before.

Luzi: Ähm, I still have to get my bike.

Timo: Wait! I’ll come with you.

Emma and Jenny come out of the school.

Emma: I’ve packed some torches.

Jenny: You’ve really left nothing up to chance, did you?

Emma: Well, what did you think? Today, something will happen that I’m never going to forget.

Jenny: Ey, Emma. Maybe we should turn down the pressure a little, don’t you think?

Emma: Don’t you want to anymore?

Jenny: Of course I do.

Bodo: Sorry, one question. I have that date with Lara today…

Jenny: Today? I thought that was weeks ago already?

Bodo: Yes well, there were some problems with the coordination of the date. It’s a long story. But it’s going to be today, definitely. Watching DVDs at Lara’s place.

Jenny: Oh wow! An at-home date. You lucky dog.

Bodo: Timo already told me to stay cool. He mimics Timo: There are bigger problems than a date. But…

Emma: Yes, you’re right. But you should pimp yourself up a little.

Bodo: That’s not that important. What I have to know…

Jenny: Ey, not that important??? It’s sweet that you don’t believe we women are that shallow, but, my dear, I have to disappoint you there.

Bodo: Really?

Jenny: Mhm. Seems as though Bodo needs some female advice.

Emma: I think so too.


[Pestalozzi, at the bicycle stand]

Luzi: Those stupid keys.

Timo: Yeah well, that’s the good thing about a wheelchair. You don’t have to use a lock and it has a built-in alarm system.

Timo: Was an attempt at a joke. Not a very good one…

Luzi: It was! I’m just surprised…how well you … you handle this paralysis… Oh god, that sounds so stupid. I’m sorry.

Timo: It’s okay. I know what you mean. But…I can’t change the fact that I’m sitting in this thing. If all I did was complain, I would just get myself down.

Timo: Nothing is like it once was. Not just with me. There have been a lot of changes with you, right?

Luzi: Right.

Timo: Then…let’s just start from scratch. “Escape” and “restart”.

Luzi: You mean we’ll shrug everything off that happened before and start from where we are now

Timo: Yes. From this moment on. As friends. Timo.

Luzi: Luzi. Nice to meet you.

They shake hands.

Timo: Ah, it’s wonderful to be making new friends so quickly.


[At the swimming pool]

Bea: It’s really beautiful here.

Ben: Just wait until we are in it.

Bea: Like this?

Ben: We let ourselves float. The moon sparkles on the water like a thousand little stars...

Bea: The moon? Ben, it’s still light out.

Ben: Still.


[The Bergmann’s house, Ben’s room]

It’s “Dress Bodo” time. And Emma and Jenny are starting to finish each other’s thoughts/speech. How cute....

[That's friggin scary! But they're cute anyways;-) ami]

Jenny: Try this. Hm?

Bodo:I don’t know. It’s rather…turquoise. Ach, can’t I just stay as I am?

Emma: Well, you can. The question is…

Jenny: …do you want her to see you…to notice you. You know?

Emma: You have the choice between: (bored)“Hi Bodo, come in.”

Jenny: …or (indescribable) “Hi Bodo, come in.”

Bodo modelsdifferent outfits

Emma: Better.

Another outfit.

Emma: No way!

They send Bodo off to change into yet another outfit.

Emma and Jenny sit on the bed laughing.

Emma: Say, did you change your clothes hundreds of times too before our first date?

Jenny: Only before our first date? You should have seen me this morning!

Emma laughs.

Jenny: Are you disappointed that we are here now…and not in the woods?

Emma: Nah, that’s alright. And you?

Jenny: Nooo, quatsch (no way). We have all the time in the world.

(They're so in love..swoon)


[At the swimming pool]

Bea: Are you hungry?

Ben: Why are you asking this now of all times?

Bea: Well, your stomach is growling.

Ben: That’s not me.

Bea: But I have…

Bea looks up and sees a dog trotting up to them.

Bea: I wish it were your stomach.

Bea: No quick movements. Turn around very slowly.


[The Bergmann’s house, Ben’s room]

Jenny takes off Bodo’s hat.(YAY!)

Jenny: And that stays off.

Bodo: Not bad.

Jenny: Not bad? You are going to rock Lara’s socks off.

Emma: She is going to fall for you, that’s for sure.

Jenny: I bet that she’s going to jump on you immediately.

Bodo: You mean, Lara might want to maybe kiss me?

Jenny: Hey, you know, kissing on the first date, that scores 100 points.

Bodo: Maybe but…

Jenny: Don’t worry about it, your breath is april-fresh. (What do you mean, that is not an English word anyone would use to describe breath? Do you really think “aprilfrisch” is normally used in German for anything that is not fabric softener related? But Jenny did say it and I’m not going to argue with her. Maybe it’s a London thing.)

Bodo: But what if my braces get tangled up?

Emma: In what? In Lara’s hair?

Bodo: During kissing.

Emma: But Lara doesn’t have braces.

Jenny: And there is no danger otherwise. As far as I know, Lara does have neither a lip piercing nor a tongue piercing.

Bodo: No, I would have noticed that.

Emma: And…one brace, two mouths…that’s completely harmless.

Jenny: So you can relax. But now hurry up or else you will be late.

Bodois almost out of the door: Oh and thanks.

Emma: Yes, no problem. Have fun!

And he’s gone.

Emma: I think Bodo has never kissed before.

Jenny: Cute…so innocent.

Emma: Ah, you are into that, are you?

Jenny: Hey, don’t look at me like that. Or else I can’t guarantee for anything any longer.

Emma: That’s what I’m counting on.

Emma moves in for the kill. They start to kiss and Emma manages to pull Jenny down on top of her on the bed.Smooth move…


[At the swimming pool]

Ben is throwing small stuff out of a box at the dog Jenny and Emma are definitely having the better date.

Ben: Here. Tasty. Yummy, yummy.

Bea: What are you giving him? Sushi?

Ben: It was supposed to be for you. I hope you are not mad at me.

Bea: As long as he doesn’t eat us…

Ben: Fuck, that was the last one.

Bea: Now what?

Ben: Run!

Bea: Where to?

Ben: Up there.

They climb up a ladder onto a roof.

Ben: Quickquickquickquick!

Bea: Woo, that was close.

Ben: For the record, you came here out of your own free will.

Bea nods


[Lara’s home]

Bodo offers Lara a bundle of … garlic.

Bodo: For you.

Bodo: First I wanted to bring flowers or something but then I thought because of the vampires. For protection.

Lara: Oh. Cool. But I won’t put it on until the vampires are flying their first attacks because it is pretty…spicy, isn’t it?

Bodo: Of course. It was supposed to be more of a joke, anyway.

Lara: Yes, that’s how I took it. Come on, make yourself comfortable.

Lara: Against the vampires, as well?

Bodo: What? Oh, you mean the clothes? Don’t you like them?

Lara: I do. Cool. But you didn’t have to change for me. I mean, I’m running around in normal clothes here at home too.

Bodo: And you always look great. Even in rags. Now I didn’t mean to say that those are rags. On the contrary, that’s really a cute t-shirt. But you can really wear anything.

Lara: Thanks. But between buddies it doesn’t matter what you wear, I mean, you meet, watch a movie and have fun. It’s simple. It’s completely without fuss.

Bodo: I like that because I’m not the fussy type. I hope you aren’t too disappointed now.

Lara: Not in any way.

Lara: Should I maybe take your jacket?

Bodo: I’m really looking forward to the movie. I’m so glad that we complement each other so well.

Bodo: Interest-wise, I mean.

Lara: Exactly. We are the perfect vampire movie buddies, right?

Bodo: At least it’s a start.



[The Beschenko’s apartment]

Frau Beschenko: Here we go.

Luzi: You are so sweet.

Frau Beschenko: we do have something to celebrate. You have signed your contract with Raumzeit. There you go. Congratulations.

Luzi: Thanks.

Frau Beschenko: My big girl.

Frau Beschenko: Enjoy your meal.

Luzi: Thanks.

Frau Beschenko: I ran into Mister Özgül, today. He said something about it becoming difficult for Timo at the Pestalozzi school?

Luzi: Schmidt-Heisig wants to get rid of him because the school isn’t equipped for the disabled.

Frau Beschenko: Well, that can not really be denied.

Luzi: But it could be altered, couldn’t it?

Frau Beschenko: I’m sure that’s not as easy as you imagine it.

Luzi: You can’t be serious? Timo was in an accident while on a school trip. And now they want to throw him out of the school, just like that?!? Away from the school, away from his friends, away from everything? That’s completely sick. Man, the guy will sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. And Heisig doesn’t have anything better to do than to put some more obstacles in his way.

Frau Beschenko: And you guys?

Luzi: Well we… we won’t put up with that, of course. We’ll show Heisig…what’s what.

Frau Beschenko: That’s not what I meant.

Luzi: Then what?

Frau Beschenko: Timo and you.

Luzi: We reset our relationship today. Restart. Back to square one. Start from the beginning again…as friends.

Frau Beschenko: And you believe that it’s going to work?

Luzi: Well, it’s what we have always been, really. Best friends.

Frau Beschenko: Really? I mean, you were in love with Timo and he with Sophie and then you finally got together and then the thing with Ben happened…

Luzi: Mum! Because of all that stuff we reset our relationship.

Frau Beschenko: I hope for you that it works out.

Luzi: Me too. I don’t want to lose him.



[Lara’s home]

Lara is watching the movie. Bodo is watching Laraand daydreaming about almost kissing her.

Lara: Bodo! Look out! The popcorn!

Lara: Is everything okay with you?

Bodo: Yes, what could be the matter? Why shouldn’t I be okay?

Lara: I was afraid you’ve had a stroke or something. You always hear that it can also hit young people.

Bodo: No, I was just in thought. The movie was so exciting. What happened?

Lara: The count wanted to kiss her but then the vampire hunter showed up and totally rammed a wooden stake into his heart.

In comes Piet with an axe and a toolbox.

Piet: Bodo, hey. Good to see you again.

Bodo: Hello, Herr Vogel. I was just about to put in another vampire movie.

Lara: Don’t you want to join us? It’s a real shocker.

Piet: Of course, I’d love to. But only if I’m not disturbing..

Lara: Not at all.


[The Bergmann’s house, in Ben’s room, on Ben’s bed]

Emma and Jenny are still making out but…second base is kinda tricky with them.

Emma: Is something wrong?

Jenny: No, no, everything’s fine.

Emma: Should I…I mean, am I doing something wrong?

Jenny: No, no, not at all. On the contrary...I'm just a little nervous, is all.

Emma: You???

Jenny: Mhm. Well, it’s..it’s...it’s my first time with you, after all.

And blanket and wind machine on and… just watch it.



[At the outdoor pool, on the roof]

Great metaphorical cut to Ben popping a bottle of champagne. The dog barks.

Bea: Don’t worry, pooch! We’re not shooting at you.

Ben: At least, the barking didn’t alert anyone. But if it did, we should create as nice an evening as possible.

Bea: Champagne. How classy.

Ben: We are out of sushi, unfortunately. Someone had a ravenous hunger.

Bea: Maybe we shouldn’t have fed him but instead gotten him drunk.

Ben: Honestly, I believe he has a high tolerance. And it’s a lot nicer like this. Welcome to the most exclusive champagne bar in the city.

Bea: The bouncer knows his job.

Ben: True.

Ben: Well, at least we won’t be disturbed by hordes of tourists in stupid flip-flops and Bermuda shorts.

Bea: Will he ever let us go again?

Ben: Would it be so bad if we had to stay?

Bea: One could presume that you knew exactly who was guarding the door of this place.

Ben: That’s not true! Please believe me, your honor.

Bea: Alright.

Ben: The doggy just has good instincts. This is fate.

It’s getting dark.


[Luzi’s room]

Luzi can’t sleep. She is thinking about Timo and starts to compose a song.



[The Bergmann’s house, in Ben’s room, on Ben’s bed]

Talking in the afterglow..

Jenny: No one else can be as happy as I am right now.


Emma: Did Ben say when he would be back?

Jenny: You mean we should…

Emma: …go to your room.


Jenny: Right.

Emma: He could be back at any time.


Jenny: Although he did say that he wanted to stay out longer

Emma: And this chaos around here…


Jenny: …we should really clean up.


Emma: Really.

Jenny: The sooner the better.


Emma: Mhm.

Longer kiss.

And…afterglow turns into foreplay.


[At the outdoor pool, on the roof]

Bea: Look, a shooting star.

Ben closes his eyes and silently moves his lips.

Ben: The most wonderful wish of my life

They start to kiss.


And all of the Jemmaholics are throwing another round of Sushi for the best.guard.dog.ever.