Lucy Scherer plays ICH in REBECCA

Lucy is getting comfortable as "Ich"
Lucy is getting comfortable as "Ich"

Welcome to Ego's (Ich's) corner! This part of our site is dedicated to Lucy Scherer's Alter Ego "I" in the musical "Rebecca". Here you'll find all neccessary details about the story, the famous novelle "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier and the movie masterpiece of Alfred Hitchcock.

After you got a feeling for the characters and be attached by the story follow her trough the dramatic way: the musical. You'll find informations about the writers Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay, links to the CD or listen to the english tracks.

So after all these informations you know now why Lucy Scherer is so excited about playing this role - from the Preview Event till the Derniere.

Offical trailer: REBECCA

A young woman. A dark secret. A great love.

The roles for REBECCA have been cast!

Character actors with the right je ne sais quois: For the German premiere of REBECCA, the producers and the creative team around Michael Kunze (libretto), Sylvester Levay (music) and Francesca Zambello (director) had been searching for the perfect cast for months. On September 16th 2011, the actors were introduced at a press call in Stuttgart.

Lucy's official statement: "The casting was a very exciting time for me. Now I'm over the moon that I will be able to play the challenging role of 'I'." Her future colleagues are top-notch: musical star Pia Douwes is taking over the role of the conniving Mrs. Danvers, Thomas Borchert will play the male lead Maxim de Winter.


Charakterdarsteller mit dem passenden Etwas: Für die Deutschlandpremiere von REBECCA suchten die Produzenten und das Kreativteam um Michael Kunze (Buch), Sylvester Levay (Musik) und Francesca Zambello (Regie) monatelang nach der perfekten Besetzung. Am 16.9.2011 wurden die Darsteller bei einem Pressetermin in Stuttgart vorgestellt.

Lucys offizielles Statement: „Das Casting war eine sehr aufregende Zeit für mich. Jetzt bin ich überglücklich, dass ich die anspruchsvolle Rolle der „Ich“ spielen darf“. Ihre zukünftigen Kollegen sind hochkarätig: Musicalstar Pia Douwes übernimmt die Rolle der intriganten Mrs. Danvers, Thomas Borchert die männliche Hauptrolle Maxim de Winter.


Impressions of the press call

Interview and song

This one is subtitled in English:

Full version of "Time in a Bottle"  Enjoy!

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  • #1

    Prou (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 09:23)

    Congrats to Lucy! I'm sure she'll do a great job!
    She looks gorgeous and all, but i miss her in Jenny's power leggings, pink top and killer-bullet earring... *sigh*

  • #2

    frananifan (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 16:58)

    I adore Lucy. She inspires me on so many levels. I *sigh* slong with you Prou.

  • #3

    Kirsty (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 14:01)

    @Prou I agree, I still miss her dressed as Jenny too. But I'm sure Lucy will be fantastic in this and I am very much looking forward to going to see her.
    I am a bit sad, the BBC did a really good version of Rebecca in the late 80s or early 90s with one of my favourite actresses, Emilia Fox, as Ich, but now I think she will be surpassed by Lucy. Ah well, Emilia I can understand, Lucy- I can just enjoy her singing, and watching her!
    Also. *sigh*

  • #4

    Tintin (Donnerstag, 22 September 2011 17:05)

    I miss my daily dose of Jenny and Emma :(

  • #5

    Mokka238 (Montag, 27 Januar 2014 13:43)

    sie hat die Ich so toll gespielt ♥