Episode 6

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Did you see Emma?
Did you see Emma?







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  • #1

    Libellule (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 07:42)

    I just love the last screenshot. When you know that every teacher in this school seems to fight to get funds attributed to their department, how much this office seems out of place? Leather chairs, fancy carpet, golf material... And seriously, 6 diplomas? Is Goetting that smart or is it the same diploma in different colors? ;p

  • #2

    Libellule (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 08:14)

    Ok, maybe Götting is that smart (as in: "Ronnie-smart", only with more class): I don't know what game he's playing exactly with Luzi, but he's evil.

  • #3

    San (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 19:38)

    @Libellule Maybe they're just certificates of achievement, like for attending a weekend seminar on "Developing & Implementing a 2-Class System in Your School." The thumbnail of the screencap - an empty chair and coach - highlights the Emmalessness of this episode.

  • #4

    Lied (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 17:14)

    I still like to believe Hotte's Scientology theory! ;)