Episode 217

(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


Dr. Wendtland: We both know how fast that kind of rumour is established and how much damage it can do to a teacher.

Gabriele: Yes, indeed.

Dr. Wendtland: And of all people a pedagogue that works with so much motivation and enthusiasm...

Gabriele:Mr. Heisig, please tell Mr. Wendtland, how thoughtful and responsible Miss Vogel is as a colleague.


Helena: Who are you looking so obviously at?

Helena:If this keeps up, this woman really will make it and gets named vice-principal! Unless...

Michael:Unless we have proof!




[Bergmann villa, Jenny’s room]


Emma:That stupid dipshit! Why did he do that?! Why did he put some kind of drug into your water?! We … we need to tell your parents and the doctor... the one who does the drug screening!

Jenny: My parents won't believe this story.

Emma:But that isn't a story, it's the truth!

Jenny:That no one will believe! How many times do you think that I have told my parents somebody put something into my drink?!

Emma: We need to prove that you're innocent!



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Helena: Dear colleagues. The decision about the succession of Michael as vice-principal has been made. At this point I would like to thank you in everyone's name for your commitment over the last months.

Michael:Thank you, I really enjoyed doing it, thank you.


Helena: Those are the most important things from my side. Dr. Wendtland... I believe you would like to announce the decision?!

Dr. Wendtland:Yes

Gabriele sotto voce: Please don't say anything wrong...

Dr. Wendtland:Yes, well. First of all I want to thank Herr Weber and Frau Vogel that they both applied for this position. Over the last days, I have had the opportunity of getting a picture about their approach to their work and I have to say... I wish I could name two vice-principals. - Herr Weber, you really do an excellent job. Especially your commitment in the classes pertaining to religious education have impressed me greatly. Frau Vogel, you, too, impressed me greatly. I was able to assure myself that your supervision scheme not only confirmed the students' trust in the teaching staff…you've also proven that you're capable of self-criticisim. For this reason, I have chosen you.


Bea:Um, well.. yeah... Thank you very much, Dr. Wendtland. I guess I'll say a few words, too, then.. One moment …

She starts digging in her bag for her speech and realizes the photo/notebook is missing.


Bea: The exercises from Friday I asked you to recalculate, of course…



Dr. Wendtland: Frau Vogel? Is everything okay?

Bea: Uh... yeah... yes, of course... Without a cheat sheet then... Dr Wendtland, I thank you for your trust, and to all of you, I... I can assure you, that I will take my new task very seriously. The Pestalozzi school can rely on me, thank you.

More clapping


Michael: Congratulations


Michael: Well, congratulations on your new position

Bea: Thank you

Michael: Bye, Bea

Helena: Is it possible that there is some misunderstanding between us?

Michael: Why?

Helena:Correct me, but according to my memory we had a mutual plan and that involved stopping Bea Vogel from becoming vice-principal by proving her sleazy affair to Ben Bergmann

Michael: You said it – proving it. Listen, Helena, we both want the same thing and if we want to accomplish that together, you just need to trust me.



[Vogel home](That literally means Bird's home:-)


Lara: And... has he called you, yet?

Miriam(shakes her head): But it's probably better this way. If I knew that he’s having a good time there and how nice the weather is, I probably would be even sadder. And how are you?


Miriam: Piet told me that Bodo visited recently and you've had a vampire session.(O_O, Vampire movie session)

Lara:He told you about that?

Miriam: You're surprised that Piet and I are talking about you? We are your parents!

Lara: Did he also tell you how yesterday,at the park,I hung out all day with Pia and Conny?

Miriam:No, we already knew that you are hanging out with Pia and Conny. But that thing with Bodo... is something new...

Lara:But it's the exact same thing. Bodo is a friend, nothing more.

Miriam: Okay, got it.

Lara: Well, a friend, not … boyfriend

Miriam: Got it, a friend, not a boyfriend


Miriam: Hi!

Piet:What are you doing here?

Miriam: I visited Lara. Guys, I gotta go. Sweetie, take care – it was nice to see you

Lara:I agree. And don't be sad.

Miriam: Promise

Piet:Why “Don't be sad”? Had a fight with your barkeeper-guy?

Miriam: None of your business, Piet.

Piet:No, I'm just saying, because... you never know with barkeepers...



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben: Frau Vogel, I've been looking for you everywhere. Congratulations on your new position as vice-principal. If you were to ask me, they finally did something right up there.

Bea pulls Ben into an empty class room.

Ben: Oh, I and there I thought we needed to be careful in school

Bea: The photo is gone.

Ben:What photo?

Bea:The photo! The polaroid from Berlin!

Ben: Fuck

Bea:Yeah, fuck!

Ben: If anyone is going to find it, we are going to have a problem


Ben: Did I do anything?

Bea:No, sorry... I'm sorry, it's just, I've been searching the school for 20 minutes, but I just can't find this photo!

Ben:Honey, it will reappear.


Ben:Where was it, the last time that you saw it?

Bea:In that maths notebook you gave me

Ben:And you put that into your bag

Bea: But it isn't there anymore!

Ben:Okay, two options: Either it fell out, in that case it’s just lying around on the floor somewhere or you left the notebook somewhere. Listen, I – I'll check the hallways and you go to the classrooms you taught in.

Bea: Alright



[The Vogel home]


Lara:Tough, that thing with mum, isn't it?

Piet: Sorry?

Lara:With mum

Piet: What, “with mum”?

Lara:Well, Costa Rica?!

Piet: Huh?

Lara: You don't know?

Piet:I don't know about what? Lara…

Lara:Sebastian moved to Costa Rica because he wanted to take over a beach club there and Mum didn't go with. Even though, she had been considering it..

Piet:Miriam meant to move to Costa Rica? Huh… And why didn't she?

Lara: Because of us?!

Piet:Because of us...



[Bergmann villa, Jenny’s room](YES!!)


Emma:Can you still feel it?

Jenny: Hmhm...

Emma:And...what is it like? Like...being drunk?

Jenny: No, no, it isn't like being drunk, it’s...

Stefan knocks and enters.

Stefan: Frau Beschenko said, you weren't feeling well... are you sick?

Jenny: Yeah, I think so, yes...

Stefan: Did you take anything?

Jenny:Stefan, I didn't take any drugs.

Stefan: Good. You know tomorrow is your next screening.

Jenny: Yes...

Stefan: Okay then, get well soon


He leaves.

Emma:Why didn't you tell him about what Ronnie did?

Jenny:Because it wouldn't be doing any good. I am an ex-junkie, nobody believes me.



[Pestalozzi, hallways]


Ben is on the hunt for the missing photo. As is Bea.


Ben: May I? (snatches pic away from some girls..it's Luzi..O_O)Cool, pretty...

Michael: Herr Bergmann!


Helena: Frau Vogel!


Helena:Now you really are vice-principal! My sincerest congratulations! (I love highly sarcastic women! Or maybe she is really looking forward to finally working very closely together.)

Bea:Thank you very much...


Michael:Are you looking for something?



Ben: Why?

Michael: Because you are crawling around on your knees on the floor and look like you are searching for something.

Ben: Nope, it only seemed that way. (Now, there's a story..dumb and dumber met in a hallway..)

Michael: Really!?


Helena:Are you looking for something?

Bea:Uh, no, really, everything's okay, I…I was just looking for the papers for the presentation. I must have displaced them somehow, but I am going to find them.

Helena:Now that you are the vice-principal, you should think about reorganizing your folder system to not lose track of everything.

(And if this was Rizzoli & Isles and we were AfterEllen, that right there could have been a moment of TGTGT™ (Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching). Who am I kidding, it was TGTGT™. Go Helena!// No comment to that from your editor..except,that maybe I WILL start sending in screenshots of these two to afterellen..maybe that'll work??Who cares, I just needed an excuse:-)

Bea:I'll get it, thanks

Helena: Great


Michael:If you’d like, I can help you with your search, after all, four eyes see better than two.

Ben: Thank you, but... I'm not searching for anything

Michael: Okay... Why are you so nervous then?

Ben: I am not nervous...

Michael: It sure seems like it right now... Well, whatever. Good luck on your search!



[Bergmann villa, Stefan’s office]


Emma:Herr Bergmann... Jenny didn't take any drugs


Stefan: Leave it. Tomorrow we will know if Jenny did or did not take any drugs. You know, I promised her parents to take care of her while is living with me and to support her with her new beginning and that involves a monthly drug screening. But if Jenny doesn't have anything to hide, you don't need to worry. Now, I would like to continue working.

Emma:But Jenny... Well, that screening…

Stefan: Like I said: I would like to continue working!



[Miriam’s home]



Sebastian:If you want to, you can see the future in this!

Miriam:So, what does mine look like?

Sebastian: Bright (/rosy)! With shades of blue!

Miriam:And what does blue stand for?



Sebastian:You look very beautiful


Miriam: Vacation in Costa Rica – I'd love to! Emigration – no! No way!

Sebastian:I thought you'd be more adventurous


[Cab honking]

Sebastian:My plane! Bye...



The doorbell rings.


Miriam:Hello Piet.

Piet:I came over because... I wanted to apologize... I'm sorry about what I said before about... about barkeepers...

Miriam: Okay...?!

Piet:And Lara told me about Costa Rica... I know that you and Sebastian... that you split up. But don't be mad, she didn't want to tell me, but I questioned her again and again and then-

Miriam: Piet! Do you want a glass of wine?

Piet: Do you have beer?

Miriam: Sure

Piet gets in.

Piet: Hello

Miriam: Hi



[Bergmann villa, hallway]


Jenny: What was that all about?

Emma: I just wanted to…

Jenny: Emma, do you really think Stefan will postpone the screening just because we ask him to?

Emma: But if he knew that you didn't take that stuff on your own account, but that Ronnie gave it to you without your knowledge, then…

Jenny: My parents sent me here because they know exactly that Stefan wouldn't be wrapped around anyone's little finger and that you can't talk him into anything.

Emma:This is so unfair. Are you just going to give up now?!

Jenny:If you had known me back then, you wouldn't believe me, either... Emma, I stole my parents’ credit card and flew to Goa with a pal and partied it up,until there was no money left! And when we went back home, I said we had been kidnapped! I was a complete asshole and I didn't give a shit about anyone else.

Emma: But now you are different!

Jenny: That doesn't change anything about what I did

Emma:I just don't want you to have to leave

Jenny:I will go to bed now.

Emma: Will I see you tomorrow?

(Can't I just keep these two and put them in my pocket?Your creepy editor)


[Miriam’s home]


Miriam: Here you go. Well, sit down!

Piet: Didn't change much, since I was here the last time!

Miriam: No, right, it has more of a male touch. I already wanted to break that, but somehow...

Piet: Yeah, I noticed that, too. This place really misses some femininity... Um...

Miriam: Well, doesn't matter now, anyway

Piet: Why? Do you want to move out?

Miriam: Well, it feels really weird to keep on living in his home (with Michael? Heck,I'd be packing my packs already!)

Piet:I can understand that. You do know that... there's always a place for you at our home...

Miriam: That's very nice, thank you, but... I think I will look for my own place first.

Piet: Yeah, I can understand that, too...

Miriam: But we could go out for dinner, the three of us, you, Lara and me.

Piet:Sure. I could cook

Miriam:No. I could cook and you take care of the drinks

Piet: Yeah, that's probably better.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Ben: Morning, Frau Vogel!

Bea: Morning, Ben!

(Yes, let’s scream these greetings for all to hear, look all around you and then stand close together and speak in low, intimate voices. Inconspicuous, very inconspicuous.)

Ben:I've searched through all of the classrooms again...

Bea: And? … If a student gets his hands on it...

Ben: … Then it would already be on the internet or a copy of it on some pin board! But I checked the pin boards, there's nothing! I'm sure the photo will reappear! In your apartment... Surely!

Bea:And if it doesn't reappear, it doesn't matter either... It would have its advantages, too...

Ben: Really?

Bea:You’ll get kicked out of school, I’ll lose my job... and we won't have to hide anymore... (more time for Jemma without this storyline that has now been repeated ad nausiam. Plus, other people could finally use the attic/Hahahaha!Your ed). Fucking photo...

Ben:Fucking photo...



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Helena:Everything alright with you?

Michael:More or less... I could use a pay raise, what could you do there?

Helena: Nothing

Michael:Too bad.

Helena:What's wrong?

Michael: Nothing's wrong, I'm just not exactly thrilled that Bea is vice-principal now.

Helena: Well, you didn't want the job anymore. And if I may remind you, I asked you to do something against Vogel and her lover before that would happen.

Micheal: But I didn't find anything!

Helena:No need to get loud, Michael! I saw Bea here in the teacher's lounge yesterday. She was looking for something.

Michael:And what?

Helena:Her papers for the presentation day. Or at least that’s what she said. But I have excellent knowledge of human nature, Michael, you know that.

Michael:Yes, I do

Helena: She was very upset and confused…without any joy about her new position!(I need to get my mind out of the gutter..seriously..)

Michael:And that tells you what?

Helena: Couldn't it be that she lost something concerning Ben? Something that points towards their affair?

Michael:Yeah, you really got excellent knowledge of human nature. If someone is looking for something, he probably lost it something before.

Helena:We should find it at all costs!

Michael: We should...



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Jenny is waiting for Emma in front of the school.

Emma: Hey...

Jenny: Hi.

Emma:Are you feeling better?


Emma: Cool.

Jenny: Much better... Yeah, I think so, too... Listen, I'm really sorry that I behaved so badly the way I did yesterday after you went to Stefan... I know that you only want to help me.

Emma: I still want to do that!

Jenny: I love you

Emma:I love you, too... And now, please tell me where they are going to be doing this drug screening


Emma: Because I thought of something last night

Jenny:What did you think of last night?
Emma: Plan B!

And they walk away hand in hand.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michael:Colleagues, could you drink your coffee outside,please, Frau Schmidt needs the room for a meeting.

Bea: Are you Helena's personal secretary now?

Michael: You stay here.

Bea:Excuse me? Michael, what's going on?

Michael: You’ve got two options: Either you are going to leave the school – forever... Or you are going to break up with Ben!

Bea: You can't be serious!

Michael: You got 48 hours to decide. Otherwise this photo makes its way to Wendtland