Preview Clips Episodes 224-234

This week we decided to only do transcripts for clips including Jenny or Emma. If you still would like the transcripts for all preview clips, please let us know.


22.08.2011 - Episode 224 - Rescue at the last minute

Episode 224
Episode 224

[At RaumZeit Records]
(Frank enters the label with Emma, Jenny and Jenny’s parents)
Frank: Ok, we’ll be going to my office right away.
Frank: (to Jenny and Emma) You two can get yourself something to drink.
Emma: Cool, thank you! And, uhm, also for your help!
Frank: Yes, I owed Jenny that.
(Emma and Jenny hug each other,happily)
Frank: I would have liked to introduce my new assistant to you but…
Rolf: It’s no problem. We have to leave. The weather is getting worse.
Emma: I coulnd’t have let you go just like that anyways!
Ben: Ok, I’m out of here. See you later at the villa!
Jenny: What? Wait! I haven’t thanked you yet for the James Bond act at the airfield! That was my rescue! THANK YOU!
Ben: It was pure selfishness! I didn't want to listen to Emma’s whining at school every day!
Emma: Hey!!!
Jenny: Thank you!
Emma: And again thanks from me!!
(Emma and Jenny give Ben a hug)
Ben: Yes, yes, it’s ok! You carry on,now. I still have to study some history.
Jenny: What? I thought we were going to go to Chulos’?
Ben: So that I can watch you whisper sweet nothings the whole evening? Great idea!
Emma & Jenny: Tssss.


23.08.2011 - Episode 225 - Hookies

Episode 225
Episode 225

Emma and Jenny enter the schoolyard
Jenny: Ah, I would never have thought that I  would be THAT happy at the sight  of  good old Pestalozzi!
Emma: Even though you could have been at an old Irish castle with green meadows and sheep right now?
Jenny: And daily  urine checks and a curfew…Thank you for your intervention.
Emma: I wouldn’t have stood  it here without you!
Jenny: Well, everyday life is calling.
(Jenny is about to go into the building but Emma stops her)
Emma: Actually…the day is much too nice to spend  at school.
Jenny: Emma Müller! Does this mean that you are going to lure me into skipping school?
(Emma shrugs pretending to be innocent)
Jenny: And this from an exemplary student! Do you even know how to do skip school??
Emma: I’ll just count on your instructions.
Jenny: Ah, yes. Good. And, uhm, what are we going to do with the off day? I mean, we can’t go home.
Emma: Well, be surprised! 
(Both leave the schoolyard)


23.08.2011 - Episode 225 - Crashed

Episode 225
Episode 225

[At Bergmann Villa]

Stefan: (on the phone) Are you sure?...There’s no doubt?...No, thank you very much. I will talk to her….Yeah, that’s right…Byebye.
(Stefan is shocked)
Helena: Stefan? Are there any problems with the central school?
Stefan: Jenny’s parents…they got into a storm. The machine crashed.


24.08.2011 - Episode 226 - Incomprehensible

Episode 226
Episode 226

[At Bergmann Villa]
Emma tries to comfort Jenny but Jenny doesn’t react at all. Stefan comes in.
Stefan: Hello. So you already know.
(Emma nods while Jenny keeps staring into space)
Stefan: I’m sorry, Jenny. Jenny, I…I can only imagine how you must feel right now. No, of course I can’t. They were your parents. But you know, I was close to them, too. We were friends. When my wife died back then,in the accident…
(Emma gives Stefan a silencing look)
Stefan: I’m sorry, maybe you still need to digest the news. If you need someone to talk to…(Stefan’s phone rings) Excuse me. (He picks up) Bergmann. - Ms Vogel…


25.08.2011 - Episode 227 - Everything is normal?

Episode 227
Episode 227

[At Pestalozzi, lounge]
Bodo: I can’t believe that Jenny’s parents really died in a plane crash.
Emma: It’s really heavy stuff.
Bodo: That’s the pits.
(Jenny is playing table soccer with some guys)
Emma: But she doesn’t let it show at all whatsoever.
Bodo: And now?
Emma: I have no idea. She doesn’t let it get to her.
Bodo: She probably just refuses to believe it.
Emma: But she was in shock at the beginning. She…she wanted to be alone and sent me away. And I could understand that. It was shock. That accident, you know, where Götting crashed into our bus. I felt exactly the same way! It’s possible that…that the accident and that state of shock…that it was something completely different. But I would understand ..that kind of behavior! But…but a Jenny who goes to school just like that as though nothing has happened? I…I really don’t understand.
Bodo: And what about you asking her about it directly?
Emma: She’s going to tell me that there is nothing to talk about.
Bodo: Maybe not to you.
Emma: Why?
Bodo: Well, maybe she doesn’t want to burden you. If…if Jenny really broke down, it would be really hard on you,too.
Emma: But I do want to help her!

26.08.2011 - Episode 228 - All leading parts

Episode 228
Episode 228

[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]

Johnny: Well, it’s looking quite ok already, Kira.
Caro: Caro.
Johnny: Uh, Caro. Do it in sync. I would like to include 3 or 4 other students but I still need a counterpart for Luzi. We’re going to record the verses in the corridors and the performance part is going to be taped in here. Yes, it’s going to be great! 3 sizes, a nice depth and the master shot is going to be recorded frontally. Say, will some of your friends come, too?
(Emma, Jenny and Bodo come in)
Jenny: Already here. Jenny. Hi.
Johnny: Johnny. Sky.(I love you,Hahe writers...and HI! Bürger Lars Dietrich!!!)
Jenny: I heard that you’re still looking for some supporting roles for the video.
Johnny: No, I’m not looking for supporting roles. I am in need for leading roles only. (to Emma and Bodo) And you? Are you going to  join us? Well, considering your look, you would fit in wonderfully.(Where???A crew of ragged teen sailors?)
Caro: I’m Luzi’s counter part.
Emma: Yes, you got that right. ( I.Love.This.Show.)
Caro: Johnny.
Johnny: Kira.
Caro: Caro.
Johnny: Uh, Caro..

Kira, I mean Caro:I’ve got a question: Uhm, are you going to record the video all in one shot? Or rather in parts cut to pieces?
Johnny: Caro, have you already taken part in a video shoot?
Caro: Yes, for a reality tv show.
Johnny: Yes, actually I meant a real video shoot.. Anyways, it’s no problem. We’ll manage. (to Emma, and Bodo) And you, you place yourself behind Caro please. Kira. (to Jenny) And you will join in, as well. All right, I’m going to show you something and you’ll imitate it, ok? All right…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…1
(Jenny’s phone rings)
Jenny: Yes? Yes, I’m the daughter…Uhm, wait a second, please. (Jenny leaves the auditorium)
(Emma looks worried)

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  • #1

    Tina (Freitag, 19 August 2011 22:13)

    When will the english sub's be up?

  • #2

    KBee (Samstag, 20 August 2011 01:27)

    Love, love, love the smiles, giggles and flirting in the first two Jemma highlights. Looks like we're in for another intense week, tho.

  • #3

    Ammy (Samstag, 20 August 2011 05:43)

    Oh my god! Poor seems to be never ending for her.

  • #4

    angie (Samstag, 20 August 2011 05:55)

    Oh no... this is too much!! They (producers) really want a grand finale, I see.
    Jenny, we're here for you!!! Be strong~

  • #5

    San (Samstag, 20 August 2011 06:20)

    A single engine plane in bad weather? Ugh. Now, Jenny's all denial. And Emma's all worry. Will we see giggly Jemma before the end?

  • #6

    AmyLnnLee (Samstag, 20 August 2011 16:31)

    On this show drama never ends..God first Jenny is being shipped to clinic then her parents died..I want to see them happy for just once..My poor nerves cant handle anymore this back and forth twists..Hope that Emma will help Jenny to get through she helped her..I just cant for Monday to come!!If anything watching HaH made me learn German a word or two!!

  • #7

    Marie-Helene (Sonntag, 21 August 2011 16:29)

    I agree, I think it's a bit too much. I would have preferred another kind of storyline for the last two weeks but I guess it was interesting to play for Kasia and Lucy and that's the most important.

  • #8

    amidola (Sonntag, 21 August 2011 16:40)

    Remember,that they thought, that they still had at least four weeks, and maybe a second season, wehn they wrote this..things were looking pretty up with the international hullabaloo, and Jenny's parents dying leaves her with a perfect excuse to go spiraling back into the drugs ANd it leaves hr with soap opera heiress issues..either way, it leaves Jemma with a great amount of screentime, and nobody could have guessed, that they would cancel filming abruptly two weeks, before the season'd wrap!Argh..did I yet mention my love for the channel's decision making process? *Sigh*

  • #9

    tamu13 (Sonntag, 21 August 2011 17:27)

    I have watched all the episode for this week, but couldn't understand them.. it sucks! :(

  • #10

    Alex (Montag, 22 August 2011 19:01)

    @amidola - It makes a lot more sense when you look at it that way. Or maybe they are setting up a spin-off where Jenny inherits a bunch of money and they travel around the world being cute together :)

  • #11

    amidola (Montag, 22 August 2011 22:40)

    Alex, they totally are, in my head,as well:D

  • #12

    angie (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 02:40)

    In a way, Jenny/Jemma's intense/big story line says a lot about the writers' trust in the actresses' abilities! Go, Lucy & Kasia!!

  • #13

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 10:50)

    Looks like Jenny has a new look after she learns about her parents; new wardrobe and different styled hair. I really hope Emma can get through to her and to talk about how she's feeling.

  • #14

    Tintin (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 15:09)

    I think these last few episodes are really intense. A round of applause for the HaH writers and thank you so much jemmainternational for the translations!

29.08.2011 - Episode 229 - How to mourn?

Episode 229
Episode 229

Emma: Jenny!Here you are! I thought we were going to meet at the coffee machine! Are you feeling better? Were you able to sleep?

Jenny: Emma:I.don'

Emma: Maybe you just have to talk about it? It will do you good, I just know it!

Jenny: Oh,ok, and how do you know? Are you able to read my thoughts or did your parents crash into the English channel as well?I don't think so.Emma, if I'm saying that I don't want to discuss the topic, I don't want to talk about it!Is that so hard to get?

Emma: It just doesn't feel right!

Jenny: Emma, just leave it!


30.08.2011 - Episode 230 - Preparations for the Summer Festival

Episode 230
Episode 230

The STAG members are preparing for their gig at the summer party

[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]

Emma is playing a few chords on the piano while Jenny reads some song lyrics and Caro is busy with her phone.

Caro: Ey, Emma! This is STAG! One could expect you being familiar with harmonic melodies!

Emma: Well, it doesn’t look like you are focusing on STAG exactly!

Caro: I’m having an important chat here.

Timo and Bodo come in.

Timo: Yes, which you should end right now.

Caro: Ms Vogel isn’t even here, yet.

(Bea comes in)

Bea: Well, now I am. Guys, we should start thinking about your gig at the summer party. Any ideas for songs? (Nobody answers) What? No ideas?

Bodo: Well, something relaxing…summery.

Caro: (ironic) Something summery at a summer party. Great idea!

Bodo: Hähäh…

Bea: It’s better than nothing. And now put away your mobile!

Jenny: Well, I think the songs should definitely be fun and cheerful. Like ‘Celebration’? No?

Bea: It’s a great idea. Jenny, I will understand of course if you don’t feel like joining us on the stage for the gig.

Jenny: No, of course I want to! I’m a part of STAG and I’m looking forward to the summer party.

Emma: Well, I think Jenny’s suggestion is great. ‘Celebration’ is the perfect summer song and it's in our song book, too.

(Jenny gives her a look of pain and love)

Bea: You’re right. Music is the right way to gather new courage.

Timo: I think the song is good.


30.08.2011 - Episode 230 - Dangerous Ladder?

Episode 230
Episode 230

Jenny and Emma are helping with the preparations for the summer party. Therefore Jenny has to climb a pretty high ladder.

[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]

Emma and Jenny come in with loads of stuff for the decoration.

Jenny: Where do you think should we hang those pictures?

Emma: The stage would be the best idea. Other than that we could get some kind of wooden frames. And uhm, the rest is going to be placed between the doors. Hm?
Jenny: Great idea!

Emma: Well, after all it’s coming from me.

Jenny: Of course.

(Both laugh)

Jenny: It’s really wonderful to see you smile again!

Emma: It really does feel good.

(They kiss when Ms Jäger comes in all excited)

Ms Jäger: The arts class  gave me a banner already.

Jenny: Ah.

Ms Jäger: Bodo is going to bring the first pictures in a few minutes. And I’m going to take care of the tables with the janitor.

Jenny: So, are we going to hang the banner above the stage? After that we could place the pictures below. No?

Ms Jäger: Yes!

Jenny: Ok, I’ll do it.

Emma: Uhm…

Ms Jäger: Isn’t it too dangerous? Maybe I should ask the janitor to do it.

Jenny: It’s ok. I have no trouble handling heights (it's  a pun  on  Lucy's Glinda past)

Emma: And I’m going to hold on to  the ladder very tightly. Guaranteed!

Ms Jäger: Ok, if you say it. I’ll be bringing the easels for the pictures.

Emma: Ok.

Emma turns on the radio and ‘You got the Love’ is played. Jenny starts climbing up the ladder while Emma is holding it.


31.08.2011 - Episode 231 - Liberating Tears

Episode 231
Episode 231

Emma: Hello.

Jenny: My parents are dead.

Emma: Yes.

Jenny: Have you been here all night?

Emma: And I'm going to stay..stay as long as you want me to.

Jenny: Thank you.


02.09.2011 - Episode 234 - A small program change

Episode 234
Episode 234

STAG is going to sing at the summer party. Jenny has a personal request which is close to her heart

[At Pestalozzi, school yard]

The summer party is about to start and STAG has to perform without Luzi as she is at Timo's bedsie.

Caro: Luzi always has got an excuse. Either it’s because of her career or some random guy.

Jenny: Gosh, Caro! This is about Timo!

Emma: If you were sick, you would also like to have someone sitting at your bed.

Caro: (to Bodo) By the way, what about your beloved one? Can’t she join in?

Bodo: What?

Caro: Well, just ask her!

Caro pushes Bodo towards Lara who is passing them.

Bodo: He-Hello, Lara. It was me…I mean…

Lara: It’s ok.

Bodo is about to leave it at that but Caro urges him to ask her.

Bodo: Lara, actually I was going to ask you something, I mean…today it’s the summer party, right? And I thought…I mean, we thought that you maybe…we aren’t enough…and maybe you could sing with us again?

Lara: I…Actually it’s not really my cup of tea.

Caro: Well, come on! Do something nice for once, ok?

Lara: But you have been rehearsing for so long already. I mean, I have no idea what you are going to sing!

Bodo: You’ll get into it very easily! And you’re a natural talent anyways.

Jenny: And  we won’t be singing what we rehearsed.

Everybody is surprised.

Bodo: We won’t?

Jenny: A little change of programme. I would like to ask you to do something.