Episode 217

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Episode 217
Episode 217







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Kommentare: 13
  • #1

    Melissa ryan (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 19:12)

    When is the english sub titles going to be up ? :)

  • #2

    Carol (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 19:39)

    Thank God sensitive Jenny is back in town!
    I was worried because Jenny being so severe was not easy to see,but Emmaness won the fight

  • #3

    amidola (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 19:40)

    Give me a sec, they're done, I'm proofing them right now. Sorry,it's usually my bad.

  • #4

    Sherab (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011)

    It's not your bad. You work so hard so we all could enjoy the show. Thanks!

  • #5

    Lied (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 20:52)

    After another round of technical difficulties it's up now.
    Enjoy :))

  • #6

    Andi (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 23:26)

    "Emma: But now you are different!
    Jenny: That doesn't change anything about what I did."

    Xena, so totally Xena...

  • #7

    Conchi (Freitag, 12 August 2011 02:22)

    Just one thing:why our girls are always dressed like the previous day? I mean, the next day Jenny and Emma are wearing the same clothes than the day before...ummhh!! that's not very logical...

  • #8

    Ammy (Freitag, 12 August 2011 03:39)

    God! They are sooo freakin' adorable!!!! It was nice to see them acting all cute couple-y at the end, it feels like it's been awhile since we've seen that. I was confused by them both wearing the same clothes too....I thought...Is it still the same day?!? Did they go back to school?!? Wait! Didn't Emma ask Jenny if she was going to see her tomorrow at school after Jenny said she was going to bed?!?....Hmmm.....Oh well, they are actually smiling and being cute so who cares about the clothes. LoL!

  • #9

    San (Freitag, 12 August 2011 07:21)

    I think the only people who bothered to change clothes are Bea and Helena. Very interesting, eh?

  • #10

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 12 August 2011 12:53)

    Nice to see Jenny smiling again. Love the final shot of them holding hands thought it was nicely done. Are you not allowed to wear the same clothes two days in a row? If not then i'm in serious trouble! Also I'm really looking forward to the preview clips tonight and the surprise we've been promised.

  • #11

    Conchi (Freitag, 12 August 2011 16:59)

    Surprise?...do we have a surprise? what surprise are you talking about?...

  • #12

    Andi (Freitag, 12 August 2011 17:00)

    Ammy: So are you stressed out from them wearing the same clothes two days in a row? Well, I'm stressed out from them even wearing clothes! >_> Not fair...

  • #13

    Ammy (Samstag, 13 August 2011 02:46)

    Andi, good point! It makes me think of that saying: "The clothes make the man." And I say: "Jenny and emma not wearing clothes make them...Perfect!"