Episode 6

translated by hephylax

edited by ami 


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Frau Krawcyk: Is the traffic light broken?

Bea: I’m sorry, but I have to talk to you,urgently.

Frau Krawcyk: Then shoot!

Bea: I know about another student who I’m quite sure was at that party. Ben Bergmann.

Frau Krawcyk: And how do you know this?

Bea: Because…because I slept with Ben Bergmann. 

(Nope,still doesn't make sense, unless by “Slept with” she means the old telepathic merger thing..*sigh* I miss you Susan Ivanova..where was I? Oh yes, Bea's bad,bed, conscience..)




[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawcyk: Do you remember what things were like at this school in the past? All of us had so much spirit. The teaching staff had a common vision, and for the students, this school was a place where they were safe and where they got the help they needed to face life. (breathing in Bea’s face) Those were the days…Ach, Bea…

Bea: Frau Krawcyk? Have you been drinking?

Frau Krawcyk: Yes. But unfortunately, not enough. Why are you looking so appalled? Without alcohol you couldn’t stand this joint for more than three seconds. Well, now little Bea is shocked, isn’t she? What a disappointment! Here she is all the way from Munich, the luggage full of enthusiasm and nice ideas… Let this be a lesson to you. All idealists escape reality sooner or later. Each in their own way.

Bea: Maybe it would be better for me to come back later.

Frau Krawcyk: Now don’t be blowing this out of all proportions. (in a whisper) This is an exception. It’s just  a little too much at the moment,all of it is.

Bea: I’m sorry, I should have talked to you much sooner.

Frau Krawcyk: People make mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers at the top. You have a little secret and I have a little secret. And we both know of them. Knowledge unites.

Bea: I’m not sure what you are trying to say.

Frau Krawcyk: Under the given circumstances it would be best if everything that was said in the last ten minutes never leaves this room. And with that I mean everything. Or are you looking forward to making your little indiscretion with a student public? You see? We both have a lot to lose.

(Ms.Krawczyk! Ok, that's what you get for reducing Ms. Krawczyk down to blazers and purple shirts and the other half of Jäkra... color me a Krawczyk fan, now. The only one, throughout the show, who, even in the midst of her personal drama , still thought about the students first. The one true headmistress, like Dumbledore.) 



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ben: Cool bag.

Luzi: Before you start praising my jacket or my shoes, as well…save it. I have no intention of squealing over you or the others. You can put your mind at ease. But in the future, don’t send your Caro ahead to intimidate me.

Ben: Caro?

Luzi: Yes sure, you don’t know anything about that. Whose side are you on anyway? You are fooling around with Caro and want to tell me that you don’t know anything? You are just as slick as your fucking convertible.

Ben: I’m sorry about the bill, in any case. I’ll think of something, I promise.

Luzi: What bill?

Ben: Your mother got the bill for the repairs this morning, didn’t she?

Luzi: You’re not serious…

Ben: The material damage seems to have been rather severe and it looks like the school doesn’t want to foot the bill.

Luzi: Say, are you mad!? I'm sticking out my neck for all of you. Stupid enough…but to call on my mother to account for it, is lower than low.

Ben: I know.

Luzi: Then maybe you also know that I don’t come from as rich a home as you do! Do you think you can do anything…and there will always be someone to clean up after you or take the fall for you?! Then go ahead  to Krawcyk and tell her whose idea it was…and who  forced the door open.

Ben: I already told you, I’m going to get the money. Luzi, I was in at least 4 different schools in the last 5 years. If I’m kicked out again, I can forget about graduation.

Luzi: Is that my problem?

Ben: We’ll make a deal: I’ll pay and you’ll keep quiet. That way we’ll both benefit.

Luzi: You seem to have forgotten that I wouldn’t have a problem if you hadn’t had the fucking idea with the party and if Caro hadn’t put the entire blame on me. You two really are a great team.



[Bergmann villa]


Karin: 500 Euros, please! I’ve never asked you for an advance payment. Even 300 would help. Yes, of course. We are all of us, facing hard times.

But maybe 200, at least? I could work double shifts and on the weekends as well…Yes, of course, I understand. Please excuse the interruption. Bye. – We’ll manage somehow.

(Karin, you super-mom! I feel like asking Emma and Jenny to give a benefit concert with the proceeds going to Mama Beschenko…//Deffo! )



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben: Hey. About this thing with Luzi. It’s…

Bea: I’m not in any position to judge you. You were right.

Ben: I’m still sorry. I really can understand that you're not running to Krawcyk and tell her that we slept together. I wouldn’t do it either if I were you. I don’t even have the guts to bear the consequences of what I instigated at the pool. But I really don’t want to get Luzi into any more trouble.

Bea: That’s good.

Ben: I’ve already talked to her. I’ll organize the money and she’ll keep quiet. I know, it’s not quite what you imagined.

Bea: The most important thing is that you are bearing some responsibility.

Ben: You get it?

Bea: Äh, I have to go.



[Bergmann villa]


Karin: Shaving foam, ink cartridges. I’ll get them. Do you want anything special for dinner?

Stefan: Hm. And please remember the shirts. The suits should be ready as well.

Karin: I’ll drop by the dry-cleaner’s, later. Is it okay if I bring them over tonight?

Stefan: Yes yes.

Ben: Hi.

Karin: See you!

Ben: Bye. – Oh, they managed to establish the elective course “Kite-surfing”. Is it okay if I enrol in that?

Stefan: Where’s the catch?

Ben: Why?

Stefan: You’ve never told me about your courses before, let alone asked me for my opinion.

Ben: Well, the whole thing costs 2565 Euros. But mostly for the equipment: board, kite, neoprene-suit, helmet…

Stefan: Nice sum.

Ben: Yes, but in my case, it’s almost vocational training.

Stefan: Owner of a surf-shop isn’t a profession, Ben.(It's not? Damn..)

Ben: May I still do it?

Stefan: Yes, be my guest.

Ben: Great.

Stefan: But since you accused me yesterday of solving everything with money, I don’t want to stand in the way of such an important experience as vocational training, and would therefore suggest that you get the money for this course yourself.

Ben: Great idea. And how am I supposed to do that?

Stefan: You’ll think of something.

Ben sees his father’s wallet lying on the table.

Ben: I got you loud and clear.

(And I could talk about further signs of the obvious criminal energy that seems to flow through the Bergmann/Peters family lines but all I can think about is: OMG!!! Bergmann villa - grapes! Jemma foreshadowing is everywhere! Now excuse me, while I rewatch episode 198// Hee,hee, all I can say, that 200 eps later, Ben still won't have gotten, that the most logical idea to getting money is:work. That's why Jenny Hartmann is the real and true badass of this show.).



[At the Beschenkos’ ]


Luzi: Hello Mama! I made pasta for us. I’m sorry. I know I should have told you from the beginning that I was at the party.

Karin: What are you sorry for exactly? That you are just as irresponsible as your fellow students or that you lied to me?

Luzi: Mama, tha…

Karin: The party is one thing. But your insincerity…Luzi, I’ve always trusted you and you lie to my face.

Luzi: I thought I could handle it on my own somehow. I had no idea that they would demand a small fortune from me.

Karin: What about the other students? They were there as well. And their parents all have more money than we do.

Luzi: But there aren’t any photos of them.

Karin: But you know who was there.

Luzi: I can’t give their names.

Karin: Do you think it’s fair that only we have to pay?

Luzi: Noo! But everything’s better than me being seen as a traitor. Caro and the others would finish me off. I’d be out of favour with everybody.

Karin: It’s okay. You don’t have to give up any names. But I wish you had more trust in me.

Luzi: I do!

Karin: No, Luzi, apparently you don’t.

Luzi: I have to go now. Music AG (club).

(Uh, Luzi, you'd rather have your mom work double shifts, weekends and nights than being out of favor with Caro? Ok. Love is a tricky thing...)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Luzi is singing “Kiss from a Rose” alone in the auditorium. Bea comes in.


Bea: You are really talented.

Luzi: Thanks. I would like it if you would say ‘Du’ (instead of the formal ‘Sie’). After all, you are the only one here who is still in my corner. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to offer the ‘Du’ to me as well.

Bea: Okay. If it’s okay with you. The AG ‘Singen und Tanzen’ is really lucky to have such a talented singer.

Luzi: Which AG? Caro did a thorough job.

Bea: We can do that as well.

Luzi: I really have other worries at the moment.

Bea: About the party…I’m really sorry for how that all went down.

Luzi: And all because I’m afraid of Caro making my life a living hell.

Bea: Which she definitely would do.

Luzi: Yes. But what is that compared to my mother working herself into the ground to somehow make ends meet. And now this, as well.(ah, she does have a conscience..I'm relieved, for a moment, I thought PMS Luzi had surfaced its early,terrible head..)

Bea: Don’t panic. We’ll find a way. I’m sure of it.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Bea: Ah. Do you have a minute?

Götting: What is it now?

Bea: Luzi.

Götting: The subject is closed.

Bea: You know as well as I do that the Beschenkos can’t pay that bill.

Götting: Luzi should have thought of that before breaking into the pool.

Bea: Oh come on, Herr Götting…we’re not talking about a safecracker here. Luzi Beschenko is one of our best students.

Götting: And how did your model student end up in that photo, which is definite proof of her participation in the material damage and in this illegal party?

Michael: We should rather ask ourselves who took this photo.

Bea: Yes, exactly (Oh no! Bea + Michael + photo… this combination never works out well.) It’s obvious that someone is trying to pin something on her.

Götting: Luzi had a choice: paying or giving up names.

Bea: And then getting slammed by everyone forever. That’s no choice.

Götting: Aren’t you the one who always says that we have to take the students seriously? Taking responsibility is a part of that.

He leaves. 

Michael: Coffee?

(#fail @Michael)



[Bergmann villa]


Ben takes Stefan’s credit card out of his wallet. Blank cheques are also on prominent display. (Btw, who still has personal cheques in their wallets anymore, nowadays? Here in Germany, I mean.) 



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Michael: By the way, I’m rather glad that you are here with us now.

Bea: You don’t know me (Boy, truer words were never spoken)

Michael: Yes, you mentioned that before but…I do know quite a bit about you. For instance, that you have a problem with the adjustment of your measuring bar and that you are a danger to human kind when you are in a hurry. Hm. And so that you don’t always have to tell me that I don’t know you, I suggest that the two of us go out for dinner sometime…or for a glass of wine.

(Really Michael? So lame! Even you asking all your old acquaintances out after Bea dumped you... was smoother than this./Wow, I'm impressed..that's even worse than me, and believe me, I'm pretty bad already!)

Bea: My life is absolute chaos at the moment. Unfortunately.

Michael: No problem. My offer will continue to be open… just let me know when you have the time.

(to another teacher) Morning.

(Doesn't Michael ever read any of those Men's Health magazines at the fitnessstudio? I'm pretty sure, they're pretty detailed on how to NOT to ask someone out..)


[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: Frau Beschenko, I thought you wanted to return this evening. Oh, don’t tell me the dry cleaner’s ruined my clothes.

Karin: No. I have a personal request. My washing machine has broken down (Big Berta!) and I really need a new one. And I thought maybe your bank could…

Stefan: The Harani never gives out loans of this scale. Expenses and yields are out of all proportions. Why don’t you just go to an electronics store? All of them offer payment by instalments and loans for people with little money.

(First the hard as nails banker but then he really tries to help her. I can really start my Karin/Stefan shipping (Kafan, Sterin…Benko?) from the beginning.)

Karin: I just thought since I’m working for you…

Stefan: I’m sorry but my firm has clear rules. No exceptions allowed. If you could please leave me alone now, I have work to do.

Karin turns to leave but then hesitates.

Karin: It isn’t about the washing machine. You heard about the party at the pool.

Stefan: Yes.

Karin: The school holds my daughter responsible for it. We are to cover all the costs. Even though Luzi didn’t do anything (criminal)… but the ones who are truly to blame are keeping silent. And Luzi is covering for them

Stefan: How much was the amount, exactly?

Karin: 2565 Euros.

(Ben? Busted!//leave it to Ben, to name his father the exact amount...)





Michael: Thanks.

Sebastian: So how are things on the educational front?

Michael: You don’t really want to know.

Sebastian: And with your brunette, charming and totally scatterbrained (female) colleague?

Michael: She isn’t that scatterbrained. At least not if it’s about her students.For them she fights…like a lioness. Grrr. (Emma’s Grrr in 221 was a lot more ferocious and realistic. Not that anyone is surprised by this, right?/Sorry, my mind was in Helena territory.)

Sebastian: Wild and dangerous. Sounds exciting… as long as you are the animal trainer. (Ugh! Let’s pretend he’s not talking to Michael but to Jenny/Or Emma! Dear translatress, dear Hahe, thanks for getting my mind into the gutter with my first coffee of the day already!)

Michael: No. I’m the mole.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW8WJrb0XmY

Sebastian: Getting a bad conscience all of a sudden?

Michael: Well, what do you think? You see, she is honest with me and I…I let the school authority talk me into reporting back everything that happens at the Pestalozzi.

Sebastian: You knew what you were getting yourself into right from the start.

Michael: Yes! But that was before her time. To lie to Götting and Krawczyk, that’s one thing, but to her…to lie to her, it just doesn’t feel right.

Sebastian: Hey! Your principal is responsible for a couple hundred students. If she really has an alcohol problem, the school authority has to know. Your lioness would feel exactly the same way.

(Michael is a secret school authority undercover spy?Ha!)



[The Vogel home]


Bea: I confessed everything to Krawzcyk today.

Miriam: And?

Bea: And?! She was drunk.

Miriam: You’re joking?!( only adequate reaction!:-D

Bea: No joke. It gets even worse. She offered me a deal: if I keep my mouth shut…she will, as well.

Miriam: What?! That’s blackmail.

Bea: That is exactly the information Götting needs to get rid of her.

Miriam: If that guy takes over the helm…everything the Pestalozzi ever stood for will be history.

Bea: If Krawzcyk gives up, then…

Miriam: He’ll take over. You mustn’t give up on Krawczyk now.

Bea: I’m supposed to take the deal?

Miriam: I’d say you came back at just the right moment.



[At the Beschenkos’]


Luzi: Hi!

Karin: Hello.

Luzi: Want me to heat up the pasta for you?

Karin: Not hungry. I’m just tired. Today was a long day.

Luzi: Some tea, at least?

Karin: Thanks.

Luzi: You have every reason to be mad at me. But don’t worry, I’ll find a solution.

Karin: Leave it. Not tonight, Luzi. Don’t stay up for too long. You’ll have to be up early tomorrow.

Luzi: Sleep well.

(Aww…They break my heart. And I want a hug from MY Mama right now!)



[Bergmann villa]


Ben: Morning. – Something wrong?

Stefan: What happened with that swimming pool business anyway?

Ben: Why do you ask?

Stefan: Well, someone has to pay for the material damage.

Ben: As far as I know photographic proof got sent to the principal’s office. I’d guess they will have to cover the costs.

Stefan: Oh. And how much was the damage again?

Ben: One-two thousand.

Stefan: Frau Beschenko said 2565 Euros. Isn’t that the exact same amount as this “Kite-surfing”?

Ben: Possibly.

Stefan: One of my employees has just informed me you handed in a cashier’s cheque with this amount yesterday at our bank. Signed with my name. He was rather astounded as the signature differed some from mine. And so he let me know about it.

Ben: Yes, okay. I…forged the cheque.

Stefan: Yes, okay?! That’s so not what I meant when I said that you would have to get the money yourself.

Ben: Well, at least I did get the money by myself.(#fail @Ben)

Stefan: That’s it. No surf shop.

Ben: We have a deal. You can’t cancel it just like that. After all, I go to this fucking school every day!

Stefan: Yes. We had a deal. But fraud and theft were not a part of it! You better think of a new lifetime dream. Because you can forget about the old one.





Götting: Ever heard of knocking?

Luzi: Sorry.

Götting: If you came to negotiate with me about the bill, it’s too late for that.

Luzi: I’m here to give you the names.

Götting: You should have done that sooner.

Luzi: I know. But if you know who is responsible for it, then they will have to pay, won’t they?

Götting: Have you thought this all the way through? As we all know, traitors don’t have a high standing in the group.

Luzi: That’s true.

Götting: They are going to crucify you.

(Why are there golf clubs standing in his office?)